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									With no room for paragraphs, the story of Angry Bear begins in Moscow, Idaho. By now you probably realize there is nothing
“angry” about Angry Bear, but if you walked thru our doors fearful of the possibility of coming face to face with an actual angry
bear, you are very brave. For those who are curious, the name Angry Bear is derived from a family nickname given to the owner for
those occasions when his mood wasn’t the most enjoyable to be around. That nickname led us to create a restaurant where there
is no reason to ever be angry; a place where you come to be happy and indulge yourself with excellent food, beer & wine, all the
while socializing with your family & friends, maybe even strangers. In our many years (we won’t say how many), we’ve dined at some
excellent restaurants where the attention given to the food and service was above and beyond. We found no reason why the same
five-star quality and service we received couldn’t be applied to something more affordable and less stuffy. As our first and very own
restaurant concept, we were set on making Angry Bear a fine dining experience in a casual environment, featuring chef-inspired
foods and a huge variety of beers and wines to compliment them. Angry Bear was originally meant to be just a burger joint, but the
community convinced us that what it really needed is an authentic steak house. Before Angry Bear, if someone wanted to choose
from a variety of premium steaks they’d have to drive well out of their way, practically taking a vacation to cover the travel time
necessary. We were now focused on becoming a steak house, but we didn’t give our burgers any less attention. Our burgers are
inspired by the history of the burger, one of America’s greatest contributions to the culinary world. The burger was created during
the 1890’s and reached its peak flavor by the 20’s and 30’s, when it more closely resembled the modern burger as we know it. That
was a time when all burgers were made with freshly ground beef and nothing more than a bakery fresh bun and perhaps a few fresh
veggies to top it. Unfortunately, the decades following made freshly ground beef burgers a lost tradition, nearly forgotten by even
the most discriminating diners. For later generations, ketchup became the standard dressing on a burger. After looking deep into
historical archives, we found ketchup was commonly used to add flavor to the limited scraps of food available during the depression.
For many, ketchup was an affordable alternative to making an everyday meal last for more than just one meal. Although ketchup
is delicious, we try to discourage anyone from putting ketchup on our burgers. It really takes away from just how high grade our
burger patties really are. Remember, steaks and burgers come from the same source and unless you like ketchup on your steak,
there should be no reason to smother your burger with it. Anyway, enough about the past, back to the story of Angry Bear. Without
exception, our steaks had to be the same quality you’d find in a big city steakhouse, yet pay two or three times less. Calling on the
expertise of a 6th generation butcher, we tasted dozens of varieties and brands of meat, looking into every detail, including the
animals diet and living conditions, until we found the best of the best. We put forth the same level of energy into our entire menu
and we’ll continue to do that indefinitely. So that’s our story for now. Combining our passion for food with other passions, Angry
Bear has evolved into an eclectic mix of food, beverages, music, art & atmosphere. We want Angry Bear to be a place where you
can always expect something special. Hopefully, we’ll be forced to drag you out at closing each night and find you waiting at our
doors when we open the next day. Angry Bear is the one and only in the world, a true original, and we’re glad you’re a part of it.
Now it’s time to enjoy. Cheers!

