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									Tulip Ivory is a new residential project in
Indian real estate market is witnessing a boom in the industry with observed exponential
increase in the residential, commercial, retail, and recreational properties. All the projects
are booming enormously, taking the market to new heights.

As per the industry research it is believed that at
present the real estate market has crossed
about 20 million dollar. Tulip Ivory is a new
residential project launched by Tulip Infratech at
Sector 70 in Gurgaon. Tulip Ivory is an
advantage for residential as well as corporates
and facilities make life exuberant, convenient
and joyful. The Place is not only dotted with
multinational companies and the best abodes
besides has several leisure spots, Bird sanctuary,
Recreational arcades, Hi-tech resorts, Enticing
amusement parks, Five star hotel and much
more.    Tulip   Ivory    offers   4/5    Bedroom

There are many factors that have led to a sudden boom in the market. One key factor
responsible for this is the increase in population level. Population is increasing rapidly in the
country which is eventually building a strong platform for the construction of more and more
residential as well as commercial projects. Apart from that a rapid growth of the software
industry in India with more and more IT based companies venturing into the country has
greatly                 contributed                 to                 the                cause.

Inspired by the powerful connotations associated with the word SPACE, Tulip IVORY
presents presents state-of-the-art homes that multiply the pleasure of living experience.
IVORY Homes are an embodiment of grandeur and style offering the means to live the way
one has always wished or might have seen in dreams. The homes have deliberately been
made spacious to allow you to apply creative instincts to adorn it in your own style as it is
often observed that space acts a constraint.

Tulip Ivory Homes at Sohna Road Sector 70 Gurgaon offer an ideal abode as the city is
well connected to all the relevant places that one needs to go or access in his daily routine
whether it is an office, schools, shopping complex, amusement parks, fitness centre,
Hospital,     etc.      For      more       information      please      log      on       to

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