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									    Data Entry
Instruction Manual
Welcome to Unique Marketing Data Entry Program
Let me introduce myself and the company my name is Theresa Black and I am the
Marketing Coordinator for Unique Marketing. We are based in Okotoks, Alberta
and have been operating for just over six months. To some that may be perceived
as a short period of time but the amount we have grown is staggering. This
program is not designed for internet marketing know how’s only; it is designed for
everyday people just like yourself who want to earn a substantial income from

The company is structured on connecting multi-million dollar companies to
everyday people. This is not your traditional data entry job. You could never make
the amount of money that you are going to with traditional data entry. At the end
of this manual if you still wish to pursue a traditional data entry job, we will
supply you with a list of hundreds of current stay at home contracted data entry
and reception opportunities through companies who are currently hiring. Many
times you need three or four years experience and/or education in a specific field
just to qualify and then earn on average $10 per hour, often ending up working
well over the amount you would in an office just to meet the deadlines. It can be
very difficult and challenging. Though we want to make it clear we are not
criticizing this type of work some find it very rewarding. We also know that
getting yourself tied up into an internet go nowhere opportunity is not what you

Listen, you invested in our company and now we are going to do the same for you.
With what we are going to show you, you are going to make a lot more than $10
per hour and it isn’t going to cost you another penny.

You are going to be doing a number of tasks that involve data entry; you are going
to be working for dozens even hundreds of companies that are going to pay you
consistently twice a month to work for them. Many companies will directly
deposit the funds into your bank account, some will pay you through Paypal if that
is what you prefer, most if not all always give you the option of having your
cheque sent right to your door every two weeks. These payments come in like

Most importantly all of the companies are legitimate and respectable. There are no
deceptive offers, endless chain schemes, adult, illegal or inappropriate content.

So now that I have introduced you to the company and the program, let’s get
 Ad Forms Section 1 :   Get Paid to Submit Ad Forms Online

We are going to show you how to make money by submitting
ad forms online. But before we get you submitting forms, we
need to get you up to speed on how the system works.

Below is a list of the steps you will take to start submitting the
online ad forms from your choice of thousands of companies.
We will explain each of these steps in detail.

1. Create an account at PayDotCom™ where there are thousands of
companies to choose from (We will be using PayDotCom™ as the
example, but there are other places where you can do the exact same
thing that we’ll show you at the end of Section 5)

2. Learn how to get your tracking link for any company you want to
submit ad forms for.

3. Learn how to chose the companies that will make you the most

4. Learn How and Where to submit your ad forms to maximize your

5. The Quick Start Guide overview so you can start making money

  Don't worry if this is your first time being exposed to this. We have
 planned for that and created a step by step process with screenshots
 of each step of the way. When you are done reading all this you will
know exactly how to make a great living just typing at home! So let's
                              get started:

 The fastest way to earn money from home is by submitting ad forms
for companies using one of many methods. For instance, Pay Per Click
  (PPC) search engines, Opt In Emails, Newsletters, Free Classified
 Sites, etc. This is by far the easiest way to make money online. You
   can make a ridiculous amount of money submitting ad forms for
                        informational products.

  PayDotCom™ is a well established company that digitally delivers
thousands of products and services. Otherwise known as Informational
Products, like ebook's for example. Merchants create an informational
  product, like this site your on right now, and then companies like
PayDotCom™ to handle the payouts and tracking for all the sales. You,
   as an advertiser, can submit ad forms for any of the products or
 services listed. They are all ranked by popularity so it makes it very
 easy to pick the easy sales. On average, you'll make 50% - 75% of
each transaction. You'll never have to worry about not getting credited
    for your sales, because PayDotcom™ does all the tracking and
        automatically adds your commission to your account.

