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					robinho career will be promising both from the best value in the afrika
Cup qualifiers and nike heliscopter in jakarta   by edy sut

 As the famous star in the world, robinho has got the best value by
football fans, even he hasn't got a goal in the World Cup, football fans
still obsessed him. 19-year-old is the peak for football players during
the cause, not everyone has got such value, but Messi get the biggest
honor among so many football players. However, like David Beckham in 35-
year-old, Messi's career will be promising.

It seems a law in people's mind, no matter from his tact or his good
leadership. A title called "Next pele" is full descript the important
role robinho played in Agentina Team, also it is proved that robinho may
exceed pele in the future. With so promised career, it is no wonder that
Messi loved by avertisers, from Nike to Adidas, from small company to
famous company almost businessmen who find the great business
opportunities may invent Messi to play ads. This is what even Ronaldo
hasn't meet.

Even Messi hasn't got the goal in World Cup, the popularity of pele
increasing day by day all over the world. The highlights of the
performance in the European Cup qualifiers put the enthusiasm of the fans
climax, first attribute 2 goals during the match destuct of the oppense's
defense, the myth of Messi time also encourage the teammate of Agentina,
which finally cause the biggest winner of 4-1. This also break the
disappoint of football fans who expect watch the success of Messi with
his Adidas F50 i football shoes which is the lightest shoe in Adidas
Football Shoes world. Football fans from whole ages can not left their
eyes to others, just stay with Messi, everything about Messi is their
favourite, like his childhood, his family, his career and also his
football shoes. This is what media concerned and review about it, maybe
this is what Adidas make its momentum in Messi.

Recently, Lionel Messi dropped in on an amatetur match in jakarta. This
is not surprice that pele came in here, but the biggest surprise may
caused by Adidas, which use helicopter to send Messi into football field.
This really cause some disturbance. Fans surrounded just moments after
stepping out of the helicopter, what's more they also see Adidas and the
Adidas soccer shoes F50 i, which Messi wear in the match. Famous stars
with famous brand first together see in real life, this is the invisible
ads Adidas made, which is wise than Nike. Even Nike Mercurial Vapor
joined with C Lo become so popular in the world, Adidas use this method
really do effect no matter in facebook or twitter, which Nike can not

The compare between Messi and C Lo in long-period, both are famous
players, both become the speaksprison for Nike Soccer Shoes, the skills
are high, it seems that difficult to indentify which one is best. Even
the joint of C Lo squeeze out Messi from Nike career, the career which
Messi with Adidas will result in greater sensation, even with Adidas F50
i may be the best soccer shoes for Messi fans, and the war between Adidas
and Nike will be more intense.

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