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 26           General Arts and Science
              oVErViEw                                                                our CoMMiTMENT To You                                          TrANsiTioN To CollEgE

              Prepare yourself for university or college                              To prepare you for success, our programs are                   AND uNiVErsiTY
              admission. Our General Arts and Science                                 designed to meet your needs in English, math,                  Our General Arts and Science programs have
              programs offer you the chance to explore your                           humanities and sciences. A personal student                    articulation agreements with universities
              interests, gain additional knowledge in specific                        profile is drawn from past education experiences,              and within Centennial College. This means
              subject areas, upgrade your marks and develop                           future program goals, and your assessment                      that students who complete certain courses
              academic skills before applying for university or                       scores. Our aim is to help you develop required                with acceptable grades will be considered for
              college programs.                                                       skills, as well as support growth in areas in which            admission into their college or university program
                                                                                      you have already demonstrated strength. The                    of choice. Some programs may have further
              You will receive support from a dedicated team
                                                                                      flexibility of this program allows you to change               requirements for admission.
              of faculty and advisors, who will guide you along
                                                                                      direction and plans as you develop skills in
              your pathway. Our classes are small so you will                                                                                        Contact us at 416-289-5000, ext. 7504 or 7018
                                                                                      certain areas and/or recognize weaknesses in
              get personal attention and one-on-one advising.                                                                                        e-mail sdraycott@centennialcollege.ca, for details
              You can take any of our one- or two-semester                                                                                           of these agreements or any other questions you
              (graduate with a Certificate) or four-semester                                                                                         may have about your goals.
              (graduate with a Diploma) programs in either the                        • earn university transfer credits while attending
              arts or sciences stream.                                                                                                               whY ChoosE gENErAl ArTs
                                                                                        college                                                      AND sCiENCE?
                                                                                      • prepare for academic demands of college and
                                                                                                                                                     General Arts and Science offers you the
                                                                                        university programs
                                                                                                                                                     opportunity to gain access to your program of
                                                                                      • earn transferable college credits in English and
                                                                                                                                                     choice at college or university.
                                                                                        general education
                                                                                      • small classes and caring faculty and staff who               Some students who are not able to gain
                                                                                        are committed to student success                             admission to a particular program enter General
                                                                                      • lower tuition than university                                Arts and Science in order to upgrade their skills
                                                                                                                                                     or complete courses they need to gain admission
                                                                                                                                                     to their original program of choice.
                                                                                                                                                     The chart below shows pathways you can follow
                                                                                                                                                     to transition for further academic advancement
                                                                                                                                                     and success.

                                                                        GENERAL ARTS & SCIENCE – TRANSITION TO COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY

                                                                              • High School Marks
                                                                             • College Assessment

                Introduction to Science                    Science Program                                                         Arts Program
                      Semester 1                              Semester 1                                                            Semester 1

                                                           Science Program                      Science Program                   Arts Program
                  Centennial Programs                         Semester 2                           Semester 3                      Semester 2
                • Aviation Technician
                • Motive Power
                • Business
                                                          Centennial College                    Science Program                                                                         Arts Program
                                                              Certificate                          Semester 4                                                                            Semester 3

                                                                                               Centennial College               Centennial College
                                                       Centennial Programs                          Diploma                         Certificate
                                                   • Registered Practical Nursing                                                                                                       Arts Program
                                                   • Pharmacy Technician                                                                                                                 Semester 4
                                                   • Engineering Technology                    Centennial/Ryerson
                                                                                               BScN Collaborative
                                                                                             Nursing Degree Program

                                                                                                                                                           York University           Centennial College
                                                                                               Ryerson University                                      Bachelor of Arts Program           Diploma
                                                                                                                         Centennial Programs
                                                                                               Bachelor of Science                                              Year 1
                                                                                                                         Communication Arts
                                                                                             • Nutrition & Food           Child & Community              (15 Transfer Credits)
                                                                                             • Occupational & Public            Studies
                                                                                               Health                    Hospitality & Tourism
                                                                                             • Biology/Chemistry                                                                       York University
                                                                                             • Contemporary                                                                        Bachelor of Arts Program
                      General Arts and Science Programs
                                                                                               Science                                                                                      Year 2
                      Centennial Programs
                      University Programs                                                    • Medical Physics                                                                       (30 Transfer Credits)
                                                                                             • Undeclared

