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                      VICTOR. G. MEE.
                    AUCTIONEER & VALUER.
       Phone: 047 55076. Mobile: 086 8342806. Fax : 047 55992.
                   Website :

           Antique & General Furniture Auction.

An interesting selection of quality Georgian, Victorian and
                  Edwardian furniture.

            VIEWING : SATURDAY : 10 am. -                6pm.
                  SUNDAY :      2pm. - 6pm.
               MONDAY :    10 am. - onwards.

                             LOT NO 386




                   CATALOGUES € 2 each.

                            V. G. M.
                      CONDITIONS OF SALE
 1. The highest bidder shall be the purchaser, & any dispute arising either before, during
 or after the sale, shall be determined by the Auctioneer.

 2. Lots may be grouped, withdrawn or divided at the discretion of the Auctioneer.

 3. The Vendor retains the right to fix a reserve price, or to bid for any lot.

 4. Purchasers shall give their bidding number after the sale of each lot, and shall
 arrange for the removal of same at their own expense, of the lots so purchased on the
 delivery day stated, without causing damage to either the premises or other lots. Any
 lots not so removed may be re – sold by the Auctioneer, and any deposits forfeited.

 5. Goods left on the premises by the purchaser or the vendor within 7 days of the
 auction, are left at their own risk, & the Auctioneer reserves the right to charge for
 storage. Goods left in for sale & then withdrawn by the vendor prior to the sale are liable
 to a 15% charge on the value estimated by the Auctioneer.

 6. The goods remain on the premises at the purchaser’s risk from the fall of the
 hammer, & shall be taken with all imperfections, damage or errors of description.
 Purchasers are deemed to have thoroughly inspected each lot prior to the sale, & the
 Auctioneer does not give any warranty or guarantee whatsoever.

 7. The purchase money together with 15% Auctioneer’s fee shall be payable
 immediately after the auction. No lots will be delivered to the purchaser until he/she
 has made payment in full.

 8. Payments may be made in cash, Banker’s draft, or guaranteed cheques, made
 payable to VICTOR. G. MEE. No third party cheques.

 9. Should a purchaser fail to comply with these conditions, he/she may forfeit the
 deposit & the Auctioneer may re – sell the lot or lots as he deems fit. Any deficiency in
 the price at the second sale shall be made good by the first purchaser but any surplus
 shall belong to the vendor.

10. Default, Victor. G. Mee. Disclaims responsibility for default by either the purchaser or
 the vendor because he acts as the agent for the vendor only & therefore does not pay
 out to the vendor until payment is received from the purchaser.

11. All prospective buyers by making a bid for any of the lots advertised in the catalogue
 acknowledge that their attention has been drawn to these conditions of sale & that they
 are bound by them.