They send payments directly to you via check or deposit it right into
your paypal account. If you don't have a paypal account yet, you can
get your free Paypal account here.. It's free to signup, and it's the
most widely used way to send and receive money online. Simply click
on the Signup button on the top of the site. You'll love the ease of
having a paypal account, because it's so widely accepted.
The PayDotCom™ network is free to join and has tons of programs to
  choose from, which are all digitally delivered right to the end user.

We show you in great detail all the steps you need to take and make it
a no-brainer. This is by far the best way to make money online. Once
    you learn how to make money like this, its almost completely
 automated, and there is absolutely no limit on what you can make.
$10k a month is considered a very small number in this business. So
     don't quit on yourself and keep trying until you master this.

It's free to join PayDotCom™, and you can use one account to access
 all of the products and services. Don't worry about how many there
are to chose from. We show you which ones to submit ads for that will
  make you most amount of money so you'll start getting paid in a
                             couple weeks.

                         So lets gets started.

                1. Create a new PayDotCom™ account.

          You will see a screen that looks like this one below:
   Fill in your information into all the fields. (If you're interested in
   getting your own website, we'll go over how to get a website in
another section. But you DO NOT need a website to make money! Very
 Important to keep that in mind. You can make just as much money
                      without your own website.)

  For your Account Nickname, just put in something that is easy to
remember. You'll use this over and over to promote all of the sites on

   Once you complete the form it will send an email to your email

 Make sure to write down your Account Name and Password in a safe
  place! You now have two usernames and passwords. One for this
                  members and one for PayDotcom™.

Now you can login and look around inside. This is where you can see
    how many sales you received from the different ad forms your

   Now that you're logged in, you'll want to click on the "Promote
   Products" link on the top of the site, and then click on the "From
Marketplace" link. We have put a screenshot below showing you where
                                   it is.
The PayDotCom Market Place is where you go to pick the products you
would like to submit ad forms for. We will go over this in detail in the
                             next section.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can choose from thousands of products
 and services in PayDotCom™'s Marketplace. Througho ut this
training you will see us referencing the site OnlineBestSurveys
   as an example. We do this because a lot of members are
reporting incredible success with this site, and we want it to be
 as easy for you as possible. So we will use it for a reference
   when we explain how to make money using this system.
 Ad Forms Section 2 :   Locating and Testing Your Tracking Links

   Now we need to locate and test your links to make sure you are
  getting the tracking part right. Please go back to the PayDotCom
   Marketplace and click the "Money & Employment" category (See

     IMPORTANT NOTE: This is just an example of how to use the
PayDotCom™ system. You DO NOT need to buy the product we reference
 below. We are just showing you the steps to locate and test your link
codes to make sure you created them correctly. Once again... You're not
          buying anything from the PayDotCom™ marketplace!

 Next you will see a screen like the one below. We are going to show
you how to create your link for a random site, but keep in mind you'll
 use this same process anytime you want to create your tracking link
        for a new product you want to use to generate income.
Look around on this page until you see the OnlineBestSurveys. Each
 company has their name listed which links to their site. You will also
        see a link that says "Visit Salespage" and "Promote".

   If you click on "Visit Salespage" you can see that the website is.

       Now go ahead and click the link that reads: "Promote"

Once you click"Promote" you will see a new page like this one below.
    You're tracking link is in the middle of the page where it says:

                            "Just the Link"

                    See image below for reference:
 That will be the link you'll use to track your income for this particular
site, OnlineBestSurveys. That's all it takes to get your tracking link for
               any site you want to submit ad forms for.

Now please put that URL into your browser window. You can just copy
               and paste it in your browser and hit enter.

                Don't know how to Copy and Paste?

 In Internet Explorer you can copy and paste by doing the following:

                         Highlight the top URL.
                   Right click on the highlighted part.
                   Select Copy in the pull down menu

Now to go a new browser and in the address bar delete the current url.
      Right click in the now empty address bar and select Paste.

             Now just hit your Enter key to go to that URL.
Once you paste that URL in your browser, you should see a page that
                      looks like the one below.

