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36 Grad / 2raumwohnung. - EMI Music Germany, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 094638603924
Enth. u.a.: Besser gehts nicht; Mir kann Nichts passieren; 36 Grad; Der Sommer der jetzt
nicht war; Ich bin der Regen; Nimm sie; Ja; La la la; Du bewegst dich nicht; Seid Eins;
Eins zwei drei - tschiu...; Lotus; Bleib doch bis es schneit

NE: Sechsunddreissig Grad; Zweiraumwohnung
BP: 2raumwohnung
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten
                                                                                           50 Cent
50 Cent:
Curtis / 50 Cent. - Interscope Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517334045
Enth. u.a.: Intro; My gun go off; Man down (censored); I'll still kill / feat. Akon; I get money;
Come & go; Ayo technology / feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland; Follow my lead / feat.
Robin Thicke; Movin on up; straight to the bank; Amusement park; Fully loaded clip; Peep
show / feat. Eminem; Fire / feat. Young Buck & Nicole Scherzinger; All of me / feat. Mary
J. Blige; Curtis 187; Touch the sky / feat. Tony Yayo

NE: Fifty Cent; Blige, Mary J.; Thike, Robin; Yayo, Tony; Scherzinger, Nicole
BP: 50 Cent; Timberlake, Justin; Timbaland; Akon; Eminem
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Hip Hop/Rap
Die Ärzte:
Jazz ist anders / Die Ärzte. - Hot Action Records, 2007. - 2 CDs
Enth. u.a.: CD 1: Himmelblau ; Lied vom Scheitern; Breit ; Lasse redn; Die ewige
Maitresse ; Junge; Nur ein Kuss ; Perfekt; Heulerei ; Licht am Ende des Sarges;
Niedliches Liebeslied ; Deine Freundin (wäre mir zu anstrengend); Allein ; Tu das nicht;
Living hell ; Vorbei ist vorbei; CD 2: Wir sind die Besten ; Wir waren die Besten ; Wir sind
die Lustigsten

BP: Die Ärzte
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten; CD Punkrock
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs
Pocket Symphony / Air. - Emi Music France, 2007. - (Virgin : aircheology)
Bestellnr.: 094638376125
Enth. u.a.: Space maker; Once upon a time; One hell of a party; Napalm love; Mayfair
song; Left bank; Photograph; Mer du japon; Lost message; Somewhere between waking
and sleeping; Redhead girl; Night sight

NE: Cocker, Jarvis; Hannon, Neil
BP: Air
SY: CD Pop

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                                                                             Al-Deen, Laith
Al-Deen, Laith:
Die Liebe zum Detail / Laith Al-Deen. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 886970662628
Enth. u.a.: Alles unter diesem Himmel; Keine wie du; Es wird nicht leicht sein; Die Liebe
zum Detail; Hinter dir; Du; Worum es dir geht; Wo bist du; Der Beginn; Ich hab¿s Dir nie
gesagt; Ganz nah; Stille; Federleicht; Live Videos Hanau 2006: Sag mir dass du es bist;
Mit mir; Ich mag wie du mich liebst

BP: Al-Deen, Laith
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten
                                                                               Almond, Marc
Almond, Marc:
Stardom road / Marc Almond. - Fullfill LLC, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5016073901125
Enth. u.a.: I have lived ; I close my eyes and count to ten / with Sarah Cracknell; Bedsitter
images ; The London boys; Strangers in the night ; The ballad of the sad young men / with
Antony Hegarty; Stardom road ; Kitsch; Backstage (I'm lonely) / feat. Jools Holland ;
Dream lover; Happy heart ; Redeem me (beauty will redeem the world); The curtain falls

BP: Almond, Marc
SY: CD Pop
                                                                           Arctic Monkeys
Arctic Monkeys:
Favourite worst nightmare / Arctic Monkeys. - London : Domino Recording, 2007.
Enth. u.a.: Brianstorm; Teddy Picker; D is for dangerous; Balaclava; Fluorescent
adolescent; Only ones who know; Do me a favour; This house is a circus; If you were
there, beware; The bad thing; Old yellow bricks; 505

BP: Arctic Monkeys
SY: CD Pop

Bestellnr.: 5034202018827

AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage
                                                                            Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys:
Unbreakable / Backstreet Boys. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 886971696721
Enth. u.a.: Intro; Everything but mine; Inconsolable; Something that I already know;
Helpless when she smiles; Any other way; One in a million; Panic; You can let go; Trouble
is; Treat me right; Love will keep you up all night; Unmistakable; Unsuspecting sunday

BP: Backstreet Boys
SY: CD Pop

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                                                                                Beasty Boys
Beastie Boys:
The mix-up / Beastie Boys. - Capitol Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5099950011124
Enth. u.a.: B for my name; 14th st. break; Suco de tangerine; The gala event; Electric
worm; Freaky hijiki; Off the grid; The rat cage; The melee; Dramastically different; The
cousin of death; The kangaroo rat

BP: Beastie Boys
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Hip Hop/Rap
Limbo Messiah / Beatsteaks. - Warner Music Group Germany, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5051442012026
Enth. u.a.: Listen; As I please; Jane became insane; Sharp, cool & collected; Meantime;
Demons galore; Cut off the top; Bad brain; She was great; Soljanka; Hail to the freaks;

NE: 7
BP: Beatsteaks
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Punkrock
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage
                                                                            Bedingfield, Natasha
Bedingfield, Natasha:
N.B. / Natasha Bedingfield. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 886970775427
Enth. u.a.: How do you do?; I wanna have your babies; Soulmate; Who knows; Say it
again; Pirate bones; Backyard; Tricky angel; When you know you know; I think they're
thinking (interlude); (No moe) what ifs / feat. Eve; Not givin' up; Still here; Smell the roses;

BP: Bedingfield, Natasha
SY: CD Pop
                                                                    Beethoven, Ludwig van
Beethoven, Ludwig van [Komp.]:
Piano Concertos nos. 1 & 4 / Ludwig van Beethoven. Lang Lang, piano. Orchestre de
Paris, Christoph Eschenbach. - Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, 2007. - 1 CD, 1 DVD -
(Universal Music)
Bestellnr.: 028947767190
Enth. u.a.: Concerto for piano and orchestra no. 1 in C major, op. 15; Concerto for piano
and orchestra no. 4 in G major, op. 58; Bonus DVD: The recording sessions; Lang Lang
talks about concerto no. 4; Christoph Eschenbach and Lang Lang on their first encounter

BP: Eschenbach, Christoph ; Lang Lang
SY: CD Klassik
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 DVD

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All 4 one / beFour. - Pop'n'Roll, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 4029758826324
Enth. u.a.: Magic melody; Come fly with me; Little little love; All 4 one; Cosmic ride; Zero
gravity; A new generation; Everybody; Fly around the world; Cherry babe; Red (The color
of love); Bye bye baby; Magic melody (Karaoke Version)

NE: be4; All four one; All for one; All4One
BP: beFour
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten
                                                                                   Billy Talent
Billy Talent:
666 Live : recorded live at Phillipshalle Düsseldorf / Billy Talent. - Warner Music, 2007. - 1
CD; 1 DVD; Beil.: Booklet
Bestellnr.: 825646973873
Enth. u.a.: This is how it goes; Devil in a midnight mass; This suffering; Line and sinker;
Standing in the rain; The navy song; Worker bees; The ex; Surrender; Prisoners of today;
Fallen leaves; Perfect world; Sympathy; Try honesty; Nothing to lose; River below; Red
flag; DVD: MTV Rock am Ring: Perfect world; Sympathy; Try honesty; Nothing to lose;
Fallen leaves; Red flag; DVD: Brixton: This is how it goes; Devil in a midnight mass; This
suffering; Standing in the rain; The navy song; Worker bees; Düsseldorf: Line and sinker;
The ex; Surrender; Prisoners of today; River below; Red flag

NE: sixhundredsixtysix live
BP: Billy Talent
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Rock
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 Beilage
                                                                             Bisbal, David
Bisbal, David:
Premonición / David Bisbal. - Universal Music Spain, 2007. - (Vale Music)
Bestellnr.: 602517417540
Enth. u.a.: Quien me iba a decir; Silencio; Como la primera vez; Torre de Babel; Amar es
lo que quiero; Soldado del papel; Premonicion; Cuidar nuestro amor; Calentando voy;
tendras; Amanecer sin ti; Aqui y ahora; Live Tracks: Buleria; Oye el boom; Angel de la
noche; Permitame Senora; Ave Maria; Bonus Tracks: Torre de Babel (db Original Mix);
Tore de Babel (Remix de Wisin & Yandel)

