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A newsletter from the Friends of the St Clement by thefrenchman


									                                                             A newsletter from the Friends of the
                                                       St. Clement’s Island and Piney Point Museums

             September 2006

                                      Summer Programs Showcase Museums
                                      By Kimberley Cullins
            The Friends support
                                         From May to September, the museums         spotlights on lighthouses and one-room
      historical interpretation,     offer a variety of programs that keep staff    schools. Special events can help the visitor
     educational programs and        and volunteers hopping, and in turn, visi-     get more out of the experience.
       special needs of the sites    tors hopping into our museums.
                                                                                        The Potomac Jazz and Seafood Festival,
                managed by the
                                         The month of May begins the tourist sea-   for instance, appeals to the music lover. In
 St. Mary's County Department        son with dismissal of schools for the sum-     marketing the jazz festival, an email blast is
      of Recreation, Parks and       mer, graduations, and
           Community Services’       the first major summer
                                     holiday: Memorial Day.
             Museum Division:
                                     This is the time that
   St. Clement's Island Museum,      families pack up the car,
 the Little Red Schoolhouse, the     the kids, and Fido, and
Piney Point Lighthouse Museum        head out for vacation,
                                     perhaps for the day, the
 and Park, the Drayden African-
                                     week or just the week-
American Schoolhouse, and the        end.
 U-1105 Black Panther German
 submarine shipwreck preserve.           With rising gas
                                     prices, some choose to
  A non-profit organization, the
                                     stay closer to home but Students and instructors from the St. Mary’s County Recre-
 Friends sponsor special events,     many seem to bite the ation and Parks karate program presented a demonstration of
    assist with acquisitions and     bullet and pay the cost skills and movements to those attending the Children’s Day
      publish this newsletter to     of a long distance trip, event in August at the St. Clement’s Island Museum.
                                     perhaps being more dis-
 broaden understanding of and
                                     criminating in the destination than before. sent to over 30,000 subscribers to
     interest in these important     Our visitors are always our special guests. It, a principal target audience
                   historic sites.   is always our intention to give them a qual- for this event. As a result, jazz lovers from
                                     ity experience, whether it is educational, all over the Washington metropolitan re-
                                     cultural, or just plain fun.                   gion and mid-Atlantic travel to our little
                                                                                    museum in Colton’s Point for live music and
 Inside: Kentucky Reunion Comes          Special events and programs often ap- an array of food. What they get is so much
   to St. Clement’s, Murder on the   peal to specific audiences and are sometimes more. They learn about St. Clement’s Island
       Menu At Interactive Dinner
             Theatre, Friends News   used as marketing tools. Museum programs as the birthplace of Maryland, about our
                          and more   can target certain sectors of the community lovely museum and water taxi service, which
                                     via events such as Children’s Day and Se- is offered free during the event, and about
                                     nior Citizens’ Day can or through educational the gracious hospitality offered by the mu-
                                                                                                                See Programs, page 4
        The Friends of the
    St. Clement’s Island and
                                                          Up From the Ashes:
     Piney Point Museums
       38370 Point Breeze Rd.
                                          A New Old Lighthouse for
       Colton’s Point, MD 20626
         FAX: 301/769-2225
                                             St. Clement’s Island                            By Sheila Gibbons Hiebert
                                       You know the saying, “everything old is new again”?
          Museum Staff
                                       Happily, the old is becoming new on St. Clement’s Island State Park, with
          Debra Pence               construction of a replica of the Blackistone Lighthouse slated for 2007.
         Museum Director
                                        On August 5, about 100 persons assembled on the Island for a ground-break-
           Lydia Wood
      Historic Sites Manager        ing ceremony for the reconstructed lighthouse. The St. Clement’s Hundred has
                                    spearheaded the project, building on the late Josephine Mattingly’s $5,000 be-
        Christina Barbour           quest to the group with instructions to use the money to honor her grandmother,
        Education Curator           Josephine McWilliams Freeman, keeper of the Blackistone Lighthouse for nearly
                                    40 years and the only woman ever to hold the job.
       Kimberley A. Cullins
      Marketing and Program             The ground-breaking took place 50 years after the lighthouse, no longer an
                                    active beacon, burned in a fire of unknown origin. The charred, crumbling ruins
          Carol Cribbs              were eventually knocked down by the U. S. Navy.
     Museum Stores Manager
                                        The St. Clement’s Hundred navigated the rough waters of multiple state agen-
          Greg Mora                 cies to obtain permission to build the lighthouse replica on higher ground near its
       Museum Technician            original site (which is under water at high tide, according to Dick Gass, the group’s
                                    president). The organization also has worked tirelessly to raise the funds from
                                    state and county government, from its members, and from other donors. It’s hoped
    Friends Board of Directors      that federal dollars will be forthcoming as well.