So now lets test your tracking link to make sure you did it right and
        you'll get tracked for the sales. So now you have the
   OnlineBestSurveys site open in your browser. Scroll down to the
                  bottom to find the payment link.

 NOTE: You are NOT buying this product. You are just testing
        the tracking code to make sure you did it right.
Once you click the link that says "BUY NOW" via Paypal, you'll see a
                     page like this one below.

Here is where we check to see that you did the link code correctly.
Please scroll all the way to to bottom of the page and look for your
             nickname at the very bottom of the page.
   If you see your Nickname here then you know that you did your
  tracking link correctly and you'll get credited for all the money you
 make. That's all it takes to make your tracking link for any site you
                    wish to generate money from.

If you don't see your username here, then you overlooked something.
Please go back to the top of this page and go through the steps again.
All of the info you need is already on this page, because we have taken
      the most common questions and incorporated them into it.
       Ad Forms Section 3 : Choosing Companies to Submit Ad Forms For

The part that is going to ensure your success at this is finding the best
           products to use when submitting your ad forms.

Once you login to PayDotCom™ and click on the "Promote Products"
     link and then the "From Marketplace" link you'll be in the

 We attached another screenshot below showing you exactly what to
                                 click on:
    Here you see the PayDotCom™ Marketplace. Go to the List of
categories (bottom left gray box) and Click on "Money & Employment".

 Each section of the Marketplace has the products listed that you can
                       use to submit these ad forms.

After you click on the "Money & Employment" link you will see a screen
like this one below:
   You can now see the top 10 products for this category, "Money &
Employment". Every link here represents a different site you can make
 money with by submitting ad forms using the techniques we cover in
                             the next section.

  If you click the "Visit Salespage" link for any product, it will open
                       that product in a new window.

When you chose the product you want to submit ad forms for, you just
click the "Promote" link and it will generate your tracking link for you.

   If you look back up at the top of the listings, you will see the sub
categories for the "Money & Employment" products. If you click one of
      those, then you'll see the products for each sub category.

 We recommend that you click around and look at the sites. You can
pick sites in the top 10 that you feel would do well. Spend some time
  in here clicking around. There is a ton of money to be made from
 these sites. Now you know how to pick the sites to submit ad forms
    for. No let me explain where you're going to submit the forms.

Ad Forms Section 4 :     Where to Submit Your Ad Forms.

       Here's the part I'm sure you ha ve been waiting for!

We show you how to make great residual money submitting forms. To
 make money you either need to invest time or money. We show you
  both ways. Its up to you which way you want to go about it. If you
have more time then money, then use the free methods. If you would
 rather spend a bit to have the work done for you, then use the paid
                  methods. It's completely up to you.
For those of you that have some extra seed money to spend and want
to expedite your profits, we have those paid form submissions detailed
  below as well. Keep in mind that we’re showing you ways to make
 money online. Not just spend it. Because anything that we show you
that has a cost associated with it, should turn a very nice profit if done

  If you have no extra seed money, that’s ok you can just take your
 profits you make from the free forms to use some of the paid forms
 and really start ramping up how much you make. That way it never
 costs you anything out of pocket. Then you'll be able to just flip your
 profits every two weeks for even more profits. The best part is, you
     will have done this without ever having to spend any money!

These free classified forms are one of the methods we use to this day
to make money submitting forms at home. It won't cost you anything
to post in these sites. Most of them will have some sort of upsell for a
    premium spot, but you don't need to do that. Just use the free
method. Website's grow and change. So if you see a classified site that
 no longer accepts free ad form submissions, just let me know so we
              can investigate it and remove it if needed.

                 What You' ll Submit in the Forms:

 You can submit ad forms for any of the companies in PayDotCom™.
 We showed you how to get your tracking link in a previous section.
 You can choose any site to submit ads for, but we’re going to show
you how to do it with this site as an example. OnlineBestSurveys is
a site that does extremely well that we highly recommend you try out.
                   We have included the URL below.

