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            Communication Studies Senior Projects
                       2001 - 2008

                                        Spring 2008

Emily Church: Staying Together: An Autoethnographic Look at Family Relationships
Shelly Mattson: Bleedin‘ Love: A Qualitative Study of the Impact of a Bleeding Disorder on
Communication in Romantic Relationships
Ian Finch: Tapping the Source: Social Learning and its Influence on College Students‘
Perceptions of Alcohol
Annie Gabel: Is TV the Real Deal? A Quantitative Study of Perceptions of Violence on TV
Tasha Geitz: Technology in Romantic Relationships
Erin Newell: Diversity Messages in Wisconsin University System Websites
Andria Slaby: Celebrities Act: A Qualitative Study of Institutional Advertising and Desire to
Andre w Strozinsky: What‘s in the News?: A Constant Comparative Analysis of
Amanda Fre nch: For Love or . . . ?: A Quantitative Study of Viewer Perceptions of Reality
Dating Television Shows
Brittany Johnson: Semiotic Analysis: Barack Obama‘s Website
Colleen Koslow: A Quantitative Study of Romantic Relationships at UW-L: Is Graduation Hard
for the Relationship?
Ashley Beatty: It‘s a Man‘s World: A Qualitative Study of College Males‘ Perceptions of
Female Sportscasters
Amanda McConnell: A Rhetorical Criticism of Gender Stereotypes in Sex and the City
Melissa Fitzenberge r: Premarital Cohabitation: A Look at Positive Relational Communication
Through the Lens of Relational Dialectic Theory
Liz Truax: Working Abroad: A Qualitative Study of Cultural Adjustment and Difficulties While
Working with Other Cultures
Emily Jackson: Real Life or Not?: An Autoethnography Approach in Understanding Romantic
Images Presented in Dawson‘s Creek
Karie Sullivan: I Can‘t Hear What You‘re not Saying: Parental Communication Adaptation for
Children with Autism
Teri Passow: As Seen on TV: Using Cultivation Theory to Explain Roommate Expectations and
Kevin Sella: First Year College Students‘ Use of Facebook to Develop Relationships
Jennifer Connors : The Hidden Bunny: A Semiotic Analysis of the Construction of Sexuality
Through Alcoholic Advertisements within the Playboy Magazine
Daisy Ratzlaff: Broadcasters‘ use of Nonverbal Expressions in News Productions
Emily Waters: Judging a Book by its Cover: A Constant Comparative Analysis of Bestselling
Self-Improvement Books
Brad Carr: Calling the Plays: Drama in Sports Media
Jeremy Le wandowski: Dexter: A Semiotic Analysis of a Hero‘s Evolution
Amanda Elder: Cultivating the Image: A Qualitative Analysis of Female Sports Anchors

Karen Springstroh: Friends with Benefits: A Qualitative Study of the Effect of Maintenance
Rules in the Relationship
Kimberly Rooyakkers: Westernization in International Adoption
Carla McCormick: A Qualitative Study of the Social Rituals of the MTU System
Melissa Hoppe: A World Apart: A Qualitative Study of Parents Deployed in the Military and
How Family Communication is Affected
Jessica Satran: Eta Phi Alpha: A Study of the Impact of Motivational Messages on
Mallorie Gran: Life as a Xangan: A Qualitative Study of Female Xanga Weblog Users
Abbey Vaassen: Digging Deeper: Disclosure Within Study Abroad Friendships
Nate Kosher: Double [Word] Play: A Metaphoric Analysis of the New York Times‘ Coverage of
Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens
Kristin Adelmann: The Use of Facebook as an Online Social Support Network in Times of
Katie Peterson: What to Expect when You‘re Expecting: Messages New Mothers Receive about
Adam Ludwig: A Leader is Born: A Qualitative Study of Leadership Emergence in First Year
College Students
Heather Stipetich: Uncertainty Reduction and First Impression Management in the Business
Setting: An Analysis of Business Practices in the La Crosse Area
John Dregne : Jonathan Edwards‘ Sermons: A Critical Analysis of Fear Appeals
Amanda Bolen: A Critical Content Analysis of Websites of Organiza tions Serving People with
Britta Savaglio: A Qualitative Study of Professional Event Coordinators
Mandy Stevens: Interpreting the Bible: Symbolism in John Chapter Six
Mandy Nogle: The Miss America Organization: The Titleholder Experience
Ashlee Janecke: Subordinates Perceptions of Women Managers
Amanda Pe rez: ¿No me entiende usted?: An Interpretive Analysis of Communication Barriers
Between Spanish-Speaking Employees and English-Speaking Managers
Wendy Bernhagen: A Case Study of Victoria’s Secret Adve rtising
Leeann Olson: Absolut Sin: A Semiotic Analysis of the ―Seven Deadly Sins‖ Absolut Vodka
Erica Lyon: Online Image Restoration Strategies of Phillip Morris
Jesse Tucker: Symphony of Violence: A Semiotic Analysis of Music During Violence in the
Mission Impossible Films
Nick Thiers : All Eyez on Me: A Rhetorical Criticism of the Lyrics of Tupac Shakur
Doug Kieck: An Ethnographic Study of Fans‘ Communication While Watching the 2008
Basketball NCAA Tournament
Kelly Heritsch: Examining the Aggression Messages in the Television show Hannah Montana
Brooke Moerkerke: UW-L Korean Percussion Ensemble: An Autoethnographic Study on the
Art of Cultural Drumming
Courtney Bonk: About Me: A Quantitative Content Analysis of Facebook Profiles
Kim Barrett: Analyzing The Office: An Innovative tool in Communication Studies Assessment
Lindsay Tallarita: A Qualitative Study of the Usage of Verbal and Non-verbal Behaviors in
Initiating Dating Relationships

Molly Sajdowitz: I Don‘t Know How to be Your Friend at Work: A Qualitative Study of
Relational Dialectics in the Workplace
Kristin Zachary: The Theory of Reasoned Action: Messages Motivating Sleep Pattern
Andre w Metcalf: An Analysis of Communication in Warbook
Elizabeth Ciarelli: Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin: A Qualitative Study of Homophobia as a
Christian Cultural Performance
Lisa Schneider: A Traveler‘s Identity Crisis
Valerie Prange: Understanding Genie, a Feral Child: Difference, Empathy, Autoethnography
Adrian Schaal: Boundary Behaviors and Dialectics in Platonic Relationships
Courtney Downey: Viewers‘ Perceptions of Doctors and Hospitals Influenced by Television
Terese Housker: Muted Group Theory and How it Relates to the Hijab

