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					      April                                                   Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.
                                      Issue 64                                                                                                                             1
      2010                                                                 www.MnREIA.com
                                                            Isn’t Technology Great?... LOL

                                                                                                                                                                           Circulation 3,500 Monthly & Growing
                                                            By Mike Jacka, Weekly Trainer on www.RealEstatePromo.com
                                                           Remember back in the days when it was cool to           And today a whole new generation of training is
                                 In This Issue:            have a fax machine? Yeah I know, they never worked      coming into existance.
                                                           properly, but you still needed one so that you could
                                                           fax your offers. I don’t know how many times I got      Online webinars are now all the rage, and that
                               • Isn’t Technology          so frustrated with the fax machine that I still ended   has only becomepossiblebecauseof technology.
                                 Great?... LOL             up jumping in my car and driving the PA (Purchase       For example, I teach a weekly training class
                                 - Mike Jacka              Agreement) to the listing agent’s office.               for beginning and seasoned investors online
Creative Real Estate Monthly

                                                                                                                   using GoToMeeting. This is simply an amazing
                               • Q&A - Mike Jacka          Can you imagine physically driving to someone’s         technology. You can sit at your computer, in
                                                           office today, just to deliver a PA? We don’t even use   your PJ’s at 7 pm every Monday night with a
                               • QuickBooks 2010           fax machines anymore, all PA’s are sent via email       cup of coffee or a night cap and learn more in
                                 - By Ronald Aho           now a days. Heck, all confirmations, rejections         that hour than you could have if you had spent
                                                           and counter offers are emailed these days.              2 days traveling, 3 nights at an expensive hotel,
                               • The Return of the         Communications have become instantaneous, and           renting a car and spending 5 times the normal
                                 “Contract for Deed”       to make it even quicker to communicate, a whole         amount on food for the weekend, all the while
                                 Look Out Usury!           new language is currently being written. Some of        your butt is so sore from those uncomfortable
                                 - By Tom Fafinski         the messages I get are so unreadable that I end up      metal chairs that you can’t even focus on what
                                                           LOL. “LOL” for those of you who don’t already know,     the speaker is talking about because you are so
                               • Market Update             stands for “Laughing Out Loud”.                         fatigued and sore.

                               • Think You Don’t Have Business these days is changing at such a rapid pace        On our webinars however, you can relax, heck
                                 Enough in Your       because of technology. While we learn to adapt to           you can even take your laptop and lay down on
                                 Account For Real     these changes, it can be very frustrating. I sometimes      the couch while I teach. You can download the
                                 Estate?              think that the only reason people get into real estate      evening’s worksheets to take notes and follow
                                 - By Todd Grill      is because they are afraid of technology and are still      along with the topic. You can even ask what
                                                      old school. The problem is, if you are going to run         ever questions are on your mind at anytime
                               • Next Monthly Meeting a business, you need to embrace technology and              during the webinar and no one will tell you to
                                                      learn to use it to your advantage, being mindful that       hold your questions till the end. I answer all the
                                                      others are doing exactly that.                              questions as they come, and I will even stay on
                                                                                                                  the webinar for hours answering your questions,
                                                           Let’s take a look at a simple example that everyone if that is what it takes.
                                                           can relate to such as how cell phones have come
                                                           a long way. When they first came out 20 years These webinars are very interactive, and all you
                                                           ago, they were big clunkers and needed to be need to join a webinar is a computer and hi-
                                                           plugged into the cigarette lighter in your car to speed internet. I think almost everyone reading
                               Monthly Meeting:            work. But they would only work if you were near this meets those two requirements. But the
                               1st Tuesday of Every        a cell tower. Today cell phones are so small that fit best part of webinars is that we can record them
                                                           in your pocket, the batteries last for days, you can and you can watch them again tomorrow, just
                                                           surf the net, navigate with the built in GPS, find a in case you missed something really important
                                     7pm - 9pm             restaurant serving whatever suits your fancy along while you were busy taking notes or your phone           www.MnREIA.com
                                                           with customer reviews that were written 5 minutes rings.
                               Registration at 6pm         ago and you can use them in some of the most
                                  Radisson Hotel           remote locations on the planet, except for in your Here’s a MUST HAVE for all real estate investors,
                                                           basement, in your office or anywhere else that you a Website, which is your 24/7 salesman. In
                                                           really need the phone… LOL                             today’s environment, everyone you do business
                               2540 North Cleveland                                                               with will want to see your website, and if
                                                           Technology has even changed the way we learn. 20 you don’t have one, you are probably losing
                                Roseville, MN 55113
                                                           years ago you had to go to the library or book store business without even realizing it. Fortunately
                                For Directions Call:       to find information on real estate investing. 10 years for you, technology has even made this a simple
                                                           ago you had to travel to distant locations for book process for you. For example, at my website
                                                           camps, workshops and seminars to get the most www.RealEstatePromo.com, all our members
                                   Questions?              current and up to date strategies. 5 years ago you have a website that we have created for them
                                                           could research what you were looking for online and a series of “How To Videos” to walk you
                                 Call Our Office:
                                                           and buy a home study course on eBay for a fraction through the process of setting up your website,
                                 651-779-6446x0            of the cost the person who is selling for paid for it.                     (Continued on page 6)
                                                    Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.                       Issue 64