12. The Auctioneer may refuse to take any bid without giving any reason.
1.    Selection of old religious statues.
2.    Pair of coloured Vict. prints.
3.    Upright freezer.
4.    Television and camera stand.
5.    Five door modern white robe.
6.    Collection of four hanging lamps and one table lamp.
7.    Two metal pot ovens.
8.    Early Vict. longcased pine clock, with painted dial, in need of restoration.
9.    Late Vict. mah. overmantle.
10.   Modern pine mirror.
11.   Pair of mah. hanging cupboards.
12.   Two Vict. cast iron hopper heads.
13.   Pair of painted lockers.
14.   Carved wooden figure of CHRIST.
15.   Pedestal tidy, fire screen and fire irons.
16.   Geo. pine astral - glazed bookcase top.
17.   Unusual galvanised seed sower.
18.   Vict. oval drop leafed pine table.
19.   Two boxes of old tins.
20.   American travelling trunk.
21.   Vict. oval drop leafed pine table.
22.   Two Vict. pine washstands.
23.   Vict. pine slat backed open armed chair.
24.   Early C20th. search light.
25.   Two modern chests of drawers.
26.   Three pieces of modern pottery and basin.
27.   Scythe.
28.   Cassette player with speakers, in an inlaid mah. cabinet.
29.   Two Vict. brass lamp hangers.
30.   CORONA SPARKLING DRINKS, enamel sign.
31.   Late Vict. mah. chiffonier.
32.   Vict. cast iron lamp hanger and spelter ink stand.
33.   Small cast iron sink pump.
34.   Two carpet squares.
35.   Two modern oak side cabinets.
36.   Selection of books.
37.   Edw. suitcase gramophone.
38.   Painted Vict. walnut stool.
39.   Two Vict. American mantle clocks, in need of restoration.
40.   Old fan bellows.
41.   Selection of blacksmith’s tools.
42.   Selection of blacksmith’s tools.
43.   Selection of blacksmith’s tools.
44.   Two trophies.
45.   Box of ARABESQUE Denby ware.
46.   Collection of old brass fire irons.
47.   Geo. mah. T.O.L. tea table, in need of restoration.
48.   Oak corner unit, for TV.
49.   Two Vict. milk crocks.
50.   Coffee table, in the form of a tree.
51.   Collection of old drinking glasses and china.
52.   Gilt tritriptic fire screen.
53.   Very unusual Vict. sewing machine.
54.   Cast iron pump lid.
55.    Edw. ladies rocking chair.
56.    Box of old bottles and stone jam pots.
57.    Copper jug and brass preserving pan
58.    Large Vict. brass and cloth fire screen.
59.    Old Tilley lamp.
60.    Brass standard lamp.
61.    Two old radios
62.    Wooden rocking horse.
63.    Vict. two over two mah. chest of drawers.
64.    Watercolour by Noel Cleary ’07 and print, mounted in silvered frames
65.    Pine two door wardrobe.
66.    Chiming mah. wall clock.
67.    Pair of floral prints, mounted in silvered frames
68.    Late Geo. pine hood for long cased clock.
69.    Oak. roll topped writing desk.
70.    Blue and white cheese dish, in the form of a beehive.
71.    Neat mah. mirrored backed hall stand.
72.    Cooper reindeer wall plaque.
73.    Set of four oil on board floral pictures.
74.    Matching pine wardrobes, one single doored and one double doored.
75.    Bow fronted mah. hanging cupboard with bevelled glass door.
76.    Two modern ceiling lights.
77.    Print of SHIPS AT SEA ’73, by Monique Dawson.
78.    Original ANDREWS LIVER SALTS advertisement.
79.    Painted half moon hall table, in the Japanese style.
80.    Three LIVING BELLEEK vases, with flowers.
81.    Horse collar, with brass hames.
82.    Pair of modern prints.
83.    Modern Clarice Cliff Bizarre jug.
84.    Collection of seven wall plates.
85.    Pair of Vict. Staffordshire dogs.
86.    Vict. amber peg lamp.
87.    Vict. stripped pine chiffonier.
88.    Brass Art Deco mirror, in the Celtic style.
89.    Watercolour Portrait of a Young Lady.
90.    Cuckoo clock. pmo.
91.    Pair of painted and gilt corner cupboards.
92.    Master of the Hounds, mounted in gilt frame.
93.    Original GUINNESS poster THINK BIG.
94.    Pair of ceramic lamps, in need of restoration.
95.    Buddha.
96.    Oil on canvas, signed Vincent.
97.    Vict. inlaid mah. wardrobe, with bow fronted centre, flanked by two mirrored doors
       ( 58’’W X 80’’H. 19’’ D ), with matching dressing table.
98.    Oil on canvas Sean Treacy killed in a shoot out in 1920, with a British Intelligence Officer,
       both men died. Painted by Gerald Beattie.
99.    Set of modern oak shelves
100.   Two coloured prints of Young Ladies.
101.   Edw. oak oval bevelled mirror,