                                         Fall 2007

Kayla Zajec: Conflicting Responsibilities: Relational Dialectics of Working Mothers
Laura Senz: The Supervisor-Subordinate Relationship: A Study of Job Satisfaction
Rachel Borg: Packin‘ the Backpack: A Qualitative Examination of the Experiences of Home
Schooled Students
Julie Helgeson: What a Riot: The Role of Humor in the Process of Organizational Socialization
Maureen McCollum: Airwaves to Web Pages: Exploring Programming, Funding and Resources
for a Student-Run Internet Radio Station at UW-L
Lenys Hill: A Real Beauty: A Quantitative Study of Perceived Attraction, Age, and Women in
Dove‘s Beauty Campaign
Colin Earl: Qualitative Study of Movie Quotations Among the Generation Y Populous
Megan Linbo: Father-Daughter Relationships: A Qualitative Study of How Father-Daughter
Relationships Influence College Women‘s Romantic Relationships
Melissa Kranzler: Reception Theory: Explaining Viewers‘ Interpretations of Sexual Innuendos
within Television
Alyssa Slaby: Communication and Roommate Satisfaction: How College Roommate
Relationships are Affected by Self-Disclosure
Chris Zabel: The Use of Deception: Online vs. Face to Face Settings
David Driscoll: A Qualitative Study of Communication in Customer Service within the Service
Nikki Fine : Behind the Scenes: A Cultural Analysis of the Use of Music in Tim Burton Films
John Grabow: Observations on Motivation: A Qualitative Study of College Football Coaches
and Messages to Athletes
Dan Leffelman: Text Me: A Qualitative Study of Gender and Text Messaging
Steph Baer: Content Analysis of 2008 Presidential Candidates Visual Images in the New York
Times on the Web
Marc Lunde: See You, Space Cowboy: A Qualitative Study of the Fans of Cowboy Bebop
Katie Manske: Jealousy Experienced in Female Friendships When One Enters a Romantic
Mike Chesna: I Am Who I Am: A Qualitative Analysis of Fire Fighters‘ Reports of Work and

Chris Witte mann: Real Men of Genius: A Semiotic Analysis of the Bud Light Campaign
Todd Renard: Interpretations of a Leaf Consumption Culture: A Qualitative Study on Identity
Development and Member Identification of a Nine Leaf
Ashley Guy: Service with a Smile: The Cost of Emotions in Financial Institution Employees
J. Adam Strand: Personal Bias and Ethics Among Small Market Television News Creators
Heather Jackson: The Marketing of a Culture: A Comparative Content Analysis of Advertising
in Hispanic/Latino and U.S. Magazines
Jenna Schubert: A Quantitative Study of Conflict Styles in Romantic Relationships and
Subjects‘ Level of Satisfaction
Stephanie Souvenir: Win or Lose, Give It All You Got!: A Qualitative Study on How Coaches
Motivate Their Athletes According to Likelihood of Success
Kelly Heinritz: Communication of Health Care Providers: A Grounded Theory Approach to
Communication Between Health Care Professionals and Their Patients
Nicole Stellrecht: Assimilating into a Work Environment Which is Dominated by the Opposite
Ashley Sannes: Similarity and Interpersonal Attraction Among UW-L Students
Carrie Severson: Communication, Straight Up: An Autoethnographic Study of My Personal
Communication Performance as a Bartender
Tracy Machtan: Organizing Values: A Qualitative Study of Sorority Women, Values and
Normative Control
Renee Smith: Site Unseen: A Qualitative Analysis of Self-Disclosure and Privacy Management
in Online Dating Experiences
Erin Farley: Teacher‘s Pet or Teacher‘s Problem: An Examination of College Students‘
Perceptions of Teacher Liking
Christina Klein: iBranding: A Semiotics Analysis of Apple iPod Advertisements
Karie Sullivan: I Can‘t Hear What You‘re Not Saying: Parental Communication Adaptation for
Children with Autism
Dana Floberg: From Uncertainty to Cohesion: A Qualitative Examination of Classroom Task
Jenna Klinner: Building Up Walls: Using Privacy Management Theory to Reveal Behavioral
Trends Among College-Aged Children of Divorce
Jeremy Fritsch: Married to the Mob: A Feminist Critique of the Film Goodfellas
Kirk Arneson: The Role of Leisure Activities in Relationship Development: An
Britney Guillaume : Healthy Persuasion: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Promotional
Materials for Recreation

                                       Spring 2007

Breytung, Lucas J. Fresh Masculinity in ―Hollywood‖: A Study of Gender Border-Crossing in
Hauser, Jordan R. Anticipatory Socialization Messages: Learning About Google ‘s
      Organizational Culture
Leonard, Alyssa L. Marriage-Free Couples: Managing Privacy Regarding the Marriage-Free

Park, Serl Hee South Korean Audience‘s Culturally Specific Consumptions of US-American
        Sexual Media
Ziech, Kathryn E. Female Talk: A Therapy?
Hole wa, Andrea M. A Qualitative Study of Sibling Rivalry
Rosencrans, Sarah A. Gender Narratives: The Construction of Gender Identity Through
        Communication in the Family
Stach, Whitney A. Sister Sister: Interpreting Intimacy in Sibling Relationships
Arant, Joseph P. Persuasion, Metaphor and the Congruity Principle in Bill O‘Reilly‘s The
Haack, Kaitlin P. Socialization and UW-L Gymnastics: The Journey to a Championship
Duncan, Megan E. Posing to Understand: An Autoethnographic Analysis of Women in
Larsen, Ashley R. Inside Out: An Autoethnographic Analysis of ―My” Grey‘s Anatomy
Konkel, Kirsten M. Self-Help Books, Are They Really That Helpful for Women?: A Feminist
        Critique of Conflict Management Self- Help Books
Roth, Elizabeth S. Sensemaking Through Cancer Support Group Websites
Woodworth, DJ “Bug” Sub-Text, Main-Text, and Fan Fiction: An ethnography of ―Femslash‖
        Fan Fiction
Buhrandt, Megan N. Newspaper Readership Among College Students: What Uses and
        Gratifications Do They Obtain From It?
Ebert, Amber L. Conceptualization of Listening and Listening Skills
Madson, Laura A. Who is Truly Satisfied?: A Quantitative Study on Whether Gender
        Orientation Predicts Relationship Satisfaction
Sjoquist, Molly E. The Impact of Communicative Strategies on Organizational Identity
Spears, Nicole M. Sexist Language Use in White Heterosexual Males: An Ethnographic Study
        of the Social Construction of White Masculine Identities
Arendt, Sarah C. Self Disclosure in the Workplace
Brown, Allison M. Female Friendships as Therapy
Flatley, Thomas J. III Brewing Up Memories
Fritz, Emily J. Thank You for Being a Friend: A Content Analysis of The Golden Girls
Kettner, Emily A. The Secret Keeping Us: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Postcard Secrets
Sobiek, Karen S. A Content Analysis: Diversity Socialization Messages Communicated
        Throughout Successful Organizations
Altstadt, Steven J. Come See What‘s Brewin‘: A Historical Textual Analysis of Mass
        Persuasion in Professional Sports Advertising
Capes, Courtney A. Girls Day at the Spa: A Qualitative Study on the Connection Between
        Feminine Speech and Organizational Identity
Liegel, Kristine M. Best Company Practices: A Content Analysis of S. C. Johnson & Sons
        Company Literature
Pavletich, Stephanie J. Persuasive Coaching Techniques: What Makes a Great Coach and
Wojasinski, Rachel E. The Portrayal of Women in Print Media and the Effects on Their Overall
        Welfare: A Content Analysis of O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine

