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                 ANNUAL REPORT
       NCVC Officers and Members 2006 -2008
                                 Executive Officers
President:    JoAnna Briggs                       Secretary:     Susan Westland
 Director, Victim Witness Unit                     Director , Sarpy County
 Lincoln Police Dept.                              Victim-Witness Unit
 575 South 10th St.                                1210 Golden Gate Dr.
 Lincoln, NE 68508                                 Papillion, NE 68046
  (O) 402.441.7181                                 (O) 402.593.2201

                                                  Treasurer     Pat Dessel
Vice President Maureen Rohlfing                    Federal Aide Administer
 Victim Specialist, Probation Officer              Nebraska Crime Commission
 Dist. #4 Probation Office                         301 Centennial l Mall South
8303 Spring Plaza                                  P.O. Box 94946
 Omaha, NE 68124                                   Lincoln, NE 68509
 (O) 402.444.195                                   (O) 402.471.3415


T    he Executive Officers and the Board of Directors of the NCVC are elected bi-
     annually. Directors do not receive any salary or other compensation for their services
as directors.

                            The Board of Directors
      Kathy Bamesberger           Director, Platte County Victim Assistance Unit
      Pam Boruff                  Victim Specialist, U.S. Attorney’s Office
      Jean Brazda                 Dep. Director, Sarpy Co. Victim/Witness Unit
      Ana Eckersly                Victim Advocate, Omaha/Douglas County VW Unit
      Mechelle Keller             Omaha Police Dept, SVU
      Brenda Kramer               Paralegal, Lancaster Co. Attorney’s Office
      John Lehotyak               Director, Omaha/Douglas Co VWU
      Kerry McGrury               Coordinator, Gage Co Victim Assistance
      Tom Reimers                 Manager, Behavioral Health, Alegent Hospital
      Kim Roewert                 VW Specialist, U.S. Attorney’s Office
      Kathy Stevenson             Victim Advocate, Lincoln Police Dept VWU
      Roger Suhr                  Sheridan Co. Reserve Deputy
      Kathy Thomsen               Victim Specialist, FBI
      Larry Wagner                Concerned Citizen
Section 81-1843

Legislative findings.

       (1) The Legislature finds and declares:

        (a) That there is a need to develop methods to reduce the trauma and discomfort
that victims of a crime and witnesses to a crime may experience because often such
victims or witnesses are further victimized by the criminal justice system;

      (b) That when crime strikes, the chief concern of the criminal justice system is
apprehending and dealing with the criminal and the victim's needs are frequently forgotten;

      (c) That victims often become isolated and receive little practical advice or
necessary care;

      (d) That witnesses must make arrangements to appear in court regardless of their
own schedules, child care responsibilities, or transportation problems;

      (e) That witnesses often endure long waits before testifying, are subjected to
confusing circumstances while testifying, and receive no information as to the ultimate
disposition of the case;

       (f) That a large number of victims and witnesses are unaware of both their rights and

       (g) That unreported crimes occur at a rate that is more than twice the rate of
reported crimes and that the reasons people give for not reporting crimes indicate that they
are disenchanted with the criminal justice system;

      (h) That the single most important factor determining whether or not a case will be
solved is the information that the victim supplies to the responding police officer; and

      (i) That although the State of Nebraska has the Crime Victim's Reparations
Committee and compensation is available for medical expenses, lost earning power, and
reasonable rehabilitation costs, the application process is difficult, complex, and time
consuming and few victims are aware that the compensation provisions exist.

        (2) It is therefore the intent of the Legislature to provide ways of improving the attitudes of
victims and witnesses toward the criminal justice system and to provide for faster and more
complete recovery by the victim from the effects of the crime through the establishment of pilot
project centers for victim and witness assistance.

      Source: Laws 1981, LB 477, § Laws 1986, LB 540, § 38 ~Reissue Revised Statutes of
Section 81-1847
Victim and witness assistance centers; services provided.

