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					                                                July–September                                                                                                 2005

                                        WHITE HOUSE CONFERENCE ON
                                         COOPERATIVE CONSERVATION
O     ver 1,000 participants were in St.
      Louis, MO from August 29-31 for
the The White House Conference on
Cooperative Conservation. Attendees
included federal officials, state and
local officials, representatives from
non-profit conservation organizations,
private landowners and corporate
representatives. Many of the Coastal
America Principals, Regional Principals
and team members were on hand for
workshops and panel discussions with
community partners nationwide. Jim
Connaughton, Chairman of the White
House Council on Environmental
Quality, said the Administration wants

                                                                                                                                                                      Photo: Tami Heileman
to expand the federal programs that
allow for local conservation efforts.
Mr. Connaughton announced the
AmeriCorps Signature Project with
Coastal America Coastal Ecosystem                                            James L. Connaugthon (right), Chairman, Council on Environmental Policy discusses
Learning Centers and Regional                                               cooperative conservation with Fran Mainella, Director of the National Park Service and
                                                                                             David Struhs, Vice President of International Paper.
Implementation Team project partners
as a positive conser vation corps                                           by Jerry Enzler, Executive Director,
partnership.                                                                National Mississippi River Museum                Katrina Relief for
Coastal Ecosystem Learning Centers
                                                                            and Aquarium. The Waikiki Aquarium               Coastal America
                                                                            alien limu invasives species removal
were represented at the conference                                          project was highlighted as a case study.
                                                                            The Corporate Wetlands Restoration              Hurricane Katrina affected a number
                                                                            Partnership (CWRP) leadership group             our Coastal America colleagues.
            In This Issue:                                                  was represented by Duke Energy,                 The Partnership is sending gift
White House Cooperative Conservation                                        PSEG, CH2M Hill, BP, The Nature                 cards to our colleagues and their
Conference ............................................................ 1   Conservancy and Restore America’s               families who have suffered so much
Innovative Readiness Training ........................... 2                 Estuaries. The Department of Defense            as a result of the recent hurricanes.
                                                                            Innovative Readiness Program featured           You can contribute online at www.
CWRP Updates ................................................... 4                                                 or
                                                                            a partnership effort in Puget Sound
CELC Network Updates .................................... 5                                                                 you can send a check to the Coastal
                                                                            involving Navy Divers removing derelict
                                                                                                                            America Foundation, 100 Muron
Regional Implementation Teams Update ...... 6                               fishing gear (see related story on page
                                                                                                                            Avenue, Bellingham, MA 02019.
Events, Programs, and Other News ................. 7                        2). Visit for
                                                                                                                            Please indicate Katrina Relief.
                                                                            more information.
          Innovative Readiness Training Parntership Projects
                                                                                                              Successful Partnering Helps
                                                                                                              Stranded Dolphin
                                                                                                              Coastal America facilitated a successful
                                                                                                              joining of two of their partners for
                                                                                                              the return of a stranded rough-tooth
                                                                                                              dolphin to the wild. Tara Schultz of
                                                                                                              the The Texas State Aquarium, a Coastal
                                                                                                              Ecosystem Learning Center (CELC),
                                                                                                              contacted the Coastal America National
                                                                                                              Coordinating office in early July seeking
                                                                                                              assistance with moving the dolphin
                                                                                                              named Noah. The Aquarium spent
                                                                                                              the past year rehabilitating Noah at
                                                                                                              its SeaLab facility. The now healthy
                                                                                                              Noah was ready for release into Gulf
                                                                                                              of Mexico waters, no easy task between
                                                                                                              identifying a pod and transportation.
                                                                                                              The Texas CELC identified the perfect

                                                                                        Photo: Will Nuckols
                                                                                                              pod necessary for survival at Florida’s
                                                                                                              Gulf World. Through the Texas CELC
                                                                                                              partnership with Coastal America, an
                                                                                                              Air Force Resereves AC-130j Hercules
        Tim Keeney Deputy Assistant Secretary for Ocean Policy, Department of
        Commerce is interviewed by Channel 4 News at the NOAA Dive Center                                     crew from Keesler flew Noah safely
                        during the Navy diver training class.

