Presenting the Curlin Medical CMS Software Programs Helps Reduce by theregoesthatman


									Presenting the Curlin Medical
 CMS Software Programs
      Helps Reduce the Risk
       of Medication Errors

                              Works with
                             MS Windows™


                                     Palm™ PDA

                        For Use with
                       Curlin Medical
                       CMS™ Pumps

                     Windows™ is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
                     Palm™ is a registered trademark of Palm, Inc.
Curlin Medical CMS™                                       • Download a patient's Event History to a network
                                                            for archiving, documentation, review or analysis by

             Software Programs                              using the Manage History function;
                                                          • Clear the pump's memory and prepare it for the
Clinical Management System (CMS) is a family of             next patient; and
software program designed for use by pharmacists,         • Use the Create Prescription feature to generate
administrators, physicians and nurses alike. CMS is a       protocols    or   prescriptions,  with   associated
unique and groundbreaking program that:                     warnings, cautions, counter-indications and drug
                                                            incompatibilities of each drug, to help clinicians
• Helps reduce the incidence of medication errors;
                                                            and nurses in their practice.
• Enhances    productivity    with    point-and-click
  programming of the pump;                                The “Gold Edition”, in addition, allows the user to:
• Facilitates remote monitoring of the infusion           • Generate analytical Reports based on the data
  process;                                                  collected by the pump;
• Provides audit-trail for billing, validation and        • Establish Remote Communication with the pump
  archival purposes;                                        through the telephone line and remotely program
• Easily integrates programs and data into existing         the pump and download the data.
CMS has the ability to create electronic prescriptions    CMS Palm™ PDA Software Version
using the pump, store drug protocols and patient          The PDA based program works with any Palm™ OS
prescriptions, and electronically program the pump                                   3.1 or higher version of
from a PC and or Palm™ PDA. Utilizing user and                                       the    Palm     operating
patient identification codes, CMS also generates                                     system. It is a more
documented user audit trail reports.                                                 compact and portable
                                                                                     version of the CMS, and
The CMS software program resides in part in the
                                                                                     can be used to program
CMS™ pump, and in part in a PC and/or PDA.
                                                                                     a pump or retrieve
CMS™ PC Software Versions                                                            information    from     it.
The “Classic”” PC based version of the CMS software                                  Protocols or prescriptions
program works with Microsoft Windows™ 95, 98, ME,                                    can be transferred to the
2000 and NT. The “Gold Edition” works with MS                                        PDA from the PC for
                                        Windows™ 98                                  bedside    programming;
                                        (2nd edition),    and infusion information gathered by the pump can
                                        2000, NT, XP      be downloaded for later review. A user with Minimal
                                           Professional   or no training can:
                                        and XP Home
                                                          • Program the pump with a protocol or prescription
                                                            specifically written for a patient from the Rx
                                        systems. Both
                                                            Library thereby reducing the risk of medication
                                        CMS programs
                                        have      open
                                                          • Download a just programmed therapy (whether
                                                            electronic or manual) into the Palm PDA for
                                        and an easy to
                                                            documentation, validation or verification by using
                                        use interface
                                                            the Peace-of-Mind feature;
                                        that allows the
user to interact with the Curlin CMS pumps, utilizing     • View and verify a just downloaded therapy
all the capabilities of a PC. A user with minimal           (whether electronic or manual) to ensure
training can point and click at the program to:             validation.

• Reduce the possibility of medication error by           The CMS Software is a perfect example of how
  uploading a pre-programmed and verified protocol        Curlin Medical is helping you manage infusion and
  from the Drug Library;                                  information.
• Program the pump with a prescription specifically
  written for a patient from the Patient Library
  thereby reducing the risk of medication error;
• Turn the pump into a PCA, TPN, Continuous,
  Intermittent or Variable therapy pump for manual
  programming by using the Single Therapy
  function;                                                             Curlin Medical, LLC
• Download a just programmed therapy (whether                           15751 Graham Street
  electronic or manual) from the pump into a PDA or                     Huntington Beach
  PC for documentation, validation or verification by
  using the Peace-of-Mind feature;
                                                                        California 92649
                                                                        Tel: 714.893.2200
                                                                        Fax: 714.379.8150
350-9084 Rev D                                                

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