Porto Seguro S.A. (PSSA3) - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review by GlobalData


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									          Porto Seguro S.A. (PSSA3) - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review

       Reference Code: GDFS23619FSA                                                                                   Publication Date: SEP 2010

       Al. Ribeiro da Silva, 275, 1        Phone                                                       Revenue
                                                            +55 11 33661722                                              5,743 (million BRL)
       Andar Campos Eliseos
       Sao Paulo - SP                      Fax              +55 11 33668823                            Net Profit        408.70 (million BRL)
       01217-010                           Website          www.portoseguro.com.br                     Employees         8,791
       Brazil                              Exchange         PSSA3 [Sao Paulo Stock Exchange]           Industry          Financial Services

      Company Overview
       Porto Seguro S.A. (Porto Seguro) is an insurance company, providing a wide range of insurance products. The company offers
       automobile, health, property and casualty, life insurance, private pension plan and transportation insurance. The company
       through its subsidiaries offers products to individuals, families, businesses and governmental entities in Brazil and Uruguay. It has
       about 1.5 million customers, 1.8 million titleholders of insurance policies and about 3 million insured items. The company is head
       quartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil and employs around 7,124 people.

      Key Executives                                                              SWOT Analysis
                    Name                                   Title                  Porto Seguro S.A., SWOT Analysis
      Jayme Brasil Garfinkel               Chairman                               Strengths                 Weaknesses

      Casimiro Blanco Gomez                Director
                                                                                  Diversified Business and            Geographical Concentrated
      Mario Urbinati                       Director                               Product Portfolio
      Pedro Luiz Cerize                     Director                                                                  Lower Returns
                                                                                  Expanding Market Share in
      Marcelo Barroso Picanco                                                     Sector
      Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research

      Share Data                                                                  Opportunities                      Threats
       Porto Seguro S.A.
       Share Price (BRL) as on 30-Aug-2010                                 21.0   Growth in Automobile                Fluctuations in Interest Rates
       EPS (BRL)                                                         1.000
                                                                                                                      Regulatory Issues
       Market Cap (million BRL)                                          6,880    Opportunity for Strategic
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