102.   Clarice Cliff jar, Belleek vase and another jar.
103.   Mah. dresser and matching book shelves.
104.   Stuffed mounted Pike, in a glazed case, caught at Toome Bridge.
105.   Pair of modern Clarice Cliff Bizarre vases.
106.   Three Vict. jugs.
107.    Royal Tara jug and Basin set.
108.    Pair of watercolours, by M. Harding.
109.    Chiming wall clock.
110     Pine Windsor chair.
111.    Small rocking horse.
112.    1920’s brass and mah. magazine rack.
113.    Set of six mah. dining chairs.
114.    Vict. oil lamp, with original cut glass bowl.
115.    Bronzed spelter figure of a Cavalier
116.    Aynesley handmade vase of roses and Radnor handmade and painted vase of flowers.
117.    Ruby flute for an epergne, two miniature Toby jugs and tiny green glass oil lamp.
118.    Collection of bottles.
119.    1916 Brass shell, in the form of a gong.
120.    Collection of ’78. records.
121.    Part of a Vict. mah. economy table.
122.    Three mah. dining chairs.
123.    Pine coffee table
124.    Collection of dolls, in wicker cot.
125.    Brennan five seater corner couch, with extra cushions
126.    Pair of painted chests on stands.
127.    Modern pine oriental stool.
128.    Stainless steel glass topped table, with four matching stainless steel chairs.
129.    Vict. inlaid mah. drop dial clock, in need of restoration.
130.    Mah. coffee table, on claw and ball feet.
131.    Two coloured prints.
132.    Two upholstered stools and a small coffee table.
133.    Dyson vacuum cleaner.
134.    Two wrought iron tables, with tiled and glazed tops.
134a.   Mah. Westminster chime mantle clock.
135.    Mah. half moon hall table and coffee table.
136.    Table lamp.
137.    Vict. horse dosing tool and calf muzzle.
138.    Modern brass mantle clock.
139.    Three Vict. joint dishes.
140.    Leather upholstered armchair.
141.    Edw. mah. invalid’s bed tray
142.    Will IV. mah. chest of drawers, three short drawers over three long drawers. (49 ½’’ W X
        42’’H X 20’’D).
143.    Eight Royal Albert vases.
144.    Carved tusk.
145.    Edw. inlaid oak mantle clock.
146.    Water colour by LEO TOYE.
147.    Two Vict. peg lamps.
148.    Copper barograph.
149.    Vict. brass table lamp.
150.    Carved mah. hall table, on claw and ball feet.
151.    Copper cross and copper flowers.
152.    Oak two drawered hall table on pod.
153.    Vict. mah. cabinet gramophone.
154.    Eight late Vict. walnut dining chairs, two requiring slight repair.
155.    Two Vict. wooden fishing reels and one bakelite fishing reel.
156.    Nest of three mah. table.
157.    Early C20th. bentwood hat and coat stand.
158.    Neat inlaid mah. chest on chest.
159.   Westminster chimes mah. mantle clock.
160.   Vict. copper and brass bed warmer.
161.   Vict. rosewood drop dial clock, inlaid with mother of pearl.
162.   Leather two seater studio couch.
163.   Six branched brass chandelier.
164.   Original Vict. oil lamp, with etched shade.
165.   Pair of brass candlesticks.
166.   Vict. spittoon and Oriental bowl.
167.   Vict. mah. drop leaf table, with single drawer and turned leg.
168.   Decorative modern chandelier.
169.   Leather two seater studio couch.
170.   Vict. brass ecclesiastical sanctuary lamp.
171.   Walnut Vienna spring driven wall clock.
172.   Pair of gilded wine coolers.
173.   C20th. kingwood, walnut and marquetry drinks cabinet, in the C18th. style.
174.   Edw. four piece toilet set.
175.   Train line clear / busy signal.
176.   Geo. inlaid mah. chest of drawers, with three short drawers over three long drawers, on bracket
       feet. (47’’ W X 39 ½’’ H X 21 ½’’ D.).
177.   Set of Vict. steer horns.
178.   Model of a Landau.
179.   Edw. walnut writing desk.
180.   Upholstered armchair.
181.   Susie Cooper entrée dishes.
182.   Bakelite telephone.
183.   Mah. tea trolley.
184.   Vict. leaded window, in the Art Nouveau style.
185.   Vict. bevelled mirror, in gilt frame.
186.   Vict. wag’ o the wall clock, inlaid with mother of pearl, weights and pendulum in the office.
187.   Smoking collage.
188.   Unusual round double sided PLAYER’S PLEASE enamel sign.
189.   Engineer’s vice, cobbler’s anvil and tailor’s scissors.
190.   Vict. mah. cylinder topped desk, in the Georgian style.
191.   Small aluminium can and enamel clothes boiler.
192.   Rare Vict. haystack milk churn
193.   Mah. four tiered whatnot.