Clarkin, Anne M. Disney Defines Family: The Relationship Between Single Parent Families in
       the Media and Social Realities
Behnke, Cheryl L. Untying the Tongue: How Women Communicate Power in Sports
Bowen, Kathryn M. Interpersonal Deception Theory: The Art of Spotting a Potential Fabricator
Johnson, Elizabeth J. Rhetorical Criticism of Internet Birth Control Messages
Johnson, Katie L. Whiteness and Education: Keeping My Cultural Identity
Pinkham, Samantha D. Exposed: Out of Clothes and In the Flesh
Katz, Joshua P. A Qualitative Study of the Effects of Socialization During the Recruitment
Kinlund, Beth J. Cultured Self: An Autoethnographic Analysis of Self Identity and Parenting in
       an Intercultural Relationship
Hunter, Amanda M. Who am I? A Qualitative Study of Family Narratives and Self- Identity
Sparks-Erickson, Katie S. A Qualitative Content Analysis of Advertising Campaign titled Real
       Men of Genius
Bernett, Wendy A. Framing Narratives with Humor in a Political Television Talk Show
Krueger, Sarah M. Reporting for Al Jazeera: A Content Analysis of the Anti- American Images
       Portrayed in the Al Jazeera English Website
Nelson, Christina A. Agenda-Setting in the Print News Media: A Rhetorical Criticism
Pearse, Emily A. Females on Television: A Study of the Portrayal of Males and Females on
       Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Ruiz, Cecilia I. A Middle Child‘s Report
Zobeck, T. A Content Analysis of Ok Go‘s Internet Messages

                                           Fall 2006

Kelly Runkle : Corporate Public Relations Strategies: A Study of Collective a nd Individualistic
Jesse Johnson: The NBA, PR, and the Hip Hop Market
Melinda Paulson: Changes in Cohesion between Siblings after High School Graduation and
                Departure from Home
Carmen Mann: A Qualitative Study of Advertisements‘ Messages and Women‘s Reactions
Kelly Slama: Five Years After: A Look at the Rhetorical Messages Behind President George W.
             Bush‘s Anniversary of 9/11 Speeches
Kara Miller: Effective Communication and Relational Turning Points between Physical
Therapists and Patients During Treatment
Rachel Brezinski: A Qualitative Study of the Organizational Socialization Practices of
Emily Griesser: Organizational Assimilation Theory: Anticipatory and Organizational
               Socialization of Residential Summer Camp Employees
Brittany Vilar: Cultural Influence in the Intercity of Milwaukee: A Qualitative Study of
               Cultural Influence
April Pekel: Starbucks in Spain: Researching Perceptions and Penetration Through the Lens of
           Diffusion Theory
Beth Erickson: Resident Assistant Bulletin Boards: A Content Analysis

Kurt Moderson: Perception Congruency Between Resident Assistants and Their Residents
Heidi Bolin: Cultural Approaches to Organizations: Internal Public Relations and its Affects on
           International Organization‘s Corporate Culture
Joe Branca: Partisanship in the Media: An Analysis of Political Talk Show Hosts Acts of
Kelsey Svendsen: Communication Patterns of Second City Improv
Jessica Hardie : The Cutting Edge of Reality TV: A Content Analysis of Cosmetic Surgery
Messages in ―Extreme Makeover‖
Whitney Widme r: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Advertisements Endorsing Celebrity
                   Tennis Figure, Andre Agassi
Ryan Weigel: A Semiotic Analysis of Stanley Kubrick‘s ―A Clockwork Orange‖
Andy Stanczyk: The Effects of Anti-Marijuana Public Service Announcements on College
               Students Through the Cultivation Theory and Social Norms Theory
Lindsey Wilder: A Qualitative Study of the Emotional Labor Pediatric Dental Workers
Sarah Bolin: A Qualitative Study: Communicating Gender Roles in Relationships
Marie Briggs : Expectancy Violations in Heterosexual Romantic Relationships
Anni Ehrich: A Qualitative Study of Premarital Communication in Cohabitation Relationships
Angie Riedel: Whiteness: An Autoethnographic Approach to How I Embody Whiteness in My
Nikki Poehling: A Qualitative Study of Andragogy and the Insurance Industry: Educating
Senior Citizens
Audra Schambe rg: Relationship Maintenance Strategies and Satisfaction Among Married
Devin Kuwitzky: Message Communication in Advertisement and Women Consumers: The Nike
                 Ad Campaign
Ashley Thie m: Do they Really Do it: College Student‘s Actual Reading for Courses
Taryn Dreblow: Tattoo You: A Qualitative Study of Nonverbal Messages Sent Through
Mike Ellenz: A Participant Observation and Ethnography of the La Crosse Bar, Animal House
Joel Fisher: What to Do: A Qualitative Study on the Situational Leadership Used by Pastors
           Within Christian Churches
Corey Lipelt: A Content Analysis of Messages and Persuasive Strategies in Heavy Metal Lyrics
Rebecca Zielke: Skin Deep: A Qualitative Study of Why Women Use Makeup and the Uses and
                 Gratifications Behind Applying

                                         Spring 2006

Jennie Brown—A Study on the Effect of Magazines & Television on the Self-concepts of 5th
and 6th Graders
Jennifer Ehlenbeck—Speech Codes Theory: A Study of a Sorority‘s Language Use
Megan Keller—How to be Me in IT: An Auto-ethnography of Emotional Labor and
Information Technology
Amber Graff—Emotional Labor of Women in Athletic Related Careers

Lauren Choate—Making it Work: A Qualitative Study about the Preservation of Long Distance
Romantic Relationships
Jill Meisen—Social Comparison and Attractiveness: Can the Media Redefine Beauty?
Aubrey Johnson—―Work to Live:‖ The Anticipation Stage of Organizationa l Socialization and
Expectation of the First ‗Real Job‘
Jenny Ellefson—How Intercultural Perceptions Affect the Communication Between Amish and
English Persons
Connor Cronk—People in Every Direction: A Qualitative Analysis of a Dave Matthews Band
Online Community
Daniel Hogan—A Communicative Study of Sales Relationships: A Look at the Pharmaceutical
Salesperson and Health Care Providers
Michael Huebne r—―Let‘s Talk About Sex:‖ Analyzing How Students Communicate About Sex
Kim Gillman—Jealousy Turning Points in Romantic Relationships
Jessie Pierquet—Making Sense of Patronizing Speech: Examining Elderly Perceptions of
Intergenerational Communication
Ashley Pehle r—The Relationship Between Family Conflict and Conflict Management in
Romantic Relationships
Jesse Hayhurst—―Yeah, I know Brett:‖ A Parasocial Examination of Perceived Relationships
with Brett Favre
Brock Severson—Drink It In: Looking at the Messages First Year Students Receive About
Alcohol Consumption
Chris Hyke—What is in the Darkness? How Darkness is Used as a Metaphor in Tim Burton‘s
Batman films
Tony Beyer—News Media Cultivation Analysis
Sarah Mans—Celebrity Identification: The Desire to Become Someone Else
Erin Ruenger—Sustaining Dating Relationships: A Quantitative Analysis of Relationship
Maintenance and Levels of Satisfaction
Ashley Giles—An Affinity-Seeking Analysis: Strategies Real Estate Agents Use to Establish
and Maintain Relationships with their Clients
Ashley Mastey—Drop Me a Line: An Examination of e- mail Contacts, Boundaries, and
Personal Relationships
Kerry Smith—From Stilettos to Martinis: The Female Friendships of Sex and the City
Kenzie Vlack—Does Gender Matter? The Role of Stereotypes in the Workplace
Lindsay Frye—Do You Hear What I Hear? Analyzing Listeners‘ Inte rpretations of Music and
Artist Sex
Kelly Waugh—Organizational Socialization and Organizational Culture: An Analysis of the
Famous Dave‘s Training Program
Marcelle Gathing—UW-L Football & Socialization: A Qualitative Study of Student-Athletes‘
Interpretations of Organizational Socialization Practices
Ben Ingman—Trust Me: An Examination of Relationship Norms Among Climbers
Amy Glentis—A Qualitative Content Analysis of Vietnam Era Popular Music
Lindsey Finnegan—Drive Right In: Anticipatory Socialization Messages as Found on
Enterprise Rent-A-Car‘s Corporate Website
Janna Dziak—Deaf Culture: Why Aren‘t We Listening?