BP: Bisbal, David
SY: CD Pop
Volta / Björk. - Universal Music, 2007. - (Welhart Ltd)
Bestellnr.: 602517335240
Enth. u.a.: Earth Intruders; Wanderlust; The dull flame of desire; Innocence; I see who you
are; Vertebrae by vertebrae; Pneumonia; Hope; Declare independence; My juvenile
(starring Anthony as "The Conscience")

BP: Björk
SY: CD Pop
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage

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                                                                                  Bloc Party
Bloc Party:
A weekend in the city / Bloc Party. - Wichita Recordings, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5055036261203
Enth. u.a.: Song for Clay (disappear here); Hunting for witches; Waiting for the 7.18; The
prayer; Uniform; On; Where is home?; Kreuzberg; I still remember; Sunday; Srxt

BP: Bloc Party
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Rock
                                                                                Blunt, James
Blunt, James:
All the lost souls / James Blunt. - Atlantic Recording Corporation, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 075678997242
Enth. u.a.: 1973; One of the brightest stars; I'll take everything; Same mistake; Carry you
home; Give me some love; I really want you; Shine on; Annie; I can't hear the music

BP: Blunt, James
SY: CD Pop
                                                                                     Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi:
Lost highway / Bon Jovi. - Mercury Records, 2007. - (Island)
Bestellnr.: 602517328082
Enth. u.a.: Lost highway; Summertime; ( You want to) make a memory; Whole lot of
leavin'; We got it going on (with big & rich); Any other day; Seat next to you; Everybody's
broken; Till we ain't strangers anymore feat. LeAnn Rimes; The last night; One step
closer; I lover this town

NE: Rimes, LeAnn
BP: Bon Jovi
SY: CD Pop
The Bosshoss:
Stallion Battalion / The Bosshoss. - Universal Music Group, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517340428
Enth. u.a.: Stallion Battalion; Monkey business; Shake and shout; José and myling; Free
love on free love free way; Polk salad Annie; Omniscient lover; Everything counts;
Goodbye Mary; Gay Bar; Truck'N'Roll rules; High; Drop it like it's hot; Jumpin' around

BP: The Bosshoss
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Country
Boundzound - Universal Music, 2007. - (Island)
Bestellnr.: 602517318908
Enth. u.a.: Every day; Louder; Boundzound; Airport; So long; Marathon Mann; Stay alive;
Dance on; Wellnessclub; Lowendhigh; Love clock; All times

BP: Boundzound
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten; CD Hip Hop/Rap

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                                                                        Bravo the Hits 2007
Bravo the Hits 2007
 - Universal Music Group, 2007. - 2 CDs
Bestellnr.: 600753044902
Enth. u.a.: CD 1: Sugababes: About you now; Nicole Scherzinger feat. Will.I.Am: Baby
love; Gwen Stefani feat. Akon: The sweet escape; Rihanna feat. Jay-Z: Umbrella; Kanye
West: Stronger; Justin Timberlake: Lovestoned; Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin
Timberlake: Give it to me; Britney Spears: Gimme more; Culcha Candela: Hamma!; Sean
Kingston: Beautiful girls; Nelly Furtado: All good things (come to an end); Natasha
Bedingfield: Soulmate; Maroon 5: Makes me wonder; Take that; Rule the world; Ich +ich:
Vom selben Stern; Tokio Hotel: An deiner Seite (ich bin da); Avril Lavigne: Hot; Mika:
Grace Kelly; Rooney: When did your heart go missing?; Kaiser Chiefs: Ruby; CD 2:
James1973; Colbie Caillat: Bubbly; Enrique Iglesias: Do you know? (the ping pong pong
song); Ville Valo & Natalia Avelon: Summer wine; Christina Aguilera: Hurt; Nevio: Amore
per sempre; Pink: Dear Mr. President; Fergie: Big girls don't cry; Mark Medlock: Now or
never; Maria Mena: Just hold me; Amy Winehouse: Rehab; Azad feat. Adel Tawil: Prison
break anthem (ich glaub an dich); Akon feat. 'Snoop Dogg: I wanna love you; Jennifer
Lopez: Que hiciste; David Bisbal: Silencio; Marquess: Vayamos companeros; Monrose:
Hot summer; Eric Prydz vs. Floyd: Proper education; Alex C. feat. Y-Ass: Du hast den
schönsten Arsch der Welt; Nena, Olli & Remmler: Ich kann nix dafür; DJ Ötzi: Ein Stern
(der deinen Namen trägt)

SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Sampler
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs
                                                                          Brecker, Michael
Brecker, Michael [Sax.]:
Pilgrimage / Michael Brecker, Tenor Sac & Ewi. Pat Metheny, guitars. Herbie Hancock,
piano. Brad Mehldau, piano. John Patitucci, bass. Jack DeJohnette, drums. - Wa Records,
Bestellnr.: 602517263512
Enth. u.a.: The mean time; Five months from midnight; Anagram; Tumbleweed; When can
I kiss you again?; Cardinal rule; Half moon lane; Loose threads; Pilgrimage

BP: Brecker, Michael [Sax.]; Metheny, Pat [Git.]; Hancock, Herbie [Kl.]; Mehldau, Brad
[Kl.]; Patitucci, John [Bass]
SY: CD Jazz
                                                                                   Bruni, Carla
Bruni, Carla:
No promises / Carla Bruni. - Theorema, 2006. - (Naïve)
Bestellnr.: 4029758757048
Enth. u.a.: Those dancing days are gone; Before the world was made; Lady weeping at
the crossroads; I felt my life with both my hands; Promises like pie-crust; Autumn; If you
were coming in the fall; I went to heaven; Afternoon; Ballade at thirty-five; At last the
is out

BP: Bruni, Carla
SY: CD Pop
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage

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                                                                               Buble, Michale
Bublé, Michael:
Call me irresponsible / Michael Bublé. - Reprise Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 093624999898
Enth. u.a.: The best is yet to come; It had better be tonight; Me and Mrs. Jones; I'm your
man; Comin' home Baby (duet with Boyz II Men); Lost; Call me irresponsible; Wonderful
tonight (duet with Ivan Lins); Everything; I've got the world on a string; Always on my
mind; life; Dream

NE: Lins, Ivan; Boyz II Men
BP: Bublé, Michael
SY: CD Diverse
Stoffkr. CD Swing
                                                           Bundesvision Song Contest 2007
Bundesvision Songcontest 2007
 - Berlin : Polystar, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602498467244
Enth. u.a.: Jan Delay: Feuer; Mia: Zirkus; Northern Lite feat. Chapeau Claque: Enemy;
Anajo feat. Suzie Kerstgens: Wenn du nur wüsstest; Tele: Mario; Kim Frank: Lara;
Pohlmann: Mädchen und Rabauken; Lea Finn: Ich weiss und du weisst; Manja: Es ist die
Liebe; Jenna & Ron: Jung und willig; Beatplanet: Dreh dich um und geh!; Melotron: Das
Herz; Oomph feat. Marta Jandova: Träumst du?; B-Stinged Butterfly: Liebe; Kalle feat.
M.A.R.S. Allstars: Aber nice; D-Flame: Mom song; Seeed: Ding! (Dt. Version)

NE: Delay, Jan; Northern Lite; Chapeau Claque; Anajo; Kerstgens, Suzie; Tele; Frank,
Kim; Pohlmann; Finn, Lea; Manja; Beatplanet; Melotron; Oomph; Jandova, Marta;
B-Stinged Butterfly; D-Flame; Seeed
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten; CD Sampler
                                                                                 C., Melanie
C., Melanie:
This time / Melanie C.. - Warner Music Group Germany, 2007.
Enth. u.a.: Understand; What if I stay; Protected; This time; Carolyna, Forever again, Your
mistake, The moment you believe, Don't let me go (feat. Adam Argyle); Immune; May your
heart; Out of time; I want candy