194.   White ornamental garden seat.
195.   Cast iron boiler.
196.   Stone trough.
197.   Cast iron cannon.
198.   Large cast iron cot.
199.   Garden seat.
200.   RANSOME, SIMS AND JEFFRIES LTD single plough.
201.   Set of three extension ladders.
102.   Sectional Boat.
203.   LISTER stationary engine.
204.   Garden Seat.
205.   Pine meal bin and pine four drawer chest.
206.   Old wall cistern and enamel stove.
207.   Two chimney pots.
208.   Four graduating cast iron three legged pots and brass burner.
209.    Two creamery cans.
210.    Unusual ceramic sink.
211.    Vict. cast iron yard pump.
212.    Belfast sink on ceramic pedestals.
213.    Wooden hand barrow.
214.    PIERCE Pulper.
215.    Cast iron village pump.
216.    Metal boiler.
217.    Vict. meal scales.
218.    Leaded glass panel.
219.    Pair of oak planters.
220.    Vice and railway press.
221.    Four bench vices.
222.    Vict. sandstone fire surround.
223.    Tow chains.
224.    Cast iron wheel rake seat.
225.    Three cast iron three legged pots.
226.    Pair cast iron garden seat ends.
227.    Bench saw with PETTERS engine.
228.    Blacksmith’s anvil.
229.    LISTER 1602 Stationary engine.
230.    Pine two door cupboard originally from Monaghan Convent and Vict. oak bureau.
231.    Pair of cast iron urns.
232.    Ornamental cast iron garden seat.
233.    Quern stone.