C    oastal America works closely with
     the Department of Defense to
identify potential projects that provide
                                            Resources provided the dive instructors
                                            and the Northwest Straits Commission
                                            facilitated the effort. The project is
military training opportunities and         part of an ongoing initiative to remove
also benefit the environment (e.g. dam      derelict fishing gear from Puget Sound.
removal). Coastal America is pleased        This initiative was recognized in 1993
that the Innovative Readiness Training      with a Coastal America Partnership
Program (IRT) is training a Navy dive       Award.                                                            Texas State Aquarium CELC and Air Force
team in underwater net removal in                                                                             partner to transport dolphin to Gulf Coast.
Puget Sound. Derelict gill nets and         A press event was held on June 29th at
other fishing gear pose a threat to         the NOAA Dive Center in Seattle. Tim                              through a thunderstorm to the pod
marine life and ships.                      Keeney, Deputy Assistant Secretary for                            in Panama City, Florida on July 15th.
                                            Oceans and Atmosphere, Department                                 The Texas State Aquarium veterinarian
The Navy conducted training the week        of Commerce, represented Coastal                                  accompanied the dolphin, ensuring
of June 27th beginning at NOAA’s            America and dove with the Navy Divers                             that Noah stayed wet and comfortable.
Dive Center in Seattle, WA, followed        to experience the training first-hand.                            Transporting the dolphin provided the
by two days of underwater net removal       Admiral Hering, Commander, Navy                                   Air Force Reserve air crew with valuable
at Blaine Harbor. The IRT effort            Region Northwest, represented the Navy.                           dolphin transport experience. Plus,
involves a partnership effort. The Navy     Colonel Lewis, Seattle District Engineer,                         the Navy’s marine mammal program
Region Northwest provided divers.           represented the U.S. Army Corps                                   has one more Air Force air crew with
NOAA and U.S Fish and Wildlife              of Engineers. The project and event                               experience moving dolphins. Noah is
provided funding. The U.S. Army             highlighted the value of collaborative                            presently becoming acquainted with his
Corps of Engineers provided ship time.      partnerships as no single agency could                            new family before the pod is released
Washington Department of Natural            have accomplished the task alone.                                 safely into the Gulf.

