Tomato Ketchup

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					Tomato Ketchup

8lb ripe tomatoes
2 large onions
4 large apples
1½ pint spiced vinegar
or 1½ pint vinegar + 4tsp pickling spice
12oz sugar
pinch of cayenne ..... optional ....we do not put this in to ensure it is 100% child friendly!

Sterilize glass bottles in the oven at gas mark 2 for half an hour
Boil the pickling spices in the vinegar for 10 minutes and strain.

Liquidize the tomatoes and place in large preserving pan.
Peel the onion and the apples and add to tomatoes.
Cook the apples, onion and tomatoes to a thick pulp stirring frequently.
Liquidize the pulp to remove any remaining lumps of onion or apple.
Sieve the pulp and simmer gently with the vinegar, cayenne and sugar until thick and creamy.
Add salt to taste.

Pot at once in hot, sterilized bottles.
Seal with a small square of cling film stretched over the open top. If an air tight seal is made the cling film
will first of all puff-up and then get sucked-down as the ketchup cools. Gently put on the screw tops so that
they protect the cling film seal.

It keeps very well if sterilized properly.