234.    HOLDFAST BOOTS enamel sign.
235.    Dash churn.
235a.   Blacksmith’s anvil.
236.    Vict. oak bureau bookcase, in the Georgian style. (42’’W X 84 ½’’ H X 18’’D).
237.    Twenty three piece tea set, Mullingar Carrigaline Pottery.
238.    Collection of old tins.
239.    Large spongeware mug.
240.    Spongeware mug.
241.    Three Edison Phonograph boxes, with rolls.
242.    Large set of steer horns.
243.    Political satirical print ON THE TRESHOLD.
244.    C18th. hedge chair.
244a.   C18th. hardening stand.
245.    Vict. griddle and Vict. gardener’s line.
246.    Vict. cast iron knocker and door pull.
247.    Two Vict. cast iron skillet pots.
248.    Two carbide lamps.
249.    Large Vict. cast iron kettle.
250.    Edw. shop till.
251.    Vict. pine two drawered wash stand.

252.    555 STATE EXPRESS enamel sign.
254.    JACOB & CO’S CREAM CRAKERS. sign.
255.    JOHN POWER’S GIN cardboard sign.
256.    Three Vict. chemist’s jars.
257.    Bayonet.
258.    Thatching needle and branding iron.
259.    Pine single drawered washstand.
260.    Cast iron railway plaque.
261.    Vict. cast iron foot scrapper.
262.    EGLENTINE VULCAN horse bits sign.
263.    Slipware crock.
264.    Highly carved gingerbread clock.
265.    Goffin iron.
266.    Vict. hand sewing machine
267.    Vict. pine wash stand, with marble top and tiled back.
268.    Phonograph.
269.    CHIVERS MINCEM EAT cardboard sign.
270.    BRYANT & MAY’S MATCHES. cardboard sign.
271.    PLAYER’S NAVY CUT sign.
272.    Vict. pine butter bowl and pats.
274.    Two handles for lifting bags of corn and a pair of clippers.
275.    Wooden butter bowl, butter pats and Pastry moulds.
275a.   Early Vict. mah. wash stand.
276.    Vict. stone whiskey jar.
277.    Large Vict. glue pot.
278.    Collection of Edw. telephones.
279.    Vict. shoe shine box.
280.    Leather maker’s tools.
281.    Vict. cylinder topped writing desk.
282.    Two Pastry moulds.
283.    Unusual set of graduated copper saucepans.
284.    Art Deco oak wall clock.
285.    C19th. child’s feeding chair.
286.    Oak banjo barometer.
287.    Coloured print of The Lace Maker.
288.    Print of the Irish Proclamation.
289.    Vict. oak spindle backed open armed chair.
290.    Oil on canvas STREET SCENE.
291.    Set of four black and white prints DUBLIN STREET SCENES.
292.    GEORGE JONES sweetmeat dish.
293.   Decorative Vict. container lamp.
294.   Reg. cast iron foot scrapper, in the form of a pair of sphinx.
295.   Vict. collage of a pair of pheasants made from feathers, in an oak frame.
296.   Drop dial clock, with fusee movement.
297.   Oil on board by M. Gillander.
298.   Pair of Vict. collages of a pheasant and a duck, made from feathers, in oak frames.
299.   Ruby vase and ruby double vase.
300.   Gilded brass and porcelain three piece clock garniture.
301.   Pair of C20th. demi lune inlaid mah. tables, in the style of Thomas Moore..
302.   Pair of leather riding bots, complete with trees.
303.   Brass cannon.
304.   Exceptional quality inlaid mah. display cabinet, in the Art Nouveau style.
305.   Vict. brass carriage clock.
306.   Cut glass vase and cover.
307.   Vict. mah. and gilded mantle clock.
308.   Pair of Vict. coloured prints BLUEBELLS and THE ORCHARD.
309.   Early Vict. rosewood inlaid with brass, drop dial fusee movement clock.
310.   Vict. mah. canterbury, in the Georgian style.
311.   DON’T BE VAGUE ASK FOR HAGUE advertising mirror.
312.   Watercolour by Roland Stoach, in a gilt frame.
313.   Pair of Vict. silver plated on copper candelabra.
314.   Very fine Vict. skeleton clock, in glass dome and on marble base.
315.   Good quality early C20th. mah. sideboard, in the Chippendale style, four long drawers flanked
       by two panelled doors, on claw and ball feet.( 60’’ W X 36’’H X 19 ½ ‘’ D. )
316.   Two large WWII. brass shell cases.
317.   Set of five copper Guernsey jugs.
318.   Pair of Beswick terrier dogs.
319.   Mah. three tiered waterfall whatnot, with one long drawer.
320.   Early Vict. gilt pier mirror, surmounted by an eagle and foliage.(46’’ H X 29’’W.).

