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February 2010 - WPC Home


                                                                                                                             February 2010
                                                                                                                          Volume 1 Issue 3
W e s t m i n s t e r P r e s b y t e r i a n C h u r c h, 9 4 T i n d a l l R d . , M i d d l e t ow n , N J 0 7 7 4 8    R e v e r e n d J os e p h H e i n (732)671-2585 Fax (732) 671-2588

                                                                      A TIME FOR REBIRTH
                                               Dear Friends,
                                               The Lenten season begins on Wednesday, February 17 - Ash Wednesday - and
1    Pastor’s Page                             lasts 40 days. Lent (the word originally meant “spring”) is intended to be
                                               understood as a time to think about the meaning of our baptisms and its roots in
2    Ash Wednesday Service,                    the death and resurrection of Jesus. Lent is, therefore, a time for the rebirth and
     Sermons in Lent, Spaghetti                renewal of faith in the risen and living Lord. Lent is meant to be a “springtime of
     Dinner, Announcements                     the soul.”
     Before Worship
                                               Here at Westminster our worship services throughout Lent will be more
3    February Calendar of
                                               intimate than usual and focus on the theme – “springtime of the soul.” Each
                                               Sunday in Lent will be an opportunity for you to renew and strengthen your faith in
                                               God, who calls each of us to “return to me with all your heart (Joel 2:12).”
4    PAR Garden Updates
                                               Related to this, Wednesday’s in Lent will also be a time of rebirth and renewal,
5    Youth Club, Wednesday
                                               as we study William Dembski’s important book, “The End of Christianity: Finding a
     Night Live
                                               Good God in an Evil World” during Wednesday Night Live. Many of us have had
6 Haiti Disaster Update,                       things happen that shake our confidence in the goodness of God, and this
                                               discussion is an opportunity to rediscover God’s goodness in a world where bad
     Grandma Thelma’s
                                               things happen to good people.
     Meatball Recipe

7 Session Highlights                           Please also make time for the blessing of community by attending the Deacon’s
                                               annual Spaghetti Dinner on Sunday, February 21 from 5-7 p.m. in Harlan Hall.
8 Birthdays &
     Anniversaries                             All in all, Lent promises to be an intimate and spiritual time to renew, or for some
                                               of us, to rediscover our faith in the God who invites all humanity to “return to Lord
                                               your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in
                                               steadfast love (Joel 2:13).”

                                               A blessed Lent to you and yours. Hope to see you in church.


                                               Pastor Joe
                                                     Westminster Witness

 Ash Wednesday Service
 Two billion Christians will participate in the beginning of Lent on Wednesday,
 February 17. We at Westminster will join our Christian brothers and sisters around
 the globe in a solemn service of worship beginning at 7:30pm. This service (the
 most solemn of the year) will have a penitential nature, featuring an extended
 confession of our sins, and the imposition of ashes to symbolize our dependence
 upon God for forgiveness and life. It will be an opportunity to recommit ourselves
 to our holy faith, and the celebration of the Eucharist. Please join us.

 A Note On The Sermons In Lent
 In Lent, Pastor Joe will be preaching a series of sermons focused on spiritual
 growth and renewing (or reviving) our faith. Some of his topics will include: How
 to Believe Again, How to Love Again, How Can I Keep From Being Torn Up
 Inside? His series is meant to “speak to the soul” and to make Lent a personally
 meaningful and spiritual experience.

 Deacon’s Annual Spaghetti Dinner 2/21
 You are invited to the Deacon’s Annual Spaghetti Dinner on Sunday, February
 21 , In Harlan Hall from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Please bring a Non-Perishable
 item for the food pantry. We will also have a White-elephant Bingo! Bring a
 wrapped white elephant gift marked male/female, or boy/girl. Surprises too!
 Please mark your calendar for a fun-filled evening!

In an effort to streamline the beginning of our Sunday worship service, the
Worship Committee has made a decision to print all non-worship related
announcements on a separate sheet, which, from this point forward, will
appear in your bulletins as an insert. To say it another way, the
announcements will no longer be read before the service, but will instead
appear as an insert in your bulletins. The intent of this change is to shorten the
interval between the time you arrive, and the time the service actually begins.
Thank you for your understanding as we continue to try to make our Sunday
worship experience as meaningful and uplifting as possible.
     Westminster Witness

February Calendar of Events
01      9:30 a.m.    Hope Bread Program
        7:30 p.m.    Deacons meeting

03      9:30 a.m.    Hope Bread Program
       10:00 a.m.    Women in The Word
        7:30 p.m.    Wednesday Night Live

07    10:00 a.m.     Worship / 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
                     Church School
                     Pick up your Super Bowl Salsas!

