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									Co., Ltd. Nanchang mine safety record
Co., Ltd. Nanchang mine safety record
Lightning Lake District, Lake District, lightning, lightning Qingyunpu
area, mine Wanli District, Castle Lake mine, mine Honggutan District,
Chaoyang District, Island mine, Nanchang County mine, the new county
mine, Jinxian County mine, mine Anyi.
Co., Ltd. Nanchang mine safety record is a mine development,
production, sales, and lightning protection systems engineering
design, installation, maintenance and technical consulting for the
integration of high-tech enterprises. Strong technical force, with
more than lightning weak technical experts and a number of years
experience in engineering and technical personnel. Company has
established a series of quality management and service system for
customers to provide quality products and engineering consulting mine
planning and design, installation and commissioning perfect supporting
Content company: mine lightning arrester Lightning Protection
Lightning Protection Lightning Protection design engineering company
obo mine mine mine video signal mine in 10 major series, more than 160
varieties to meet customer needs of a variety of mine. All major
products comply with International Electrotechnical Commission
standards and related national standards, industry standards, and
through the Ministry of Information Industry, Beijing, lightning
protection equipment testing center testing authority to obtain access
to license the industry.
    We are always ready to provide you with advice and technical
services, while warmly welcome your call and personally guide. We will
abide by the 'integrity and innovation, pragmatic enthusiasm, service
users, self-' corporate purposes, to provide customers with the whole
world-class lightning protection products, to use technology to serve
the public.
Applications: large factories and mines, health units, high and low
voltage power distribution, complete sets of manufacturers, finance,
banks, insurance companies, electricity, education, transport,
highways, railways, civil aviation, broadcast television, cable TV,
Mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications, fossil energy systems.
Contact: Hu total
Address: Nanchang Honggutan New Red Deer Valley, eight-way D Building,
Room 2302, Jing Ming Ju
Tel :0791 -3,831,122
Fax :0791 -6,575,931
Mobile: 13970056707
Zip Code: 330008
Q Q: 1354378665
Business license number: 360100210172682
Account Name: Cheong Chong An Industrial Co., Ltd.
Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank branch in Nanchang Victory Road
Account number: 1502207009300067438

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