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									 Deep Research Report on China Wind Generator Industry

2010 Deep Research Report on China Wind Generator Industry was published by QYResearch Wind
Energy Research Center on Mar 2010. It was a professional and depth research report on China Wind
Generator industry. In the report, the following information will be included:

China Wind Generator Production Supply Sales Demand marketing and technology (equipment)
China Wind Generator production and demand from 2009-2014;
China Wind Generator manufacturers Wind Generator Capacity Production Cost Average selling price
Production Value Revenue Profit etc information;
China Wind Generator manufacturers Product Information
Downstream client or demand analysis, (included: sales contracts customers etc);

China Wind Generator industry development trend and related conclusions; Finally, we conduct a
comprehensive summary of China Wind Generator industry, including the past present and forecast the
future, we also made a feasibility analysis of the 1500sets/year Doubly-fed induction Wind Generator
project ,we carry out an accurate calculation on investment cost, revenue, profitability, payback pe riod.
In a word, it was a depth research report on china Wind Generator industry chain. And thanks to the
China Wind Generator marketing or technology experts help and support during QYResearch Wind
Energy team survey and interviews.

Table of Contents :

Chapter One Wind Generator Industry Overview 1
1.1 Definition of Wind Generator 1
1.2 Classification and Application 2
1.3 Wind Generator Schematic 4
1.4 Wind Generator current situation and Outlook 6

Chapter Two Wind Generator Manufacture technology and process analysis 10
2.1 Doubly-fed induction Wind GeneratorProcess 10
2.2 Direct-drive Permanent Magnet Wind Generator manufacture Process 24

Chapter Three China Wind Generator Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast
2009-2014 30
3.1 Wind Generator Productions Overview 30
3.2 Wind Generator Demand 33
3.3 Supply and Demand of China Wind Generator 90
3.4 Cost Price Value Profit Margin of China Wind Generator 91
3.5 Wind Generator Customer relationship List 94

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