BP: C., Melanie
SY: CD Pop
                                                                                  Cabell, Nicole
Cabell, Nicole [Sopr.]:
Soprano / Nicole Cabell, soprano. London Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Andrew Davis. -
Decca Music Group, 2007. - 61'53"
Bestellnr.: 028947576617
Enth. u.a.: Puccini: Quando me n'vo / La Boheme; Gounod: Ah! je veux vivre / Romeo et
Juliette; Menotti: What a curse for a woman is a timid man! / The old maid and the thief;
Gounod: Dieu! quel frisson court dans mes veines! ... Amour, ranime mon courage /
Romeo et Juliette; Puccini: O mio babbino caro /Gianni Schicchi; Delibes: Les Filles de
Cadix; Gershwin: Summertime / Porgy and Bess; Tippett: How can I cherish my man in
such a days / A child of our time; Berlioz: Les belles fleurs! ... Entre l'amour et le devoir /
Benvenuto Cellini; Charpentier: Depuis le jour lu je me suis donnee / Louise; Bellini:
Eccomi in lieta vesta ... Oh! quante volte / I Capuleti e i Montecchi; Puccini: Chi il bel
sogno di Doretta / La rondine; Donizetti: Quel guardo il cavaliere... ... So anch 'io la virtu
magica / Don Pasquale

BP: Cabell, Nicole [Sopr.]; Davis, Andrew [Dir.]
SY: CD Klassik

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                                                                              Caillat, Colbie
Caillat, Colbie:
Coco / Colbie Caillat. - Universal Republic Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517367357
Enth. u.a.: Oxygen; The little things; One fine wire; Bubbly; Feelings show; Midnight bottle;
Realize; Battle; Tailor made; Magic; Tied down; Capri

BP: Caillat, Colbie
SY: CD Pop
                                                                    Cale, J.J. & Eric Clapton
Cale, J.J.:
The road to Escondido / JJ Cale & Eric Clapton. - New York : Reprise Records, 2006. -
(Warner Music Group)
Bestellnr.: 093624441823
Enth. u.a.: Danger; Heads in Georgia; Missing person; When this war is over; Sporting life
blues; Dead end road; It's easy; Hard to thrill; Anyway the wind blows; Three little girls;
Don't cry sister; Last will and testament; Who am I telling you?; Ride the river

BP: Cale, J.J.; Clapton, Eric
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Blues; CD Rock
                                                                       Carpendale, Howard
Carpendale, Howard:
20 Uhr 10 / Howard Carpendale. - Koch Universal Music, 2007. - DDD
Bestellnr.: 602517454637
Enth. u.a.: 20 Uhr 10; Hi; Bin wieder da; Wenn ich könnte wie ich wollte; Jetzt und hier;
Eine Nacht in New York City; Diesen Traum; Du fehlst; Goodbye America; Durban, South
Africa; Wo warst Du so lang; Na und

NE: Zwanzig Uhr Zehn
BP: Carpendale, Howard
SY: CD Schlager
                                                                                  Chao, Manu
Chao, Manu:
La Radiolina / Manu Chao. - Radio Bemba, 2007. - Beil.: Booklet
Bestellnr.: 825646981168
Enth. u.a.: 13 días; Tristeza maleza; Politik kills; Rainin in paradize; Besoin de la lune; El
kitapena; Me llaman calle; A cosa; The bleedin clown; Mundorévés; El hoyo; La vida
tombola; Mala fama; Panik panik; Otro mundo; Piccola radiolina; Y ahora qué?; Mama
cuchara; Siberia; Sone otro mundo; Amalucada vida

BP: Chao, Manu
SY: CD Pop
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage

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The evolution / Ciara. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2006. - 1 CD, 1 DVD
FSK: ohne Altersbeschränkung. Bestellnr.: 886970568326
Enth. u.a.: CD: That's right feat. Lil Joh; Like a boy; Promise; I proceed; Can't leave 'em
alone feat. 50 Cent; C.R.U.S.H.; My love; Make it last forever; Bang it up; Get up feat.
Chamillionaire; Get in, fit in; So hard; I'm just me; I found myself; Addicted; Promise (go
and get your tickets mix feat. R. Kelly); DVD: Ciara and dancers Teach moves from "Get
up"; "Get up" music video; Ciara and dancers teach moves from "Promise"; "Promise"
music video; Behind-the-scenes of "Promise"; "Like a boy" music video

NE: Lil Jon; 50 Cent; R. Kelly
BP: Ciara
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Funk/Soul/R&B
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 DVD
                                                                            Cicero, Roger
Cicero, Roger:
Beziehungsweise / Roger Cicero. - Warner Music Group, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5051442444827
Enth. u.a.: Die Liste; Nimm deinen Kerl zurück; Kein Abendessen; Sie will es nun mal; Ich
hab das Gefühl für dich verlor'n; Das Experiment; Wovon träumst du nachts; Der Anruf;
Schöner war's ohne; Alle Möbel verrückt; Gute Freunde; Ich hätt' so gern noch Tschüss
gesagt; Bin heute Abend bei dir; Dein Vater

BP: Cicero, Roger
SY: CD Diverse

SW: Swing
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten; CD Swing
                                                                           Clarkson, Kelly
Clarkson, Kelly:
My december / Kelly Clarkson. - RCA Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 886970690027
Enth. u.a.: Never again; One minute; Hole; Sober; Don't wast your time; Judas; Haunted;
Be still; Maybe; How I feel; Yeah; Can I have a kiss; Irvine

BP: Clarkson, Kelly
SY: CD Pop
                                                                              Cock Robin
Cock Robin:
I don't want to save the world / Cock Robin. - Cock Robin, 2006. - (Bonsai Music)
Bestellnr.: 094637872321
Enth. u.a.: Superhuman; I don't want to save the world; Fair enough; Across the freeway;
Touched; Body over mind; Bo; Through the years; Italian soul; The Valley below;
Dominoes; Me and my shaman; Under the star which I was born

BP: Cock Robin; Kingbery, Peter; Lacazino, Anna
SY: CD Pop

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                                                                               Cocker, Joe
Cocker, Joe:
Hymn for my soul / Joe Cocker. - EMI Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 094639037322
Enth. u.a.: You haven't done nothin'; One word (peace); Love is for me; Don't give up on
me; Long as I can see the light; Beware of darkness; Just pass it on; Rivers invitation;
Ring them bells; Hymn 4 my soul

BP: Cocker, Joe
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Rock
                                                                                   Cole, Holly
Cole, Holly:
Holly Cole - Alert Music, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 4015698080827
Enth. u.a.: The house is haunted by the echo of your last goodbye; Charade; I will wait for
you; Waters of march; Alley cat song; Larger than life; Be careful, it's my heart; It's alright
with me; You're my thrill; Life is just a bowl of cherries; Reaching for the moon

BP: Cole, Holly
SY: CD Jazz

Leverkusener Jazztage 2007

AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage
                                                                              Connor, Sarah
Connor, Sarah:
Soulicious / Sarah Connor. - X-Cell Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517300750
Enth. u.a.: The impossible dream (The quest); Soothe my soul; Your precious love (duet
with Marvin Gaye); Get the right; Part time love; Sexual healing; Son of a preacher man;
Soulicious; Love on a two way street; One day I'll fly away; I've got to use my imagination;
never loved a man (the way that I love you); Same old story (same old song); If it's magic

NE: Gaye, Marvin
BP: Connor, Sarah
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Funk/Soul/R&B
                                                                               Count Basic
Count Basic:
Love & light / Count Basic. - Universal Music , 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517325937
Enth. u.a.: Last man on earth; Love & light; No visible scars; Supa dupa; Love thang; I
wanna get off; Get by; Nobody loves me better; Right all the time; Sun shines on you; Sir
Karl; People these days; Back to nice

NE: Love and light
BP: Count Basic
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Funk/Soul/R&B
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage

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                                                                          Culcha Candela
Culcha Candela:
Culcha Candela - Universal Music Domestic Division, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517422346
Enth. u.a.: Hamma!; Chica; Besonderer Tag; Stretch your mind; Ey DJ; A who; African
children; Quisiera; 90-60-100; Krayzee; Tara; Vitamina; Revolution; Extranjero soy