Services provided by the centers shall include, but not be limited to:

       (1) Providing assistance to victims in preparing claims for submission to the Crime
Victim's Reparations Committee;

      (2) Establishing a means for volunteers to work with criminal justice agencies to
promote greater sensitivity to the needs of victims and witnesses;

       (3) Providing follow up support services to victims of violent crime and their families
to insure that they receive necessary assistance through available community resources;

       (4) Providing elderly victims of crime with services appropriate to their special needs;

    (5) Providing liaison and referral systems to special counseling facilities and
community service agencies for victims;

      (6) Providing transportation and household assistance to those victims and
witnesses participating in the criminal justice process;

       (7) Notifying friends, relatives, and the employer of a victim, if requested;

     (8) Arranging for verification of medical benefits and assistance when applying for
compensation from the Crime Victim's Reparations Committee;

       (9) Notifying witnesses prior to their being subpoenaed in criminal cases; and

        (10) Notifying witnesses of changes in the court calendar to avoid unnecessary trips to the
court or spending unnecessary time in court.

      Source: Laws 1981, LB 477, § 5 Laws 1986, LB 540, § 39 ~Reissue Revised Statutes of

Victim Advocates

I  ndividuals who offer emotional support to victims and their families, guidance through
   the criminal justice system, and referrals for other needs. Advocacy also means
speaking “for” the victims in person, in writing, or by phone when contact is necessary
with individuals or organizations to ensure that victims are extended their rights and that
they receive necessary services.

Code of Professional Ethics for Victim Assistance Providers

V    ictims of crime and the criminal justice system expect every victim assistance
     provider (paid or volunteer) to act with integrity, to treat all victims and survivors of
crime (their clients) with dignity and compassion, and to uphold principles of justice for
accused and accuser alike. To these ends, this Code will govern the conduct of Victim
Assistance Providers.

In Relationships with every client, the Victim Assistance Provider shall:

1.      Recognize the interest of the client as a primary responsibility.
2.      Respect and protect the client’s civil and legal rights.
3.      Respect the client’s rights to privacy and confidentiality, subject only to laws or
        regulations requiring disclosure of information to appropriate other sources.
4.      Respond compassionately to each client with personalized services.
5.      Accept the client’s statement of events as it is told, withholding opinion and judgment,
        whether or not a suspected offender has been identified, arrested, convicted, or
6.      Provide services to every client without attributing blame, no matter what the client’s
        conduct was at the time of the victimization or at another stage of the client’s life.
7.      Foster maximum self-determination on the part of the client.
8.      Serve as a victim advocate when requested, and in that capacity, act on behalf of the
        client’s stated needs without regard to personal convictions and within the rules of the
        advocate’s host agency.
9.      Should one client’s need conflict with another’s, act with regard to one client only after
        properly referring the other to another qualified Victim Assistance Provider.
10.     Observe the ethical imperative to have no sexual relations with clients, current or past,
        in recognition that to do so risks exploitation of the knowledge and trust derived from
        the professional relationship.
11.     Make client referrals to other resources or services only in the client’s best interest,
        avoiding any conflict or interest in the process.
12.     Provide opportunities for colleague Victim Assistance Providers to seek appropriate
        services when traumatized by a criminal event or client.

Victim Assistance Program Responsibilities
 Assistance Programs are housed in either Police Departments or County Attorney’s
Offices. Staff offers crisis intervention services and emotional support; support services
that include follow-up short term support; criminal justice related services; assisting crime
victims with managing practical problems created by the victimization; assisting with
crime victim compensation forms, victim impact statements and protection orders. The
Unit also informs victims/survivors of their rights in accordance with the Nebraska
Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights. These services are provided to victims of Homicide
(including motor vehicle), assault, robbery, burglary, domestic violence, sexual assault,
child abuse (physical and sexual), false imprisonment, sex crimes and others. Victims over
the age of 60 are contacted regardless of the offense. Appropriate services are provided
to department personnel and their families following line-of-duty deaths or serious injury.
The following list reflects the actual number of crime victims (unduplicated)
served by comprehensive victim assistance programs from October 2005 to
September 2006