      { 1484 South Blaine Street ~ Moscow, Idaho ~ 208-882-9850 ~ }

                                                Sunday thru Thursday 11am to 9pm
                                                 Friday & Saturday 11am to 10pm
                                                       Bar Stays Open Late
                                            Mac & Cheese { $8 }
                  Four creamy cheeses topped w/ melted mozzarella & sprinkled w/ green onions
                                       Stuffed Mushrooms { $12 }
              Two Portobello mushroom caps stuffed w/ a blend of cheeses, herbs, spices & vegetables
                                        Fruit & Cheese Plate { $9 }
                     Hand-selected cheeses & seasonal fruits to be enjoyed w/ any of our wines
                                           Hummus Plate { $10 }
                     House-made hummus with naan (pita bread) and an assortment of veggies
                                  Tomato & Mozzarella Salad { $9 }
                          Sliced Roma tomatoes, soft mozzarella, herbs, spices, vinaigrette
                 Tofu Summer Rolls { $9 } ~ Shrimp Summer Rolls { $12 }
    Rice noodles, fresh veggies & herbs, tofu or shrimp, wrapped in rice paper, served w/ a trio of dipping sauces
                                               Calamari { $10 }
                                         Hand battered, fried squid & sauce
                                          Shrimp Cocktail { $11 }
                                             Eight jumbo shrimp & sauce
                                          Steamed Clams { $12 }
                                 Hard-shell clams steamed in a seasoned wine sauce
                                           Burger Sliders { $10 }
                             Four classic mini burgers & potato chips or jalapeño chips
                                           Steak Skewers { $16 }
    Four grilled skewers ~ 16 ounces of hand-cut chuck steak, mushrooms, onion, red & green peppers, pineapple

              Add a Cup of Soup, Side House or Side Caesar to any Sandwich, Burger or Entree for $3
                     Add chicken or shrimp to any salad - $2 on side salad, $3 on dinner salad

                             Cup of Soup { $5 } ~ Bowl of Soup { $7 }
                                              Daily soup special or chili
                                             Soup & Salad { $7 }
                           Cup of soup, freshly baked bread & side Caesar or house salad
                          Side Caesar Salad { $5 } ~ Caesar Salad { $7 }
                                     Croutons, shaved Asiago, Caesar dressing
                           Side House Salad { $5 } ~ House Salad { $7 }
                      Mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta crumbles, lemon-dill dressing
                                              Chef Salad { $12 }
       Romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, ham, turkey, bacon bits, boiled eggs, Cheddar cheese, Ranch dressing
                                           Spinach Salad { $10 }
                       Spinach leaves, hard-boiled egg slices, bacon bits, Swiss cheese, sweet vinaigrette
                                             Wedge Salad { $9 }
             Crisp wedges of iceberg lettuce, bacon bits, blue cheese crumbles, blue cheese vinaigrette
                                    Strawberry Pecan Salad { $11 }
            Spinach leaves, strawberries, candied pecans, feta crumbles, strawberry-mascarpone dressing

Ranch ~ Caesar ~ Blue Cheese ~ Creamy Balsamic ~ Lemon-Dill ~ Sweet Vinaigrette ~ Lemon Vinaigrette ( Dairy-Free )

             Choice of fries, onion rings, potato chips or jalapeño chips, served w/ a crisp pickle wedge

                                                    BLT { $9 }
                Hickory smoked bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, honey mustard, mayo, toasted white bread
                                     Turkey Club Sandwich { $10 }
     Turkey, hickory smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, honey mustard, mayo, toasted white bread
                                  Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwich { $10 }
                      Tender pulled pork, sweet BBQ sauce, pickles, mayo, toasted white bun
                                      Chicken Cordon Bleu { $10 }
                    Grilled or crispy chicken, grilled ham, Swiss cheese, mayo, toasted Kaiser roll
                             Bacon & Swiss Chicken Sandwich { $10 }
          Grilled or crispy chicken, hickory smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, honey mustard, toasted Kaiser roll
                                Blackened Chicken Sandwich { $10 }
                Cajun-style grilled chicken, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, toasted Kaiser roll
                                   Jumbo Chicken Sandwich { $12 }
               Three chicken strips on a 6” bun, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, garlic sauce

                                        Customize your Sandwich
 Healthy Alternatives ~ Sub a veggie or vegan patty or get it “Bear Naked” for a gluten-free, lettuce-wrapped burger
       Complimentary Toppings ~ pickles, tomatoes, mustard, honey mustard, mayo, BBQ sauce, garlic sauce
                          50¢ Toppings - extra cheese, cucumbers, mushrooms, jalapeños
                            $1 Toppings - hickory smoked bacon, ham, turkey, fried egg
           Our burger patties are freshly ground, hand-made daily and never frozen
                 Choice of fries, onion rings, potato chips or jalapeño chips, served w/ a crisp pickle wedge