                                                                                                 York University
                                                                                               Bachelor of Science
                                                                                                      Year 1
                                                                                               (18 Transfer Credits)
General Arts and Science – Arts Program                                                                                                                                27

CENT Code: 6700                                     BENEfiTs                                             ProgrAM ouTliNE

1 year/2 semesters                                  • after one year (with at least a 3.0 GPA) you:      Year 1 – CENT Code 6700
Credential: Ontario College Certificate               a) may proceed directly into year 1 of a           semester 1
Start: Fall, Winter                                      university arts program, or                     GS-104            Computers
Campus: Ashtonbee                                   • after two years (with at least a 3.0 GPA) you:     GS-160            Humanities
                                                      a) may proceed into year 2 of an under-            GS-170            Social Science
                                                                                                         GSGE-106          Canadian Studies**
CENT Code: 6701                                          graduate Arts program at university             GSGE-132          Science and Technology in Society**
2 years/4 semesters                                   b) will have gained experience in actual           COMM-160/161      College Communications 1/(ESL)*
Credential: Ontario College Diploma                      university level courses                         OR
Start: Fall, Winter                                                                                      COMM-170/171      College Communications 2/(ESL)*
                                                    A MATTEr of DEgrEE                                   semester 2
Campus: Ashtonbee
                                                    Qualified graduates may be eligible to               GS-200            The Twentieth Century
                                                    participate in an articulated program with           GSGE-123          Logical Self-Defense**
                                                                                                         GSGE-129          Understanding Human Behavior**
                                                    selected universities, institutes and professional
Study a range of subjects in the humanities and                                                          GSGE-131          Principles of Sociology**
                                                    associations. These partnerships allow graduates     COMM-170/171      College Communications 2/(ESL)*
social sciences, as well as communications and
                                                    to apply academic credit towards further study.       OR
learning skills. Our Arts programs run from one                                                          COMM-180          College Communications 3*
to four semesters in length, depending on your      Our partners are:                                    GNED-500          Global Citizenship:From Social Analysis
future goals.                                       • Athabasca University                                                  to Social Action

These programs are for you if you:                  • Griffith University                                YEAr 2 – CENT Code 6701
                                                    • Ryerson University                                 In year 2, students who have successfully
• would like to apply to a university Arts degree
                                                    • York University                                    completed year 1 or equivalent with acceptable
                                                                                                         academic standing will engage in advanced
• wish to consider college programs such            ADMissioN rEquirEMENTs                               arts studies to prepare for college or university
  as Communication Arts, Child Studies,             Centennial College expects students applying for     programs. Please contact department for details
  Community Services, or Hospitality and            admission to certificate or diploma programs to      of articulation agreement with York University.
  Tourism Administration                            present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School
• are undecided about your ultimate career                                                               semester 3
                                                    Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of       GS-214            Quantitative Research
  goals and simply wish to explore various          age or older. Possession of minimum admission        GSGE-201          Abnormal Psychology**
  opportunities                                     requirements does not guarantee admission to         GSGE-213          Exploring Creativity**
• do not possess the academic admission             the program.                                         GSGE-234          Social and Moral Issues**
  credentials needed to enter university                                                                 UCREDIT           University Credit
                                                                                                         ENGL-235          English Literature (Multicultural focus)
• are not quite sure that university is the right   Academic requirements
  choice for you.                                                                                        semester 4
                                                    • compulsory English 12C or U, or skills             GS-212            Ethical Reasoning for Today’s World
                                                      assessment or equivalent                           GS-213            Qualitative Research
                                                                                                         GSGE-211          Environmental Issues**
                                                                                                         GSGE-269          Popular Culture**
                                                                                                         UCREDIT           University Credit
                                                                                                         ENGL-237          Genocide Literature
                                                                                                         * Students must successfully complete COMM-170/171 or
                                                                                                           equivalent before progressing to semester 3.
                                                                                                         ** Courses previously completed under the GNED designation
                                                                                                            will be considered equivalent and are fully eligible for
                                                                                                            transfer credit. Contact department for details.
 28           General Arts and Science – Science Program
              CENT Code: 6809                                      ProgrAM ouTliNE                                               CENT Code: 6903