  (Just please be sure to replace the xxxxx with your PayDotCom™
 nickname. This is to ensure that you get credited for the money you
   earn. If you need help you can follow the steps in Section 2 and
               generate your tracking link for this site)

             The Data You'll Submit into the Forms...

Simply use the text we have below for your postings in the classifieds.
This is the data you'll submit in the online forms. But once you get the
         hang of it, you'll come up with your own variations.

                       Sample Subjects to use:

     Make $10 in 5 minutes.
     Get Paid To Take Surveys.
     Huge List of Cash Paying Surveys
     Get Paid To Take Surveys!
     Get Paid For Your Opinion!
     Get paid cash taking online surveys

Sample Descriptions to use:

     Get Paid to Fill out Simple Web Surveys. Earn up to
      $150/hr! Start Today.

     Work from home with a proven system for people who
      want to get paid for giving opinions, taking surveys, &
      polls. Get paid for your opinion.

     Have you ever wondered... how some people can appear
      to do far less than you do in a day and yet they have more
      money and more free time than you? It's time to change
     that. Start getting paid to take online surveys. Earn up to
     $150/hr. Start Right Now.

    Start getting paid $150/hr filling out surveys online. 1.2
     Billion Dollar industry. Get your piece of the pie. Where
     your 2 cents is worth a lot more then you think!

    Imagine the Freedom... Work from the comfort of your
     own home. Work approximately 2 hours a day. Income
     potential $150/hr. Just filling out simple surveys. Start

    Are you looking for the perfect business to work from the
     privacy of your own home? Then you have found it! If you
     are tired of being burned by all the earn-from-home
     scams out there, then check out this opportunity. Just fill
     out simple surveys and get paid for your opinion.

Here's a sample of how you can submit the ad forms. Just be sure to
add your tracking link to the end of the description like we do below.
     This is how you'll get credited for all the money you earn.

                (Subject) Make $10 in 5 minutes.

(Description) Get Paid to Fill out Simple Web Surveys. Earn up
 to $150/hr! Start Today. Discount if you order Now. Limited

                   For more information go to:
(Just please be sure to replace the xxxxx with your PayDotCom™
nickname. This is to ensure that you get credited for the money you
  earn. If you need help you can follow the steps in Section 2 and
              generate your tracking link for this site)

      Member Bonus: For your benefit, here are the top 10
     performing sites at PayDotCom. We have created an easy
     to use list of Classfied Ad Examples. These examples will
     save you time and money! All you have to do is Copy and
      Paste the info into the classified forms. Just choose the
      site you want to submit the ads then copy the ads into
                 the Classifieds sites listed below.

               • Data Entry Jobs - Work at Home

    • Worldwide Internet Data Entry

    • Online Best Surveys

    • MySpace Bank - The Guide To Making Money On

    • Ultimate Paid Surveys

    • Internet Cash Surveys - #1 Survey Site!

    • Booming Surveys

    • Multiple Streams of Income

    • Lord Richer's Get Rich Package
                            Here's some tips:

 1. We recommend that you setup a free email account at Yahoo™ to
 use for all of these. That way you can keep this separate from your
                             personal email.

2. Just go to each classified site and look for the "Post your Ad" link.

 3. Most sites will have you create an user account to submit the ads.
  Make it easy and use the same user/pass for every classified site.

   4. You'll often see upsell's to pay a couple dollars and get higher
rankings. You don't need to do this but if you have the extra money it
                   can help increase your exposure.

 5. We recommend that when you post to the business opportunities,
    home based businesses, or work at home categories on these
                              classified sites.

That's all you have to do to submit data online. You'll want to post to a
                 lot of these to start to see the results.