                                                  Classic Burger { $9 }
                                     American cheese, lettuce, onions, special sauce no.1
                                                 Jumbo Burger { $12 }
                                     The Classic Burger w/ one pound of beef on a 6” bun
                                                  Bacon Burger { $10 }
                         Hickory smoked bacon, American cheese, lettuce, onions, special sauce no.1
                                        Blue Cheese Bacon Burger { $11 }
                      Hickory smoked bacon, blue cheese crumbles, lettuce, onions, special sauce no.2
                                        Mushroom & Swiss Burger { $10 }
                                 Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms, onions, special sauce no.2
                                                   Chili Burger { $10 }
                                       American cheese, chili, onions, special sauce no.1
                                                 Angry Burger { $12 }
                           Two beef patties, double American cheese, lettuce, onions, garlic sauce
                                                 Crunch Burger { $11 }
                              Pepper jack cheese, potato chips, onions, sun-dried tomato spread
                                                Western Burger { $11 }
                              Hickory smoked bacon, American cheese, onion rings, BBQ sauce
                                                Nuclear Burger { $11 }
         Pepper jack cheese, sautéed jalapeños, onions, special sauce no.2 ( for extra fire, request the Mega Nuke )
                                                  Veggie Burger { $9 }
                      Veggie patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, ketchup, mayo
                                                  Vegan Burger { $9 }
                               Vegan patty, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard

                                                Customize your Burger
                                   Make it a double for $3 ( excludes Jumbo Burger )
   Healthy Alternatives ~ Sub a veggie or vegan patty or get it “Bear Naked” for a gluten-free, lettuce-wrapped burger
  Complimentary Toppings ~ relish, pickles, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, honey mustard, mayo, BBQ sauce, garlic sauce
                         50¢ Toppings - extra cheese, grilled red pepper, mushrooms, jalapeños
                              $1 Toppings - hickory smoked bacon, ham, turkey, fried egg

                                            Grilled Half Chicken { $14 }
  Tender, all natural, rubbed with herbs & spices, oven roasted then grilled & basted, BBQ or Original, choice of two sides
                                     Chicken & Mushroom Marsala { $14 }
        Grilled Chicken Breast topped with mushrooms, herbs and a sweet, Marsala wine sauce, choice of two sides
                                             Blackened Chicken { $12 }
Grilled Chicken Breast coated with our spicy, Cajun-style seasoning, choice of two sides ( add another Chicken Breast for $3 )

                          Half Rack of Ribs { $17 } ~ Full Rack of Ribs { $24 }
       Tender, St Louis-Style Baby Back Ribs, double basted in our own sweet & spicy BBQ sauce, choice of two sides

                                                 Steak Skewers { $16 }
Two grilled skewers ~ 8 ounces of hand-cut chuck, mushrooms, onion, red & green peppers, pineapple, choice of two sides
                                               Top Sirloin 10 oz { $17 }
                         USDA choice, 21 days aged, lean w/ little texture and fat, choice of two sides
                                                  Ribeye 14 oz { $19 }
                   21 days aged, hand-cut, well marbled for excellent flavor & juiciness, choice of two sides
                                                  T-bone 12 oz { $22 }
     A steak lovers cut, 21 days aged, bone-in, consisting of a strip steak & a portion of tenderloin, choice of two sides
                                            NY Strip Steak 12 oz { $22 }
                          21 days aged, hand-cut, rich in texture, lean & flavorful, choice of two sides
                                        Grass-Fed Steaks { market price }
    Locally raised near Moscow on a grass only diet, flavorful & juicy ( ask your server for availability ), choice of two sides
                                               Filet Mignon 8 oz { $29 }
                  Our premium steak, 21 days aged, hand-cut, thick, very tender & juicy, choice of two sides
                                  Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon 8 oz { $31 }
           Filet Mignon wrapped in hickory smoked bacon, topped w/ blue cheese crumbles, choice of two sides