TYPE OF CRIME                                         TYPE OF CRIME
                                                 Sexual Assault
Homicide                               186       (Adult)                                365
Abuse/Physical                         441       Domestic Violence                    4,353
Abuse/Sexual                        1,265        Incest Survivor                         40
DWI/DUI                               101        Assault                              2,846
Robbery                               373        Elder Abuse                             21
Burglary                            1,585        Business                               346
                                                 Protection Order
Other                               8,696        Assists                              1,898

These statistics were collected from victim assistance and victim/witness programs across
the state by the Nebraska Crime Commission on Law and Justice. The actual number of
crime victims served are victims who were contacted either in person or by phone. Many
programs across the state also send outreach letters, offering assistance to all eligible
crime victims. In the “Other “ crime victims section, some of the crimes that are
included are protection order violations, motor vehicle homicide/manslaughter, fraud,
identity theft, etc.

                                Services Provided:


                                                               Emergency financial
                    Personal Advocacy

                                                                                                       Follow up contact

Crisis Counseling

                                                                                     Emergency Legal

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Protection Order
                                                                                                                                     Group treatment
                                                                                                                                                           Criminal Justice


                                                                                                                                                                                                              Phone contact
                                        (in person)




2186                2137                5486                   64                    139               33948               3         59                    45751              1143           104              28896                   1898

                                Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)

                                C   ongress created the Victims of Crime Act in 1984 to provide federal support for
                                    crime victim services. VOCA funds, derived exclusively from federal criminal fines
                                and penalties – not taxpayer dollars – have been a mainstay of funding for Victim-Witness
                                Units and domestic violence/sexual assault programs. VOCA funding also supports state
                                crime victim compensation programs. In Nebraska, the Nebraska Commission of Law
                                Enforcement and Criminal Justice is the state agency responsible for the administration of
                                VOCA funding.

                                In 2005, $2,468,386.24 was available for award which included funds deobligated from the
                                2003/04 awards. Of that amount $1,012,828 was awarded to fifteen (15) Victim
                                Assistance Programs in Nebraska. The programs receive the majority of their funding
                                from this Grant.

                             Fremont, NE 68025           PLATTE COUNTY
Victim                       (402) 727-2795              Platte Co. Atty’s Office
                                                         Victim Assistance Program
Assistance                   GAGE COUNTY
                             Beatrice Police Dept.
                                                         2610 14t Street
                                                         Columbus, NE 68601
Centers                      Victim Assistance Program
                             201 N. 5th

                             Beatrice, NE 68310          SARPY COUNTY
                             402.223.4080                Sarpy County Atty’s Office
ADAMS COUNTY                                             Victim/Witness Unit
Adams Co. Atty’s Office      HALL COUNTY                 1257 Golden Gate Drive,
Victim/Witness Unit          Grand Island/Hall County    Suite10W
P.O. Box 71                  Victim Witness Assistance   Papillion, NE 68046
Hastings, NE 68902           Program                     402.593.2201
402.461.7242                 231 South Locust Sute 304
                             Grand Island, NE 68801      SCOTTS BLUFF COUNTY
BUFFALO COUNTY               308.385.5051 ext.357        Scotts Bluff Co. Atty’s Office
Kearney Police Dept.                                     Victim/Witness Unit
Victim Witness Program       LANCASTER COUNTY            1725 10. Street
2025 Ave. A                  Lincoln Police Dept.        Gering, NE 69341
Kearney, NE 68847            Victim/Witness Unit         308.436.6674
308.236.6641                 233 South 10tth Street
                             Lincoln, NE 68508           U.S. ATTORNEY’S OFFICE
BUTLER/POLK COUNTIES         402.441.7181                DISTRICT OF NE
David City Police Dept.                                  Victim/Witness Unit
Victim Assistance Program    LINCOLN COUNTY              1620 Dodge Street, Ste.1400
475 North 3rd Street         Lincoln Co. Atty’s Office   Omaha, NE 68102
David City, NE 68632         Victim/Witness Unit         402.661.3700
402.367.3133                 301 N. Jeffers, Ste.101A
                             North Platte, NE 69101      FEDERAL BUREAU OF
DAKOTA COUNTY                308.534.4350                INVESTIGATION
Dakota Co. Atty’s Office                                 Victim Assistance Unit
Victim/Witness Unit          MADISON COUNTY              10755 Burt Street
701 West 29th Street         Madison Co. Atty’s Office   Omaha, NE 68114
South Sioux City, NE 68776   Victim Assistance Program   402.492.3732
402.494.7550                 P.O. Box 269
                             Madison, NE 6874
DAWSON COUNTY                402.454.3311 ext. 209       NEBRASKA DEPARTMENT
Dawson Co. Atty’s Office                                 OF CORRECTIONAL
Victim/Witness Program       OMAHA/DOUGLAS CO.           SERVICES
700 N. Washington            Douglas Co. Atty’s Office   Victim Advocate
Lexington, NE 68850          Victim Assistance Program   P.O. Box 94661
308.324.5702                 1905 Harney Street          Lincoln, NE 68509
                             Omaha, NE 68102             402.479.5867
DODGE COUNTY VICTIM          402.444.4597                877.806.2909 (toll free)
219 East 4th