                                                                                          Ask The Expert Q
                                                                                          By Mike Jacka   &A
                                                                                          Q   I’ve come to terms with the fact that I need a
                                                                                              website to increase my exposure and generate
                                                                                              leads, why shouldn’t I just have a webdesigner
                                                                                              just make one for me?

                                                                                          A   There are a lot of good designers out there, but
                                                                                              real estate websites are in a class of their own.
                                                                                              First, webdesigners want to make the project
Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.

                                                                                              as big as possible so they can set themselves up
                                                                                              for more work. So they’ll insist that any good
                                                                                              website is going to have this, this, and that but
    Circulation 3,500 Monthly & Growing

                                                                                              these extra additions can actually be detrimental
                                                                                              to the goal of your site. It’s important to note
                                                                                              that designers typically don’t have a clue how our
                                                                                              business works and what our business requires.
                                                                                              A real estate site shouldn’t have a bunch of links,
                                                                                              feeds, and whistles because it distracts from the
                                                                                              original purpose... generating the lead. We’ve
                                                                                              been using our sites actively in our real estate
                                                                                              and have learned from trial and error over time
                                                                                              and there is no way a designer is going to be able
                                                                                              to grasp REI concepts properly enough to build
                                                                                              you the kind of site you require. We recommend
                                                                                              you go with the sites provided to you by our sister
                                                                                              company www.RealEstatePromo.com

                                                                                          Q   I don’t understand why I really need a website
                                                                                              when I can just use my bandit signs, flyers, and
                                                                                              print advertising that’s worked in the past...

                                                                                          A   What you need to understand first is the enormous
                                                                                              shift in the environment and how people seek
                                                                                              information. The internet has provided an
                                                                                              incredible source for people to obtain information
                                                                                              whenever they please from wherever they are.
                                                                                              Why call off a bandit sign when you can simply
                                                                                              write down a webaddress and look it up? To the
                                                                                              prospect the path of least resistance is the most
                                                                                              travelled road. If someone refers someone but
                                                                                              all they have is a number that little fear of calling
                                                                                              a stranger exhibits resistence. If someone passes
                                                                                              along a website to check out where they don’t
                                                                                              have to make a cold call and can get what they’re
                                                                                              looking for the odds are much greater they’ll act

                                                                                                   Submit Your Questions online @:
             Issue 64                       Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.
                      QuickBooks 2010                                  Real Estate Trivia
                      By Ronald Aho                                    Where is the largest house in the world located?
                      www.TheBusinessAdvisors.com                      Answer: In Next Months Issue
                                                                       Last Months Trivia:
                                                                       What is the difference between a S Corporation
What’s New?                                                            and a C Corporation?
QuickBooks has substantially upgraded both its Premier and Pro         Answer: When you create a Corporation, it is by
versions. The Company Snapshot in QuickBooks 2010 can now be
                                                                       default a “C” Corp. “C” corporations have their own
modified. In addition, two problems in previous versions have been
solved. First, in only a few steps, you can now add or edit multiple   tax structure and file their own taxes. To create an
customers, vendors, services, inventory items, and non-inventory       “S” Corp, simply make the election to become an
items. Second, you can easily copy and paste Excel list data into      “S” corporation when you are filing with the state.

                                                                                                                              Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.
                                                                       “S” corps have most of the same benefits of a
                                                                       “C” corp, but the tax reporting flows over to your
Intuit has also revamped QuickBooks’ reporting tools so they’re
easier to find and open quickly. You can choose between list, grid,    individual returns.

