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									Annals Cong Tan (1)
                    Annals Cong Tan (1)
Before the mind: a red pen when writing judge, worked all my life.
Press assistant editor to do first, as assistant to the author's
manuscript to the content from the text, after careful checking to
verify and control the authority of the other views of experts put
forward their views for the editing room, director, editor of the
final decision reference; was later demoted to the school when the
child king, correcting student essays, somewhat Shuoyibuer feeling,
but soon, the great leader of the order, the teacher called on
students to create anti-, was hell, turn tail to do a ghost; then
later, changed by the ghost who then re-pick up the red pen, approval
for Shi Zhiwen draft of twenty years, saw a number of presentations,
written opinions, but mostly as written with the hair loss was.
Recently, nothing better, finishing the document, found also left a
number, Wrapping up, one by one shot, on the pro forma; wrong
fertilizers. Of their own, it is entertain themselves, to pass the
Today issued the October 30, 2009, Shanxi Province, local history,
held to pay the Office of Annals of assessment is issued a statement
at the meeting. This statement raises several questions: 1, the
preparation of institutional evolution of style; 2, outlined the work
of writing;; 3, the range of detail and included; 4, entry norms; 5,
chronicles the style and language.
          The "Annals III cross-management" advice
 This compilation is a transportation system management agency
introduced. Total 299 400 000 words. Is divided into 4 17., 132 county
level agencies (of which there are 18 levels is unclear, as the
"Shanxi Traffic Technology", "Shanxi transport", transport companies,
15 subsidiary companies are also taken into account, not their is 114)
the general feeling is historical materials, substantial and editors
have spent a lot of of effort. Annals of the previous delivery, 99
years, I have written a comment. Was called Highway and Waterway
articles. Impressed me deeply. Few words, short crack, integrating
knowledge, information, ideology, readable in a furnace. Is a superior
of the make. But that is a finished product. This is a draft for
review. For the moment, preliminary work into a huge, lay the
foundation. But it needs to processing into a boutique.
   As a Continuation of the name suggests, is to follow before the
blog. Stage of historical development can not be across the board, the
same can not follow local records across the board. Chi wrote 85 years
ago can now from 86 onwards. That would cut off history. Therefore, it
is written from the beginning of reform and opening, is in line with
the historical stage. However, when the Continuation of the writing,
we must content to form, carefully studied before the blog, summed up
the gains and losses, so that the Continuation of a higher level.
     Now this book, I have to charge that to make any effort, from
the following aspects into consideration.
                    First, the organization how to write
     Most of the units, institutions History is written memorabilia
method year by year account of Di. The most typical Shanxi Automobile
Transportation Group Co., Ltd.. First section, "internal structure and
functions of the evolution," is written entirely in memorabilia. From
1949 to the evolution of internal institutions in 2006, recorded 33,
77 pen. 33 were
93,94,95,97,98,98 In September, on July 02,02, 03,06, etc.; some one
is a, and some also divided into a day to remember. Example, split
into two in 1988, in the first article, was divided on January 1,
January 16, March 3, April, June 11, September 30, October, November 5
, Dec. 7 and so on nine pens. The end of 1988 and the other companies
and organizations listed a. Thus, a total of 1988 recorded two 10 pen.
Down to even the party secretary of the Party School to be a record.
There are 818 "vehicle surcharge office," wrote 85 years from 2002..
    Another example is the Department of Transportation level
institutions. Manuscript on the historical stage of development is
divided into: Creating recovery, adjusting exploration, setbacks,
reform and revitalization, the development of the first five periods,
from the year 1949, wrote in 2006. Annual accounts of each section are
the name change, list of leading cadres, which consists of
organizations and movements, sub-organizations and movements. Seems a
bit repetitive. The reason is discharged only horizontal departments,
bureaus. If again the next level, levels, just fine. In a different
style to try. According to the manuscript records, Department of
Communications of the class institutions from 1949 to 2006, a total of
six changes. We introduce six accounts:
         Section 1949--1969 years of Shanxi Provincial
Communications Department (Bureau)
    1, Shanxi Road Transport Authority (1949.4 - 11.)