                                        We congratulate the St. Clement’s Hundred for their marvelous work in bring-
      Sheila Gibbons Hiebert        ing this project to fruition. The reconstructed Blackistone Lighthouse will boost
             President              the importance of St. Clement’s Island and the St. Clement’s Island Museum as
                                    tourism destinations, and increase our opportunities to share Southern Maryland’s
        Lewie Aldridge, Jr.         wonderful history with many more visitors.
         Vice President

             Ann Davis

          Paul G. Nelson

         Sharon Balenger

          Greg Callaway

      County Commissioner
     Thomas A. Mattingly, Sr.

         Claudia McAuliffe

    Delegate John F. Wood, Jr.

       Kimberley A. Cullins         Pictured left to right: St. Mary’s County Commissioner President Thomas F.
        Newsletter Editor           McKay, St. Clement’s Hundred President Dick Gass, Commissioner Dan Raley,
        kim_cullins@co.saint-       Maryland State Senator Roy Dyson, Commissioner Tom Mattingly, Delegate
               Johnny Wood, and Commissioner Kenny Dement.

Director’s Notes by Debra Pence:
Grant Projects Gear Up With Help from Volunteers
    It does not seem possible
that summer can get any more
hectic then it usually is, but
we really set ourselves up for
a full schedule with last year’s
grant successes. We currently
have six grant projects valued
at $492,000 in progress, with
deadlines in this fiscal year
July 2006 to June 30, 2007.

    Although very exciting, it
is also very intensive work.
The Piney Point / Chesapeake
Bay Gateways Network
                                   Governor Robert Ehrlich explains the positive impact that Maryland Heritage Area
(CBGN) grant project is in the
                                   Authority grants will have on heritage projects in St. Mary’s County. Afterwards, grant
editing stages of its interpre-
                                   recipients from throughout St. Mary’s County pose with Governor Ehrlich August 3 at a
tive master plan and is prepar-
                                   press conference held on the square in Leonardtown, MD.
ing to hire the exhibits firm
for the Potomac River Mari-
time Exhibit building. The Piney Point self-guide         peake Bay Gateways reviews) and the Drayden African American School-
grounds brochure, made possible by the Southern           house interpretive signage is in the capable hands of a graphic artist.
Maryland Heritage Areas mini-grant, has the graph-
ics in place and is ready to receive the descriptive          Each project has its own team of volunteers and staff dedicated to
text that will complete that project. The 2005 Mary-      conducting time-consuming research, and reviewing and implement-
land Bond Bill and the Maryland Heritage Areas            ing the work necessary to make these projects happen. These grants
Authority grants will help match the federal CBGN         have been made possible by donations from our Friends, the Chesa-
funds and move us to the next scopes of work ad-          peake Bay Running Club, and the many event sponsors and corporate
dressing parking, walkways, signage and landscape         members that assist us with the community portions of our grant matches.
                                                              In closing, I pass on the most recent good news that on August 3,
    The other two projects are also well under way        Governor Robert Ehrlich visited the Town of Leonardtown to announce
with the St. Clement’s Island interpretive panels in      the 2006 Maryland Heritage Areas Authority grant recipients. The Piney
the hands of a professional text writer (after pass-      Point Project was awarded another $80,000! It looks like summer 2007-
ing Department of Natural Resources and Chesa-            2008 will be just as busy!