                                                                                                                                  Circulation 3,500 Monthly & Growing
and graphical carousel views, and tab quickly among memorized,
favorite, and recently viewed reports. You can also now add an
electronic signature to checks you create and print in QuickBooks.
It’s easy; you simply go into the printer setup tool and designate
the correct graphic file. Intuit Check Solutions can help you get
paid faster. Instead of bringing incoming checks to the bank, you
can either scan them or take the information over the phone,
and then transmit the financial data to the bank. The setup fee is
$59.95 with a monthly fee of $19.95 and 23-cent charge per check

The 2010 QuickBooks upgrades have enhanced prior year versions

QuickBooks 2009 Alert!
There have been problems with QuickBooks 2009 releases R9P to
R11P. If you have upgraded with these releases, you may have some
stability issues with the program. We have seen this with some of
our clients. If you have not upgraded past R8P, then you should
not have any problems. We have found that the program will close
for no apparent reason and when portable files are sent by e-mail,
they are not opening. QuickBooks has solved these problems with
its 2010 versions. I would seriously consider upgrading to 2010
because I am not convinced that the QuickBooks 2009 R8P and
prior releases are stable.
                                                         Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.                                                         Issue 64

                                                        The Legal Corner
                                                                            With Tom Fafinski
                                                         The Return of the “Contract for Deed”
                                                                   Look Out Usury
                                                    During difficult economic climates, it may be difficult to obtain
                                                    traditional mortgages. The rules have changed and institutional
                                                    lenders have become very conservative. This has led to the
                                                    return of seller financing. Buyers (investor and home owners)       Mortgage Association posted yields on 30 year mortgage
                                                    are turning to an old friend – the contract for deed. A contract    commitments for delivery within 60 days on standard
                                                    for deed is a cross between a mortgage and rental agreement.        conventional fixed rate mortgages published in the Wall Street
Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.

                                                    It allows the seller to keep the legal title of the property        Journal for the last business day of the second preceding month
                                                    until all installments of the “mortgage” payments have been         plus four percentage points, currently 8.8% [different interest
                                                    made. That said, buyers can enjoy the benefits of depreciation      rates apply to land and timeshares].
    Circulation 3,500 Monthly & Growing

                                                    deductions and gain immediate possession of the property. For
                                                    the seller/holder of the contract for deed, the transactions are    When entering into a transaction, make sure, the terms of the
                                                    normally quicker and, in the event of a default, offer a speedy     contract are laid out clearly so that both the buyer and seller
                                                    turn-over of the property when compared to foreclosing on           understand all aspects of the agreement. If the transaction
                                                    a mortgage [although not as quick as a lease with an option         falls within the usury laws, make sure that the interest rate
                                                    generally].                                                         [the statute includes more than just the stated interest rate
                                                                                                                        in the calculation] is compliant with the statute. Often a
                                                    There are, however, traps for the unwary in a contract for          balloon payment is included in the contract; the seller should
                                                    deed for the seller which need to be considered prior to            be aware of this and find out if the buyer will be eligible for a
                                                    consummating a transaction. A contract for deed transaction         mortgage at the time to cover this payment. Third, the buyer
                                                    can be subject to usury laws. Usury is defined by statute and       should make sure the seller is the legal owner of the property
                                                    seeks to prohibit high interest rates in certain transactions. In   by checking with county records, etc. With this the buyer must
                                                    the past, usury has not been of major concern in Minnesota          also make sure their payments are, indeed, being paid toward
                                                    because transactions involving $100,000 and real estate             to the mortgage and not being kept by the seller for personal
                                                    were exempt from usury laws. However, in August of 2008,            profit. The buyer can find themselves in full performance only
                                                    the threshold for usury laws was raised to $300,000. That           to learn that the seller has not made a payment in months and
                                                    means that transactions involving real estate contracts under       months.
                                                                                                              This article was drafted by Thomas Fafinski, an attorney
                                                    $300,000 are subject to usury laws. Only a seller can be found
                                                                                                              with Virtus Law PLLC, with thanks for the contributions
                                                    to guilty of usury and if this happens in a contract for deed
                                                                                                              by Katie Kjos, assistant. Thomas can be reached at
                                                    setting, the interest of the contract is void and the buyer can
                                                    recover 5 times the usurious portion of interest plus attorneys
                                                    fees.                                                     main office: 7040 Lakeland Ave, Ste 111 Sheraton Office
                                                                                                              Bldg, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428
                                                    Minnesota Statutes, Section 47.20 sets the maximum lawful satellite office: 1191 Northland Dr., Ste 175, Mendota Hts,
                                                    interest rate at an amount equal to the Federal National MN 55120; cell: 612.865.1700;          direct: 763.432.6081;
                                                                                                              main: 763.432.2169; fax: 763.447.3591
          Issue 64                 Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.