Established by which to receive units. Functions (About a few words,
do not copy the file - the same below)
Internal organs (specify their starting and ending time - the same
Subordinate units (column name is not us - the same below)
List of leading cadres (specify starting and ending time for each
person served, the original short, the same below)
    2, the Shanxi Provincial People's Government Communications
Bureau (1049. 11--1955. 2)
         a formation, the functions of internal organs b
          c Bureau of leading cadres of subordinate units d
     3, Shanxi Provincial Communications Department (1955.2 - 1969.
          a set up time (account of the setting up of party room),
office address
         b internal organs (new Yellow River shipping, civil
aviation, local railway ,55-64 years, several organizational changes,
marked by beginning and ending time)
         c subordinate units: (including new traffic schools,
Highway Survey and Design Institute)
          d list of leading cadres
          Section "1969 - 1979 The Department of Transportation in
Shanxi Province
    1, Shanxi Province, the Office of the Revolutionary Committee of
Transportation - Department of Transportation)
         (1969.8 --- 1970.10 - 1976.10)
        a formation, functions, address, b internal organs
         c List of leading cadres of subordinate units d
    2, Shanxi Province, Department of Transportation (1976.10 -
       a set up time, address, b internal organs
       c List of leading cadres of subordinate units d
     Section 1979--2006 years Shanxi Communication Department
       Shanxi Communications Department (1979.12 .-- 2006)
           A set up time, the functions of internal organs b
          c units of d subordinate units directly under the Zhu
          e list of leading cadres
  Original 1969-79 years are broken, I follow the "History of Shanxi
Province, systematic organization of government information" is
lacking. Please refer to the book.
Section II of the original duties of the Office of organs and offices
can be deleted to simplify the merging of the offices a few brief
account does not need to copy files. Because the functions of various
offices, is extant, has been revoked do not reflect the functions of
offices, attached to the offices, units can complement the functions
of introduction has been revoked. This may be a simple and neat
looking some of the reader. Also saves ink.
And so on, Roads, Transportation Authority, the executive bureau,
Zheng Ji Bureau, Marine Bureau, the readiness to do so set up a long
time, the jurisdiction of organization units and more units of
evolution, can be prepared with reference to, such as the Roads
Authority, may be included the following account:
      1, Shanxi Province, Department of Transportation Highway -
Highway Shanxi Communications Department
             (1954.2 --- 1955.2 --1,969 3.)
     2, the Revolutionary Committee of Shanxi Province Highway
Transportation Group - Transportation Highway Department, Shanxi
           (1969.3 - 1971 .. 7 - 1978.6)
(Missing data in this chapter, see the book 674 (c) suffered a setback
period is for reference only
     3, Shanxi Communication Department Highway (1979.6 - 1986.3--
   This account is in two phases, in March 1986 after upgraded to two
Board can give an account in the text also points out twice. Order in
accordance with the established time (level, function, address),
internal organs, institutions directly under the subordinate units,
cadres list. Ibid.
   Small units, new units can be reduced as appropriate item, the
manuscript of "Traffic Survey and Design Institute of Shanxi", "Shanxi
Communication Department Planning and Development Center" and other
agencies on to write concise, looks clear.
                 Second, the work outlined in the statement
    Overview of the work written by many units each year for each
segment of a five-year plan in mind running account, the lack of
comprehensive induction. Not in the end result is horizontal. The most
typical is the transport levy inspection work, with the Roads
Authority, is in accordance with sub-five-year plan, but in every five
years, but also a record year, "Eighth Five-Year" period, respectively
91,92, 93,94,95 year record. Finally, there is a long summary. Highway
is also the style. In fact, the Roads Authority's work, in accordance
with new construction and renovation (including increased level),
maintenance, and comprehensive statistics and other items,
classification of expression; necessary, to add a brief overview,
description of work to shift the focus, management system and other
development path.
Overview of transport levy inspection work can also be disrupted by
sub-five-year plan, the use of statistical charts, integrated
presentation. Supplemented by job profile, account management system
and other text.
   Overview of Maritime Bureau's work, written from 2002 played in
2006, year after year to write: in 2002 four tasks, 03 6, 2004 7, 2005
7, 2006 7. Also under the large item sets of small items. In fact,
similar items can merge, save ink, nor will the reader have a sense of
"Job Summary" section is best written high-level technical schools in
Shanxi Province, which the school history, is divided into two
subheadings: "Teaching business-building" and "spiritual
civilization": the development of its own history, according to the
school , the "teaching" one, from 1964 to 2006 40 years summed up as
"initial stage of steady progress, innovation and development of" an
overview of three periods, neat, reads smoothly. 'Spiritual
civilization "in accordance with a" Create sound "and" Promotion
"two-stage introduction.
