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									                   Hire Flex Programmers

Flex is a software development kit for the purpose of development & deployment of
cross-platform Flash based rich internet applications. Its applications can be written with
Flex compiler or by Flex builder. Earlier application programmers were uncomfortable to
adapt with animation similitude upon which Flash Platform was actually designed, but
now Flex seeks to minimize the problem faced by providing a workflow and
programming model that is familiar to the application developers.

MXML which is an XML based markup language helps you in designing GUIs. Action
Script contributes to the interactivity. Flex SDK comprises of user interface components
like buttons list, boxes, trees, datagrid, etc. Application Framework includes web
services, drag and drop, modal dialogs, animation effects, application states, form
validation, and other interactions.

Technologies that are commonly compared to Flex include Curl, OpenLaszlo, Ajax,
XUL, JavaFX and Windows Presentation Foundation technologies such as Silverlight.

HiddenBrainsIndia provides you to hire dedicated Adobe Flex and AIR development
team to develop complete outsourcing solution for Rich Internet applications using Flash,
Flex and AIR.
Hiring Flex Programme rs

                               Hire Flex programmers who are experienced &
                               proficient in delivering good Flex Solutions over years.
                               We believe in developing interactive solutions to provide
                               a cutting edge to your applications. With experience in
                               using several graphical & multimedia tools our hired Flex
                               Programme rs deliver technically exclusive applications.

                               Flash and Flex technologies are for developing the
                               interface and designing of an application. Hire Flex /
                               Flash Developers to develop Games, dynamic web
                               applications, animations etc.

Flex advantages

      It provides efficient delivery & high performance & is prominent among
       professional developers.
      It’s a standard-based programming model for rich internet applications &
       takes the advantages of Flash playe r 9 to impart good results.
      It can be easily integrated with server-side functionality.
      It provides Rich visual layout.
      Rich internet applications developed into adobe Flex has the cross bro wser &
       platform compatibility.

Services for You

      You can hire Flex programme rs to work for 8 Hours a day, 5 Days a week –
       Monday to Friday. Saturdays, Sundays and Indian National/Regional Holidays
       shall be considered as paid holidays.
      You can hire dedicated Flex Programme rs from us at Zero setup or
       maintenance costs or taxes along with good software and Hardware facilities.
      You can easily stay connected with the hired Flex programme rs via email and
       instant messengers.
      We offer our clients, the facility of owning all the rights of source code as well as
       they can resell the codes without any accountability from our side.

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