321.   Sheraton satinwood linen press, crossbanded with rosewood & boxwood string inlay, the
       architectural pediment over dental moulding above two paneled doors, above two short & three
       long drawers supported by bracket feet. (80’’H X 47’’W X 25’’D).
322.   Geo. mah. secretaire chest inlay with satinwood in the Scottish style, the secretaire drawer
       revealing a satinwood interior, with an inset leather writing surface & a variety of drawers &
       cubbyholes flanking a central cupboard over three long graduating drawers with cock beading
       & ivory escutcheons on platform base.
       ( 7’’H X 49’’W X 23’’D).
323.   Exceptional quality original Vict. oil lamp with brass column, green bowl and green fluted
       tulip shade.
324.   Two Shelley vases.
325.   GUINNESS match strike, in the form of a stout barrel.
326.    Art Deco chrome lamp.
327.    Oil on canvas, HARVEST TIME, by G.W. Strattan.
328.    Oil on canvas. DUTCH SCENE. H. Beker, in gilt frames.
329.    Vict. elm child’s open arm chair.
330.    Vict. mah. swivel piano stool.
331.    Pair of oil on canvases, depicting Eagles in Flight by Nancy Wood RA 1887
332.    Fine Vict. inlaid mah. pillared chimneypiece. (69 ½’’ W X 53’’H).
333.    Mah. torchere.
334.    Vict. mah. long cased clock, with painted arched dial. (89’’).
335.    Oil on canvas, CATTLE GRAZING BY THE SEA SHORE.
336.    Three piece silver plated tea service.
337.    Mah. gilded bow fronted corner vitrine, with brass mounts, and glazed door with painted
338.    Set of three graduated Carleton ware FLYING GUINNESS TOUCANS.
339.    Vict. brass fender. (55 ½’’ W X 18’’D).
340.    Large set of brass fire irons and fire dogs.
341.    Brass set of fire irons and fire dogs.
342.    Blue and white jardinière on matching stand.
343.    Oil on canvas DUNLUCE CASTLE by Jean Mc. Peak, in a gilt frame.
344.    Vict. brass and copper bed warmer.
345.    Exceptional quality Geo. inlaid feathered mah. gentleman’s robe, with two doors over one long
        drawer, on bracket feet, in the Sheraton style. ( 50’’ W X 82 ½’’H X 23’’D. )
346.    Four portraits of Rory O’ Connor, Liam Mellows, Richard Barrett and Joseph Mc. Kelvey all
        executed on 7th December 1922 by the Irish Free State Army. Painted by Gerald Beattie.
347.    Vict. inlaid mah. centre table.
347a.   Decorative bisque vase.
348.    Early Vict. rosewood jewellery box, with domed top.
349.    Vict. bird’s eye maple octagonal table, on turned and fluted legs joined by X – stretchers.
350.    Edw. brass library book pincers.
351.    Horse measuring stick, in the form of a walking stick.
352.    Spelter clock garniture, comprising of a mantel clock, in the form of a mythical figure, with
        matching urns.
353.    Edw. mah. pedestal writing desk, in the Geo. style.
354.    Vict. walnut cabriole legged chair.
355.    Pair of Vict. inlaid mah. bedroom chairs.
356.    Superior Reg. rosewood inlaid with brass T O L card table, with tapering column above a
        platform base with brass paw casters.
357.    Vict. jug and basin set, decorated with a pink rose pattern.
358.    Late Vict. mah. octagonal centre table.
359.    Christmas Princess. Lenox 1999 limited edition doll.
360.    Blue and white Copeland sweetmeat dish.
361.    Family Bible.
362.    Jensen’s mah. writing table, in the Sheraton style.
363.    Reg. mah. sofa table, on reeded down swept legs with brass claw feet and casters.
364.    Chess set and box.
365.    Copper. bed warmer.
366.    Vict. mah. towel rail.
367.    Vict. mah. pot cupboard, in the Georgian style.
368.    Vict. inlaid satinwood étagère, complete with original tray.
369.    Three pieces of ruby glass.
370.    Geo. inlaid mah. Pembroke table, the top with reeded edge, one long drawer and one dummy
        drawer, on tapered legs.
371.    Post card album, containing some very humorous cards.
372.    Set of four Vict. mah. cabriole legged dining room chairs.
373.   Vict. mah. long cased clock, with painted arched dial, with moon phase, by Thomas
       Maddock, Newtownards 85’’
374.   C18th. flintlock pistol, with mah. full stock and brass mounts.
375.   Two early Vict. ladies muff pistols.
376.   Vict. child’s replica flintlock punt gun.
377.   Vict. oak dining room / billiard table, ( 76 ½’’ L X 41’’ W.).
378.   Late Geo. mah. Pembroke table, the top with reeded edge, one long drawer and one dummy
       drawer, on turned legs and brass casters.
379.   Model of a Speed Boat.
380.   Vict. T.O.L. walnut card table, on turned column and four down swept legs.
381.   Four Geo mah. sabre legged dining room chairs.
382.   Geo. mah. T.O.L. tea table, with short drawer in the frieze, on tapered leg and spade feet.
383.   Pair of late Vict. mah. open armed chairs, in the Art Nouveau style.
384.   Late Geo. mah. writing table, with short centre drawer, on turned and tapering legs.
385.   Vict. mah. two doored chest on stand, with brass mounts, in the Irish Georgian style.
386.   Early Vict. white marble and gilded brass three piece clock garniture.
387.   Two ebony walking sticks, in the form of elephant’s heads.