       New to the Children’s Day
   program this year were the heri-
       tage games, old-fashioned
       schoolyard games such as
    tiddlywinks, jacks, marbles and                                          Crazy
  walking on stilts. Thanks to Carlton                                          After All These
      Wood of Mechanicsville who                                                     Years
    donated trees from his farm, the
  Mennonites who sawed them, and
    Museum Technician Greg Mora
   who created the finished product,
          stilt walking was the
           big hit of the day!

    Museums’ Programs Offer Great Summer Fun
    Programs: continued from page 1

    seum staff and volunteers, all in a scenic riverside          Museum programs are also marketed to and through the local busi-
    setting. And their patronage at this event raises funds   ness community where partnerships are fostered through event sponsor-
    for the Friends and sponsorship of the museum pro-        ships. Business owners have been enthusiastic about supporting our
    grams.                                                    programs and the community by having their names associated with a
                                                              museum event. Partnerships not only benefit the museums financially
       Sarah Lee Smith of Washington, D.C., shared her        but raise awareness of our museums among business clients, customers,
    thoughts about being at the jazz festival:                and staff. When a business or individual becomes a sponsor, they be-
                                                              come one of the team, another cheerleader for the museum mission. It is
       “My past weekend was AWESOME. We had such              a win-win situation: we gain the support of new business sponsors,
       a wonderful time that I am planning to come            while sponsors reap the well-deserved publicity their investment brings.
       back real soon. I just want to say thank you so
       much for the great hospitality and togetherness            If you or someone you know would like to help with museum
       I felt while I was there and we can’t wait until       programs, the museums are always seeking new event sponsors, new
       next year. My guests enjoyed themselves as well.       volunteers, and even new ideas to better serve our community. Please
       It was the first time for most of us and if it is      call the St. Mary’s County Museum Division at 301-769-2222 or email
       God’s will, it won’t be our last.”                     marketing and program specialist Kim Cullins at kim_cullins@co.saint-

       (Left) Reunion participants Jim and Joyce Edelyn, of Owensboro, KY, relax inside the St. Clement’s Island Museum. Jim
       says one of his many-great grandfathers came to America in 1660, to St. Mary’s and Prince George’s Counties and then
       to Washington County, KY, in 1795. Another ancestor moved to Davis County, KY, in 1850 and his family has been there
       ever since. (Right) Reunion participants board the cart to take them back to the pier after touring St. Clement’s Island.

       2006 Reunion Comes to St. Clement’s
           More than150 people visited St. Clement’s Island on July 15 as part of the 2006 Maryland – Kentucky Reunion. They
       came, most from Kentucky, the descendants of an emigration from St. Mary’s (and Charles and Prince George’s counties)
       in 1785.

           The reasons for emigration from Maryland to Kentucky are varied. There were economic reasons with the depletion of
       available land and the consequences of constant plundering during the Revolutionary War. Religious freedom was also
       an issue for colonists who felt anti-Catholic bias for nearly a century. These ambitious Marylanders settled together in
       what today are the three Kentucky counties of Nelson, Washington, and Marion. As land opened in the west for settlement,
       some of these same pioneers packed up and headed out, seeking yet another opportunity for a better life.

           The idea for a reunion originated in 1988 with descendents living in Missouri, who were having a reunion of their own.
       What a genealogical opportunity to get the countrywide “cousins” together in one place! In 1990, the first reunion was
       held in Nazareth, KY, with a follow-up reunion in St. Mary’s County, MD, in 1992. Subsequent reunions have been held
       with the opportunity to research that hardy stock of ancestors who originally hailed from Southern Maryland and from
       St. Clement’s Island.