           Here are the Top Free Classified Sites




http://www. ad









1America Mall
American Business Classifieds
The InetExchange
American Internet Classifieds
The Ad Net
AmericaNet Classifieds
BizHotline Classifieds
Classifieds Online
Clockwatchers' Classifieds
#1 Classifieds
Cool Cash Free Classifieds
America Shopping Mall Free Classifieds
4 Star Classifieds
SA 2000 Virtual San Antonio
Clockwatchers Classifieds
Free Links for All Businesses Big or Small
Holton Free Classifieds
AZ-Guide Free Classified Ads
Virtual Classifieds
Connelly Classifieds
Free Newspaper Classifieds
Business services and products in Broadway Marketplace
1-NET Advanced Ads
The Enterpreneurial
Kiosco clasificado - Guadalajara & Puerto Vallarta
Source of free advertising and more...
Free Classifieds
Alcancia de Ahorros
Write Now! Free Classifieds
Semiweb's Classifieds Free listing
Online Springfield Free Classifieds
OilOnLine: Profesional Services Registration Form
WebVentures Free Classifieds Warranty
Micro Images - Free Classifieds
Ontario Click Classifieds
Free Newspaper Classified Ads
The Classified Page!
Truly Free Classifieds
Free advertising and Personal ads. 100's of listings.
Computer Classifieds Free Ads
The Kingston Net-Times Classified Ads
Boston Classifieds
American Internet Classifieds
Internet Classifieds - International
UC Classifieds - New And Exciting
ThreeBrothers MusicBook
Aardy Aardvark's Amazing Ads
NightFlight Classifieds
Virtual Adnet Cyberbahn Mall
Gay/Les-Bi Classifieds for FREE!
The CyberMarket Classifieds
Internet Classifieds
Banana Pages Classifieds
Services/Opportunities Ad Placement
AmericaNet - Classified Ads
Free Real Estate Opportunity Classifieds
The Exchange - Will Open July 1st
Hyper AD
Kamaaina Classifieds
Coolest Store In The Web
Internet Classifieds
Business Assistance Free Classifieds
EPages Internet Classifieds
Mexplaza's Classified Ads
Public Service Announcements
Adxis Internet Classifieds
Asiabiz Classifieds - Asia Only
Icanect Free Classifieds
Classified Marketplace
Commerce Corner
Place FreeAdz Classifieds
Del Net's Free Classified Ads

  Opt-In Email means that the user specifically requested information
from a company. What you're doing is paying the company to send out
 your ad to their registered subscriber database. Just to be clear, Opt
                         In Email is not Spam.

Advertising via Opt-In Email is an excellent way to bring in cash!! Not
   only our members, but we have also had much success with this
method. You can easily make a minimum of $300 per week in profits
  with this proven method. What's nice about this particular form of
advertising is that it doesn't require much work from you at all. This is
ideal for a newbie! You can just contact these sites and let them know
  you want to test out a small email campaign. They will guide you
 through the whole process. We just listed these four companies, but
  you can search for others on Google™. Don't limit yourself to just
             these. But they make a great starting point.

 Remember to start small, and then ramp up your profits. This is an
incredible way to make money online. Actually it's one of my favorites.

  Just go to any of these sites and click on the Advertise link. Then
 chose a small Email campaign to start with. You'll just need to send
them your link and the ad you want them to send out for you. We’ve
                   included some sample ads below.


        Below is what you will email them when promoting the
                     OnlineBestSurveys website
                                   URL -

  (Just please be sure to replace the xxxxx with your PayDotCom™
 nickname. This is to ensure that you get credited for the money you
   earn. If you need help you can follow the steps in Section 2 and
                generate your tracking link for this site)

  Choose from the sample ads below, modify them as you see fit, or
                      come up with your concept.

                      Sample Advertisement 1:

Let's be honest with ourselves..

The web is filled with more scams then legit opportunities.

It's hard to find something that really does deliver what it promises.

I have been looking for REAL paid survey site for a while now.