Ashlie Kohl—The Cost of Love: A Qualitative Study of Relational Dialectics and Long
Distance Military Deployment Relationships
Megan Visger—Where Did You Come From? Cultural Messages Experienced by International
Becky Sands—―How Do I Look?‖ Using Cultivation Theory to Examine Reality Makeover
Bart Winkler—Against the Clock: A Critical Analysis of Gender Construction and Jack Bauer
on Fox TV‘s 24
Phil Dinges—Do You Have What They are Looking For? What Characteristics News Directors
Look For When Hiring News Anchors
Laura Bryan—Media Credibility: The Student‘s Choice
Courtney Kern—Communication in a Professional Relationship: How P ublic Relations
Practitioners Communicate with Journalists
Zac Wusterbarth—Athletes Under a Microscope: A Qualitative Study of the Media‘s Influence
on the Public‘s Perception of Professional Athletes
Dave Danley—Will You Sign my Facebook? A Qualitative Study of the Uses and Gratifications
of Facebook
Katy Witmer—I Want You to Like Me: A Study Examining the Importance of Establishing
Rapport During a Job Interview
Kimberly Mills—The Effects of a Mental Disability on Family Communication: The Sibling
Maria Luepke—The Effects of Advertising in Fashion Magazines
Sarah Ballweg—Taking a Walk Down Wisteria Lane: Looking at Relationship Messages
Through the Lens of Relational Dialectics Theory
Andreya Platt—Leadership and Training: An Applied Project
Danya Klages-Mundt—―So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way:‖ A Critical
Analysis of Gender Stereotypes on the Television Show Friends
Lindsey Soerens—Yada, Yada, Yada: A Qualitative Study of Parasocial Relationships and
Jess Meiller—What Constitutes Perfect: A Study of the Uses and Gratifications of College
Women When Reading Cosmopolitan
Teri Del Rosso—Soundtrack to Your Life: A Qualitative Study on Music Stereotypes and the
Third Person Effect
Kevin Galeze wski—General Anxiety Disorder: An Autoethnographic Approach to Understand
Anxiety and Communication
AJ Cloud—Honoring Chief Faux Pas: A Research Project on American Indian Mascots and
Nicole Davis—The Meaning of Silence: A Qualitative Study of Sensemaking Silence Within a
Romantic Relationship
Michelle Pinzl—Haptics in Dance and Public: An Observational Cross-Cultural Study
Barb Fischer—Fertility Messages: Chat Room Perceptions and Celebrity Reports of Later-Aged
Motherhood through the Lens of Cultivation Theory

                                        Fall 2005

Tim Linz—One of the Pack: A Rhetorical Criticism of the Green Bay Packers‘ Identification
Strategies on the Official Website
Marci Uphill—Effort and Information-Seeking: An Analysis of Need for Cognition and
Blythe Newburg—Men, Women and the Mob: A Feminist Critique of the HBO Series ―The
Stephanie Thill—Judging a Book (Magazine) by the Cover: A Qualitative Content Analysis of
Women‘s Publications
Amy Keske—―What‘s for Dinner?‖ A Qualitative Study of Family Communication and the
Ritual of Mealtime
Jaclyn Cardin—WMCM 2005 Student Handbook: An Applied Research Project
Nicole Lukasze wski—Engaging Viewers Online: A Qualitative Analysis of Oprah Winfrey‘s
Official Website
Deena Gerritts—Get Real! Women‘s Interpretations of Realistic Depictions in Female Ad
Rob Born—Getting the Word Out: An Applied Research Project Promoting the Annual Humane
Society Telethon
LaKeshia Bell—Managing the Tensions: A Dialectical Analysis of Long Distance Relationships
Kara Pennoyer—A Survey of Messages that Influence College Students‘ Political Behavior
Melissa Hasz—Should We Date? A Qualitative Study of College Students‘ Rules for Dating
Friends‘ Exes
Marissa Stouff—The Masquerade of Me: An Auto-ethnography of Emotional Labor and
Identity in the Workplace
Daniel Fischer—Preparing Public Relations Students for the Globalizing World: Curricular
Views from Professors and Professionals
Carissa Hoffmann—Avoiding the Call: A Qualitative Study of How College Students Use
Cellular Phones to Maintain Relational Boundaries
Tara Wimann—An Extra Incentive: A Qualitative Study of Servers‘ Understanding of the
Symbolism of a Tip
Emily Endo—Guess Who‘s Coming to Dinner? A Study of Interracial Relationships and
Communication Portrayed in Film
Stacy Fuehrer—Leading the Way: A Qualitative Analysis of the Unique Relationship Between
Guide Dogs and Users
Liz DeCramer—Where Are You Going Today? A Qualitative Study of the Impact of Foreign
Exchange on Communication
Laura Mueller—―I‘m the New ‗Guy:‘‖ A Critical Auto-ethnography of a Young Female‘s
Assimilation into a Corporate Culture
Bobby Bloechl—Is the Rolling Thunder Fading? A Qualitative Analysis of Young Consumers‘
Reactions to Harley-Davidson‘s Advertising Campaign
Erica Schmelzer—―More Fashionable than Fierce:‖ A Feminist Critique of US Open Tennis
Coverage in the ―New York Times‖
Ben VanFossen—Get With the Program: A Survey of Technological Awareness Among Young

Brian Grewe, Jr.—Relationship on the Rocks: Relational Change After the Acquis ition of a
Physical Disability
Rachel Johnson—Interracial and Intercultural Dating: A Descriptive Analysis of College
Students‘ Attitudes
Kelsey Kasprowicz—Parasocial Relationships with Sex & the City: A Qualitative Study
Katie Mueller—Wrestling with Masculinity: A Quantitative Study of Perceptions of World
Wrestling Entertainment Viewers
Nicholas Jones—Play Like a Champion: A Qualitative Analysis of Football Coaches‘
Motivational Messages
Tyler Smith—Is It Really a ―Good Thing?‖ Examining the Public Image Campaign of the
Martha Stewart Scandal
Jen Dickman—Hooliganism in the Media: A Qualitative Content Analysis of European Soccer
Newspaper Coverage

                                        Spring 2005

Shannon Thompson—How do organizations frame messages? An examination of how
globalization affects organizational culture at companies that are the Best Places to Work
Andrea Kobielski—Ethnocentrism and intercultural willingness to communicate: Comparisons
of studying abroad experiences
Andy Pendl—PR and small business: A study of microbreweries
Jeremy Rice—Gender schema theory and verbal aggression
Jessica Karis—Socialization messages used by finance firms that rank as Best Companies to
Work for in America
Andrea Wagner—Fear appeals in the Bush/Kerry presidential debates
Jeni Hatz—Compliance-gaining strategies and guilt used in friendships
Noel Lee—Qualitative study of rules of AOL IM
Gregg Lewison—D‘Oh! A Quantitative content analysis of humor in The Simpsons
Scott Schneider—Message communication in framing organic foods: A qualitative look at
Whole Food Market
Emily Johnson—A qualitative study of the uses and gratifications of the Livestrong campaign
Angela Tuma—A qualitative content analysis of testimonials on
Jamie Zuelsdorf—A qualitative study of gender differences and social support
Andy Westphal—A semiotic analysis of Matrix Trilogy
Melissa Marvin—A qualitative content analysis of Nike‘s Just Do It
Leah LeFebvre—Who died and made you president? Legitimizing strategies vice presidents
used in special inaugural addresses
Erica Nedland—Racial diversity recruitment messages used by Fortune Magazine‘s ―100 Best
Companies to Work for in America‖
Lindsey Johnson—Entry- level peer workplace romance and job satisfaction
Jill Johnston—Examining job satisfaction of speech language pathologists
Joanna Lee—A content analysis comparing charitable giving between the United States and
New Zealand
Ryan Berger—Photographing for the future: How photographic composition sets the agenda of
university web sites

