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Worksheet 5 _Kitchen Tools_ - Ho by fjwuxn


									       Kitchen knife set         Spatula    Mustard dispenser      Garlic press

    Measuring cup    Glass container Salt and pepper shakers    Tablecloth

Mug of beer                        Wooden rollingpin    Floral cup

  Wooden chopping block     Cookie cutter      Ketchup dispenser

    Bowl of soup                  Grated cheese on chopping block   Cooking ladle

      Icecream scoop          Oil and vinegar containers   Sifter             Whisk

    Set of kitchen utensils            Silver corkscrew wine Fluted glass

    Yellow plate with carrot peels and peeler       Mustard dispenser   White teapot

  White teapot            White kitchen mixing bowl    White ceramic egg cup

  Kitchen peeler          Heart-shaped baking dish    White teapot Syrup container

  Measuring spoons     Chopping block with fresh vegetables   Sugar container

Pestle and bowl      Kitchen timer   Wooden mixing spoon

  Copper strainer            Copper sieve with fresh tomatoes    Clear glass dish

Clear glass sundae dish   Can opener Shot glass

     Butcher block cutting board     Metal sifter with flour Old-fashioned coffee percolator

  Slotted wooden spoon     Apron            Orange and brown gourd.

Baking dish   Silver nutcracker with walnut

                                              ) ‫هيله الفيصل (المجموعة األولى‬

                                                      ‫قدر الضغظ‬pressure cooker

                                                      ‫مطحنة القهىة‬coffee grinder

                                                             ‫دلة القهىة‬coffee pot

                                                         ‫ملعقة شىربة‬soup spoon

                                                          ‫مروحة شفظ‬suction fan

                                                             ‫خالط كيك‬cake mixer
                                                     ‫عجانة كهربائية‬electric mixer


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