BP: Culcha Candela
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Reggae
                                                                             Damrau, Diana
Damrau, Diana [Sopr.]:
Arie di Bravura / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ; Antonio Salieri ; Vincenzo Righini. Le Cercle
de L'Harmonie. Jememie Rhorer, direction. Diana Damrau, soprano. - Virgin Classics,
2007. - 67'36"
Bestellnr.: 094639525027
Enth. u.a.: Antonio Salieri: Cublai, gran Khan dei Tartari; L'Europa riconosciuta; Der
Rauchfangkehrer; Semiramide; La finta scema; Vincenzo Righini: Il natal d'Apollo;
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Die Zauberflöte; Lucio Silla; Basta, vincesti... Ah, non

BP: Damrau, Diana [Sopr.]; Rhorer, Jérémie [Dir.]
SY: CD Klassik
Break the news / Darin. - EMI Music, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5099950716920
Enth. u.a.: Insanity; Extra ordinary love; Step up; Who's that girl; Desire; Like no one;
Everything you're not; Perfect; Everything but the girl; If you wanna; The thing about you;

BP: Darin
SY: CD Pop
                                                                              Dasch, Annette
Dasch, Annette:
Armida / Annette Dasch. Bayerische Kammerphilharmonie, David Syrus. - Sony BMG
Music Entertainment, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 886971005929
Enth. u.a.: Ah si la liberte me doit etre ravie (Armide - C.W. Gluck); La chaine lde l'Hymen
m'etonne (Armide - C.W. Gluck); Ah quelle cruaute de lui ravir le jour (Armide - C.W.
Gluck); Venez secondez mes desirs (Armide - C.W. Gluck); Chaconne (Armide - C.W.
Gluck); A, crudel il pianto mio (Rinaldo - G. F. Händel); Sinfonia (Armida Abbandonata - N.
Jommelli); Ah ti sento, mio povero core (Armida Abbandonata - N. Jommelli); Ah crudele,
e pur ten vai (Armida Abbandonata - G. F. Händel); In tanti affanni miei (Armida
Abbandonata - G. F. Händel); Se pietade avete, oh Numi (Armida - J. Haydn); Ah, non
ferier: t'arresta (Armida - J. Haydn); Odio, furor, dispetto (Armida Abbandonata - N.

BP: Dasch, Annette; Syrus, David
SY: CD Klassik
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage

                                                                        Seite 11

Daughtry - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 828768886021
Enth. u.a.: It's not over; Used to; Home; Over you; Crashed; Feels like tonight; What I
want Slash; Breakdown; Gone; There and back again; All these lives; What about now
/ feat.

BP: Daughtry; Daughtry, Chis
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Rock
                                                                                   David, Craig
David, Craig:
Trust me / Craig David. - Warner Music, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 825646971312
Enth. u.a.: Hot stuff (Let's dance) ; 6 of 1 thing ; Friday night; Awkward; Just a reminder;
Officially yours; Kinda girl for me; She's on fire; Don't play with our love; Top of the hill;
This is the girl

BP: David, Craig
SY: CD Pop
                                                                          Debussy, Claude
Debussy, Claude:
Preludes vol. 1& 2 / Claude Debussy. Friedrich Gulda, Klavier. - Universal Music Classic &
Jazz, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 028947656746
Enth. u.a.: Premier livre: Danseuses de delphes; Voiles; Le vent dans la plaine; Le sons et
les parfums; Les collines d'anacapri; Des pas sur la neige; Ce qu'a vu le vent d'ouest; La
fille aux cheveus de lin; La serenade interrompue; La cathedrale engloutie; La danse de
Puck; Minstrels; Deuxieme livre: Brouillards; Feuilles mortes; La puerta del vino; Les fées
sont d'exquises danseuses; Bruyeres; General lavine - eccentric; La terrasse des
audiences du clair de lune; Ondine; Hommage a S. Pickwick; Canope; Les tierces
alternées; Feux d'artifice

BP: Gulda, Friedrich [Kl.]
SY: CD Klassik
Aufstand im Schlaraffenland / Deichkind. - Universal Music Domestic Division, 2006. -
(Island)(WEA Rec.)
Bestellnr.: 602498545409
Enth. u.a.: Intro; Voodoo; Remmidemmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah); Aufstand im
Schlaraffenland; Show 'n' Shine; Ich betäube mich feat. Sarah Walker; Silberweidenpark;
Papillion; E.S.D.B.; Jüjük feat. Porky & Mister Celebi; Prost feat. Das Bo; Krieg;
Remmidemmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah) live 2005

NE: Walker, Sarah; Das Bo
BP: Deichkind
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten; CD Hip Hop/Rap

                                                                        Seite 12

Days of twang / De-Phazz. - Phazz-a-delic, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 4260082360270
Enth. u.a.: Twang; Boogie Philosophy; Nonsensical thing; Hell alright; Better world; Le
Bastard; It will turn out right; Devil's music; Dancing with my hands; How high the hat; My
society; Rock'n Roll Dude; Shadow of a lie; Whats the use of ...; 105 FM jam; Devil's
music #58 reprise

NE: De Phazz; DePhazz
BP: De-Phazz
SY: CD Pop
                                                                                Dicke Luft
Dicke Luft:
Blech gehabt / Blasorchester Dicke Luft. - Obst, 2007. - DDD
Bestellnr.: LC07384
Enth. u.a.: Mikrokosmos Nr. 44; Blax; Goodbye Macedonia; Priestess; In Japan ist alles
klein; Red Lion; Fuchs; Blues fo DL; Dance of the tumblers; alla Rabih; The impossible
dream; Man of La Mancha; Egyptian; Rumor

NE: Blasorchester Dicke Luft
BP: Dicke Luft
SY: CD Diverse
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten; CD Musik aus der Region
                                                                                 Dion, Celine
Dion, Celine:
Taking chances : Deluxe edition / Celine Dion. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007. -
FSK: Ab 6 J. Bestellnr.: 886971478426
Enth. u.a.: Taking chances; Alone; Eyes on me; My love; Shadow of love; Surprise
surprise; This time; New dawn; A song for you; A world to believe in; Can't fight the feelin';
I got nothin' left; Right next to the right one; Fade away; That's just the woman in me;
Skies of L.A.; DVD: The power of love; I drove all night; I surrender; I wish

BP: Dion, Celine
SY: CD Pop
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 Beilage
                                                                                     DJ Ötzi
DJ Ötzi:
Sternstunden / DJ Ötzi. - Universal Music, 2007. - (Polydor)
Bestellnr.: 602517330719
Enth. u.a.: Ein Stern (...der deinen Namen trägt); Hintermoser Kathi (A dirndl wie a Zelt); 7
Sünden; Biabal in mir; Aber dich gibt's nur einmal für mich; Pronto Guiseppe!; Die
Fischerin vom Bodensee; Was Liebe war, muss Liebe bleib'n; Das Kufsteiner Lied;
Rosamunde; Gute Freunde (der 12. Mann); La Ola Walzer; Bitte gib mir eine Chance; Ein
Stern (...der deinen Namen trägt) (Radio Version)

BP: DJ Ötzi
SY: CD Schlager

                                                                        Seite 13

The Dome
 : summer 2007 - Universal Music Group, 2007. - 2 CDs - (The Dome)
Bestellnr.: 600753007945
Enth. u.a.: CD 1: Rihanna feat. Jay-Z: Umbrella; Marquess: Vayamos companeros; Gwen
Stefani feat. Akon: The sweet escape; David Bisbal: Silencio; US5: Rhythm of life; Mika:
Relax, take et easy; Lucky Twice: Lucky; Nelly Furtado: Say it right; Timbaland feat. Justin
Timberlake & Nelly Furtado: Give it to me; Lumidee feat. Pitbull: Crazy; Ne-Yo: Because
of Amy Winehouse: You know I'm no good; Sarah Connor feat. Ce-Yo: Sexual healing;
Diddy feat. Keysha Cole: Last night; Mims: This is why I'm hot; Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal
Waters: Destination Calabria; The Disco Boys feat. Manfred Mann's Earth Band: For you;
DJ Porny: Me so horny; Verka Serduchka: Dancing lasha tumbai; DJ Ötzi feat. Nik P.: Ein
Stern; Hot Banditoz: Que si, Que no; CD 2: Akon: Don't matter; Ich + Ich: Vom selben
Stern; Maria Mena: Just hold me; Ville Valo feat. Natalia Avelon: Summer wine: Take
That: Reach out; Maroon 5: Makes me wonder; Melanie C: Carolyna; The Killers: Read
my Tokio Hotel: Monsoon; Nevada Tan: Vorbei; LaFee: Heul doch; Avril Lavigne:
Girlfriend; Kaiser Chiefs: Ruby; Sasha: Lucky day; Nea, Olli + Remmler: Ich kann nix
dafür; No Angels: Maybe; Pachanga: I don't like Reggae-ton; Dante Thomas: What I got;
DJ Size feat. J. Lourenzo & Big Steve: Sunglasses; Boundzound: Louder; Jan Delay:
Türlich, türlich

SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Sampler
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs
The Dome
 : summer 2006 - Universal Music Group, 2006. - 2 CDs - (The Dome)
Bestellnr.: 602498413135
Enth. u.a.: CD 1: Nelly Furtado: Maneater; Xavier Naidoo: Zeilen aus Gold; Bob Sinclar
feat. Stee Edwards: World, hold on; Goleo Vi & Atomic Kitten: All together now (strong
together); Juanes: A dios le pido; Texas Lightning: No no never; tiziano Ferro: Stop!
Dimentica; Flipsyde: Trumpets (never be the same again); Arash: Arash; Pachanga
(Tigerstyle remix feat. Danny Ray): Close to you; Azad feat. Cassandra Steen: Eines
Tages; The Pussycat Dolls feat. William: Beep; Busta Rhymes: Touch it; Black Eyed
Peas: Pump it; Seeed: Ding; Bluelagoon: Isle of paradise; Rihanna: SOS; Shanadoo: King
Kong; CD 2: Johathan Walter: Es ist warm; Pohlmann: Wenn jetzt Sommer wär; Corinne
Bailey Rae: Put your records on; Ronan Keating: Iris; Katie Melua: Nine million bicycles;
Karmah (Mellowmix): Tom's diner; Mattafix: Big city life; Coldplay: The hardest part:
LaFee: Prinzesschen; Killerpilze: Sprigt hoch; Depeche Mode: John the revelator; Klee:
Die Stadt; Marc Terenzi: Lonely; Groove Coverage: 21st century digital girl; Mylio feat.
Miami Sound Machine: Doctor pressure; The Disco Boys: Hey St. Peter; Meck feat. Leo
Sayer: Thunder in my heart again; Trick & Kubic feat. Valeska: Easy; Beat Freakz:
Somebody's watching me; Loco Loco: Masquito; Hot Banditoz: La cucaracha dance

SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Sampler
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs

                                                                      Seite 14

                                                                             Dome, vol.41
The Dome Vol. 41
  : die Chartparty der Megastars - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2006. - 2 CDs
Bestellnr.: 602498472385
Enth. u.a.: CD 1: Ville Valo & Natalia Avelon: Summer wine; Nelly Furtado: All good things
(come to an end); The Pussycat Dolls feat. Timbaland: Wait a minute; Lexington Bridge:
Kick back (Beathoavenz mix); Akon feat. Snoop Dogg: I wanna love you; Lady Sovereign:
Love me or hate me; Liza Li: Zum Glück macht Liebe blind; Bushido: Janine; Sha: Vergiss
mich; Hautnah: Nur du; Lemon Ice: Only you; Sido: Ein Teil von mir; Jibbs: Chain hang
low; J-Status feat. Rihanna: Roll; Oomph! feat. Marta Jandova: Träumst du; Nickelback: If
everyone cared; Nevada Tan: So wie du; Tokio Hotel: Übers Ende der Welt; Eric Prydz vs.
Floyd: Proper education; Cascada: Truly madly deeply; Basshunter: Boten Anna; CD 2:
Take That: Shine; Christina Stürmer: Scherbenmeer; Kim Frank: Lara; Nevio: Amore per
sempre; Razorlight: America; Kaiser Chiefs: Ruby; Paolo Nutini: Jenny don't be hasty;
2Raumwohnung: Besser geht's nicht; Luttenberg-Klug: Vergiss mich; Declan: Love of my
life; Simon Webbe: Coming around again; Orange Blue: Love & fear; Monrose: Shame;
US5: One night with you; Soccx: Scream out loud; Chakuza feat. Bushido: Eure Kinder;
Jan Delay: Feuer; Supermode: Tell me why; The Admirals feat. Serafina: Männer (...sch
***sexy); DJ Ötzi: Ein Stern (der deinen Namen trägt); Die Höhner: Wenn nicht jetzt wann

SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Sampler
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs
                                                                                  Dome vol. 44
The Dome vol. 44
 : die Chartparty der Megastars - Universal Music, 2007. - 2 CDs - (The Dome ; 44)
Bestellnr.: 600753048856
Enth. u.a.: Rihanna: Don't stop the music; Alex C. feat. Y-Ass: Du hast den schönsten
Arsch der Welt; Jimi Blue: I'm lovin'; Sugababes: About you now; Culcha Candela: Ey DJ;
Kanye West feat. Daft Punk: Stronger; Robyn with Kleerup: With every heartbeat; Peter
Bjorn & John: Young folks; Kate Nash: Foundations; Nelly Furtado: Do it; Lexington
Bridge: Real man; Sabrina Setlur: I think I like it; Monrose: Strictly physical; Shaggy feat.
Rik Rok & Tony Gold: Bonafide girl; Mattafix: Living Darfur; Philip Cole: Come together;
Kate Ryan: Voyage voyage; Groove Coverage: Because I love you; Global Deejays feat.
Rozalla: Everybody's free; The Disco Boys: Start all over again; Samm: Heater; Plain
White T's: Hey there Delilah; Colbie Caillat: Bubbly; Take That: Rule the world; ich + ich:
Stark; Nicole Scherzinger feat. Will.I.Am: Baby love; Tommy Reeve: On my mind; Lafee:
Wer bin ich; Killerpilze: Letzte Minute; Tarja: I walk alone; Nickelback: Rockstar; Empty
Trash: Limited; Cinema Bizarre: Escape to the stars; Dave Gahan: Kingdom; David Bisbal:
Ave Maria 2007; Orson: Ain't no party; Mars: Where did we go wrong; Jörn Schlönvoigt:
Superhelden sterben nicht; No Angels: Amaze me; Zascha Moktan: Ouch!; Popstars on
stage; Befour: Hand in Hand

SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Sampler
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs

                                                                        Seite 15

                                                                             Dream Theater
Dream Theater:
Systematic chaos / Dream Theater. - Roadrunner Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 016861799229
Enth. u.a.: In the presence of enemies-Part I; Forsaken; Constant motion; The dark
eternal night; Repentance; Prophets of war; The ministry of lost souls; In the presence of
enemies-Part II

NE: feat. Constant Motion and Forsaken
BP: Dream Theater
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Heavy Metal
                                                                         Dropkick Murphys
Dropkick Murphys:
The meanest of times / Dropkick Murphys. - Born & Bred Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 711297483321
Enth. u.a.: Famous for nothing; God willing; The state of Massachusetts; Tommorow's
industry; Echoes on "A".Street; Vices and virtues; Surrender; (F)lannigan's ball; I'll begin
again; Fairmount Hill; Loyal to no one; Shattered; Rude awakenings; Johnny, I hardly
knew ya; Never forget; Jailbreak

BP: Dropkick Murphys
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Folk; CD Rock
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage
                                                                             Duran Duran
Duran Duran:
Duran Duran's Red Carpet Massacre - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 886970736220
Enth. u.a.: The valley; Red Carpet Massacre; Nite-runner; Falling down; Box full o'honey,
Skin divers; Tempted; Tricked out; Zoom in; She's too much; Dirty great monster; Last
man standing

BP: Duran Duran
SY: CD Pop
                                                                            Dyk, Paul van
Dyk, Paul van:
In between / Paul van Dyk. - Universal Music, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517377479
Enth. u.a.: Haunted; White lies; Sabotage; Complicated; Get back; Far away; Another
sunday; Talk in grey; In circles; In between; Stormy skies; Détournement; New York City;
Castaway; La Dolce Vita; Let go; Fall with me

BP: Dyk, Paul van
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Techno/House/Rave