                                 Market Update
Pending Sales
As of March 15th, 2010

                                                                                       Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.
                                                                                           Circulation 3,500 Monthly & Growing
Supply – Demand Ratio: ▼
Decreased from 6.99 houses for sale per buyer in February to 5.39 in March

Median Sales Price: ▲
Increased from $157,000 in January to $159,000 in February

Average Sales Price: ▼
Decreased from $195,902 in January to $193,429 in February

Pending Sales: ▲
Increased from 2,736 in January to 3,527 in February

Closed Sales: ▲
Increased from 2,001 in January to 2,157 in February

New Listings: ▲
Increased from 6,598 in January to 7,165 in February

Percent of Original List Price Received at Sale: ▼
Decreased from 92.8% in January to 92.3% in February
                                                        Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.                           Issue 64
                                                    (“Isn’t Technology Great?... LOL” Continued from page 1)
                                                    getting a domain name, how to upload photos of properties and the
                                                    whole enchilada. We even have “How To Videos” to show you how to
                                                    create a digital flyer to post on craigslist, how to use Google Analytics to
                                                    track visitors to your website and where they are coming from. We are
                                                    constantly adding new “How To Videos” to the library, with trainings that
                                                    would cost you $1,000’s elsewhere.

                                                    Most of my advertising these days is also done online at places like www.
                                                    RealEstatePromo.com, www.Cragslist.com, www.kijiji.com and www.
                                                    BackPage.com. Networking is also huge online these days with www.
                                                    FaceBook.com, www.Twitter.com and www.Linkedin.com. I can read
                                                    my emails and respond to them when I am on the road through my
                                                    phone. I can take pictures of a property and upload them to my website
                                                    from the very same phone, and I can even search the MLS when I drive
Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.

                                                    by a property just to see what the asking price is and what the comps are
                                                    in the area. Can you imagine how we did all that 20 years ago without
    Circulation 3,500 Monthly & Growing

                                                    The cool thing is that I use technology to teach people how easy it is to use
                                                    technology for their own business. I even provide you with the technical
                                                    tools that you need to learn and run a successful business while teaching
                                                    you how to use them. And because technology has advanced so much
                                                    in the last 20 years, the cost to use these tools is now so affordable that
                                                    you cannot afford to be without theme.

                                                    So what’s the next step? Register for a FREE account at www.
                                                    RealEstatePromo.com, if you don’t already have an account (MnREIA
                                                    Members already have an account, contact our office for your login info).
                                                    Setup your FREE website and watch the “How To Videos”. Register for
                                                    the next Monday night Training Webinar from your “My Account” home
                                                    page and most importantly, ask your questions on the webinar!

                                                    Mike Jacka is the president and found of MnREIA who has
                                                    been an active investor for over 18 years. In addition to his vast
                                                    experience he is also well known as a pioneer in applying the
                                                    advantages of technology to our industry. Follow Mike on his
                                                    blog at www.MikeJacka.com!
            Issue 64                      Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.
                    Think You Don’t Have Enough In
                    Your Account for Real Estate?  Call 763-559-5636 and Ask How Todd
                                                   Can Set Up Your Land Trusts and
                    By Todd Grill                  Solve Your Trustee Needs!
We receive many calls from clients and prospective clients         real estate investors can take advantage of this with
who want to have their money working for them in real              great success.
estate or real estate related assets but think they dont have
enough in the account to really make it work.                      A third possibility is to “buy” a house subject to the
                                                                   existing mortgage. There are numerous classes on
Frequently, that’s a big misconception!                            this available through your local Real Estate Investors
                                                                   Association, and it’s too complex to cover in detail
There are several investments available to the relatively small    in this article. However, the concept is that you find a
account – if you know where to look for your investors.            motivated seller looking to quickly exit their property

                                                                                                                              Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.
                                                                   and you take title to the property “subject to” the
For the purpose of this article, I define small as less than       existing mortgage. Title to the subject property is
$25,000.00. Although there are still plenty of areas of the        transferred to the IRA and the IRA holder agrees to pay