              1 year/2 semesters                                                                                                 1 semester
                                                                   Year 1 – CENT Code 6809 (science)
              Credential: Ontario College Certificate                                                                            Start: Fall, Winter
                                                                   semester 1
              Start: Fall, Winter                                  GS-180            Chemistry 1
                                                                                                                                 Campus: Ashtonbee
              Campus: Ashtonbee                                    GS-182            Biology 1
                                                                   GSGE-106          Canadian Studies**
              CENT Code: 6701                                      GS-191            Mathematics 2
              2 years/4 semesters                                  MATH-140          Technology Mathematics 1                    iNTroDuCTorY sCiENCE ProgrAM
              Credential: Ontario College Diploma                   OR
                                                                                                                                 If you do not meet the minimum mathematics
                                                                   MATH-170          Technology Mathematics 2
              Start: Fall, Winter                                  COMM-160/161      College Communications 1/(ESL)              admission requirement for our Science programs
              Campus: Ashtonbee                                     OR                                                           you may be eligible to enrol in our Introductory
                                                                   COMM-170/171      College Communications 2/(ESL)*             Science program. Completion of this one-
                                                                   semester 2                                                    semester program, with acceptable standing
                                                                   GS-280            Chemistry 2                                 will enable you to enter the Science Certificate
              sCiENCE ProgrAMs                                     GS-282            Biology 2
                                                                                                                                 program (6809).
              Study science subjects (biology and chemistry), as   GSGE-129          Principles of Human Behaviour**
                                                                   COMM-170/171      College Communications 2/(ESL)
              well as communications and learning skills. Our        OR                                                          ADMissioN rEquirEMENTs
              Science programs run from one to four semesters      COMM-180          College Communications 3                    Centennial College expects students applying for
              in length, depending on your future goals.           ELECT             General Education (GSGE)
                                                                                                                                 admission to certificate or diploma programs to
              These programs are for you if you:                   * Students must successfully complete COMM-170/171 in
                                                                     order to transfer to year 2.                                present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School
              • are not sure that a science program at college                                                                   Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of
                                                                   ** Courses previously completed under the GNED designation
                  or university is the right choice                   will be considered equivalent and are fully eligible for   age or older. Possession of minimum admission
              • do not possess the academic admission                 transfer credit. See department for details.               requirements does not guarantee admission to
                  credentials needed to enter university level     Note: Minimum C grade in all courses recommended in order     the program.
                                                                   to transfer to year 2.
                  science programs
              • wish to consider college programs such as                                                                        Academic requirements
                  health, engineering technology and applied                                                                     • compulsory English 12C or U, or skills
                                                                    Students who complete the one-year Science                     assessment or equivalent
                  science, or transportation                        Certificate program with acceptable academic
              • have not finished high school or completed                                                                       • math skills assessment
                                                                    standing may be eligible to transfer to Centennial’s
                  required science courses for post-secondary       Practical Nursing or Pharmacy Technician programs.           • math 11M, U or equivalent
                  programs.                                         Contact the department for articulation agreement            for information on the admission process,
                                                                                                                                 please see p. 14.
              ADMissioN rEquirEMENTs
              Centennial College expects students applying for                                                                   ProgrAM ouTliNE
              admission to certificate or diploma programs to      Year 2 – CENT Code 6701 (science)                             semester 1
              present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School       semester 3                                                    GS-104            Computers
              Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of       GS-214            Quantitative Research                       GS-120            Mathematics 1
                                                                   GS-380            Chemistry 3                                 GS-140            College Learning & Reading
              age or older. Possession of minimum admission
                                                                   GS-382            Biology 3                                   GSGE-166          Why does it do that?/ How does it work?*
              requirements does not guarantee admission to         MATH-180          Technology Mathematics 3*                   COMM-160/161      College Communications 1/(ESL)*
              the program.                                         COMM-180          College Communications 3                     OR
                                                                    OR ENGL          ENGL (200 level)                            COMM-170/171      College Communications 2/(ESL)*
              Academic requirements                                ELECT             GNED (GSGE) Elective – Level 2              * Courses previously completed under the GNED designation
              • compulsory English 12C or U or equivalent          semester 4                                                      will be considered equivalent and are fully eligible for
                                                                                                                                   transfer credit. Contact department for details.
              • math 11M or U, or skills assessment or             GS-213            Qualitative Research
                                                                   GS-480            Chemistry 4                                 Note: Minimum C grade in GS-120 (Mathematics 1) required
                equivalent                                                                                                       in order to transfer to Science Option (6809)
                                                                   GS-482            Biology 4
              for information on the admission process,            ELECT             GNED Elective – Level 2**
              please see p. 14.                                    MATH-231          Differential Calculus with
                                                                                       Analytical Geometry
                                                                   ENGL              ENGL (200 level)