    Murder on
    the Menu
    It’s more compelling than a Nancy Drew
mystery! It’s more thrilling than an episode of
CSI: Miami! It’s more rewarding than
discovering Colonel Mustard did it in the
conservatory with a lead pipe! It’s another
murder mystery dinner theater in Piney Point,
with proceeds going into the Friends treasury
in support of museum projects.
                                                  Pictured left to right: Mark Markovich of J. F Taylor, Inc., Bob Eaton
    Last year’s murder mystery presentation       of BB&T, Jeremy and Wayne Hicks. Wayne explains the popularity of
of “Murder at the Lighthouse” was deemed          custom bikes is a niche he fills with Performance and Custom Ameri-
such a success, that another presentation, “The   can Motorcycles.
Art of Murder,” is scheduled for Saturday, Sep-

                                                  Friends Co-Host Chamber’s
tember 16 inside the Potomac River Maritime
Exhibit at the Piney Point Lighthouse Mu-

                                                  Business After Hours Event
seum and Park. The evening will begin with a
cash bar at 6 p.m. followed by a live auction
at 7 p.m. The wildly-entertaining auctioneer
Rodney Thompson will conduct the bidding              For the sixth consecutive year, the Friends co-hosted the St. Mary’s
so bring your wallet and buckle your seat belts   County Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours with Friends cor-
— it will be a fun ride!                          porate member BB&T (Branch Banking and Trust) at the St. Clement’s
                                                  Island Museum. The event, held monthly, is hosted by a chamber mem-
   Delicious appetizers and a menu of             ber to bring visibility to their business and staff and offers networking
romaine salad, jumbo shrimp and filet of beef     opportunities for all attending. The Friends and BB&T always offer
brochettes, rice pilaf, and fresh vegetable       great food and entertainment along with a unique theme that has earned
medley will be served at your table.              their mixer a reputation as “the one you can’t miss.”
    The murder mystery will be performed              Not to disappoint, the theme this year was “Born to Be Wild” which
from scripts distributed to audience members      included a custom motorcycle show by Performance and Custom Ameri-
who will read their parts as specific charac-     can Motorcycles in Mechanicsville, MD. Proprietor Wayne Hicks trans-
ters. There are no paid actors and no rehears-    ported nine of his finest custom machines for display on the lawn for a
als. The audience participants are allowed to     jaw-dropping reaction. Kathy Hollyer, proprietor of HyperSpace Fun
“ham” their way through the course of events      Center in Hollywood, provided deejay services and air-brushed tattoos
and activities as the entire group listens (and   for that walk on the wild side. A scrumptious array of food was prepared
laughs) to the action, the clues, and the mo-     and served by Lenny’s Restaurant along with cool libations to comple-
tives of the cast of characters. The parts of     ment a warm summer evening. More than 100 people attended, many
Crystal Ellington, socialite and investigative    who had not visited our museum before, to enjoy a beautiful, breezy,
journalist (played by Kim Cullins), and news-     riverside setting in one of the most beautiful spots in St. Mary’s County.
paper editor Sid Greenwell (played by Steve
Dunlap) have been revived for more sleuth-
ing and case solving.

    Coffee and dessert will be served and the
crime solving will begin as guests collabo-
rate to analyze clues and alibis to discover
the identity of the murderer.

     Tickets for Friends Members are $60 per
person, $65 for the general public, and are
available by calling 301-769-2222. Don’t
miss this evening of fun and intrigue — after
all, the murderer could be YOU!                   Kathy Hollyer air-brushes a dragon tattoo onto the arm of Dr. Hae
                                                  Sook Kim of Tidewater Dental in Lexington Park

      Museum Volunteer Turns 94 Years Young
                                                            She was lured to the
                                                        St. Clement’s Island Museum for
                                                        a phony volunteer meeting, but
                                                        Alice McWilliams got quite the
                                                        surprise when it was announced
                                                        that the gathering was for her. The
                                                        day was July 27 and her fellow
                                                        volunteers and museum staff had
                                                        gathered to honor this lovely lady
                                                        and share her 94th birthday with
                                                        cake and ice cream and sincere
                                                        birthday wishes. Happy Birthday,
                                                        Miss Alice! (Photo at right: Vol-
                                                        unteer Coordinator Laura Roys
                                                        helps Alice cut the birthday cake
                                                        shared with museum staff and fel-
                                                        low volunteers.)