08      9:30 a.m.    Hope Bread Program

09      7:30 p.m.    Committees meeting

10       9:30 a.m.   Hope Bread Program
       10:00 a.m.    Women in The Word
        7:30 p.m.    Wednesday Night Live

11      5:00 p.m.    Youth Club meets

14     10:00 a.m.    Worship / Transfiguration of Our Lord
                     Church School

15      9:30 a.m.    Hope Bread Program

16      7:30 p.m.    Session meeting

17      9:30 a.m.    Hope Bread Program
       10:00 a.m.                                                         SNOW !
        7:30 p.m.    Ash Wednesday Service- Communion                           by S.J. Atkinson

21     10:00 a.m.    Worship- 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time/Church School   Snow cold
        5:00 p.m.    Deacon’s Annual Spaghetti Dinner                     Snow blow
                                                                          Snow white
22      9:30 a.m.    Hope Bread Program                                   Falling Snow.
                                                                          Icy Kiss
24      9:30 a.m.    Hope Bread Program                                   Snowflake lands
                                                                          On my face
25      5:00 p.m.    Youth Club meets                                     On my hands.
                                                                          Melting pool
28     10:00 a.m.    Worship- 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time                 Down my chin
                                                                          Tickles cool
                                                                          On my skin
                                                                          In the air
                                                                          As other flakes
                                                                          Tease my hair.
                                                                            Westminster Witness

The Community PAR Garden Committee held a very successful Pancake Breakfast on Sunday,
January 24 . Over 70 happy guests showed for this event! With belly’s full of pancakes, sausages,
juice and coffee, the event continues to help raise funds for our new Community PAR Garden.

Special thanks to Middletown Pancake House that donated the pancake batter with John Pillarella at
the griddle’s helm! Thanks also to ShopRite for their donation!

Wow!! Over 100 pints of salsa was made by the Community PAR Garden Committee and distributed
Sunday, February 7 to those who ordered just in time for Super Bowl Sunday! We hope everyone
enjoyed their salsas!!

Please stay tuned for more Garden Goodies in Next month’s issue!

                                Hairspray Update
 On January 10 , 50 lucky people attended the sold out performance of Hairspray at Red Bank’s
 Count Basie Theatre. The traveling professional Broadway production was a glorious hit with
 standing ovations.

 The congregation members that were amongst the audience agreed with the outstanding
 performance. This event was the first of many fundraising events initiated by the Community PAR
 Garden Committee and raised over $500 towards the purchase of the garden fence.
Westminster Witness

                                           YOUTH CLUB
     On Thursday, January 28 , the Youth Club had a nice turnout for their gathering! Julie Bair came
     to speak on the fundamentals of a Mission Committee of a church, and the children gave their
     ideas as to what the word meant to them, and specific Mission ideas that they thought would be
     good for our church.
     The children also planted seeds for the PAR Garden, and hope to keep them alive until they are
     able to plant them out in our garden. The children seemed really excited to be part of the
     PAR Garden mission as all will see when the posters the kids made are hung around for
     calls for helping to support our PAR Garden. The February youth club meetings will be
                   th       th
     February 11 and 25 .

       Wednesday Night Live is a program of adult education designed to provide and strengthen Christians
       in their knowledge and basics of the Christian faith. Many adults today haven’t “grown up” in the
       church and have missed the basic teachings of the Christian faith. Wednesday Night Live was
       created to fill-in-the-blanks for both new and long standing Christians who yearn to strengthen their

       During Lent, Wednesday nights will be dedicated to exploring the difficult subject of the existence of
       evil in a world created by a good God. On February 10, Abby Aponte will lead a discussion on the
       sensational novel, “The Shack.” This book deals intelligently and sensitively with the question,
       “Where is God in a world so filled with unspeakable pain?” The answer presented will challenge you
       to think outside of the box and reaffirm God’s goodness in a world deeply penetrated by evil.

       This same subject will be revisited on Wednesday, February 24 (Wednesday Night Live adjourns on
       Feb. 17 for Ash Wednesday) when we begin the discussion of another book, “The End of Christianity:
       Finding a Good God in an Evil World.” Gifted teacher, Lenita Gullman, returns to lead our discussion
       and broach many interesting subjects, including: the origin of evil and the reach of the cross of Christ,
       young or old earth creationism (what is this? you must attend to find out!), and the retroactive effects
       of the Fall. This book will challenge you to think differently about the creation of the world, but
       ultimately lead you back to seeing the goodness of God in every aspect of creation.
Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief Update
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance continues to respond in Haiti. As of January 28, 2010, in addition to a
key expert being assigned to Haiti to carry out assessments, $409,000 has been sent to assist with
emergency needs. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is responding as a member of the ACT Alliance (ACT.)

The response in Haiti is still in the relatively early phase of emergency relief. The most effective way to
respond is through financial support. PDA is not requesting material aid, other than the preparation of
Gift of the Heart hygiene and baby kits, to replenish the supply after more than 35,000 kits have been
distributed to Haiti. Volunteers are not requested at this time.