                                                           CWRP Updates
San Francisco Bay Oyster Reefs                the Neponset River were deposited            National Wildlife Refuge. The area was
Get a Helping Hand from CA                    onto the marsh surface and a dike            first impacted by the construction of
CWRP                                          for the sewer main was built across          the Brownsville ship Channel in the
The Oyster Restoration Program was            the marsh. The restoration project           1930’s, which cut off tidal exchange
kicked-off at the Marin Rod and Gun           involved removing and relocating acres       from the Laguna Madre and the Gulf
Club Pier in San Francisco on July 25th.      of the dredged material fill as well as      of Mexico, thereby reducing important
                                              restoring tidal flow through a properly      habitat for numerous wildlife and fish
Sponsored by NOAA’s Restoration
                                              sized culvert under the dike. The            species. Under the leadership of the
Center, Coastal America Southwest
                                              project serves as an excellent example       US Fish & Wildlife Service’s Coastal
                                              of the increasingly important role of        Program, a partnership team developed
                                              public-private partnerships in realizing     an aggressive action plan to restore tidal
                                              restoration results. From the public         flow into the Bahia. Partners included
                                              sector, partners included MA Coastal         the Ocean Trust, National Fisheries
                                              Zone Management, DCR, U.S. Fish              Institute, NOAA Fisheries, NOAA
                                              and Wildlife Service, USDA’s Natural         Community-based Restoration Program,
                                              Resources Conservation Service, and          EPA’s Gulf of Mexico Program, Ducks
                                              the City of Boston. Partners from the        Unlimited, the Texas Coastal Program,
                                              private sector’s Corporate Wetlands          and the Gulf Ecological Management
                                              Restoration Partnership, included The        Sites Program. The plan includes the
   California CWRP Chapter purchased
  oyster shell for restoring oyster habitat   Gillette Company, Great Meadows Farm,        construction of several channels for the
      placed in San Francisco Bay by                                                       creation of over 6500 acres of shallow
          community volunteers.                                                            marsh. A pilot channel was constructed
Regional Implementation Team partners                                                      earlier this year to aid in navigation
are implementing a strategic action plan                                                   and is the first step in the reflooding
for the restoration of San Francisco                                                       process.
Bay’s oyster habitats. The California                                                      On September 19, the University
CWRP Chapter purchased the shell                                                           of Texas at Brownsville hosted a
which was placed in subtidal areas off                                                     research summit on the Bahia Grande.
of the Marin Rod and Gun Club pier                                                         Participants in the summit included
and Bair Island Refuge. Check out www.                                                     DOI’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for for more information.                 Neponset River Team Partners
                                                celebrate the restoration of 15 acres of
                                                                                           Fish, Wildlife and Parks, David Smith;
                                                           estuarine habitat.              DOC’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for
Massachusetts’ Neponset Salt
                                                                                           Oceans, Timothy R. E. Keeney; TX
Marsh Project Completion                      ICF Consulting, and CH2M Hill,Inc.,          CWRP Chair, John Bowie of Duke
Celebrated                                    Go to           Energy-Gas Transmission; and a number
On August 25th the Massachusetts              index.htm for more information about         of research experts.
CWRP and other project partners               the wetlands restoration program.
gathered at the Depar tment of                                                             CWRP National Sponsor to
Conservation and Recreation’s (DCR)           TX CWRP Supports Bahia                       Convene CWRP Forums
Neponset Salt Marshes Reservation in          Grande Restoration Program                   T h e Na t i o n a l A s s o c i a t i o n o f
Boston, to celebrate the restoration          Following their spring meeting, the          Manufacturers is convening a series of
of 15 acres of estuarine habitat. The         TX CWRP voted to support the Bahia           CWRP informational forums around
Secretary of Environmental Affairs            Grande Restoration Project at a level        the country in an effort to bolster the
awarded MA CWRP partner, The                  of $100,000 in cash and services.            CWRP. The first forum is scheduled for
Gillette Company, with a certificate          Bahia Grande is one of the largest           early December in Chicago. Subsequent
of appreciation for the major role that       restoration projects in the country, with    forums are planned for other regions of
CWRP provided in project support.             a restoration goal of over 10,000 acres      the country, including the Mid Atlantic
In the 1950s, materials dredged from          of tidal wetlands in the Laguna Atascosa     and the Gulf of Mexico.

