Resource Sheet Relief Programs of the New Deal A by marcjackson


									Resource Sheet #1

      Relief Programs of the New Deal: A Comparison
DIRECTIONS: Use your textbook to gather information on the New Deal relief
programs listed below. Summarize how each program attempted to provide
relief for Americans during the Depression in the right column of the chart. After
completing the chart answer the follow-up questions.

          New Deal Program                                Summary

      Federal Emergency Relief
     Administration, 1933 (FERA)

  Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933

   Civil Works Administration, 1933

   Agricultural Adjustment Act, 1933

 Works Progress Administration, 1935

Follow-up questions: (use back of paper if necessary)

   1. How do the programs in the chart differ from each other in the way they try
      to help the American people?

   2. Why would some relief programs be more popular with the American
      people than others?

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