      Followed by transport Cadre School in Shanxi Province, his own
work, by the "widening teaching channel," "teacher building the" two
item, the "broaden the education channel", the further into "secondary
education", "training and education" "Distance Education" three small
items (the original title is "academic education", I changed to
"distance education"), and do not repeat, to write its own
    The third is the Communications Department, "logistics hub" of a
project can be written, the text somewhat less certain. But it is
divided into the logistics "logistics services", "Logistics
Management", "logistics reform," "operating income", "employee
benefits" Five item, the "logistics service" under the subheading, he
also designated as "Property Management "," health care "," canteen
"," solve problems "," temporary duty "contract services" six. This
can save ink, without duplication, but also well organized, there is
readable. looked for them after the spirit of service and serious
about moving.
    The three units of writing "job performance" style of using two.
The first, higher, and the author must be familiar with from the
macro-control unit work on the whole process and track. The second
method, for the possession of officers prepared chi documentation. Any
written by chronological collection of memorabilia section made out,
mostly just a collection of material, did not fully research and
collate. By the time to write, always makes people feel that several
jobs, and repeatedly, along with some of the work is expressed with
numbers, figures looked a lot more boring.
   Historical stage by my favorite is the "Annals of Shanxi Road and
Water Exchange articles", the book division of the historical period.
Highway Traffic onset from 1920 to 1995 only. How to stage On the
Sino-Japanese War broke, the two threshold liberation war, from 1920
through to 1957 has ended. Why From loess, Shashi Lu Taigu 753
factory built to the first asphalt road in Shanxi, which is a landmark
event in the history of Shanxi road. Set it to start-up phase of
highway development in Shanxi. 1957 to 1995 is the second stage, the
universal improvement stage. Why By 1995 This year appeared the first
expressway in Shanxi. After the road construction has entered a phase
of modernization. I think "traffic before the blog," this fine
tradition worth learning from.
              Third, the display Traditional and Simplified
included lower levels of detail and
   Ji Zhang Local Records eight levels of detail, the second is the
loss of the body. Manuscript is the most typical Chapter V
"propaganda." Code 40 million in the whole word, accounting for 32
pages, nearly 5 million words. Information center where information
from the 897--925, accounting for 27 pages. Off the assembly line
included the "Shanxi Transport Yearbook" and the editor of each book,
one an introduction. Only the "Shanxi transportation history," one
eye, line 30 more than 1200 words. Are: 1, assigning tasks to meet the
Ministry of Communications, formed in 1981, Editorial Board; 2,
originally planned to separate the three parts of a book in 1985,
modern part of the finalized review of 86 years after the completion
of the second draft; 3 Peer Review meeting in July the same year 3,
modified to add, the ancient part of the finalized; 4, modify the
plan, the book changed three to two; 5,1986 third draft was completed;
6,1987 in Press reviewers. 7, modified. Author of the first draft of 7
directory, modify the person's name; second write, modify the list of
people; 8, third, fourth draft to modify people, introduction writer,
arranger Events, editor who pass is issued, a book. 9,1988 published;
10 19 List of Editorial Board, editor, writer 13 list;, 11,
description, format, number of words. Volume II, with 1,500 words.
This section describes a total of 14 books. More than 10,000 words.
"Shanxi Transport Yearbook" 14, introduced one by one, a total of 6
pages, 7,000 words. 7 soft subject research, one by one introduce a
total of 8 pages, 11000 words.
    Compared to other chapters, Wan MA 130 counties with the
operation of regulatory bodies of 350 characters total, while the
counties and Highway 22 26,000 words. Corps inspectors are at the
county level units 50 words; driving school management center 62
words; Deputy County Transportation Management Training Centre unit
emergency support center 42 words 50 words. Total 202 words. On the
business said that the volume of business a few units, and a lot. Now
the driver training has been very fire, great achievements, has a long
history, but local records do not reflect.
       130 county-level total of 350 words transport regulatory body.
The executive bureau of the toll stations, maintenance Highways
Service Area 12 15,000 words.. Zheng Ji the various branches of 18
pages 22000 words toll 19 25 000 words
      Emphasis should be reflected in less than normal, and belong to
the grassroots units of the toll booths, road segment, Chronicles Book
the words too much, abnormal weight abnormal light.