Set a course for these exciting events
Visit or call 301-769-2222 for more information on these events.

Senior Citizens’ Day –                      of all the lighthouses, please log on to      Sunday and all work and pleasure
September 15                       or contact David           boats are welcome to line up near the
Senior citizens are invited to attend       and Karen Rosage at 410-437-0741.             museum pier. This event is presented
this special event at the St. Clement’s                                                   by the 7th District Optimist Club and
Island Museum from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.   Murder Mystery Dinner Theater –                    all proceeds benefit community pro-
The day will feature free water taxi   September 16                                       grams and projects.
rides around St. Clement’s Island and  Don’t miss this exciting evening of fine
free admission to the museum.          cuisine and silent auction with a side             St. Clement’s Island Museum
Morning refreshments will be available dish of murder at the Piney Point Light-           Winter Hours Begin and Water
and those who wish to stay for a riv-  house Museum and Park! An interac-                 Taxi Ends– October 9
erside picnic should bring their lunch.tive dinner theater presentation entitled          The St. Clement’s Island Museum will
Fishing is available at the pier and a “The Art of Murder” will keep you in               begin winter hours of Wednesday
variety of presentations will continue stitches and appeal to your Sherlock               through Sunday, noon to 4 p.m.
throughout the day. Stay long or stay  Holmes side to solve the crime. Tick-              Water taxi service to St. Clement’s
                                       ets for Friends members are $60 per
a little, just don’t miss this day of fun                                                 Island concludes and will resume
and learning!                          person, $65 for the public, and avail-             Memorial Day weekend 2007.
                                       able by calling 301-769-2222. Proceeds
Maryland Lighthouse Challenge – go into the Friends’ treasury for sup-                    Piney Point Lighthouse Museum
September 16 & 17                      port of museum programs.                           Begins Winter Hours –
The Chesapeake Chapter of the U.S.                                                        November 1 to December 17
Lighthouse Society presents the 4th Blessing of the Fleet –                               The museum, lighthouse, and mari-
Annual Maryland Lighthouse Chal- October 7 & 8                                            time exhibit will be closed but the
lenge. The Challenge is a weekend- The St. Clement’s Island Museum will                   Lighthouse Lens Museum Store will
long adventure up and down the state be the host site for the 39th Annual                 be open weekends from noon to 4
to see all of the land-based light- Blessing of the Fleet, a two-day event                p.m. The grounds are open year round
houses and one lightship. The Piney featuring delicious foods, live music,                from sunrise to sunset. Use your
Point Lighthouse will be open for this parade, fireworks, children’s activities,          membership discount and do your
event on both days from 8 a.m. to 6 exhibitions, and more! The actual                     holiday shopping at the Lighthouse
p.m. For more information and a list Blessing of the Fleet will take place on             Lens Museum Store for great gifts!
Member News
Welcome Aboard!
                                                                           Once Again,
  The Friends welcome these new members:
                                                                           With Feeling
   Lynn Erwin, Mechanicsville, MD                                          The Friends’ corporate members provide
   Star Mehaffey, California, MD                                       substantial support to our mission through
   Frank Roys, Jr., Frederick, MD                                       their dues and through in-kind assistance
                                                                         and special sponsorships throughout the
   Senior:                                                              year. We’re grateful for their involvement
   Joy Parks Cox, Ramona, CA                                           and once again, we want to say thank you!
   Jerry Johnson, Glendale, WI

