LBI International AB (LBI) - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review by GlobalData


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									            LBI International AB (LBI) - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review

       Reference Code: GDTC30915FSA                                                                                   Publication Date: SEP 2010

       Kungsgatan 6                             Phone            +46 8 41001000                 Revenue           1,460 (million SEK)
       Stockholm                                Fax              +46 8 4116595                  Net Profit         -686.60 (million SEK)
       111 43                                   Website                    Employees          1,465
                                                Exchange         LBI [Euronext Amsterdam        Industry          Technology and
                                                                 Stock Exchange]                                  Communications

      Company Overview
       LBi International AB (LBi) is a digital marketing and technology agency. The company designs digital marketing and
       communication solutions principally for corporate clients. It provides a range of digital services such as digital strategy, customer
       relationship management (CRM), branded content, service design, media, technology, managed hosting and support services.
       LBi serves various sectors including automotive, finance, public, media, pharma and healthcare, retail and distribution, telecom,
       transport and services sectors. The company operates globally through 26 offices located in 16 countries in North America,
       Europe and Asia regions. LBi is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

      Key Executives                                                              SWOT Analysis
                     Name                                   Title                 LBI International AB, SWOT Analysis
       Fred Mulder                          Chairman                              Strengths                   Weaknesses

       Huub Wezenberg                       Chief Financial Officer
                                                                                                                      Dependence on Europe
                                                                                  Comprehensive Offering
       Lucas Mees                           Director
       Katarina G. Bonde                    Director                                                                  Declining Operational
                                                                                  Strong Liquidity Position
       Michiel Mol                          Director
       Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research
       GlobalData                                                                 Opportunities                       Threats
      Share Data
                                                                                  Potential in Emerging Markets Declining Returns
       LBI International AB
       Share Price (SEK) as on 26-Jul-2010                                12.30   Positive Outlook for Online         Competitive Pressure
       EPS (SEK)                                                         -10.61

       Market Cap (million SEK)                                           1,595

       Enterprise Value (million SEK)         
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