I paid to join the top 5 I could find. I have to say that 3 of them were
total crap. One was so-so, but it only had about 25 companies to work

One of them was definitely head and shoulders above the others.

It had everything it said it had, and it was easy to get started making

(Just please be sure to replace the xxxxx with your PayDotCom™
nickname. This is to ensure that you get credited for the money you
earn. If you need help you can follow the steps in Section 2 and
generate your tracking link for this site)

                      Sample Advertisement 2:

Would you like to become your own boss and work directly
from home?

If so, you can start making money within 30 minutes! Click below for
details about this incredible Paid Survey program!

Please don't make the common mistake of thinking you can't do this!
Anyone, and I mean ANYONE with the motivation can make money
like this.

There are no special skills or experience required.


1. Choose the Companies to work with.

2. Login and access your forms to fill out.

3. Complete the Surveys

4. Click the Submit Button.
5. That's all it takes! Now Sit Back and Collect your checks every 2

Don't let this great opportunity pass you by!

(Just please be sure to replace the xxxxx with your PayDotCom™
nickname. This is to ensure that you get credited for the money you
earn. If you need help you can follow the steps in Section 2 and
generate your tracking link for this site)

 Try posting those into free classified sites and you'll be amazed how
                 easy it to make money money online.

 Ad Forms Section 4 :   You can create a blog for free traffic

Here is two places we recommend you get free traffic and sales from.
  We’re sure if you dig around some you'll find other places. You can
always try posting in message boards as well. We couldn't emphasize
  that enough. If you don't have enough money to pay for ads in the
 PPC Search Engines, then you definitely are new to marketing online
         and could use a lot help. Spend some time at sites like
  and just read, read, read.
Message Board Etiquette Tip: Ask questions there about how you can
  get traffic, but only ask questions after you have used the Search
 feature and did some digging on those questions first. Its not looked
 upon well if you are a newbie on a board and ask questions without
searching for them first. We’re sure you'll find very long posts on those
                              subjects already.
   Take this time while your working to get this cash machine really
pumpin', and read through these message boards as much as you can.
                  The more you learn now the better.

      Email Signatures:

   OK, so you know you need to get a couple sales to use to pay for
traffic in the PPC's. The easiest and totally free way to get great sales
   is by adding a small sales pitch and your link to your email in the
  Signature section. If your unfamiliar on how to edit your signature,
  just search for "Signature" in your email's help section. It's a very
                          common thing to do.

Personally I use something like this in my email signatures, but you
can use whatever you wish.

Get Paid for your Opinion!
Work from the comfort of your own home
Its extremely easy and anyone can do it.

(Just please be sure to replace the xxxxx with your PayDotCom™
nickname. This is to ensure that you get credited for the money you
earn. If you need help you can follow the steps in Section 2 and
generate your tracking link for this site)

  This is a great method for someone that is new to this and doesn't
                 want to spend any money advertising.

  Create a blog at promoting your webpage and include
your nickname. Once you post your entries, go to and
ping it so that it will get picked up somewhere, giving you back links to
                                 your blog.

 Ad Forms Section 4 :   Making Money with Pay Per Click Search Engines

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an incredible marketing tool. What it
allows you to do is market to people exactly what they are looking for.
 When a user goes to a search engine like Google™, Yahoo™, MSN™,
etc. and searches for something, you'll have your link show up on the
search results page for that exact product. The quality of the traffic is
so highly targeted because you're offering them exactly what they are
 looking for. What's great is that the customer is looking for you. Not
                           the other way around.

The more you're willing to pay per click the higher up the results your
 ad will be shown. Don't worry though, you'll start out with a free $75
credit with Yahoo™ and we'll start you out slow until you get the hang
 of it. Once you grasp this, you'll be able to make incredible residual
  money on auto pilot. You can start making money in as little as 30
                        minutes with this technique.