                                                                      Seite 16

Long road out of eden / Eagles. - Universal Music Group, 2007. - 2 CDs
Bestellnr.: 602517492431
Enth. u.a.: No more walks in the wood; How long; Busy being fabulous; What do I do with
my heart; Guilty of the crime; I don't want to hear any more; Waiting in the weeds; No
more cloudy days; Fast company; Do something; You are not alone; Long road out of
eden; I dreamed there was no war; Somebody; Frail grasp on the big picture; Last good
time in town; I love to watch a woman dance; Business as usual; Center of the universe;
It's your world now

BP: Eagles
SY: CD Pop
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs, 1 Beilage
Emigrate - Motor Music, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 4260085870639
Enth. u.a.: Emigrate; Wake up; My world; Let me break; In my tears; Babe; New York City;
Resolution; Temptation; This is what; You can't get enough

NE: Rammstein
BP: Emigrate
SY: CD Pop
                                                                              Empty Trash
Empty Trash:
Confession / Empty Trash. - EMI Music, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5099950776221
Enth. u.a.: Ring the alarm; Garden of the growing hearts; Confession; Dirty habits;
Limited; in the bar; Romance; I.M.B.T.I.W.R.T.P.; LA Queen; Tell my story (Syllables &
Last man
Riddles); Life's a tune; I need

BP: Empty Trash
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Rock
                                                                      Esbjörn Svensson Trio
Esbjörn Svensson Trio:
e.s.t. live in Hamburg / Esbjörn Svensson Trio. - ACT Music + Vision, 2007. - 2 CDs, Beil.:
Enth. u.a.: Tuesday wonderland; The rube thing; Where we used to live; Eighthundred
streets by feet; Definition of a dog; The goldhearted miner; Dolores in a shoestand;
Sipping on the solid ground; Goldwrap; Behind the yashmak

NE: E.S.T.; e.s.t.; est; E.S.T.
BP: Esbjörn Svensson Trio; Svensson, Esbjörn
SY: CD Jazz

Bestellnr.: 614427600226

AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs, 1 Beilage

                                                                     Seite 17

Hoch wie nie / Falco. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007. - 2 CDs
Bestellnr.: 886970566728
Enth. u.a.: CD 1: Der Kommissar; Vienna calling; Jeanny; Emotional; The sound of music;
Junge Römer; Wiener Blut; Hoch wie nie; Munich girls; Nachtflug; No answer (Hallo
Deutschland); Nur mit dir; Helden von heute; Kann es Liebe sein; Ihre Tochter; Auf der
Flucht; Ganz Wien; CD 2: Rock me Amadeus; Maschine brennt; America; Out of the dark;
Egoist; Brillantin' brutal; Data de groove; Verdammt wir leben noch; Naked; Mutter, der
Mann mit dem Koks ist da; Titanic; Europa; Coming home (Jeanny Part 2, Ein Jahr
danach); It's all over now, Baby Blue; Tribute to Falco; Männer des Westens

BP: Falco
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs
                                                                    Fantastischen Vier, Die
Die Fantastischen Vier:
Fornika / Die Fantastischen Vier. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment Germany, 2007. -
Bestellnr.: 886970709620
Enth. u.a.: Mehr nehmen; Ernten was wir säen; Einfach sein; Yeah yeah yeah; Nikki war
nie weg; Fornika; Du mich auch; Mission Ypsilon; Ichisichisichisich; Einsam und
zurückgezogen; Flüchtig; Du und sie sind wir; Was bleibt

BP: Die Fantastischen Vier
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten; CD Hip Hop/Rap
The Reminder / Feist. - Universal Music, 2007. - (Polydor)
Bestellnr.: 602498474136
Enth. u.a.: So sorry; I feel it all; My moon my man; The park; The water; Sealion; Past in
present; The limit to your love; 1234; Brandy Alexander; Intuition; Honey honey; How my
heart behaves

BP: Feist
SY: CD Pop

                                                                      Seite 18

                                                                            First Class 2007
First Class 2007
  : the finest in House - Polystar, 2007. - 2 CDs
Bestellnr.: 600753037768
Enth. u.a.: CD 1: Maitresse de Cabine: Firstclass Intro; David Guetta; Love is gone; Alex
Gaudino: Destination Calabria; Ida Corr vs. Fedde Le Grand: Let me think about it; Eyerer
& Chopstick feat. Zdar (of Cassius): Make my day; DADA feat. Sandy Rivera & Trix:
Lollipop; Mason vs. Princes Superstar: Exceeder; Fedde Le Grand: Put your hands up for
Detroit; Armand Van Helden: NYC Beat; Booty Luv: Don't mess with my man; Tom Novy:
My house; DJ Antoine: This time; Diego Ray: Afterlite; Tocadisco: Better begin; Global
Deejays: Get up; F to the F (Funkerman & Fedde Le Grand):Wheels in motion; Chanel:
My life; Mr. Hudson & The Library: Ask the DJ; Culcha Candela: Hamma!; CD 2: The
Disco Boys: I love you so; Michael Mind: Blinded by the light; Bob Sinclair: Sound of
freedom; Peter Gelderblom: Waiting for; Hi_Tack: Let's dance; Roger Sanchez: Not
enough; Boogie Pimps: Then came you; Paris Avenue: Feel it; Syke 'N' Sugarstar: Danz;
Camille Jones vs. Fedde Le Grand: The creeps; Dave Spoon: At night; David Vendetta:
Love to love you baby; Steve Murano & DJ Doc: Dr. House; Chris Lake: Changes; Axwell:
I found you; Lexy & K. Paul: Wide road; The Knife: We share our mothers health;
Freeform Five: No more conversations

SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Sampler; CD Techno/House/Rave
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs
                                                                           Fischer, Helene
Fischer, Helene:
So nah wie du / Helene Fischer. - EMI Music, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 094639694624
Enth. u.a.: Fantasie hat Flügel; Du hast mein Herz berührt; Mitten im Paradies; So nah wie
du; Hinter den Tränen; Du fängst mich auf und lässt mich fliegen; Mut zum Gefühl; Das
Karussell in meinem Bauch; Im Kartenhaus der Träume; Zwischen Himmel und Erde; Und
ich vermiss dich auch; Schatten im Regenbogenland; Ich glaub dir hundert Lügen; Wo
das tanzt

BP: Fischer, Helene
SY: CD Schlager
                                                                                  Fogerty, John
Fogerty, John:
Revival / John Fogerty. - Universal Music Group, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 888072300019
Enth. u.a.: Don't you wish it was true; Gunslinger; Creedence song; Broken down
River is waiting; Long dark night; Summer of love; Natural thing; It ain't right; I can't take it
no more; Somebody help me; Longshot

BP: Fogerty, John
SY: CD Pop
                                                                                 Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters:
Echoes, silence, patience & grace / Foo Fighters. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 886971151626
Enth. u.a.: The pretender ; Let it die ; Erase / replace; Long road to ruin; Come alive;
Stranger things have happend; Cheer up, boys (your make up is running); Summer's end;
Ballad of the Beaconsfield miners; Statues; But, honestly ; Home

BP: Foo Fighters
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Rock

                                                                          Seite 19

                                                                         Gahan, Dave
Gahan, Dave:
Hourglass / Dave Gahan. - Mute Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5099950871629
Enth. u.a.: Saw something; Kingdom; Deeper + deeper; 21 days; Miracles; Use you;
Insoluble; Endless; A little lie; Down

BP: Gahan, Dave
SY: CD Pop
                                                                         Galliano, Richard
Galliano, Richard:
Luz Negra / Richard Galliano. - Editiona Milan Music, 2006. - (Warner Music International)
Bestellnr.: 3299039907825
Enth. u.a.: Tangaria; Luz Negra; Guarda che Luna; Chat pitre; Fou rire; Gnossienne #3;
Escualo; Indifférence; Sanfona; Des voiliers; Barbara; Sertao; Flambée Montalbanaise;
Les Forains

BP: Galliano, Richard
SY: CD Jazz

Bluesfest Leverkusen 2007

Stoffkr. CD Blues
                                                                           Garrett, David
Garrett, David:
Virtuoso / David Garrett. - Decca Music Group, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 4250216600280
Enth. u.a.: La Califfa; Carmen Fantaisie with Paco Pena; Nothing else matters; Csárdás -
Gypsy dance; Duelling Banjos (Duelling strings); Paganini Rhapsody (on Caprice 24);
Serenade; The flight of the bumble bee; Toccata; Somewhere; Eliza's song

