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									                   e-Smart Technologies, Inc. (ESTT) - Strategic Analysis Review

       Reference Code: GDTC149385SA                                                                                   Publication Date: SEP 2010

       508-526 West 26th Street,,           Phone                                          Revenue
                                                         +1 212 7273790                                      NA
       Suite 710
       New York, NY                         Fax          +1 212 7273794                    Net Profit        NA
       10001                                Website      www.e-smart.com                   Employees         14
       United States                        Exchange     ESTT [Over The Counter]           Industry          Technology and Communications

      Company Overview
       e-Smart Technologies, Inc. (e-Smart) and its subsidiaries are engaged in the business of marketing and sales of biometric smart
       cards in Asia and the US. The Company markets and sells its products in two categories, namely, ID & Access Cards; and
       Government identity and payment cards. The company's products find its application in the elimination of financial fraud, identity
       theft, and personal security. In addition, the company also develops and markets the ultimate biometric verification system. Its
       fraud-proof on-card positive identification systems enable totally secure access and transaction applications, while completely
       protecting personal privacy.

      Key Executives                                       SWOT Analysis
               Name                        Title           e-Smart Technologies, Inc., SWOT Analysis
      Thomas J. Volpe            Chairman, Advisory        Strengths                        Weaknesses
                                                            Comprehensive Service Portfolio           Dependence on Suppliers
      Charles R. Black           Member, Advisory
                                                            Distinct Feature of Super Smart           Series of Losses
      Elliot H. Cole             Member, Advisory           Card
      Eugene P. Beard            Member, Advisory
                                                           Opportunities                              Threats
      John J. DeLucca            Member, Advisory
                                                            Rising Demand for Security                Highly Competitive Market
      Source: Company Website, Primary and Secondary
      Research                                              Systems
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