Relief Distributions:

As of January 27, relief services through ACT partners include:

               distribution of clean water; installation of latrines; health/hygiene teams
               provision of hot meals and/or funding to purchase meals
               health and nutrition clinics
               food distribution and assistance for people with disabilities
               hygiene kits, baby kits, blankets
               medicines

      Grandma Thelma’s Sweet & Sour Meatballs
      (Submitted by Bruce Forshee)                             (serves 4-6)

      Mix ingredients in a large bowl until well blended:

      2         lbs. lean ground beef
      2/3       cup fine dry bread crumbs
      1/2       cup water
      2         slightly beaten eggs
      1/2       cup minced onion
      1         tsp salt
      1/4       tsp black pepper


      1          Large onion, diced
      3/4        cup lemon juice (concentrate is fine if fresh not available)
      3/4        cup sugar
      2          cans (8 oz.) tomato sauce
      1/2        cup water
      1          Tbsp Gravy Master or Kitchen Bouquet
      2          Tbsp Wine Vinegar

      In a large kettle or large & deep skillet, combine all sauce ingredients and bring to a boil. Reduce heat
      to a simmer. Form small cocktail-sized meatballs from the meat mixture and drop into the simmering
      sauce. Simmer for one hour, making sure all the meatballs are submerged in the sauce.

      *Much better the second day. Before re-heating, remove fat from top of the sauce.

      Substitute with ground turkey or chicken for a leaner meatball (but it will be a looser meatball) or with
      a beef/pork combo for more flavor. Recipe can easily be doubled. Freezes well. Serve warm with
      toothpicks as an appetizer or over egg noodles or rice as an appetizer.
Session Highlights from January 2010:
The January Meeting of Session began with a regularly scheduled visit from the Committee on Ministry to discuss
the mission and ministry taking place at Westminster. Highlights included the start-up of our Preschool, the
beginning of the PAR Garden, Wednesday Night Live and the amazing work of the choir.

Christian Education:
    Nursery wall mural be finished in time for the dedication on January 24.

     Continuing to receive pledges.
     Plan to provide Quick Books training for Sue Jones and Stacy McGann at a seminar this spring.
     Approved the 2010 Budget

   Working on service directory. Members of the congregation who own businesses and would like to be
     included, please fill out form that is in bulletin or contact Larry Wiltbank.
   Also would like to include people don’t own businesses but provide services such as babysitting, snow
     shoveling, computer skills, yard work, small handyman/woman jobs…

    Community PAR Garden
           o Opening Day Celebration-March 27 for church, April 1 for community
           o Pledge a Picket
           o Pancake Breakfast-January 24, 2010 at 8:30 am and 11:00 am
           o Super Bowl Salsa-Orders being taken. Pick up date is February 7, 2010
    Mission Trip 2010- Destinations being researched and a choice of ideas will be presented to the junior
       and senior high classes.
    Mini Missions-Arrangements for the youth choir to sing at local nursing home.
    Planning to begin for Day of Giving
    Relief to Haiti-members of the congregation are asked to make donation of water, dried beans, dried
       soups, and rice.
    Celestial Ham Dinner- April 24, 2010

    Enrollment double for next year!!!
    Open Houses scheduled for January 23, 28, and 29.

    Will be replacing doors located in the chancel area.

    Ash Wednesday Service, February 17, 7:30 p.m.

Pastor’s Report:
    New members class on January 30, 11:00 a.m. until noon.
    83 pastoral visits

                    “ For everything there is a season, and a
                       time for every matter under heaven.”
                                           Ecclesiates 3:1
02/01   Carolyn & Mel

02/02    John & Barbara

02/12   Don & Karen
McCreadie                                                02/05   Kerry Scanlon

                                                         02/09   Allison Erbig

                                                         02/10   Phyllis Harber
Birthdays:                                               02/12   Ralph Jacques
02/05    Kerry Scanlon                                   02/13   Linda Sherman
02/09    Allison Erbig                                   02/15   Ernestine Copeland
02/10    Phyllis Harber                                  02/17   Charles Boyce
02/12    Ralph Jacques                                   02/18   Roger Hoffman
 Westminster’s Mission Statement
02/13    Linda Sherman                                   02/25   Carolyn Martens
  Westminster Presbyterian Church is a vibrant
02/15    Ernestine
  Christian congregation guided by the Holy Spirit.
  In partnership with God, we are engaged in the
  work of transforming people in the light of the
  good Charles Boyce
02/17 news of Jesus Christ. We exist to make
  disciples of Jesus by leading individuals and
02/18    Roger Hoffman
  families to come to know God, to develop a
  spiritual life, and to find meaning and healing in a
02/25    Carolyn Martens
  community of acceptance.

**The deadline for the March Newsletter is February 23rd.

Westminster Presbyterian Church Newsletter:
Vol. 1, Issue 3
The Reverend Joseph E. Hein…Pastor
Ralph DeCesare………………...Minister of Music
Karen L. Ostarticki………………Administrative Assistant

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