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									Why We Matter...
For over eighty years,
Central Scholarship Bureau has been bridging the gap between the cost of higher education and the financial resources available to local students. In 1924, only those with substantial savings could afford the university, professional, or vocational training that would better their future. CSB’s donor community saw it as an honor and duty to do what they could to change that. A few of the students we’ve helped:
One of the first two African Americans to be admitted to UMD medical school A violinist with the Boston Symphony and conductor A costume designer for Broadway and opera Both a Siberian camp survivor and his son, a writer in architecture and design

Loan Programs
Central Scholarship Bureau is a nonprofit, privately funded organization that offers interest-free loans to qualified students to help meet the costs of college, professional, or vocational training. Each year, we award more than $600,000 in new loans. Loans are always interest-free, from the moment that the student accepts the loan until the moment that it is repaid in full. CSB charges no application or loan fees to the student or family at any time. Interest-Free Loans are limited to a maximum of $10,000 per academic year. Actual award amounts are determined by the selection committee. The maximum cumulative amount for any individual student is $40,000. Qualified co-signers are required.

The Weinberg Grant Program for Private Career Schools
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc. supports Central Scholarship Bureau in offering grants to full-time students in programs at private career schools. The intent of the program is to remove the financial barriers for motivated and promising Maryland residents who want to complete career training at one of Maryland’s private career schools.

Scholarships of up to $6,000 will be awarded each year (with a ceiling of 75% of the program’s cost). Eligibility requirements include:

Residency in the state of Maryland the school

• Full-time student status, as it is defined by • Program is offered at a private career
school that has been approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission with a college

• Program has no articulation agreement • Adjusted Gross Income of the student’s
family must be $66,000 or less

Scholarship Bureau’s services are more relevant than ever. Over the past fifteen years, the cost to attend most post-secondary institutions has doubled, many governmentregulated student loan programs have been privatized, and school-related expenses (such as rent, meals, and books) have increased sharply. More and more students are coming out of school with over $50,000 in student loan debt. CSB’s grants and interest-free loans ease the pain for these students and shorten their repayment period.

Today, Central

Two repayment options are available: a ten-year, graduated-payment plan, and a seven-year, equal-payment plan.

Who may apply?
• Full-time students in good academic • •
standing Established residents of Maryland Those who fall within CSB’s income guidelines and have applied for Federal financial aid

• CSB application and all supporting
documentation received by May 31, 2008 (online application is available at www.centralsb.org)

Our ultimate vision is to increase our donations to a level that will allow deserving recipients to graduate debt-free.

Want to apply? More information and application materials are available at: www.centralsb.org

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