                                                                    A MATTEr of DEgrEE                                           Students with acceptable academic standing in
                                                                    Centennial College, in partnership with York                 Program 6809 and 6701 (Science) may quality
                                                                    University, is proud to offer an option to                   for admission into the Centennial/Ryerson
                                                                    students interested in pursuing advanced                     Collaborative BScN program or any of the
                                                                    science studies at college or university. This               following Ryerson programs: Nutrition and
                                                                    program option (6701) is available to students               Food; Occupational and Public Health; Bachelor
                                                                    who successfully complete year 1 or equivalent               of Science (Biology/Chemistry/Contemporary
                                                                    with acceptable academic standing.                           Science/Medical Physics/Undeclared).
                                                                                                                                 For more information on these programs, please
                                                                                                                                 contact us at 416-289-5000, ext. 7504 or 7018.
General Arts and Science – English for Academic Purposes                                                                                                                 29

CENT Code: 6616                                      BENEfiTs                                            ADMissioN rEquirEMENTs

1-3 semesters                                        • qualified, professional instructors who provide   Centennial College expects students applying for
Credential: Ontario College Certificate                personal guidance                                 admission to certificate or diploma programs to
Start: Fall, Winter, Summer                          • practical exercises on multimedia ESL software    present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School
Campus: Ashtonbee                                      in a computer lab                                 Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of
Contact: Joan Beresford                              • communicative activities in a group setting       age or older. Possession of minimum admission
416-289-5000, ext. 7683                              • preparation for academic success                  requirements does not guarantee admission to
eap@centennialcollege.ca                             • access to college resources and services          the program.
                                                     • course credit which can be applied towards
                                                                                                         Academic requirements
                                                       other Centennial College programs
                                                                                                         • applicants should have completed beginner’s
This program is for students for whom English        • certificate earned reflects high standards of
                                                                                                           level language training to be successful in this
is a second or additional language. English for        learning
Academic Purposes (EAP) will help improve            • Centennial College
your English skills so that you can enter and          is a member of                                    ProgrAM ouTliNE
succeed in college programs – and your career.         Languages Canada                                  semester 1
The program emphasizes speaking, listening,                                                              EAPP-100           This semester is intended for students
                                                     lEArNiNg ENViroNMENT                                                   who have beginner level skills but
effective writing and reading comprehension.
                                                     • instruction in all language skill areas with a                       require some additional study before
You will have an opportunity to use multimedia                                                                              entering semester 2
                                                       strong academic focus
English as a second language (ESL) software in
                                                     • skilled and highly trained faculty                semester 2
our computer lab. This program offers a variety                                                          EAPP-201           ESL Reading Techniques
                                                     • use of computer learning labs
of curriculum levels ranging from basic to high                                                          EAPP-202           Guided Writing in English
intermediate. Students will be placed in the level                                                       EAPP-203           Speaking Up
best-suited to their language skills.                                                                    EAPP-204           Skills for Student Success
                                                                                                         EAPP-205           The Canadian Context
As part of this program, you will complete a                                                             semester 3
college credit course in the final semester. This                                                        EAPP-301           Reading College-level Texts
can then be used for credit in any of Centennial                                                         EAPP-302           Approaches to English Composition
                                                                                                         EAPP-303           Communicating in the Classroom
College’s full-time programs and at a number of                                                          EAPP-304           Academic Life
other colleges and universities.                                                                         ELECT              General Education
You will study in a college environment and
                                                                                                         1. In addition to the courses listed above, you will
have access to all resources and services such                                                              spend three hours per week in a computerized
as computer labs, counselling and libraries. The                                                            language lab, as well as three hours in self-
program includes group and team assignments,                                                                directed learning.
                                                                                                         2. Successful completion of semesters 2 and 3 is required for
practical exercises and individualized faculty                                                              graduation.
attention and guidance.