BP: Garrett, David; Pena, Paco
SY: CD Klassik
Live over Europe / Genesis. - Anthony Banks Ltd., 2007. - 2 CDs
Bestellnr.: 5099951132927
Enth. u.a.: CD 1: Dukes intro; Turn it on again; No son of mine; Land of confusion;In the
cage; Afterglow; Hold on my heart; Home by the sea; Follow you, follow me; Firth of fith; I
know what I like (in your wardrobe); CD 2: Mama; Ripples; Throwing it all away; Domino;
Conversations with 2 stools; Los endos; Tonight tonight tonight; Invisible touch; I can't
dance; Carpet crawlers

BP: Genesis
SY: CD Pop
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs

                                                                      Seite 20

Another intensity / Gentleman. - Four Music, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 886971605129
Enth. u.a.: Evolution; Tranquility; Lack of love / feat. Sizzia; Different places; Round the
world; Serenity; Soulfood; Celebration / feat. Alborosie; Mount zion; The light within / feat.
Diana King; In pursuit of happiness; Rage & anger; Respond to yourself; Missing those
days; Hosanna; Jah love / feat. Jack Radics & Rings; Sin city; Greet the sun; Different
places (Jr. Blender RMX)

BP: Gentleman
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Reggae
                                                                                    Goleo VI
Goleo VI:
Goleo VI presents his 2006 FIFA world cup hits / Goleo VI. - Ministry of Sound
Recordings, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 4019593000140
Enth. u.a.: Intro Bamboo; Bob Sinclar presents Goleo VI: Love generation; Goleo VI
presents Lumidee & Fatman Scoop: Dance!; Goleo VI & Pachanga: Hip Hop hooray 06;
Goleo VI feat. British Intelligence: All about the football; Damian, Stephen & Ziggy Marley:
Could you be loved (and be loved); Goleo VI: Summerlove; Soca Warriors: Sweet soca
music; Goleo VI presents Zero Assoluto: Svegliarsi la mattina; Goleo VI: All together now
(strong together); Goleo VO presents Patrizio Buanne: Stand up! (Champions theme);
Goleo VI's 2006 FIFA world cup dance mix: Bamboo; Bonus videos: Bamboo trailer, Excl.
Bamboo FIFA video

NE: Sinclar, Bob; Lumidee; Fatman Scoop; Pachanga; British Intelligence; Marley, Ziggy;
Marley, Damian; Marley, Stephen; Soca Warriors; Zero Assoluto; Buanne, Patrizio
BP: Goleo VI
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Sampler
                                                                            Good Charlotte
Good Charlotte:
Morning revival / Good Charlotte. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007. - (Epic)
Bestellnr.: 886970693523
Enth. u.a.: Good morning revival; Mesery; The river (feat. M. Shadows and Synyster
Gates); Dance floor anthem; Keep your hands off my girl; Victims of love; Where would we
be now; Break apart her heart; All black; Beautiful place; Something else; Broken hearts
parade; March on

BP: Good Charlotte
SY: CD Pop

                                                                        Seite 21

D-sides / Gorillaz. - Parlaphone, 2007. - 2 CDs
Bestellnr.: 5099951054526
Enth. u.a.: 68 state ; People ; Hongkongaton; We are happy landfill ; Hong Kong ;
(under construction); Rockit ; Bill Murray ; The swagga ; Murdoc is God; Spitting out the
demons ; Don't get lost in heaven (original demo version) ; Stop the dams; Dare (DFA
remix) ; Feel good inc (StantonWarriors remix) ; Kids with guns (Jamie T's turns to
monster mix); Dare (Soulwax remix) ; Kids with guns (Hot chip remix); El Manana
(Metronomy remix) ; Dare (Junior Sanchez remix); Dirty Harry (Schtung Chinese new year
remix); Kids with guns (Quiet Village remix)

BP: Gorillaz
SY: CD Pop
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs
                                                                              Gray, Macy
Gray, Macy:
Big / Macy Gray. - Geffen Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517267497
Enth. u.a.: Finally made me happy (feat. Natalie Cole); Shoo be doo; What I gotta do;
Okay; Glad you're here (feat. Fergie); Ghetto love; One for me; Strange behavior; Slowly;
Get out; Treat me like your money (feat. will; Everybody; AEIOU (Bonus)

NE: feat. Fergie; feat. Natalie Cole; feat.
BP: Gray, Macy
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Funk/Soul/R&B
Grinderman - Mute Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 094638680222
Enth. u.a.: Get it on; No pussy blues; Electric Alice; Grinderman; Depth charge Ethel; Go
tell the woman; ( I don't need you to) set me free; Honey Bee (let's fly to Mars); Man in the
moon; When my love comes down; Love bomb

NE: Cave, Nick; Ellis, Warren; Casey, Martyn; Sclavunos, Jim
BP: Grinderman
SY: CD Pop
                                                                      Grönemeyer, Herbert
Grönemeyer, Herbert:
Zwölf / Herbert Grönemeyer. - Köln : EMI Germany, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 094638733928
Enth. u.a.: Lied 1- Stück vom Himmel; Lied 2- Kopf hoch, tanzen; Lied 3- Du bist die; Lied
4- Marlene; Lied 5- Flüsternde Zeit; Lied 6- Leb in meiner Welt; Lied 7- Ich versteh; Lied 8-
Ohne dich; Lied 9- Spur; Lied 10- Zieh deinen Weg; Lied 11- Zur Nacht; Lied 12- Liebe
liegt nicht

BP: Grönemeyer, Herbert
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten; CD Rock

                                                                       Seite 22

                                                                             Hancock, Herbie
Hancock, Herbie:
River : the joni letters / Herbie Hancock. - The Verve Music Group, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517448261
Enth. u.a.: Court and Spark / feat. Norah Jones; Edith and the Kingpin / feat. Tina Turner;
Both sides now; River / feat. Corinne Bailey Rae; Sweet Bird; Tea leaf prophecy (Joni
Mitchell - Larry Klein) / feat. Joni Mitchell; Solitude (Edgar De Lange - Duke Ellington -
Irving Mills); Amelia / feat. Luciana Souza; Nefertiti (Wayne Shorter); The jungle line / feat.
Leonard Cohen

BP: Hancock, Herbie; Jones, Norah; Bailey Rae, Corinne; Turner, Tina; Mitchell, Joni
SY: CD Jazz
                                                                          High School musical
High School musical
 - Walt Disney Records, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 094637066324
Enth. u.a.: Start of something new; Get' cha head in the game; What I've been looking for;
What I've been looking for (repise); Stick to the status quo; When there was me and you;
Bop to the top; Breaking free; We're all in this together; I can't take my eyes off of you;
Get'cha head in the game (gesungen von B5); Start of something new (instrumental);
Breaking free (instrumental)

SY: CD Soundtrack
Stoffkr. CD Musical
                                                                      High School Musical 2
High School Musical 2
 : Musik XXL - Special edition - Walt Disney Records, 2007. - CD; DVD
Bestellnr.: 5099951510923
Enth. u.a.: Du bist wie Musik; What time is it; Fabulous; Work this out; You are the music
in me; Humuhumunukunukuaoua'a; I don't dance; You are the music in me; Gotta go my
own way; Bet on it; Everyday; All for one; I don't dance remix; Bet on it remix; Breaking
free remix; We're all in this together remix; DVD mit exklusivem Material von d.
Aufnahmen im Tonstudio und den Proben, plus Interview und Musik-Video-Clips.