Chi and the City, County, Province, is a complete series. By Zhang as
saying: "If the revised Ministry of Annals system, will set his troops
from the state government, then the Ministry of Manpower Ministry's
own justice system cases, non-collection of various state and blog can
be said Annals. ... ... Various government ambition, patients have a
definition Prefecture, Gou Annals and state capital County, as the
book division and to each other, then the world aura stacks up with
this weight, see the decorated Liu is holy. "That is to say, three
historical texts, each with different . Each have their own justice
cases. Three chronicles link to each other, but also have included the
range. Included minimum is too low, and the Urban County is bound to
repeat. Each road segment, such as Highway, Zheng Ji Bureau toll
stations and other transport bus company. City, County, can be
included. To included, may reflect the use of tables.
The book contains the limit, there should be a unified standard, and
if charges collection agencies, highway agencies receive the
grassroots level, then the county transport management body 130, the
Marine Bureau of only 400 units in 39 county-level overview on the
imbalance of the word, on the contrary, I agree that the Marine Board,
the HKMA an overview of the practice of transportation. As a province
of Chi a pole inserted in the end, City, County, was to write no.
Otherwise you will not repeat with the City County. It is said that
toll station, road segment is straight Communications Department, the
City County can not be closed. This is wrong, Chronicles is one of the
blog, no matter who cares, as long as in my county, cities within the
unit, I have included, even if you are the central control unit. Could
it be that because of the transportation system is a straight pipe,
counties and cities not included in the county city of Chi within the
transport system that Impossible. It was also said to close the unit
does not report the material, had no income, this is not the reason.
We are the official repair history, it is government action, can not
think ahead and do not want to to quit. Materials do not report to
work, a collection company, and do not give up. This is the Local
Records staff responsibilities. It is the responsibility of government
departments at all levels, but also the responsibility of each unit.
     And the names of your units should also be standardized. The
name of the person in charge of the unit, which is not on on what
should have uniform off the assembly line. 926 "Transport in Shanxi,"
a total of 18 lines, from 73 years, served as the actual list of
responsible persons accounted for 7 rows. While many units not list.
Annals of the provincial cross-industry blog, Communications
Department is the level institutions. This is the key. List of
agencies and units to receive the office level, the next extension to
the next level of the unit in charge of the county level. Kejiyixia is
necessary to study. Included is too low, and the Urban County will
have a greater repetition. So that should be included where a
reunification of lines.
                Fourth, entry norms
    The book chronicles the equivalent of a term, word, and the
content of the order shall be generally consistent. Encyclopedia of
character entry, each limited to 800 words, no more, no less,
describes the contents of all the provisions of the order. The Annals
sequel, social sciences Chi Call for Papers, requiring entry of 500
words each character is one example. Book entry is not standardized.
P757-760 pages, municipal transport management at the briefing,
Yuncheng, 108 words. Shuozhou more than 130 words. Yangquan 900 words,
Xinzhou 1300 words. Order of the content is also varied. Highway
agencies directly under the mechanical plant, plant components,
materials, service centers and the like, is one such entry describes
the content. Editors do not see the idea. Take the number of unit
employees, the service center is based in the post, loan, not post,
the retired, retirement classification; Materials Company is based
cadres, workers classified. Workers was divided into permanent
workers, contract workers; skilled workers, is divided among
technicians, senior workers, mid-level workers; also appoint technical
staff, academic composition.
I think that is better written the final chapter ,941-949 pages, auto
transport companies in Shanxi, section III, all branches, subsidiaries
introduction, the introduction of 15 branch offices in addition
positive side estuary, are norms. As a term, more qualified. One is
that the article has a "restore original name," most companies, a lot
of history with the name and restore that one Should be stated below.
947, Yang Fang oral history of the company division and introduced
several companies, expressed less clear. The bus station, the more
norms of Changzhi company. P845 page description of the local maritime
bureau well written, concise, fluent, about 250 words each word.
Arrangement is also broadly consistent with the content. The
specifications written entries, choose some sample print distribution,
so that author of reference prepared enough.
   Entry words easy to handle, click on the line provided. Content
specification, there is the industry characteristics. However,
management of each business unit can be set a standard.
The road branches here for an example. Highway 11 branches can be
divided into roughly three categories: to have represented Taiyuan
Xinzhou, Yangquan, Changzhi; to common ground represented by a
Luliang, Jinzhong, Linfen, Yuncheng and Jincheng. Shuozhou different
from the above two categories. With what, what provisions can be
studied, as far as possible standardized.
                     V. coherent mixed
      Local Records is organized first bogey eight mixed.