388.   Vict. gilded metal hanging lamp, with ruby bowl and original pink ribbed shade.
389.   Vict. mah. upholstered open armed chair, with cabriole legs and claw feet, in the Georgian
       Chippendale style.
390.   Royal Doulton HENRY VIII. Toby jug.
391.   Vict. black Belgian marble mantle clock.
392.   Late C19th. bronze model of the Arch de Triomphe, on a marble base.
393.   Geo. mah. knee – hole desk, of neat proportions.
394.   Art and Crafts. brass wag o’ the wall clock, with weights and pendulum in the office.
395.   Portrait of George Weatherby Esq. painted by his niece Miss. H. Mackreth, and exhibited at the
       Royal Academy in 1830.
396.   Set of six Edw. mah. dining room chairs, in the Queen Anne style.
397.   Box of miscellaneous items.
398.   Pair of cased binoculars.
399.   Decorative modern bronzed table lamp.
400.   Spongeware bowl.
401.   Album of old ’78 records.
402.   Mah. dining room table, ( 75’’ L X 37’’W.) and set of 4 + 2 matching dining room chairs, in
       the Sheraton style, made by Sherlock’s of Navan.
403.   Late Vict. mah. occasional table.
404.   Three seater upholstered couch.
405    Pair of wing backed upholstered chairs, on cabriole legs.
406.   Neat Vict. mah. gate legged table, with barley twist supports and turned gate legs.
407.   C18th. mah. breakfast table, the tilt top with a reeded edge, on a turned column, down swept
       legs, terminating in brass casters. (48”W).
408.   Vict. silver - plated decanter stand, with pierced decoration, for three decanters.
409.   Pair of Vict. oak upholstered occasional chairs.
410.   Highly ornate gilded bronze jardinière, on gilded wooden stand.
411.   Vict. mah. silver table, the top with shallow moulded gallery, the shaped apron centred on two
       sides by a carved scallop shell, on shell moulded cabriole legs and claw and ball feet.
412.   Vict. mah. revolving bookcase.
413.   Neat silver ladle, Glasgow 1830 – 31, Robert Gray & So
414.   Set of six matching silver dinner forks, London 1845 - 46.
415.   14ct. gold ½ Hunter ladies fob watch, with two keys, engraved N 2776, Cylindre & Rubis
416.   Swiss ladies wrist watch, 9ct. gold.
417.   Bust of Eamon de Valera inscribed on base - To Don from Ciaran 17 – VI – 56.
418.   Three piece silver tea service. Birmingham 1887 – 89, Hilliard & Thomason.
419.   Assortment of eleven English and Irish silver tea spoons.
420.   Fishing reel.
421.   Silver wrist watch.
422.   2001 – The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. 130 th Open Championship
       programme signed by some of the main participants, Ernie Elbs, Nick Price, Eric Woosnam
423.   Three Irish silver forks, one dinner fork Dublin 1808, William Law, two tea forks, Dublin
       1803 and 1866 – 67, Irish silver tea spoon Dublin 1825 – 26, and three English silver tea forks.
424.   Gold Sovereign 1913.
425.   Two silver Royal Artillery sporting medals Birmingham 1937 – 38.
426.   Lady Lavery £ 1 note serial no. O1K599966, and 10/- note serial no. 78P236099.
427.   Ladies silver ½ Hunter fob watch.
428.   Gold Sovereign 1904.
429.   1911 ½ crown and 1723 shilling.
430.   Silver pencil holder and sterling silver match box holder.
431.   Silver manicure set Birmingham 1917 – 18, incomplete.
432.   Gold ½ sovereign 1909.
433.   RUC cap, holster and notebook.
434.   Connaught Rangers badge.
435.   83rd. of Foot Glengarry - pre 1881. Co. Dublin.
436.   Eight brass Volunteer buttons.
437.   Irish Guards Puggaree.
438.   Geo. mah. wash stand.