                                                                                                            For more information on part-time
                                                                                                            non-credit, ESL courses please contact
 30           English Language Training
              lANguAgE iNsTruCTioN for                               In addition to receiving formal classroom               BENEfiTs

              NEwCoMErs To CANADA (liNC)                             instruction, you will learn through a variety           • practical training in spoken and
              12 weeks per level; full-time                          of communication activities in the context                written English
              Location: 1450 Midland Ave., Suite 300                 of real-life situations, often involving visits to      • practise in a variety of settings, inside
                                                                     sites away from school.                                   and outside of the classroom
                                                                     You will also have access to computer labs,             • computer-assisted language learning
              This program will help you learn the everyday          where you will learn English with the help of           • attention to your needs
              English and life skills you need to participate in     exciting new ESL software. A wide selection             • friendly, helpful professors
              Canadian society.                                      of textbooks, tapes and video materials is also         • access to advanced educational opportunities
                                                                     available.                                              • certificate earned reflects high standards
              Classes are tailored to your ability and very little                                                             of learning
              English is needed to join our program.                 This course is sponsored by Citizenship and
              It is for beginner to high intermediate levels.
                                                                     Immigration Canada, and is free to convention           To lEArN MorE
                                                                     refugees and permanent residents. It is not open        For more information, please call 416-289-5000,
              You will learn how to use English in many
                                                                     to Canadian citizens.                                   ext. 7540. To arrange for a placement test and
              activities – banking, getting around, shopping,
              seeing a doctor, finding housing, getting a job,                                                               referral, please call the YMCA at 416-925-5462.
              recreation and handling emergencies. Canadian
              history, geography, politics and culture are also
              discussed.                                                liNC for iNTErNATioNAllY-EDuCATED NursEs
                                                                        15-weeks per level; full-time
                                                                        Location: 45 Sheppard Ave. E., Suite 512

                                                                                This course is designed to provide LINC instruction within a focussed health care context.
                                                                        Participants must be internationally-educated nurses who meet the LINC eligibility requirements.
                                                                        For more information, please call 416-289-5000, ext. 7540.

              Access Programs
              Length tailored to individual needs                    1. Employment resource Centre                           3. Job Development Placement services
              Location: 1450 Midland Ave., Suite 300                    Open to all community members, aged                     We work with employers in the Scarborough
              Contact: Bonnie Morrell                                   16 years or older, this resource allows                 area to create on-the-job-training and
              416-289-5000, ext. 7540                                   you to pursue a self-directed job search                employment opportunities for youth clients
              bmorrell@centennialcollege.ca                             at a specialized resource centre. You can               unable to secure suitable employment. Clients
                                                                        research employment and educational                     who qualify for on-the-job-training are able
                                                                        opportunities and learn about community                 to acquire relevant job skills and up-to-
                                                                        services that are available. You can also               date experience in order to gain long term
              JoB CoNNECT                                               participate in apprenticeship, sector specific          employment. Employers providing on-the-job-
              If you are out of work and not attending                  and employment preparation workshops.                   training may be eligible for wage incentives to
              school, the Job Connect program can help you.             You will be able to search for jobs on the              offset their training costs.
              Funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and          internet as well as produce resumés on the
              Universities, this free program features three            computer. Participants will have access to free      To APPlY for This ProgrAM
              components:                                               photocopying and fax services.                       Please do not use your Ontario College
                                                                     2. one-to-one Employment Counselling and                Application Services (OCAS) form to apply
                                                                        Employment skills workshops                          for this program. Please call 416-289-5000,
                                                                        If you are between the ages of 16 and 24,            ext. 7540.
                                                                        you may participate in this component of the
                                                                        Job Connect program. Through one-to-one
                                                                        counselling and employment skills workshops,
                                                                        you will learn to set career goals, enhance
                                                                        your job search skills, create a resumé,
                                                                        develop effective interviewing techniques
                                                                        and gain access to apprenticeship and
                                                                        on-the-job training.
Career & College Transitions                                                                                                                                      31