                                                                                                                                  Circulation 3,500 Monthly & Growing
country where this will buy real estate outright, it’s generally   the existing mortgage from the funds in the IRA. hen
not enough in the hottest markets today. There’s still plenty of   your funds are in a Self Directed IRA, such as Entrust
opportunity in these markets, however, for you to make that        Midwest, you are all set to make a purchase offer on a
money work for you harder than it would on Wall Street.            piece of property. Let’s say you find a 5-acre parcel on
                                                                   the shore of a beautiful lake, and you want to make an
One good possibility is for you to loan money from your IRA        offer. You work with your broker to draw up a purchase
to an investor seeking rehab funds for properties they have        offer in the name or your IRA. Be sure to sign the offer
purchased. You can loan money at a fixed interest rate or          to indicate that you have reviewed and approved it.
create an equity participation note where you will share
the profits when the property sells. In some markets, these        For information on setting up a self-directed IRA or
returns can be dramatic.                                           Land Trust & Trustee services call 763-559-5636

Additionally, you can secure the note with the real estate to
be rehabbed providing even more safety for your investment.
Another possibility is the use of the Purchase Option on a
property. While options generally require a more thorough
understanding of the local market you are working in, if used
correctly, they can produce a great return on the investment.
Here’s how it works – you locate a property that you believe
is undervalued in the market. You negotiate with the seller
and they accept your option to purchase the property within
X number of days at a given price. The option is issued to
your IRA and the option consideration fee is paid from it as

This option is recorded at the courthouse to secure your
position on the property. You then put your marketing
skills to work to sell the property at the price you believe is
appropriate. When you’ve found a willing buyer, they must
pay your IRA the difference between the two selling prices
in order to clear title at the courthouse and proceed with a
closing on the property. The downside to this is that if you
are unable to find a willing buyer within the days specified in
the option, it expires and your IRA loses its consideration fee
paid to the owner. Like I said, this requires a more thorough
understanding of the market you’re working in, but seasoned
                                                                                                                                                                                                     PRSRT STD
Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc. • 2675 Stillwater Road • Maplewood, MN 55119    The Final Word From Mike                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                Take   Your    Marketing                                                                 PAID
                                                                                                                Messege Online!                                                                      NAMEBANK

                                                                                                                 Since we started providing
                                                                                                                 the     FREE     Websites     and
                                                                                                                 Weekly Training at www.
                                                                                                 RealEstatePromo.com we have been learning
                                                                                                 a lot about online marketing. On the training
                                                                                                 calls not only have I been sharing ideas with the
                                                                                                 students, but they have been sharing ideas with
                                                                                                 me. Together we have all been generating some
                                                                                                 pretty good results for free or very low costs.

                                                                                                 With all the changes in technology these days,
                                                                                                 online marketing is finally a viable solution,
                                                                                                 and with the free websites through www.
                                                                                                 RealEstatePromo.com, you can’t afford not to
                                                                                                 try it.

                                                                                                 Mike Jacka, President of MnREIA

                                                                                                  Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.                                    Issue 64                April
                                                                                                   Circulation 3,500 Monthly & Growing - www.MnREIA.com                                                        2010

                                                                                                 MnREIA Next Month’s Meeting:

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Creative Real Estate Monthly
                                                                                                 Tuesday, April 6th: Using Technology to Simplify
                                                                                                  Registration Begins at 6pm   Your Real Estate Business
                                                                                                   Meeting Kicks off at 7pm!   With Mike Jacka
                                                                                                  Investors who are grasping technology today are setting themselves up for the future. Don’t
                                                                                                  risk falling behind the curve. Invest in making the MOST out of your time with technology!
                                                                                                  It’s really to you learned:
                                                                                                    • Why you need a presence online              • Ways to drive traffic to your site
                                                                                                    • Importance of picking a proper domain       • How to convert traffic into leads and convert
                                                                                                    • What an investor website IS and ISN’T          them into deals!
                                                                                                  Whether you’re for or against technology you have to admit that the importance of the internet
                                                                                                  in real estate and business as a whole is only going to grow. There are so many aspects that
                                                                                                  pertain specifically to real estate investing that it is something to you’re going to have to learn
                                                                                                  because others who aren’t investors just won’t get what you’re trying to do. Tuesday we will
                                                                                                  pull you up into the know and layout everything you need to stay up-to-date!
                                                                                                   Membership Benefits:                                    Upcoming Meetings:
                                                                                                   •   Monthly Meetings
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