439.   Late C19th transfer cow bowl.
440.   Vict. mah. towel rail.
441.   Vict. mah. book trough.
442.   Circa 1760 Irish mah. drop leaf table, with tapered legs and Cork feet, in need of restoration. (
       55’’ L X 61’’ W.)
443.   Late Will IV. mah. supper table, with turn column on a platform base, down swept legs
       terminating in claw feet.
444.   Vict. ebonized mah hall stand, with mirrored back. ( 47 ½ ‘’ H X 41’’ W.).
445.   Pair of wooden decoy ducks.
446.    Holy Bible and selection of old educational posters.
447.    Geo. mah. secretaire escritoire, the cushion - moulded long drawer over figured mah. fall –
        front enclosing shelves and drawers, above two blind doors, on bun feet. (39 ½’’ W X 58 ½’’
        H X 18’’ D).
448.    Vict. mah. dressing table mirror.
449.    Jardinière on stand.
450.    Vict. pine blanket box, in the original paint.
451.    Vict. inlaid mah. envelope card table.
452.    Vict. blue and white spongeware joint dish.
453.    Unusual Vict. mah. brass bound butter tub.
454.    Vict. brown and white spongeware joint dish.
455.    Geo. inlaid mah. wash stand, with one short centre drawer flanked by two side drawers, in the
        Sheraton style.
456.    Pair of bedside lamps.
457.    Pair of bedside lockers, in the form of chests.
458.    Pair of coloured prints, in the Art Nouveau style..
459.    Vict. mah. chaise lounge.
460.    Geo. mah. wash stand, with one long drawer in the frieze and on tapered legs.
461.    Vict. blue and white basin.
462.    Decorative mah. and marble étagère, with brass mounts.
463.    Pair of Vict. coloured prints, in black ebony frames.
464.    Two pieces of carnival glassware - a butter dish in the form of a swan and a centre bowl.
464a.   Vict. mah. mirror backed chiffonier.
465.    Vict. mah. server, with one long drawer over two blind doors, on a plinth base.
        (48’’ W X 38’’H X 18’’D).
466.    Two Vict. dispensers - WHISKEY and BRANDY.
467.    Vict. oval gilt overmantle. (48’’W X 38’’ H).
468.    Vict. inlaid mah. drop dial clock.
469.    Vict. oval bevelled mirror, in an ebonised and gilt frame..
470.    Vict. mah. display cabinet.
472.    Late Vict. bevelled mirror, in a decorative mah. frame.
473.    Geo. mah. sideboard, with central frieze drawer over two recessed panelled doors and flanked
        by two panelled doors, on turned and tapering facetted legs. (75’’ W X 34 ½’’ H X 22’’D).
474.    Set of nine graduating copper haystack measures.
475.    Vict. mah. dressing table mirror
476.    Vict. coloured print of three gentlemen, mounted in a oak frame.
477.    Vict. oak bureau bookcase. (35’’W X 87’’H X 15’’D).
478.    Oil on canvas Liam Lynch. Shot dead April 1923. Painted by Gerald Beattie.
479.    Early Vict. oak long cased clock, with painted arched dial.
480.    Oil on canvas Kilmainham’s Dawn. Painted by Gerald Beattie.
481.    Danemaun mah. upright piano
482.    Piano stool, with sheet music compartment.
483.    Pair of coloured prints, Watermill scenes.
484.    Pair of abstract prints in black frames.

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Items been entered for an auction need to be with us at least three weeks prior to that auction date,
                            for cataloguing and research if required.

                                Viewing for each auction is on

    Saturday 10am. – 6pm. Sunday 2pm. – 6pm. Monday 10am. – onwards.

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