liTErACY AND BAsiC skills/                           Career and College Transition program (formerly       This program provides you the opportunity to

oNTArio BAsiC skills                                 known as Literacy and Basic Skills/Ontario Basic      prepare for college or apprenticeship admission
                                                     Skills) is a tuition free academic upgrading          and workplace entry/advancement. The average
ACADEMiC AND CArEEr ENTrANCE                         program offered during the day and night to           length of the program is 16 weeks. Core courses
(ACE)                                                eligible learners.                                    – Communications, Mathematics, and Self-
16 weeks or more                                                                                           Management – are enriched by your choice of
                                                     • prepare yourself for college or apprenticeship
Start: Continuous Intake                                                                                   specialized course opportunities that help you
Campus: Ashtonbee                                                                                          reach your specific career goals. The learning
                                                     • get help reaching your employment goals
Contact: Denise Andrews                                                                                    environment is very supportive, and faculty
                                                     • improve your skills in a supportive
416-289-5000, ext. 7022                                                                                    advisors work closely with you along the way.
dandrews@centennialcollege.ca                        • develop your personalized training plan to          Career and College Transition programs are
                                                       achieve your career and education goals             funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and
                                                     • TTC assistance available for eligible students.     Universities through Employment Ontario.

                                                                                                           To APPlY for This ProgrAM
                                                                                                           Please call 416-289-5000, ext. 7022.

Success Workshops
Our short success workshops will help                how To suCCEED iN CollEgE                CEss-851     sTANDArD firsT AiD (sfA) iNCluDiNg
you brush up on your skills                          If you’re out of practice at being a student, or      CPr/AED lEVEl C or hCP)                   CCPr-101
and knowledge – think of them                        you want a quick way to improve the skills you        This two-day session is for the person who
as investments in your future.                       already have, this is the workshop for you. It        requires a comprehensive course in basic first
                                                     covers all the basic skills you need: successful      aid and CPR/AED. Learn a variety of topics such
For specific dates and to register,                  note taking, effective reading, essay writing, time   as: how to respond to emergencies, CPR Level
call 416-289-5300 or go online                       management, memory and concentration, and             C or HCP, prevention of disease transmission,
– centennialcollege.ca/webreg                        test taking. Get a head start on your studying        respiratory and cardiac arrest, injuries to the head
                                                     with this short, practical class.                     and spine; bone, muscle and joint injuries; wound
                                                     Fee $5 (3 hrs)                                        care; and how to deal with sudden medical
                                                                                                           conditions and environmental emergencies. This
ChoosiNg ThE righT CArEEr               CEss-933     how To wriTE TEsTs                      CEss-845      course has been extended to include CPR and
Not sure what career you want to pursue? Maybe       Overcome exam anxiety and learn to show               AED certification, and provides you with a three-
you’ve been in the workforce and are looking to      what you know. Explore different test formats         year certification. Please let your instructor know
change careers? This workshop series will help.      – multiple choice, short answer, matching, true or    at the beginning if you are working towards CPR/
Find out how to assess your interests, skills and    false and essays – and learn tips for succeeding      AED level C or HCP.
values. Learn about the changing economy and         with each.
its impact on choosing a career, as well as how to                                                         Fee $110
                                                     Fee $5 (3 hrs)                                        Saturdays and Sundays 9 am-6 pm (15 hours)
research your career choices.                                                                              See centennialcollege.ca/cpr for details.
Fee $10 (9 hrs)                                      JoB sEArCh skills                      CEss-964
                                                     A good resumé can open the door to an
                                                     employer. Bring your current resumé and let us
                                                     help you make it better. Learn how to succeed in
                                                     today’s tough interview situations, and how to
                                                     show employers that you have what they need.
                                                     Learn how to prepare for interviews, what kinds
                                                     of questions to expect, and how to follow-up.
                                                     Fee $5





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