      P     ublic Awareness and Education

N     CVC Board Members and program directors represent victims and therir
      programs on various statewide an local committees. These committees
     Lincoln Correctional Center Community Involvement Committee
     Native American Family Violence Council
     Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition
     NE Crime Commission VAWA and VOCA Grant Review Committees
     Omaha Correctional Center Community Involvement Committee
     NE Dept. of Corrections Victim Advisory Council
     NE Correctional Youth Facility Citizens Committee
     NE Criminal Justice Review Committee
     NE Internet Crimes Against Children Committee
     Omaha Domestic Violence Coordinating Council
     Omaha Metro Mass Response System

In addition, members are involved locally with Domestic Violence Community
Response Teams, Child Advocacy Center Teams, Problem Resolution Teams,
and various other local community organizations focused on violence and
family issues.

NCVC Focus Areas:
      P     ublic Awareness and Education: NCVC develops public
            service announcements for television, radio, and newspapers.
            The purpose of NCVC’s campaign during Victims Rights Week
   in April of each year is to increase resources in the state of Nebraska for
   victims of crime. NCVC publishes a newsletter, The Victim Advocate.
   This newsletter highlights significant events in the Victim’s Rights field
   both nationally and locally. Single copies are free to all NCVC members.


The NCVC maintains a statewide toll free number for victims to call to
receive information and referrals. The number is maintained by NCVC
through a generous donation by the Police Officers Association of Nebraska.
We can also be reached at:


      C       onference and Workshops: Conference and workshops serve
              as forums to exchange knowledge and experiences, to develop
              networking between agencies and individuals, to provide
   training for professionals and volunteers and to develop future strategies
   that will improve the plight of the crime victim. NCVC provides
   speakers upon request

      N    ebraska Crime Victim Network: NCVC is establishing a
           network of volunteers consisting of trained professionals, civic
           groups and concerned individuals. This network enables
   programs to communicate, cooperate, and coordinate resources.

      T     echnical Assistance and Advocacy: NCVC offers technical
            assistance services to agencies and programs within Nebraska.
            Additionally, NCVC advocates for expanded and improved
   services, multi-disciplinary teams and coordinated services to all crime
   victims in Nebraska.

End of FY Account Balances April 1, 2005 to March 31, 2006

Account        Beginning       Total            Total           EOY
               Balance         Deposits         Expenses        Balance
Checking       $ 1,221.56      $15,419.97       $6,004.42       $10,637.11
Savings        $ 1,647.19      $ 2,005.78       $ 00.00         $ 3,652.97
Annual         $ 2,868.75      $17,425.75       $ 6,004.42
Balance                                                         $14,290.08


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