Kate Hendzel—World travelers: A quantitative comparison of study abroad experiences
Adam Schillinge r—Developing and promoting a fundraising campaign for cystic fibrosis: A
case study
Casey Acker—Intra-personal communication and Christianity: A turning point analysis
Katie Christianson—Framing and credibility used in pseudo-science messages: A qualitative
content analysis of graphology text
Brad DeLeeuw—Society and television: Family type changes over the decades
Kong Lor—Hmong family communication: Exploring father-son relationships
Tori Gardner—Pentadic analysis of George W. Bush‘s inaugural addresses
Frank Vitucci—Unhealthy behaviors portrayed in movies: A historical examination
Brooke Nelson—Promoting for a purpose: Nonprofits and their image
Erin Kowolski—The truth about antismoking: A qualitative study of the Truth Campaign
Kelly Simonsen—Online dating: Is love only a click away?
Carrie Schwartz—It‘s all relative: A study of college students and their experiences in family
Sarah Nohr—I‘d like you to meet my new best friend—Harry Potter: A thematic analysis of
HP fans‘ communication
Anna Roth—Adult children of divorce and dialectical tensions
Katie Veith—A quantitative study of college students‘ communication patterns with parents
Betsy Romanello—Dialectic tensions athletes and coaches experience
Christina Nelson—Consumer perception of advertisements developed by Coca-Cola and
PepsiCo: The role of brand loyalty
Daniel Walters—Embedding with politics: Church state issues in popular Christian periodicals
Sam Foos—An examination of self-disclosure in athletes and non-athletes
Ryan Pletcher—A rhetorical criticism of M. Night Shyamalan films: Applying Burke‘s pentad
Rick Reiten—Homosexuality and the church: The changing perception
Brian Norstrom—College students and alcohol brand loyalty
Beth Jaeger—Portrayal of princesses in Disney animations
Mike Ladenthin—Hunters‘ uses and gratifications of hunting shows
Melissa Peick—Dance as communication: Messages sent and received through dance
Victoria Alvarez—I‘ll have what she‘s having: A qualitative content analysis of women
empowerment in Cosmopolitan Magazine
Kristen Albrecht—What makes news?
Nick Casper—Richard Pryor is alive! A qualitative study of stand- up comedy
Rachel Smith—Effects of infidelity on the management of dialectical tensions in romantic
relationships: A content analysis of Diary of an Affair
Erin Frana—Communicator style of successful lawyers
Megan Bailey—Nonverbal messages of dress attire in the job interview
Karin Dillner—Coping strategies when a family member has a spinal cord injury
Becki Slack—Uses and gratifications of profanity: Why people swear and what they get from
doing it
Lindsay Jones—A qualitative analysis of college males‘ cross-sex friendships
Annette McKeown—Would you love me if…: Messages of unconditional love from parents to
their children
Kim Yelk—Speech and language pathologists‘ interactions with clients: Feeling of
accomplishments and disappointments

Nicole Stoffel—Romantic beliefs in reality television
Erin Griepentrog—The impact a seventeen day study abroad experience in Ghana, West Africa
had on University of Wisconsin- La Crosse students: A qualitative study
Jen Jackl—Marital relationship satisfaction
Marissa Wallner—The effects of mental imagery in radio advertisements on brand recall

                                          Fall 2004

Nick Koegl : A rhetorical analysis of hyper violence in Quentin Tarantino movies
Amy Mueller: The credibility of gender in public relations
Nikki Zellner: Public touch between American and Australian romantic dyads
Haley Duffy: An analysis of family communication patterns and communication apprehension
Erin Sutton: Uses and gratifications of college female students for social photography
Megan Buglaski: How family communication influences the eating habits within young females
Amy May: An analysis of the cinematography of Citizen Kane
Lindsey Schroede r: MTV: A quantitative study of female viewers and self-esteem
Somme r Tolle rs: How women sense- make their experience with a makeover via plastic surgery
Amy Greil: Communicating trust: A study of foster parent-child relationships and attachment
Amy Andreucci: How women communicate about food and exercise
Rebecca Bryant: Communicating study abroad experiences across cultures
Amanda Karkoff: Content Analysis of Sex and the City
Brenda Johnson: Is it a management fad or classic? What messages about superior-subordinate
communication are we receiving in organizational self- help books
Kerriann Betzle: Today‘s popular magazines and the images they portray: College students
reactions to magazine advertisements
Aleesha Christiansen: How dress affects employees‘ work habits in a corporate setting
Julie Buesgens: When distance is diminished: An examination of turning points when long
distance relationships transition to geographically close relationships
Kristin Hoepfner: Gender communication: A study of platonic cross-sex friendships
Julie Swenson: Representing the university: A study of UW-L Vanguards‘ experiences
communicating with potential students
Leah Sewell: Family communication patterns among lesbian and heterosexual parents
Stephanie Hanson: Completely Carrie: A rhetorical criticism on Sarah Jessica Parker as ―Carrie
Bradshaw‖ using fantasy theme analysis
Thomas Jackson: No one comes close: An examination of college students‘ perceptions of
propaganda in Air Force commercials
Chris Woodard: Racial stereotypes in Wisconsin Badger football broadcasts
Mark Kraemer: Violence in Dirty Harry films
Lauren Mielke: Social communication: A study linking communication apprehension,
introversion and self- monitoring
Crystal Ewaskowitz: A qualitative analysis of verbal aggressive messages on the television
situation comedy, Friends
Aaron Ott: A semiotic analysis of Donnie Darko
Becky Clark: Professors‘ attire and perceived credibility
Carl Grevsted: Music as persuasion: Music‘s role in advertising

Chad Tindall: A thematic analysis of sports psychology websites‘ testimonials
Andrea Werlein: Oral communication in the foreign language classroom
Bethany Harnden: The role of gossip in female roommate relationships: A qualitative analysis
Kelly Fre mstad: A quantitative content analysis of sexual advertisements in male and female
Jamie Larson: Public Relations in Sports
William Cannady: Examining skin tone and levels of attraction and trust
Chris Melby: Reality television: Viewers‘ uses and gratifications
Jared Heintz: Media and Public Relations in sports
Claire Driessen: Message communication in advertising: Selling the Abercrombie and Fitch

