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									Dong quai to powerfully boost fertility

When a woman comes to a Chinese herbalist with an infertility problem,
she rarely ever walks out without a bag of dong quai. Dong quai is one of
Chinese medicine's most powerful fertility tonics. Its benefits for
fertility begin with its effect on the blood - dong quai improves
circulation and brings more blood to the uterus. This is helpful for
"blood-deficient" women - women who have irregular periods, severe pre-
menstrual syndrome, and dysmenorrhea. In fact, dong quai is often
prescribed for situations of "blood stagnation", such as endometriosis,
uterine fibroids, and PCOS. Dong quai also relaxes the nervous system,
which can help you deal with the stress of infertility; its relaxing
effects are just as powerful as valerian root and other herbs like
chamomile. Finally, dong quai regulates hormone production and sustains
the uterine lining, which prevents early miscarriage. Like most fertility
herbs, dong quai is available in tea form, but women who dislike its
pungent taste can use capsules instead.

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