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									     Towards new digital
       cultural spaces

        by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra
    National Museum of European and
        Mediterranean Civilisations

Head of research and technology department
      of the french Ministry of Culture
            since 1990 to 2003.
 Cultural Heritage and technologies
            a cohesive approach

 Scientific research
 Technical Innovation (new tools)
 Digitisation (catalogues and documents)
 Dissemination and publishing
 International cooperation
to foster economic development, education,
    tourism, art creation, social relations…
• Research programmes for archaeology, art
  history, ethnology, architecture,..

• Inventories, catalogues, books,..

• Methodologies, descriptive systems, thesaurus
  (monuments, objects, archives, intangible
  heritage, museums,…)

• 67 cultural databases (free access)
Musée Guimet : national museum of asiatic arts
Musée Guimet (Paris)
Joconde (french museums database)
Examples of sculptures of « musée Guimet »
Examples of rolls of « musée Guimet »
« Mémoire » : historical photographs database
Historical photographs of China (database)
    Virtual reality and cultural heritage
             15 years of innovation

• A powerful instrument of knowledge
• A tool for education
• Allowing public access to monuments that
  are closed for the visit
• Reconstructing objects and environments
• Allowing a new vision without constraints in
  space and time
The traditional method of reconstruction
      by drawing and water-colour
                     OUDHNA (TUNISIA)
                     • The antique roman city of Oudhna
                     reconstructed by J.C. Golvin (CNRS)
                     • The Acropolis today
The pioneers of virtual reality : Paris in 1789

                                            Pixel INA Award 1990

           The reconstruction of Paris in 1789
           for French Revolution Bicentenary
          by a french society « Ex-Machina » (1989)

     Illumination techniques

    1990 : one of the first simulation projects.
Virtual illumination of the « Bonsecours » church
   by the MAP/CRAI laboratory (Nancy, France)
The virtual museum of Louvre by night

          1992 : The virtual illumination of Louvre
     A partnership between the MAP/CRAI laboratory
          and the LORIA (INRIA), (Nancy, France),
      with the sponsoring of « Electricité de France »
  The first virtual reconstruction of Cluny Abbey

A reconstruction realizead in 1992 by « le Centre d'Enseignement
         et de Recherche ENSAM » of the city of Cluny
                    with a sponsoring of IBM
               (by the archaeologist K. J. Conant)
Inside reconstruction of Cluny Abbey

         First virtual model realized in 1992
has been improved since this date by ENSAM of Cluny
   Televirtual visit of Cluny Abbey

         Imagina 1993, Monte-Carlo, France :
        The first experiment of televirtuality :
a virtual visit of the « père Di Falco » in Monte Carlo
guided by the curator of the historical monument in Paris
  Virtual Illumination of bridges of Paris

1993 : The virtual illumination of the « Pont Neuf » (Paris)
       by the MAP/CRAI laboratory (Nancy, France),
       with the sponsoring of « Electricité de France »
The sanctuary of Athena 3D-model (Delphes)

   1997 : the 3D reconstruction of the sanctuary of Athena
                      (Delphes, Greece)
A partnership between MAP/CRAI laboratory (Nancy, France),
     « la maison de l’archéologie » (Bordeaux, France),
                « Ecole française d’Athènes »
       with the sponsoring of « Electricité de France »
      Virtual reality and haptic feedback
on a famous greek sculpture of « musée du Louvre »
                                    An experiment
                                    of the research
                                    and technology
                                    of the ministry
                                        of culture
                                  and a french society
                                   SeamTeam (2000)

                               On the left : Catherine Tasca,
                                    the french minister
                                  of culture can see and
                                     touch the virtual
Realtime augmented reality :
Cathedral of Amiens (France)

                     3D-model of sculptures
                     and virtual application
                      of mediaeval colours

                       We can see on the
                     photography on the left
                      the effects obtained
                      by projection of light
                       on the front of the
                      Cathedral of Amiens

                      SeamTeam and other
                        Partners (2000)
The MAP laboratory : « Models and simulations for
  architecture, town planning and landscapes »

         1998 : a new laboratory is created
       (a partnership between the National Center
              of Scientific Research and the
                   Ministry of culture)

      (Marseille, Nancy, Lyon, Toulouse, Strasbourg)
 The national programme : 3D Monuments

A national programme :
• to coordinate 3D models production on
  historical monuments
• to promote data normalisation,
• to develop method of photomodelling and 3D
  laser scanning
• to produce 3D models for restauration of
  historical buildings, but also for e-education,
  e-culture, e-tourism
     3D-Monuments : a french national programme
        for modelising monuments and buildings

Acquisition methods : Laser scanning, digital photographs
3D-Monuments : Extraction of relevant profiles
 and architectural knowledge-based modeling

          Elements of architecture

                                 Knowledges of 3D-model

            Grammar of architecture

  Glossary, grammar and knowledges organized par Livio de Luca (MAP)
  2002 to elaborate a 3D-model of the roman temple of Dougga (Tunisia)
3D-Monuments database for the scene wall
       of roman theater of Arles

                                            Livio de
3D-Monuments : Image matching and 3D model for a
         temple of Dougga (Tunisia)

  The temple of Dougga (Moustapha KHANOUSSI, Michel FLORENZANO, Jean-
              Claude GOLVIN, Véronique REDDÉ, Livio DE LUCA)
         3D-Monuments : Augmented reality
            for the roman theater of Arles

The roman theater of Arles has been built at the end of the 1st century B.J.C..
3D-Monuments : Augmented reality
    for the roman theater of Arles

 Reconstruction by Michel Florenzano and Livio De Luca (MAP) 2003
3D-Monuments : some 3D models available
           on the website

                             Le casino d’Aix-en-Provence

                                                           La saline d’Arc et Senans
   Le Palais royal (Paris)

                             L’hôtel de Sully (Paris)
3D immersive virtual spaces for cultural institutions ?

      Immersive parabol (2002)        Immersive room in ENSAM (Cluny)

 We inaugurated, in october 2004, at Bavay in the north of France,
     the first immersive space in an archaeological museum.
     Great archaeological sites : a collection
                  for the Web
• 16 multimedia publications to
  valorize archaeological
  research (1996-2004),
• On free access
• Collaborations between
  researchers, web-designers,
  technicians, educators,..        Produced by research and
                                   technology department of
• 6 international awards for the
                                     the french ministry of
  collection,                                culture
• 100.000 visites by month         With the National Center of
  (2003).                          Scientific Research (CNRS)
Great archaeological websites

     3D model of neolithic houses
Great archaeological websites

  3D model of the Akhethetep’s mastaba
Great archaeological websites

   Mobius Heritage 2003 international Award
    European projects on virtual reality and
              cultural heritage
Research on multimedia guided tours or

•   ARCHEOGUIDE (augmented reality-
    based cultural heritage on-site guide)
    Olympie, Greece
•   PAST : PAD, Bibracte (France),…
•   LIFE PLUS : Pompeï (Italy),..
•   EPOCH : european network of
•   STRABON, euromediterranean
    plateform for cultural heritage and
    sustainable tourism
•   ….
•   Le « cyber-carnet : Visite + » Cité des
    sciences et de l’industrie, (Canada
Jean-Pierre DALBERA

Mission pour le musée national des civilisations de
l’Europe et de la Méditerranée
Musée national des arts et traditions populaires
6 avenue du Mahatma Ghandi
75116 Paris France

Téléphone : 33 1 44 17 60 21
Fax : 33 1 44 17 60 60
E-mail : jean-pierre.dalbera@culture.gouv.fr
Personal website : http://www.dalbera.nom.fr/

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