Visual Studio 2010 Performance and Bad Video Drivers/Hardware - Redux by diTii


									First and preferred, the final RTM version of VS2010 includes a UI for forcing hardware rendering off - for just VS.  With 
VS2010 open, go to Tools | Options, then select Environment | General (as shown below).  Then uncheck "Automatically 
adjust visual experience..." and "Use hardware graphics acceleration..."  


Second, you can force software rendering mode for ALL WPF applications (including VS) by changing one registry key:



Note that this key probably won't exist, and you'll probably need to create it.  To turn hardware acceleration back on, 
just change the "1" to a "0".

Third, you can often adjust the hardware acceleration options from the display control panel.  However, we don't 
recommend this option as it impacts the entire machine, the details vary by manufacturer, and the exact impact of all the
different options is untested.

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