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2009 model essay of invitation
letter of Christmas evening party

Christmas, 2009 model essay of invitation letter of Christmas
evening party

   2009 model essay of invitation letter of Christmas evening party:
   Dear parent friend:
   The Christmas is the time that ding beats noise, snowflake to fly
upwards; The Christmas is the time that Christmas great grandfather
gives children to distribute a gift; The Christmas is Yingmeiyasai is
bringing children one case the day of orgiastic Happy!
   The Christmas this year, xxxx school prepared a happy and
wonderful and infinite, infinite orgiastic Party for our children.
Kiss amusedly child game, Orphean English song, wonderful talent show,
still have a lot of the gift of a lot of, humorous and humor outside
teach the children that will follow us to heat up dance with the
   Santa Claus is driving the sledge that is fully loaded with
happiness to sail to us come. It is your child on the belt, good to
do following preparation, on December 21 afternoon 1: The 30
Christmas Party that will attend us. This is promotional close child
emotive absolutely the main chance, hope parent can allocate good
time, your kinescope equipment on the belt is punctual attend. Let us
be thankful hand in hand 2009, await the arrival of a year of new
first sight of morning! ! !
   Mobile preparation:
   1, the child that gives you please plans greeting card of a piece
of Christmas, write please on greeting card go up of your New Year
expect at giving before December 20 with beatific language aid
peaceful Ying Meiya thinks of international English school, in order
to have that day of the activity with.
   2, the parent prepares gift of a Christmas for the child, will
attend the head of a bed that is put stealthily in the child when the
activity that day, in order to add secret touch of the festival and
fairy tale color.
   3, the parent and child learn to sing jointly " wish your merry
christmas " song
   4, before the activity begins, the parent has sat in designation
seat please, do not go intervening the child's activity.
   In mobile process, it is good to ask in charge of after your child
performs a program oneself child, those who remind your child to hold
mobile spot is quiet, make civilized young audience. (“ is asked to
applause after the program every time ” , in order to show the
praise to performer and respect)
   After the activity, your child on the belt receives gift of a New
Year to the school.
   Sweet clew: 1, Ying Meiya thinks of international English school
to collect singing and dancing, comic dialogue, essay, magic, a two-
man act, of all kinds talent to perform in the round. On Christmas
Eve of coming profusion of bright winter day, let us one have credit
life and go out, want you to dare act only! We dare give you arena!
Give oneself a chance! Let us acclaim for you! The Super Star below
spotlight is not you to not be belonged to! You are OK performance of
as collective as your child the real situation is relative child
   2, the show that respects children please, do not want midway to
   (please in December Xx signed up for talent program a few days ago
Xxx school, so that the program weaves)

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