         UPDATES                                  Pemaquid Salt Marsh Restoration
CT CWRP – The CT CWRP convened
a short meeting in early August to
                                                    Project Celebration in Maine
discuss two projects: Branford Supply
Pond Dam Fishway Project and the
Zemko Dam Removal Project. CWRP
agreed to support both projects.
NH CWRP - On July 12, the NH CWRP
sponsored the Environmental Business
Council of New England’s 5th Annual
New Hampshire Chapter Harbor Cruise.
Participants on the evening cruise were
able to spend a relaxing evening on the
water socializing and networking. This
well attended event afforded the NH
CWRP membership an opportunity to
talk to corporate colleagues about the
benefits of participating in the CWRP.
In other Chapter news, the advisory
board held a meeting on September             Pemaquid Project Team celebrates the completion of the Fish Point – Pemaquid Salt Marsh
15. They agreed to support a project to                                 Restoration project in Bristol, ME.
control invasive plants on the sea coast.     An event celebrating the completion          conducting a public outreach program
They will meet again later in the fall.       of the Fish Point - Pemaquid Salt            to explain the benefits of restoration
MA CWRP – The MA CWRP                         Marsh Restoration project in Bristol,        projects and a three-year monitoring
continues to grow steadily, welcoming         ME, took place on August 4th.                effort. Participants in the event
new partners Howard Maurer Design             Sponsored by NOAA’s Restoration              included Congressman Tom Allen (D-
Group and Camp Dresser McKee, and             Center, the Gulf of Maine Council            ME); Timothy R. E. Keeney, Deputy
supporting new projects. The Chapter          and the Town of Bristol, this project        Assistant Secretary of Commerce for
meets monthly and will be inviting guest      replaced crushed culverts with a             Oceans and Atmosphere and Coastal
speakers to future meetings to provide        series of large box culverts. The new        America Principal; Paul Anderson,
information on various MA CWRP                culverts allow full tidal inundation         CEO of Duke Energy; Chad Hanna,
projects. (See article p. 3 on Neponset       into Pemaquid Marsh, restoring seven         Bristol Board of Selectmen; Donald
Salt Marsh)                                   acres of saltmarsh. Additional support       Hudson, Gulf of Maine Council;
                                              was received from the ME CWRP. The           and Gary Best, Pemaquid Watershed
NJ CWRP - The NJ CWRP convened                Pemaquid Water Association will be           Association.
their summer meeting in late July.
Participants in the meeting discussed       (continued from column 1)
a variety of subjects and spent the
                                            NY CWRP – The NY CWRP has a                    event is scheduled for October 20, 2005,
majority of their time on project
                                            busy fall planned, including hosting           in Marietta and will include a site visit to
review and selection. Five projects were
                                            an informational recruiting session in         the John Ferry Unit of the Chatahoochee
selected for CWRP support: Morris
                                            upstate New York to further present            River National Recreation Area, location
County Soil Conservation District
                                            the CWRP concept to area companies.            of the first GA CWRP project. This
Conservation Nursery; Hawk Rise;
                                            They have developed a series of fact           ambitious project includes several
International Youth Organizations’s
                                            sheets and continue to grow their              facets: the rehabilitation of wetlands,
Second River Restoration; Cape May
                                            membership.                                    streams and terrestrial habitats; the
County Technical School District - A
                                                                                           protection of cultural resources; and
Path to Wildlife Habitats; and Parker       GA CWRP - The GA CWRP spent
                                                                                           the enhancement of educational/
Preserve. The Chapter will be meeting       much of their time planning the official
                                                                                           recreational opportunities.
next in October.                            launch of the CWRP in Georgia. The

       Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center Network Updates
CELC Panel at Marine                       CELC Directors Meeting                       wtih the New York Aquarium, the
Educators Conference                       In conjunction with the American             Mystic Aquarium, and the New England
                                           Zoological Association Conference in         Aquarium to hold teacher and student
                                           Chicago, Illinois, on September 15th,        workshops aboard the OSV Bold during
                                           Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center            its stay.
                                           Directors met to discuss partnership         Sea Grant Workshop at NMEA
                                           opportunities. Jerry Enzler, Executive
                                                                                        On July 10th, Jon Luke, Visitors Director
                                           Director of the National Mississippi
                                                                                        of the Hatfield Marine Science Center
                                           R i ve r M u s e u m a n d Aqu a r i u m
                                                                                        CELC chaired a Sea Grant Workshop
                                           represented the CELC Executive
Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center Panel                                                 for Regional Directors in Kihei, Hawaii.
                                           Steering Committee and chaired the
at National Marine Educators Association                                                A highlight of the workshop included
     2005 Conference in Maui, HI.                                                       a cultural history of native fishing
On July 10-18th, as part of the National
Marine Educators Association (NMEA)
annual meeting, Coastal America and
five Learning Centers conducted a
panel on CELC partnerships. Rita Bell,
Educator Director for the Monterey
Aquarium CELC served as the NMEA
2005 Conference Director. The meeting
provided opportunities for several            CELC Directors Meet at the AZA
Coastal America presentations. The               meeting in Chicago with Jim
CELC panel chaired by Marguerite Duffy       Connaughton, Chairman, Council on
                                            Environmental Quality and Ted Beattie,         Sea Grant Educators Learn About
of Coastal America consisted of Merryl            CEO of Shedd Aquarium.                 Traditional Hawaiian Fishing Practices.
Kafka, NY Aquarium; Mark Heckman,
Waikiki Aquarium; Amy Coppenger,           meeting with Virginia Tippie. Ted            practices and the construction of fish
Aquarium of the Pacific; Dawn Miller,      Beattie, CEO, Shedd Aquarium and Jim         ponds. Marguerite Duffy represented
IGFA; and Jon Luke, Hatfield Marine        Connaughton, Chairman of the Council         Coastal America at the business meeting
Science Center. Discussions included       on Environmental Quality made remarks        and workshop. Through the Coastal
student ocean clubs, student ocean         during the meeting. The breakfast            America Signature Project, AmeriCorps
conferences, invasives species removal,    provided a unique opportunity to bring       volunteer teams will restore wetlands
federal outreach, SeaFest festivals, and   the individual CELCs into a network          with native plants and rebuild fishpond
wetlands workshops.                        discussion. Two subcommittees were           wall using traditional methods.
                                           formed: (1) CELC Executive Directors
                                           will develop network wide initiatives;
                                                                                        Seattle Aquarium
                                           and (2) CELC Education Directors to          Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce
                                           develop network presentation ideas in        Tim Keeney met with John Braden,
                                           conjunction with the 2006 National           Director of the Seattle Aquarium
                                           Marine Educators Association. Thanks         on June 29th. The meeting included
                                           to the Coastal America Foundation for        representatives from the Army Corps
                                           hosting the brief but successful breakfast   of Engineers, NOAA, USFWS, WA Sea
                                           meeting.                                     Grant and others. They discussed the
                                                                                        renovation of the Seattle Aquarium and
                                           OSV Bold                                     how both the aquarium’s facility and its
 Coastal America’s well-attended exhibit   The U.S. EPA’s OSV Bold will be              programs can be more effectively linked
 highlighted CELC community projects       conducting research in the northeastern      to agency priorities, e.g., partnering on
    during NMEA 2005 Conference.           states in November. Coastal America’s        updating interpretative materials at the
                                           Mid-Atlantic and New England Regional        Ballard Locks and appropriate materials
                                           Implementation Teams are coordinating        about the proposed Ocra listing.

                                            Regional Team Updates
                   Regional Partners Gathered in St. Louis                                                        Gulf of Mexico Regional
                                                                                                                  Implementation Team
                                                                                                                  During this quarter, the GMRIT
                                                                                                                  continued to provide key staff support to
                                                                                                                  the Gulf of Mexico Alliance. The Alliance
                                                                                                                  is the Gulf States’ response to the U.S.
                                                                                                                  Ocean Commission Recommendations
                                                                                                                  and the U.S. Ocean Action Plan. The
                                                                                                                  state-federal Alliance has outlined five
                                                                                                                  priorities for restoring, protecting and
                                                                                                                  improving the waters of the Gulf of