       For example, P838 Page, Section V, "one", is heading the local
Maritime Bureau's "internal structure and functions of the evolution,"
Taiyue Corps from 1950 to establish a "Commission on the ship," writes
in to set up 53 years Fenglingdu ship Committees ferry, 56-year
Department of Transportation Division located inland shipping, while
the establishment of Jinnan Shipping Committee, 57 years of dry
shipping offices, the front evolution is no relationship between the
three agencies, and the Maritime Safety Administration of the internal
organs is also nothing to write 1,200 words later, in September 2001
was the establishment of the Marine Bureau. This is not to write the
history of shipping organizations in Shanxi, is to write evolution of
internal institutions Maritime Bureau.
P700 page heading for the "Shanxi Highway Construction Company", from
70 years and 7 months into project engineering team camp, in
chronological order to 2001, the fraction of a few together, and
finally to the Bridge Group. But the middle of the narrative is very
clear. The last stroke took a long time to clear its development: as
easy to remember his code of a few words: teams that change and
brigade, battalion piecemeal at the Small and large office, large
office management brigade, big and change companies , the company
management of small office, small office to change companies, small
companies bridge head tube to the main road and bridge corporation,
set up road and bridge groups. A total of more than 700 words. Stroke
is unclear, however end this "highway construction company" in the end
called the Road and Bridge Construction Corporation, or highway
construction company Finally, all seems to go to the Road and Bridge
Construction Group was.
     P766 Page, Taiyuan Expressway Co. The beginning of this entry
said: Mrs Qi by Shanxi Expressway Co., Ltd., Shanxi Qi Pacific
Northwest Central Expressway Co., Ltd. and the provincial Ministry of
executives at the project management office of Taiyuan from
integration. After the points 1,2,3, respectively introduced the
situation of these three units, with 1,100 words. Finally back to the
topic, write three integrated into "Taiyuan Expressway Co." Among this
large set of projects in three sub-headings. A large circle around
before returning to the topic. Like this, might as well fitted to the
four projects. Each side. Concise and clear.
Folder similar institutions work, work a lot of sets of
establishments. If the work to write propaganda centers, "China
Communications News," to live in Shanxi reporters establishment and
agency personnel, but also into it. 903, in the "Data Information
Center," "institutional evolution", by adding more than 500 words
Chronicles results directory, and later introduced one by one full
               VI, style and language
   Annals body with a notebook, that is clear, narrative style of the
integrated use of two kinds. Official program, news language,
literature, language, verbal language is inappropriate. Written
documents, using the set of Dengyinfengci rigid format, not suitable
for local records to use. News reports, slogans, time-sensitive, is to
publicize, Annals is to retain historical facts, precise language
required, rigorous and concise. In the manuscript in these types of
situations exist.
Official program. Institutions such as writing, personnel office does
not require the decision-making process, file names, one by one
written reference. Description and time established only when working
on it. Minutes of meetings, serve as chronicles the raw data file
records. Some particularly important, while necessary, can be included
as an annex to the book.
, P847 page Chapter VI of key project office "evolution of
institutional arrangements and functions" section, at the beginning
says: "fifteen" initially, according to provincial government
requirements, the province set off to the Grand Canal Expressway and
National Road trunk focus on new wave of highway construction, on the
Grand Canal to strengthen the management of highway construction,
speed up the Grand Canal highway construction, the provincial
government issued "on the adjustment of Datong to the leadership group
members Yuncheng highway construction notice." Clear Dayun Duwu An
expressway construction leading group leader, deputy head of the
provincial Planning Commission Niu Hui Liang ... ... "the document
referenced in the manuscript no specific time (front only" fifth early
") is behind a long list of duties and list. these people have no
specific time representation.
The second paragraph of the same page, 901 pages of information
Information Center "institutional evolution is also similar.
    News language: such as 850 first paragraph. "The leadership group
and key project construction under the leadership of Department of
Communications, subordinated to and serving the overall interests of
highway construction priorities to overcome fewer personnel and the
difficulties of the arduous tasks, promote entrepreneurship and hard
times, pioneering and innovative spirit of morals, unity hard work,
pragmatic and scientific development plan of the development of key
projects, and deepen the investment and financing system reform,
earnestly implement the objectives of the responsibility to
effectively promote the key objectives of the successful completion of
road construction. ... ... "" the province's highway mileage of 1686
kilometers, in the ranked ninth in the country, ranked second in the
middle. ". Writing a book with the compilation of different books are
long-lasting, especially in historical texts, to be retained from
generation to generation. The job performance rating is not fixed, and
today a kind of tomorrow will become, a letter wrong.