                                          Spring 2004

Tom Abel: A survey analysis of the ideal spring break and actual spring break behaviors
Carrie Amann: You‘re not the boss of me: Tensions a manager feels after being promoted
Jody Are na—Sibling communication: The occurrence of verbal aggression in same sex and
cross sex sibling relationships
Darlene Benedetti: Gender, does it affect sports-casting?: A qualitative analysis of female
Liz Blegen: What‘s with these strangers?: A qualitative study of college students‘ motivations
for watching MTV‘s ―The Real World‖
Erin Bong: Who do we want: Recruitment messages used by organizations that are ―Great
Places to Work‖
Sara Brunner—In the closet with reality television
Rachel Burnham—Humor communication: A quantitative study of the effects of gender
differences on humor appreciation
Korrie Carlson: Gender portrayals in film: A feminist criticism of career-oriented women in
Adriana Christians : How different types of humor are used by gays: A content analysis of
―Queer Eye for the Straight Guy‖
Wendy Christophe rson—A look at children and how the touch they receive from their parents
and daycare providers differs and is affected by gender: A quantitative study
Kristin Cupertino—Speed dating: An observation of initial interaction and attraction in the
context of speed dating
Jill Degenhardt: Ambiguous advertisements: What are they really saying? A qualitative study of
messages received through T. V. advertisements of alcoholic beverages
Natalie DeGezelle: Hot sex, fortune, and fame; Professional athletes sexually out of control: The
sense-making tactics of professional athletes for exploitative sexual behavior
Alaina DeMeyer—The effect of an undergraduate internship on anticipatory socialization
Jim Draeger—The meaning of red, white, and blue: A semiotic analysis of an American myth
Matt Ellenz: Organizational change and the framing of the new leadership of the 2004 Chicago
Bears‘ franchise

Lisa Evenson: A thematic analysis of the's use of testimonials in a public
relations attempt to build rapport with website viewers
Todd Fabos : A content analysis of the Green Bay Packer‘s Public Relations team‘s framing of
the ―Rebirth of a legend‖ of Lambeau field
Betsy Francoer—Brand image and Walt Disney: A qualitative analysis of ―Magical Gatherings‖
Nicole Frymark—Portrayals in magazines: The effects on women
Janell Gadzalinski: A content analysis of a popular press book relating to romantic jealousy
Lindsey Heimerl—Endomorphic, mesomorphic, and ectomorphic: A quantitative content
analysis of how females are portrayed in the media
Jared Heintz: Media and Public Relations in sports: A qualitative study of the relationship
between sports editors and sports information directors
Heather He mmingsen: How adult children of alcoholics sense- make how the disease has
affected them
Angie Kingsley: A content analysis of the messages Big 10 schools are sending in order to
recruit minority students
Alissa Kuster—Communicative behaviors and the Mental Adjustment to Cancer scale: A
qualitative study
Nathan Larson— How do members of local church create, coordinate, and manage meaning in
their relationships? An ethnographic study of friendship
Crissy Lobermier—What radio audiences desire from radio personalities
Tia Lukowitz—Relational dialectics in men‘s friendships: An ethnographic study
Kristy Mayfield: Are all women romantics? The uses and gratifications of watching TLC‘s ―A
Wedding Story‖
Lindsay Murty—Conflict styles in relationships: A comparative analysis of adult children from
divorced and nuclear families
James Neu—Relationships between fathers and sons in a juvenile diabetic family: A relational
dialectics study
Sara Norton—Anorexia nervosa: Sense- making the contributing factors
Aaron Pabst: Organizational symbolism in residence life at the University of Wiscons in – La
Crosse: A content analysis and auto ethnography of what it means to excel in residence life
Melissa Potter—The relationship between television news viewing and college students‘
knowledge of current events
Lisa Repinski: A content analysis of the portrayal of relationship dissolution in ―Sex in the
Matthew Rizzo: How student athletes‘ sense- make the stereotypes placed upon them
Leah Spaulding: How esteem influences willingness to communicate: A quantitative study
Emily Stobbe—Cohabitation before marriage and relationship satisfaction: A quantitative study
Veronica Szpot: Communication style compatibility based on satisfaction between roommates
in the dorms
Elizabeth Tomcek—A quantitative analysis of humor and embarrassibility
Alejandra Torres—Music and Attraction: A qualitative study of how music plays a role in a
couples‘ communication of their attraction
Reuben Torres: Do clothes make the man/woman after all?: A qualitative study on the
nonverbal code of dress/appearance
Courtney Turnoth—What are the differences in the perception of success between long-
distance and geographically close relationships: A qualitative study

Becky Verhey— Private talk in public spheres: A qualitative study of rules applied to cell
phone usage
Kelly Wagne r—A quantitative study on the effects of gender on platonic roommate situations
Sara Weisenbeck—More than just coworkers: The significance of workplace friendships
Monica Wilke rson—Impression management through clothing: A qualitative study of working
women‘s clothing choices
Wenona Wolf: Cross-sex friendships and sense- making: How communication changes after
unexpected sexual feelings or occurrences arise in interpersonal relationships
Linda Wong—Intimate relationship with Final Fantasy X: Wishful identification and para-social
interaction with favorite characters
Lore Vang: The uses and gratifications of examining Marvel Comics‘ X-Men

                                         Fall 2003

Crystal Neeb—Scent and Attraction: What Nonverbal Messages are ―Scent‖?
Meri Miller—Affinity-Seeking and College Dating: A Qualitative Study of Affinity-Seeking
Behaviors and Skills
Bethany Leaver—Parent-Daughter Communication: The Impact and Importance of Self-
Disclosure and Feelings of Understanding
Jude Tindall—Persuasive Tactics of Rich Dad Poor Dad: An Analysis of How Ethos, Pathos,
and Logos are Used to Persuade People to Take Substantial Financial Risks
Mark Truchan—An Examination of American Teachers‘ Immediacy Behaviors in Japan
Jenny Anderson—Turning Points and Dialectical Contradictions: Effects on Communication
between Engaged Partners
Jenny Mans—Romantic Relationships Among College Students: How a New Identity is
Ryan Wieters—Parental Behavior in Children‘s Sports: Emotional Sports Effects on Family
Rob McCain—Communication and Slang in American Speech: A Study of Youth Speech
Amanda Sauer—A Greater Taste of Life: Constructing Relationships in and through Food
Jake Jahimiak—A Comparative Analysis between Jaws and Moby Dick
Faith Pfundtner—Reality Television: Why do We Watch?
Robin Brown—The Relationship of Attachment Theory to Affinity-Seeking Strategies in Sex &
the City
Megan Duffy—Don‘t Stop Touching me: An Examination of the Relationship between Touch
and Relationship Satisfaction
Rachel Peterson—Similarities in Political Ideology between Parent and Child as a Result of
Family Communication Patterns
Natalie Stoffel—Prayer in Christian Romantic Relationships: A Qualitative Study
Karyn Kling—Sign Language and Hearing Children: Does the Deaf Culture Agree?
Phil Jahnke—Deconstructing The Wall: A Humanistic Film Criticism
Erika Drake—Analyzing Patterns of Conversation in John Edward‘s Readings
Evan Draeger—Intimacy through Nonverbal Immediacy Cues: How Does Intimacy through
Nonverbal Communication Affect the Level of Satisfaction in Romantic Relationships?