                                                                                            Photo: Will Nuckols
                                                                                                                  Mexico: improving and protecting water
                                                                                                                  quality; restoring coastal wetlands and
                                                                                                                  estuarine ecosystems; reducing pollution
       John Balletto, NJ CWRP/PSE; Virginia Tippie, Coastal America; Lynn Scarlett,                               and nutrient loading; identifying and
      Assistant Secretary Department of Interior; John Bowie, TX CWRP/Duke Energy;                                characterizing Gulf habitats to support
    and Mario DelVicario, EPA visit the Coastal America Booth during the White House                              coastal management; and expanding
                          Conference on Cooperative Conservation.
                                                                                                                  environmental education to improve
Southwest Regional                            Chair presented a California partnership                            stewardship.
Implementation Team                           proposal for strengthening federal/state
                                              cooperative actions using the Coastal                               At a June 2005 meeting hosted by the
On July 22, 2005, Federal and State                                                                               State of Florida, the five Gulf states and
officials met in Long Beach, CA to            America partnership. Brian Baird
                                              (California Resources Agency) presented                             federal entities agreed to develop a plan
discuss activities needed to implement                                                                            of action for the Gulf of Mexico. The
the California Ocean Action Strategy          insights of areas for collaboration.
                                              Participants agreed that opportunities                              plan will detail ways the government
and the U.S. Ocean Action Plan.                                                                                   will work with stakeholders to address
California Secretary for Resources            exist for improving collaboration,
                                              especially with respect to ocean and                                the five issue areas. The devastating
Mike Chrisman and Environmental                                                                                   hurricanes that beset the Gulf during
Protection Agency (EPA) Regional              coastal issues. Currently, participants
                                              are reviewing collaborative proposals                               this quarter have delayed completion
Administrator Wayne Nastri chaired the                                                                            of this plan from November 2005
meeting. Discussion included areas for        ranging from beach erosion, dredging,
                                              and dam removal to a program on areas                               to March 2006. The hurricanes have
                                              of special biological significance. After                           increased priority attention to coastal
                                              reaching consensus on the scope of the                              hazards in the region.
                                              initiative, the Southwest RIT will host a
                                              workshop to detail the effort.
                                              Northeast Regional
                                              Implementation Team
                                              The Northeast Implementation Team
                                              reports that the Ninigret Salt Pond
                                              is being dredged in preparation for
                                              eelgrass restoration. This is part of an 80                           Combined Federal Campaign
    Southwest Regional Team Toured San        acre eelgrass restoration project in the
    Franciso Bay Oyster Restoration Sites                                                                           The Coastal America Foundation
                                              salt ponds of southern Rhode Island.
                                                                                                                    announces that they are an official
collaboration, ideas for specific projects,   All of our Coastal America partners are
                                                                                                                    participant in the 2005 Combined
and formation of an interagency,              participating in the project which is led
                                                                                                                    Federal Campaign. The Foundation
intergovernmental oceans team. Paul           by the US Army Corps of Engineers
                                                                                                                    is listed in the CFC Catalog as
Michel, EPA Region IX and Southwest           and Rhode Island Coastal Resources
                                                                                                                    number 2690.
Regional Implementation Team Co-              Management Council.