 Keep in mind you will have total control over how much you want to
 pay for these clicks. On average you should see a 50%-100% return
 on your investment. That means if you spend $25, you should make
                          between $25-$50 back.

Then here are some Pay Per Click Search Engines you can use as well:











       Ad Forms Section 5 : Quick Summary to Start Making Money Today

  If you do what we recommend below you will start making money
                              right away!

   We’re going to quickly review the steps needed to start making
 money. If you don't understand something then please go back and
                         review that section.

       We highly recommend that you start out promoting the
OnlineBestSurveys site. This site has proven to be a great performing
    site for a lot of members and it will do well for you too. Some
        members are reporting conversions as low as 1 in 20.

 With conversions to sale that easy, you can easily double the money
 you would make if you were using any other site on PayDotCom™!

 So lets get started. Just follow these steps below and start making
money today. We recommend starting a new notepad that you will use
       for this so you have all of your notes in one safe place.
 Step   Signup at PayDotCom™

 Step   Generate your tracking link for OnlineBestSurveys.

        (Just please be sure to replace the xxxxx with your
        PayDotCom™ nickname. This is to ensure that you get
        credited for the money you earn. If you need help you can
        follow the steps in Section 2 and generate your tracking link
        for this site

 Now that you have your link, you need to get your link out there on
 the internet. Here are two ways. Free Methods (and the cost is just
   your time) and Paid Methods (not much time, but it cost money
instead) Both work great. You decide what's best for your situation. If
you have no extra money to start with, then the goal is to do the Free
 Methods first to generate money, then flip your profits into the Paid
            Methods and really make a great living online.

                           Free Methods

 Step   Post Free Classified Ads from the list

 Step   Create a Blog
            Paid Methods (You can skip these if needed)

  Step    *RECOMMENDED* Have different companies send out Opt
          In emails to their subscribers with your link (This is our
          favorite and the recommended first choice over the Paid
          Methods. It's easier to do, and if done right has a huge
          potential for return)

  Step    Signup at Google™ Adwords™. Review steps. When you're
          done your ads will be live and generating money.

  Step    Signup at Yahoo and Review the steps

Now just make sure you actually do something. Don't just buy this and
 never even put it into use. These systems work! The sooner you see
         that for yourself, the sooner you will be financially free.

  Now that you know how the system works, you can expand beyond
  PayDotCom and use these other companies as well. Between these
companies there are over 100,000 companies you can submit ads for:,,, and

  Data Entry Job Listings

Some associates have expressed interest in getting paid per hour or per project
instead of getting paid a percentage on a transaction through Clickbank.
Therefore, we have created this job listing resource to provide that option for you.
You'll find different types of jobs in the list. Be sure to look through them all.

Feel free to email our support representatives at anytime 24/7 with any questions
or concerns that you have at
Recommendation: The first link is a massive directory with literally thousands of
Real Work at Home Job Openings. Because of this, they have a small
registration fee. But I still highly recommend them because I continue to get tons
of emails from other associates that have had great success in making money
there. The rest of the listings are all free. Enjoy!

       Company               Position                URL for Job
       Freelance Work
                             MASSIVE DATABASE
       Team Double-Click     Data Entry    

       SCI @ Home            Data Entry    
       Palm Coast Data       Data Entry    
       Connect Plus          Data Entry    
       Tiger Fish            Data Entry    
       U.S. Transcription    Data Entry    

       Escriptionist         Data Entry    
       D&L Typing Service    Data Entry    
       Viable Technologies   Data Entry    
       R+B Sten-Tel          Data Entry    
       Expedict              Data Entry    
       Talk 2 Type           Data Entry    
       Net Transcripts       Data Entry    

       Web Scribe            Data Entry    
       High Tech Pros        Virtual Assistant
       Virtual Office Temps Virtual Assistant
       Delta Document        Abstractor    
       Accurapid             Translator    
       High Tech Pros        Web Marketing Intern

       A Humble Design       Graphic Design, Flash

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