Shana Defnet—How Sibling Communication Changes After a Sibling Attends College; A Rules
Kim Schmaltz—Predicting Verbal Aggression in Sibling Relationships
Becky Pilsbury—The Next Bib Thing: Using a Press Kit to Gain a Music Journalist‘s Attention
Sarah Haus mann—Live Concerts as a Multi-Sensory Experience: Examining the Impact of
Visual, Auditory, and Situational Factors on Audience Reactions to the Event
Leah Elskamp—An Analysis of the Adaptation of Communication between Children and Their
Parents with Dementia
Rachel Dischinger—The Social Construction of Local News Stories in America‘s Culture of
Maggie Rice—The Influence of a Study Abroad Experience: Midwestern Students‘
Communication of Ethnocentrism
Janice Ruger—Sarcasm: How does Cultural Background Affect Interpretation?
Stephanie Connolly—A Response to Contradictory Expectations in Hillary Clinton‘s Women‘s
Rights are Human Rights and Carrie Caff‘s Speech to Congress: A Feminist Criticism
Maggie Peters—An Ethnographic Investigations of Teenagers‘ Web Logs
Maria Maier—The Women Behind the Killers
Colleen Bradek—Political Participation of College Students: A Study Describing how Party
Identification and Sources of Influence Impact Students Decisions to Take Part in the Political
Ben Olds—Gaining Friends at Work: An Examination of Affinity-Seeking Strategies
Julie Kesterke—How Fans Create and Maintain Their Realities from Concerts They Attend
Using the Social Construction Theory
Adam Wallschlaeger—An Analysis of Relationship Development in Committed Christians‘
Romantic Relationships
Brooke Peters—Verbal Aggressiveness of an Athletic Coach and Motivation of the Athlete
Megan Ande rson—An Examination of Self-Disclosure and Communication Styles in The
Adam Dvork—A Cultural Analysis of Skateboarding in La Crosse

                                          Spring 2003

Mandy Shaver: Happily ever after: A study of college women and their perceptions of idealistic
marriage messages from the media
Katie Kleiber: Long distance relationships: Is there greater relatio nal satisfaction and stronger
Katie Troeger: Touch Avoidance: Do touch scores reflect true feelings?
Lori Wiedenfeld: Understanding health club advertisements and their impact using the
Elaboration Likelihood Model
Tana Mann: Relationship between meta-communication among romantic partners and their
level of relationship satisfaction
Joe Stadele: A content analysis of sexual behaviors in music videos
Emily Barth: Perception of age in advertising
Staci Melby: How is the ‗Aloha Spirit‘ communicated to non- natives in Hawaii?
Leddy Drechsler: Couples‘ communication: Narratives of engagement stories

Clint Scullion: Hockey fans and verbal aggression: Exploring the relationship between fans and
forms of aggression
Gena Pangburn: Selection of newspaper front page photographs: The role of agenda setting
and gate-keeping in the selection process
Angie Soppe: Beyond the glossy pages: A descriptive analysis of female fascination with
women‘s magazines
Kim Steeno: The Use of Hip Hop in MTV advertisements: A Content analysis
Bridgett Littel: When roles reverse: Coping strategies use when parents do not fulfill their
Becki Sherven: Differences in musical tastes among men and women in romantic relationships
Julie Haley: Attraction to MTV‘s ―The Real World‖ characters: Para-social relationships
Traci Rogers : Communication styles and their affect on women in leadership positions
Diane Radzaje wski: What are they really saying: Consumerist ideology in image advertising
Margaret Kuchler: The impact of culture on Internet use
KT Schmidt: Commercials and emotion: What makes people talk?
Laura Hookham: Let‘s watch it together: A qualitative study of college students‘ experiences
of watching TV with friends
Rusty Braby: Language and reality: How international students perceive their new world
Emily Lawrence : Female adolescent popularity and social cruelty: Messages of aggression
Lindsey Golackson: Two-way communication: Exploring intimacy with God
Dena Luciani: How union representatives make sense of their union experiences
Abaigael McGraw: Relational turning points: A qualitative analysis examining interracial and
homogenous romantic relationships
Dana Dial: Using incentives to improve response rates
Nicole Pezze: How care providers communicate about working with developmentally disabled
Jennifer Claeys: The world of work: Portrayals from the sitcom ―Friends‖
Jerri Peterson: Analysis of exit interviews at ‗Company X‘: Looking for causes of turnover
Leena Jacob: Who am I?: A qualitative investigation of minorities‘ perceptions of mass media
Kelly Galstad: Turning points and closeness in sibling relationships
Misty Kratt: Female entrepreneurs and credibility: A qualitative study of how female
entrepreneurs communicate their credibility
Eric Kamme r: An analysis of para-social television viewing behavior by applying third-person
Josh Golackson: Self-disclosure in intercultural communication among university students in
the Midwest
Leann Deal: Beyond the birds and the bees: Exploring the effectiveness of the ‗sex talk‘
Teresa Obinger: Birth order and different communication patterns
Tim Bevers: Thematic analysis of American music: How terrorist attacks have affected
American musical themes
Nate Marshall: "The Toy": A metaphoric analysis
Jordann Ojanpa: Exploring the effects a father‘s influence has on a daughter‘s romantic
Sarah McCalvy: Is the future of American Airlines "Up in the Air?": An Analysis of American
Airline's Crisis Management Strategies after 9/11...

Gregg Wavrunek: Perception of a quarterback: Does race matter?
Ginny Brocker: Big bad bullies: An examination of aggressive girls
Laura Olson: Communication among the hearing- impaired: Understanding the effects of
technology on the deaf culture
Jaclyn Sorenson: The green-eyed monster: Jealousy in romantic relationships
Becky Foster: Communicating uncertainty: An analysis of how deaf and hearing impaired
individuals indicate uncertainties with one another
Katie Moenssens: How family members sense make the effects of alcoholism: An analysis of
their stories
Cathy Paul: The Truth Campaign: Fear appeals, self-efficacy and changing risky behavior
Outstanding Senior Project Award Winner
Jodee Huiras : A weighted issue: Media effects on body dissatisfaction in college women
Leah Scholl: Generic analysis of President Bush‘s rhetoric to the UN and the American public
concerning the war on Iraq
Becky Merfeld: Managing the unavoidable: An examination of employee perspectives of
conflict management style
Cole Passe: Major League Baseball as a business: From a fan‘s perspective
Mollie Stenslien: Buy, buy, buy : pop, power, and para-social relationships: How *nsynch‘s
online fan clubs promote more than just music
Josh Perkins : Music and the Internet: A content analysis exploring the types of information
contained within fan affiliated Web-pages
Mike Blesi: The relationship between cinematic violence and gender
Tim Albe rts : Perceptions of celebrities based on media portrayal
Stuart Shave : We are Americans: George W. Bush‘s use of identification in post:9/11 rhetoric
Emily Suchla: ―To live simply, proudly, boldly, manly, THIS is the high life‖: A content
analysis of televised beer advertisements and lifestyle messages
Bob Woelfel: Racism in sports: How black athletes talk about their experiences playing in
predominantly white societies
Paul Ness: How corporations help shape UW:L students‘ social construction of reality
Michelle Thelen: The meaning behind the ink: Personal feelings and experiences related to
Matt Bielanski: ―So there I was…‖: A look at self-concept and cultural identity in the war
stories of soldiers
Danielle Hunsade r: Communication of parents to providers of in- home child care vs.
commercial child care center providers
Melissa Brown: Media impact on elite gymnasts
George Shields : Use of affinity-seeking strategies in The Sopranos

                                          Fall 2002

Sarah Bailey: "Affinity-Seeking: A Feminine Communication Pattern"
Sara Berchem: "Self- Monitoring and College Students: The Influence of Students' Social
Jennifer Chvala: "The Differences Between Men's and Women's Gossip"
Sharon Dati: "Terms of Endearment"