                                                  Fish & Chips { $12 }
        Four strips of Alaskan Amber beer battered cod & choice of fries, onion rings, potato chips or jalapeño chips
                                               Shrimp Skewers { $16 }
        Two skewers of grilled shrimp, mushrooms, onions, red & green peppers and pineapple, choice of two sides
                                                  Salmon Fillet { $17 }
                  Farm raised in the Pacific, grilled & basted with lemon, butter & garlic, choice of two sides
                                          Blackened Salmon Fillet { $18 }
           Farm raised in the Pacific, coated with our spicy, Cajun-style seasoning then grilled, choice of two sides

                                                Veggie Skewers { $12 }
 Three skewers of grilled mushrooms, onions, red & green peppers, pineapple and baby red potatoes, choice of two sides
                         Included w/ some entrées, sides may also be ordered individually

                                                   Onion Rings
      Side Caesar Salad                                                                           Green Beans
                                                   Potato Chips
      Side House Salad                                                                    Sautéed Button Mushrooms
                                                  Jalapeño Chips
         Cup of Soup                                                                  Sautéed Sliced Mushrooms & Onions
                                              Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
 Tomato & Mozzarella Salad                                                                 Sautéed Mixed Vegetables
                                              Cheesy Mashed Potatoes
Garlic or Cheesy Garlic Bread                                                                  Asparagus Spears
                                                   Baked Potato
                                                Au Gratin Potatoes

                       Includes fries, kids drink & choice of fruit cup, fruit snack or ice cream

                                            Mac & Cheese           { $5 }
                                             Kid Burger {          $6 }
                                            Grilled Cheese         { $6 }
                                            Chicken Strips          { $6 }

                                          Chocolate Mousse { $6 }
                            Creamy chocolate, shaved dark chocolate, whipped cream
                                       New York Cheesecake { $6 }
                           Topped w/ your choice of strawberries, chocolate or caramel
                                 Raspberry & Coconut Custard { $6 }
                                Baked custard, raspberries, brown sugar, coconut flakes
                                                Pecan Pie { $6 }
                                          Large slice of pie & whipped cream
                                            Root Beer Float { $4 }
                                     Vanilla ice cream, root beer, whipped cream

        Soft Drinks, Freshly Brewed Iced Tea & Juices ( Free Refills ) { $2.50 }
              Flavored Soda & Flavored Lemonade ( Free Refills ) { $3 }
                           Bottled & Sparkling Water { $3 }
                             Hot Tea ( Free Refills ) { $3 }
                             Coffee ( Free Refills ) { $2 }
                                 Orange Juice { $4 }
                                      Milk { $2 }
                      Chocolate Milk & Hot Chocolate { $2.50 }
                          Tomato or Clamato Juice { $1.50 }
                             Red Bull ( Sugarfree ) { $3 }

                                              2pm to 6pm Every Day
              $2 Off Appetizers ~ $3 Off Pitchers ~ $2 Off Mugs ~ $1 Off Pints ~ $1 Off Bottled Beer
                     $1 Off Wine by the Glass ~ $5 Off Wine by the Bottle ~ $1 Off Cocktails

           Spend $30 or more on a bottle of wine ( after Happy Hour pricing ) and receive your choice of
        Stuffed Mushrooms, Fruit & Cheese Plate, Tomato & Mozzarella Salad, Shrimp Cocktail or Calamari

    Consuming raw or undercooked meat, seafood or egg products can increase your risk of foodborne illness
                         A service charge of 18% will be added to parties of 7 or more
         We offer a 10% discount to Military and Emergency Services personnel with valid identification

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