                             Events, Programs, & Other News
Balancing on the Edge                     Colby, Deputy for Regional Programs,        Partnership, and Driftless Area. Coastal
                                          participated in the one-day workshop        America is working with NFHI partners
Coastal America was very visible at the   on Regional Ocean Governance. Many          to discuss mutual opportunities. For
recent CZ05 conference in New Orleans     Coastal America friends from the NIT        additional information visit http://
with the Coastal America exhibit and      and RITs were also in attendance. 
two presentations on key partenrship
tools. Patmarie Nedelka, Deputy           National Fish Habitat Initiative            Sustainable Water Resources
Director for Policy and Corporate         The National Fish Habitat Initiative        Roundtable Report
Wetlands Restoration Partnerships,        (NFHI) is the outcome of a partnership      On September 30, 2005 the Sustainable
presented a paper entitled “The           between the International Association       Water Resources Roundtable released
Corporate Wetlands Restoratation          of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, the Fish     a preliminary report detailing 17
Partnership.” Will Nuckols, Project       and Wildlife Service and many others.       sustainable water resources indicators.
Coordinator and Coastal America’s         It is a partner-based, non-regulatory       Established in 2002, the Roundtable
Acting Military Liaison, presented a      framework and process to protect,           serves as a forum to share information
paper entitled “DOD’s Innovative          restore and enhance the Nation’s fish       and perspectives that will promote
Readiness Training Program: Matching      and aquatic communities through the         better decision making in the U.S.
Military Training with the Needs of       conservation of aquatic habitat. The        regarding the sustainable development
Coastal Communities” during a panel       Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture           of our nation’s water resources. The 108
devoted to “Building Partnerships for     is the first pilot of NFHI seeking to       page report shows the status on each of
Effective Restoration.” Marguerite        protect, restore and enhance aquatic        indicators. It will be available on line at
Duffy prepared a poster on the CELC       habitat throughout the range of the
Network and benef its of student          eastern brook trout (Maine to Georgia).
ocean conferences. Virginia Tippie,       Other pilots include Western Trout
Director, Coastal America and Jim         Initiative, Southeast Aquatic Restoration              Calendar
                                                                                           December 1–4, 2005
        NOAA Fisheries Service Posters                                                  Council of State Governments
                                                                                             Annual Meeting,
 T    hrough a unique partnering
     of gover nment agencies,
 NOAA Fisheries Service spearheaded
                                                                                             Wilmington, DE
                                                                                               December 5–7, 2005
 the update and publication of                                                                 Seafood and Health
 their popular Marine Life Posters.                                                              05 Conference,
 The eight posters depict shellfish,                                                            Washington, DC
 mollusks, marine mammals and                                                               December 9–13, 2005
 marine turtles in the nation’s                                                           Restore America’s Estuaries
 coastal waters. NOAA Fisheries                                                                  Conferenece,
 Service created the series of colorful                                                        New Orleans, LA
 posters more than thirty years
 ago. Over the years, hundreds                                                                December 12, 2005
 of students and teachers have                                                           Great Lakes Regional Council
 used the posters, which have been                                                                Summit II,
 displayed on countless classroom                                                                Chicago, IL
 walls throughout the country. Due                                                            February 20–24, 2006
 to the incredible demand for the                                                            Ocean Sciences Meeting
 posters and NOAA’s commitment                                                                   Honolulu, HI
 to education, NOAA Fisheries
 Service reprinted the posters a                                                              March 28–30, 2006
 number of times over the years. The                                                        2005 State of The Gulf of
 posters are available for sale through                                                        Mexico Summit,
 the Government Printing Office.                                                              Corpus Christi, TX

                                                                                          Regional Chairs

                                                     NORTHEAST                                           PACIFIC ISLANDS
                                                     Bill Hubbard................978–318–8552            Mark Chandler ............808–522–8180

                                                                                                         Mark Brown ................503–375–5686
                                                     Mario DelVicario .........212–637–3779
                                                                                                         Meghan Callahan
                                                     John Wright ................718–765–7062

                                                     SOUTHEAST                                           ALASKA
                                                     Bo Crum .....................404–562–9352           Mike Roy .....................907–786–3925

                                                     GULF OF MEXICO                                         Regional Points-of-Contact
                                                     Robert Bosenberg ......504–862–2522
                                                     Bryon Griffith ..............228–688–1172
                                                                                                         UPPER MISSISSIPPI AREA
                                                                                                         Bill Franz .....................312–886–0957
    The Army Corps of Engineers provided             SOUTHWEST
        ship time for removing derelict              Paul Michel .................415–972–3417           GREAT LAKES AREA
       fishing gear. (see article page 2)            Pat Rutten ...................707–575–6059          Judy Beck .................... 312-353-3849

Coastal America is a partnership among federal, state and local governments and private alliances to address environmental problems along our nation’s
coasts. The federal partners are: Departments of Agriculture, Air Force, Army, Commerce, Defense, Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Interior,
Navy, State, Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency and The Executive Office of the President.

                 300 7th Street, SW, Suite 680
                 Reporters Building
                 Washington, DC 20250-0599

 Coastal America Office

    Virginia K. Tippie, Director
    James M. Colby, Deputy Director for
      Regional Programs
    Marguerite Duffy, Deputy Director
     for Education, Outreach, and
    Patmarie S. Nedelka, Deputy Director
      for Policy and Corporate Wetlands
      Restoration Partnership
    William Nuckols, Project Coordinator
    Montrese Diggs, Office Manager

 Telephone: 202–401–9928 • Fax: 202–401–9821


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