Bradley Fischer: "Evaluating the Information Minor League Baseball Teams Communicate to
their Fans Through Team Web Sites."
Dominic B. Flath: "A Study of Affinity-Seeking in an Organizational Setting"
Kimberly Hammes : "Romantic Jealousy: Experiences and Expressions"
Danielle Huggett: "Metaphors and the Proposed War Against Iraq in International Editorials."
Nathan Kaczmarek: "Decoding the 'Smokers' Language"
Jessica Katorski: "Father/Daughter Relationships: Affects of Communicative Adaptability and
Satisfaction on Daughters' Romantic Relationships"
Lori Ketelhut: "How Conflict Between College Roommates is Socially Constructed"
Amy Kore menos : "Reiki: Breaking the Barriers of the Knowledge Gap Hypothesis"
Michael Lair: "Online Shopping: Framing the Retail Environment in Cyberspace"
Bethany Leard: "The Hookup Report: Sex on MTV's The Real World."
Melissa Marchand: "Sexual Innuendo in Teenage Male and Female Magazine Advertisements:
A Content Analysis"
Benjamin Mollet: "Portrayals of Non-Dominant Races on Local Television Newscasts"
Melissa Norby: "Conversation Interruption, Gender, and Acquaintance Levels."
Shawn Shibley: "Real Women?: The Portrayal and Perception of Women In Television Dramas"
Leigh Walgenbach: "Men in Advertising: What is perceived as attractive?"
Aaron Zwaska: "Political Influence in Music: A Study of the Relationship Between Political
and Musical Influences"

                                        Spring 2002

Chris Anderson: Interacting with your favorite team in cyberspace: A content analysis of NFL
team websites.
Christina Baker: Students' personal development and ratings of R.A. effectiveness
Arne Berg: Credibility in news promos
Jessica Blackbourn: Humorous advertisements: The role of context on perceived humor and
Maria Burman: An evaluation of ski resort websites and website effectiveness
Anna Dralle: The role of charismatic leadership within organizations
Joe Dominguez: Sports team metaphors and their functions
Jill Friedricksen: Rhetorical criticism of political resignation speeches
Melissa Fradkin: The effect of music lyrics on listeners‘ homophobic attitudes
Adam Fulle r: Labeling television news stories: The effects of labeling on importance,
credibility, and recollection
Amy Greden: An exploration of rituals and family satisfaction
Dan Grubb: The effect of teacher communication skills on student motivation
Sara Guggisberg: Kenneth Burke and two speeches given by President Bush on Sept. 11
Jennifer Hallett: Use of the leadership practices inventory
Kristi Hiekel: Terms of endearment used in Spain and the U.S.: A comparative study
Kirk Hinzman: Strategies for communicating effectively with people who have autism
Noriko Kato: Dating relationships across cultures
Michelle Keiser: Reality dating shows' influence on adolescents' perceptions of the dating

Erika Keller: Comparative rhetorical analysis of popular culture sales books
Andy Kilps: The effects of self- monitoring on relationship satisfaction
Krista Kurth: Parents' efforts to counter fear in children from TV news
Brian Kwong: Comparative analysis of stereotypes in video games and te levision
Dodie Limbe rg: Use of ‗sense- making‘ counter-transference strategies by school counselors
Anne Lindbe rg: Homesickness and the use of computer- mediated communication
Katie Mallow: Sexual innuendo in primetime TV ads
Heather Mattson: How self-constructions and self-esteem are affected when communicating in
a second language
Aaron Miller: Religious sponsorship: Effect on perception of messages
Bradley Mitchell: Local business views of college students as ‗target market‘
Rodrigo Monico-Barros : Masculine and feminine communication patterns in war films
Christophe r Neuharth: Internet radio: Uses and gratifications
Melissa Ogrizovich: Perceptions of sex-talks between parent and adolescent children
Amy Oliver: The use of multi- media and art forms in contemporary Christian worshipers: Are
worshipers getting the message?
Craig Orta: The UW:L African-American experience
Kim Pape: Affinity seeking and leadership
Josie Pemble : The messages and experience that motivates Up Till Dawn, a student organization
Christa Peters : Cultivation theory and young adults‘ perceptions of romantic relationships
Amanda Peterson: Physician communication styles and patient satisfaction
Tim Ricks: Thematic rhetorical analysis of Viet Nam war protest songs
Kristi Radde mann: Twins and topic avoidance
Stacia Savitt: How should unsigned bands handle their intellectual property to ensure they are
legally protected?
Mark Schutten: Verbal communication of ‗negative news‘ on cable channels
Lori Schultz: Women's role in horror films through the years
Paco Schulz: Analysis of male body images and attitudes in social interaction
Erin Schroeder: Father/daughter relationships
Sean Smith: Music and the culture of relationships
LeTay Stackhouse: Images of separation in music videos
Joy Szymanski: A content analysis of TV network morning news interviews: Gender,
communication style, nonverbal behaviors
Kim Thelen: Music television and college freshman social identity
Andrea Thede : What are those animals talking about?: Anthropomorphism in TV ads
Michael Uss: The 1970s box office and social unrest
Trina Wolosek: The U.S. Navy‘s crisis response, September 11
Marla Zabel: Giggles and laughs: The effect of humor in advertising

                                          Fall 2001

Lisa Austin: Self-disclosure between same-sex and opposite-sex siblings
Mandy Bachmann: Customer expectations for online service providers
Natalie Banach: Interpersonal attraction and body type
Megan Barber: Communication networks in fraternities and sororities

Laura Bernstein: The influence of music style on small group interaction
Shannon Bruce : The influence of media on attitudes toward cheerleading
Jessica Bowe: Uncertainty avoidance, individualism and collectivism, and topic selection in
intercultural interactions
Ryan Eichman: Crisis management in the Stringer and Wheeler football deaths
Natalie Flach: Gender, conflict style, and relationship satisfaction in same-sex and opposite-sex
Mia Giobbi: Comparative evaluation of La Crosse area CVB materials
Laura Guarnaccio: A rhetorical analysis of crisis communication: Guiliani's post WTC attack
press conferences
Melissa Halvorson: The influence of hair color on college men's decision to approach women
Jennifer Knoebel: Effectiveness of UW-L theater public relations and promotion
Karen Kolbe rg: Is your significant other lying?
Jodi Macht: Communication about soap operas by college women
Elizabeth Maloney: Adapting to host cultures through intercultural communication competence
Jason Marin: Audience perceptions of television news production values
Nicole Moenssens: Influence of argument on evaluation of negative political ads
Michael Rizzo: Communication responses to Italian-American stereotypes
Sara Schmidt: Sexist humor: ratings and reactions and sex roles
Jessica Schock: Effectiveness of persuasive appeals in the Human Society telethon
Melissa Schwartz: The relationship between humor and recall in television commercials
Troy Sitzbe rger: Minding your tongue with age: how age influences profanity usage
Spencer Straub: Lois and Superman: Changing dynamics and changing roles
Leah Sutscheck: Conflict resolution style and experience in management: moderating the
effects of gender
Brittany Tibbits: A critical analysis of the ethics of program length advertisements for children
Jason Tomrell: Audio samples on websites as a promotional tool for musicians
Mike Ward: Teaching digital video editing in schools
Kristin Wurster: Impact of corporate culture on humor in training

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