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                        Increasing Your Sales Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!a
                             Successful Restaurant Operator Shares The Secrets He Developed By
                            Years of Researching & Testing Different Advertising In His Restaurant.

 “Just Add Water” Instant Sales Letters & Marketing Pieces
  Volume 1 & 2 of the Million Dollar CD-Rom of Restaurant & Catering
  Ads, Sales Letters & Marketing Pieces
  These cd-roms contain over 340 of my ads that aren’t normally found in the system. Remember each month I’m creating new ads for my
  members and periodically I take them and create a new cd-rom with templates you can use. They’re laid out in Microsoft Word or Micro-
  soft Publisher. So you’ll just pop this cd into your computer, find an ad you like, customize it with your logo and information, print it
  out and profit. Even if you knew how to write ads like this yourself, you’d conservatively spend $50 per ad just to have Kinko’s take
  your words and ideas and create the file. That makes this cd worth over $12,000 just in design fees. Value: $500

  Ad Critique Certificate -        Send me your direct mail piece, post card, newspaper ad, banner layout or any marketing piece you want me to critique. Once you learn
  how to get people to respond from your marketing, you’ll be able to write your own ads. I’ll do these critiques myself – not one of my staff members. Value: $300.

  FREE Month of Catering Magic Membership - You’ll receive a copy of Michael’s Restaurant & Catering Power Marketing Letter and his audio newsletter where
  he gets different experts to share their success secrets. The equivalent to a mini-MBA each month. Value: $29.97 . After your one month is up you will automatically be
  charged $29.97 a month to maintain the Membership for the audio & written newsletter. You may cancel your membership at any time with a 30-day written notice.

OPTION                                                                             -OR-
 ABOVE “A” = “Just Add Water” System                                                                                                             297.00
 PLUS The Unfair Catering Advantage Kit                                                                                                        + 897.00
                                                                                                                                               (Catalog Price)
  Catering To Drug Dealers: How To Get A Ton Of Pharm. Rep Business
  One of the biggest catering paydays is repeat pharmaceutical rep lunches to doctor’s offices. This is a huge niche
  for you to target. Maybe a few reps have used you and you’d like to get more like them. They’re on expense ac-
  counts, pay in advance with their credit cards and have to bring in lunch to see the doctors they must call on. Since
  you can’t rent the list I have developed a step by step system to get the name of every pharm rep in your town and a
  marketing system to get them to use you month after month. Value $400
  Catering Magic System Manual                                                                                                       $397.00
  This is a step-by-step system for operating and marketing a catering profit center. There are marketing examples that
  have generated well over $1,000,000 in catering sales. Value $497! Membership                                                                             Save $797
  This “Library of Congress” of marketing tools to help you grow your catering and restaurant business is packed with     A Big 66.7% +
  over $3,000 worth of downloadable sales letters, ad templates, forms and manuals. You get one month free member-        “At Webinar” Discount
  ship and as long as your Catering Magic Membership is active ($29.97 a month see above) you will have one active
  license. Value Priceless!

    Choice                                                          90 Day - No Questions Asked Guarantee.
         A: $297
                                                                    All Results Group Products Come with a 90 Day, No-Hassle,
         B: $397                                                         No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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  Name:________________________________________________ Company: _______________________________________________________

   o B: $297
  City: _______________________________________________________________________ ST: ___________ ZIP: ________________

  Phone Number: ________________________ Fax:______________________ Email: ________________________________________________

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