P858 "People's Liberation Army Deputy Chief of Staff, National Defense
Mobilization Committee Secretary-General Wu Shengli, commander of
Beijing Military Region, Zhu Qi, Li Rong, deputy commander of Health,
deputy political commissar of the Beijing Military Region, Zhang
oceans, countries such as heads of the warring Office Director Wang
Fuchen inspected Highway runway, on the large-scale transport
infrastructure in Shanxi in the national defense requirements in the
practice of giving full recognition. "All this is news, not written
historical texts.
P893 Page, "according to Vice Governor Niu Liang Ren instructions, and
the Ministry of Communications" on the toll road to further
standardize the management of work, "the spirit, combined with the
audit, the Center drafted the" further standardize the management of
the province's proposed toll road report " received by the Office of
Leadership, "is different from writing a book summing up the work,
critics praise draft.
     898: "more than 200 news stories published articles, which
greatly promote the remarkable achievements of the transportation
construction." Same page, "a newspaper publication of a Journal issue,
promote the province's transportation system for the timely
construction of two civilizations, the brilliant achievements,
demonstrating the province's transportation system officer cadres and
workers of large times, first to work hard, work spirit, play a huge
role, the combination of people, encouraged by the morale, and promote
the work. "
 P926 for the drafting of the article by Hu Fuguo Liu Junqian
recognition, to participate in prize-winning essay Chronicles hospital
Oral language: "A body of two brands," "launched" and enjoy the Deputy
Commissioner treatment "Project Office" (677) "First, Second, Third,
... ..." (899)
                  VII, other issues
   Facts to be true and accurate: Due to personal circumstances of the
transport system know little presentation of the facts, without
checking. But found some doubt:
P867 page, set up in March 1964 Traffic Planning Survey and Design
Institute of Shanxi. In accordance with prevailing provincial research
institutions are "... ... the" clerical error here is
P871 second line "Highway Research Center," according to the
penultimate paragraph of 870, is the "road" Research.
P895 Page, February 22, 2002 set up a "logistics center in Shanxi
Province", approved for the county office of public institutions, the
preparation of 10. Funds themselves, the approved number of leadership
positions is a 1. "Back there," May 29, 2003 Ministry of
Transportation set up a logistics center in Shanxi Province. And
determine its major tasks ... ... "Some self-contradictory.
P673 Page, "Feb. 18, 1955, the Provincial People's Government
Communications Department was renamed as Ministry of Transportation."
Was already established by the Constitution of Shanxi Province
People's Committee, and is not called the people's government.
In addition, the manuscript proofreading very good, very few typos, I
only see 896, a network of "contact" the wrong word for "road" word,
858, "Li" wrong as "millet."
  Gap: P871 "Transportation Research Institute of Shanxi Province,"
the subheadings only (a) of the institutional setup and history, not
P878 page traffic technical school, the project alignment, only (b),
no "(a) Institutional History" heading, but content.
P873 "Traffic Engineering Dinge Zhan", P875 "Vocational and Technical
College" are not established. Key project office, technical and
vocational colleges, inspectors are not established corps. Highway
Youth League, 687 have, 686,688 of the internal organs were not in the
Empty :1,931-932 content pages, home ownership center . 818 of the
"diversion and transfer of" one head, the contents of more space.
2,799 pages and Customs Logistics Services Center. Not only functions
of the facts. 3, Chronicles was written thing of the past. But the
895, a logistics center in 2002 to the present work performance,
primarily centered around three pre-planning and construction work.
Since its establishment, around the investment, reached a seven
intention to do three major planning. Only describes the content of
intention and planning. Belongs to future plans.
      Issue of the separation of party and government behavior: for
example, "the decision by the Office of Party Conference: ** Director
for the Comprehensive ... ..." government positions, should be the
administrative appointment. There, "according to the province's
transportation readiness conference, the southeastern Dewei approved
the establishment of southeastern regional transport leading group and
office preparedness." Such statements are many, and so on. How to deal
with, should be studied.
      Repetitive: P690 P690 Sec four paragraphs with three
paragraphs 585 and 685 Liuduan P690 five sections and three sections
of P692 686 687 P746 three paragraphs and pages and 750 pages
The above views are for reference only.
                       Yang Xi IX October 29, 2009

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