                                                                                Accent Accounting
Special Thanks!                                                                    Aldridge Ford
POTOMAC JAZZ & SEAFOOD FESTIVAL                                         BB&T (Branch Banking & Trust)
    The Friends would like to thank the following sponsors of the
Potomac Jazz & Seafood Festival held in July: Lenny’s Restaurant/               Brick House Realty
Sleep Inn & Suites, The Show Place Arena, Bozick Distibutors,             Callaway Retail Enterprises
Community Bank of Tri-County, W.M. Davis, Inc., Balenger Total
Health & Fitness, Aldridge Ford, Colton’s Point Marina, Michael B.             Cedar Cove Marina
Norris, The, Café des Artistes. The Friends also re-
ceived a grant from the St. Mary’s County Arts Council through the
                                                                                 Colton’s Point Art
Maryland State Arts Council. We are very grateful of their continu-              Studio & Gallery
ing support of this cultural event. We also extend our gratitude to           Colton’s Point Marina
the museum staff and volunteers who make this event possible and
create a warm and hospitable experience for the audience. More             Combs & Drury Insurance
than 750 people attended.
                                                                        Community Bank of Tri-County
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BUSINESS AFTER HOURS                               Communication Research Associ-
    Sincere gratitude is once again extended to Bob Eaton and
Steve Hall of BB&T, who co-hosted the St. Mary’s County Cham-
ber of Commerce Business After Hours event in July at the St.           Cross & Wood and Associates
Clement’s Island Museum. Through their collaborative efforts with
the Friends, the Business After Hours was one of the best attended               W. M. Davis, Inc.
of the year. It’s an organizational partnership that has proved ben-     Eagan, McAllister Associates
eficial for both.
                                                                                  Guy Distributing
    Children’s Day at the St. Clement’s Island Museum was another                Heritage Printing
great success with more than 450 children and adults attending.                  Jahn Corporation
The Friends would like to thank all the sponsors who funded 100
free t-shirts and the expenses of the event: Chesapeake Custom           Lighthouse Road Associates
Embroidery, Cullins Pool Water, Combs & Drury Insurance, The, Chesapeake Family Healthcare, Embry Riddle Aero-                 Maryland Bank & Trust
nautical University, Tidewater Dental, Hyperspace Fun Center,                      Company
Christine Lennox, BB&T in Wildewood Shopping Center, and Del-
                                                                       Mattingley-Gardiner Funeral Home
egate Johnny Wood. We would also like to thank those who made
the program such a success: 7th District Optimist Club, 7th District     Mercantile Southern Maryland
Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, St. Mary’s County                        Bank
Sheriff’s Office, Health Department, Transportation Services, St.
Mary’s Hospital Health Connections Van, Parent Line Newspaper,                  The Printing Press
and Recreation and Parks program instructors of karate and hip
hop dance.
                                                                               Production Products
                                                                              Stained Glass Overlay

                                                            A newsletter from the Friends of the
                                                      St. Clement’s Island and Piney Point Museums

   FRIENDS                     MEMBERSHIP                                APPLICATION

  Name:    ___________________________________________
                                                                          MEMBERSHIP LEVELS:
  Address: ___________________________________________
           ___________________________________________                     Senior ($25)
  Home Phone: _________________________________________
                                                                           Individual ($35)
                                                                           Family ($50)
  __MC __Visa Card #:____________________ Expires _______                  Heritage ($100)
  Make checks payable to Friends of the St. Clement’s Island and Piney     Patron ($200)
  Point Museums. Your membership is tax deductible.
                                                                           Benefactor ($500)
  ___New Member ___Gift Membership

                                                                           Corporate Patron ($200)
                                                                           Corporate Benefactor ($500)
                            Lighthouse Road

The Friends of the
St. Clement’s Island and Piney Point Museums
38370 Point Breeze Road
Colton’s Point, MD 20626

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