SY: CD Diverse
Stoffkr. CD Musical
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 DVD
Venus Doom / HIM. - Warner Music Group, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 093624998907
Enth. u.a.: Venus Doom; Love in cold blood; Passion's killing floor; The kiss of dawn;
Sleepwalking past hope; Dead lover's lane; Song or suicide; Bleed well; Cyanide sun

SY: CD Pop

                                                                        Seite 23

Die Hit-Giganten
 : Sommerhits - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007. - 2 CDs - (Hit-Giganten)
Bestellnr.: 886971278620
Enth. u.a.: CD 1: Goombay Dance Band: Sun of Jamaica; Inner Circle: Sweat; Kaoma:
Lambada; Mungo Jerry: In the summertime; The Beach Boys: Kokomo; George Baker
Selection: Una paloma blanca; Miriam Makeba: Pata pata; Ace Of Base: All that she
wants; DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: Summertime; Groove Connection: Sippin on
Bacardi rum; Shaggy: Boombastic; Charles D. Lewis: Soca dance; Righeira: Vamos a la
playa; Kate Yanai: Summer dreamin; Gloria Estefan: Conga; Mory Kante: Yeke Yeke;
Wham!: Club Tropicana; Katrina & The Waves: Walking on sunshine; The Mamas & The
Papas: California dreamin; Culture Club: Karma Chameleon; Johnny Nash: I can see
clearly now; CD 2: Haiducii: Dragostea din tei; Bellini: Samba di Janeiro; Loona: Bailando;
Mr. President: Coco Jamboo; Ricky Martin: Maria; Lou Bega: Mambo No. 5; Los Del Rio:
Macarna; B 3: I.o.i.o; Lumidee: Never leave you (uh ooh, uh ooh!); The Underdog Project:
Summer Jam; All Saints: Pure shores; Uncle Kracker: Follow me; Dante Thomas: Miss
California; No Angels: Like ice in the sunshine; Buddy: Ab in den Süden 2004; Las
Ketchp: Eiffel 65: Blue (da ba dee); Safri Duo: Played-a-live; Junior Senior: Move your
feet; Panjabi MC: Mundian to bach ke; Lorna: Papi Chulo ... Te traigo el Mmm

NE: Hit Giganten
SY: CD Pop

SW: Italien
Stoffkr. CD Sampler
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs
Wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann? / Höhner. - EMI Music Germany, 2007. - 2 CDs
Bestellnr.: 094639376322
Enth. u.a.: CD 1: Wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann?; Ohne dich geht es nicht!; Hück es die
Naach; Here we go!; Viva Colonia (Da simmer dabei, dat is prima); Alles was ich will;
Annemarie; Kumm halt mich fest; Fröher; Dä kölsche Pass; He föhl ich mich zohus; How
do you do?; I'm a part of it; Antonio; Paranormal; Wilde Zeiten; Der Narr; Sie greifen nach
den Sternen; Zeiger an der Uhr; Minge Droum (The contender); Alles dreht sich im Kreis;
CD 2: Jetzt geht's los; Der liebe Gott weiß, daß ich kein Engel bin; Bürgerlied von 1845;
Wartesaal der Träume; Alles verlore; Wann jeiht d'r Himmel widder op?; Minsche wie mir;
Saach mir wo die Blome sin; Alles wird gut; Musik es mie Levve; Ich luur dich jän ahn; Ich
hab' 53 Engel; Die allerletzte Naach; Et is nie zu spät; Nemm mich su wie ich ben; Dicke
Mädchen haben schöne Namen; Hey Kölle, du bes e Jeföhl; Länger; Die Karawane zieht
weiter; Wir werden uns wiederseh'n

NE: Sechs zu Null; Sechs Null
BP: Höhner
SY: CD Pop

Doppel-CD mit 41 Songs

Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten; CD Mundart
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs

                                                                     Seite 24

Jetzt und hier! / Höhner. - EMI Music, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5099951229528
Enth. u.a.: Irgendwann (ist jeder einmal dran); Bu bes nit allein; Mir kumme mit allemann
vorbei (Festpiraten); Spar ding Dräum nit op för morje!; Gut so, wie es ist; Mir jeiht et jot;
Morgen; Von mir aus sofort!; Nimm mich mit; C'est la vie; Ich würd' alles geben; I'm a part
of it (Naturallianz-Version); Ich bin bei dir

BP: Höhner
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten; CD Mundart
                                                                                  Ich + Ich
Ich + Ich:
Vom selben Stern / Ich + Ich. - Universal Music Domestic Division, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517171213
Enth. u.a.: Vom selben Stern; Junk; Stark; Schütze mich; Nichts bringt mich runter; So soll
es bleiben; Mach dein Licht an; Dämonen; Ich atme ein, ich atme aus; Brücke; Ich fürchte
mich; Trösten; Wenn ich tot bin (Ich + Ich Version)

BP: Ich + Ich
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten
                                                                           Iglesias, Enrique
Iglesias, Enrique:
Insomniac / Enrique Iglesias. - Interscope Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517348219
Enth. u.a.: Ring my bells; Push feat. Lil¿ Wayne; Do you know?(The ping pong song);
Somebody's me; On top of you; Tired of being sorry; Miss you; Wish I was your lover;
girl; Stay here tonight; Sweet Isabel; Don't you forget about me; Dimelo;; Alguien soy yo;
Amigo vulnerable; Hero - (Thunderpuss edit)

NE: 7
BP: Iglesias, Enrique
SY: CD Pop
Light grenades / Incubus. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 828768385227
Enth. u.a.: Quicksand; A kiss to send us off; Dig; Anna Molly; Love hurts; Light grenades;
Earth to Bella (Part I); Oil and water; Diamonds and coal; Rogues; Paper shoes;
Pendulous threads; Earth to Bella (Part II)

BP: Incubus
SY: CD Pop

                                                                        Seite 25

Islam, Yusuf:
An other cup / Yusuf. - Ya Records, 2006. - (Polydor Ltd.)
Bestellnr.: 602517072503
Enth. u.a.: Midday (avoid city after dark); Heaven/ Where true love goes; Maybe there's a
world; One day at a time; When butterflies leave; In the end; Don't let me be
misunderstood; I think I see the light; Whispers from a spiritual garden; The beloved;
Greenfields, golden sands

NE: Yusuf; Stevens, Cat
BP: Islam, Yusuf
SY: CD Pop
                                                                               Jarrett, Keith
Jarrett, Keith [Kl.]:
My foolish heart : live at Montreux / Keith Jarrett ; Gary Peacock ; Jack Dejohnette. -
München : ECM Records, 2007. - 2 CDs ; 108'49"
Bestellnr.: 602517373266
Enth. u.a.: Four; My foolish heart; Oleo; What' new; The song is you; Ain't misbehavin';
Honeysuckle rose; You took advantage of me; Straight no chaser; Five brothers; Guess I'll
hang my tears out to dry; Green dolphin street; Only the lonely

BP: Jarrett, Keith [Kl.]; Peacock, Gary [double-bass]; DeJohnette, Jack [drums]
SY: CD Jazz
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs
American Gangster / Jay-Z. - Roc-a-Fella Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517499898
Enth. u.a.: Intro; Pray; American dreamin'; Hello Brooklyn 2.0 / feat. Lil Wayne; No hook;
Roc Boys (and the winner is)...; Sweet; I know; Party life; Ignorant sh*t / feat. Beanie
Say hello; Success / feat. Nas; Fallin'; Blue magic; American Gangster

BP: Jay-Z
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Hip Hop/Rap
                                                                                Jondo, Martin
Jondo, Martin:
Echo and smoke / Martin Jondo. - Berlin : Homeground Records, 2006. - (Styleheads
Gesellschaft für Entertainment)
Bestellnr.: 673795803127
Enth. u.a.: Are you really waiting; Caught in a ghetto; Guiltiness; Just the other day;
feat. Gentleman; Children; Hold you; Running for gold; Hurtful game; The one; Jah gringo;
Rise up; Oh gosh feat Miss Flint; All I ever know

NE: Gentleman; Miss Flint
BP: Jondo, Martin
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Reggae; CD Deutsche Interpreten
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage

                                                                        Seite 26

                                                                                Jones, Norah
Jones, Norah:
Not too late / Norah Jones. - Blue Note Records, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 094638203520
Enth. u.a.: Wish I could; Sinkin' soon; The sun doesn't like you; Until the end; Not my
friend; Thinking about you; Broken; My dear country; Wake me up; Be my somebody;
Little room; Rosie's lullaby; Not too late

BP: Jones, Norah
SY: CD Jazz
La un ratico / Juanes. - Universal Music Latino, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517473928
Enth. u.a.: No creo en el jamás ; Clase de amor; Me enamora; Hoy me voy; La
un ratico; Gotas de agua dulce; La mejor parte de mi; Minas piedras / feat. Calamaro; Tu
y yo; Báilala; Difícil; Tres; Bandera de manos / feat. Campino; Bandera de manos

BP: Juanes; Campino
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Lateinamerikanische Interpreten
Ein neuer Tag / Juli. - Berlin : Universal Music, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 602517066649
Enth. u.a.: Dieses Leben; Du nimmst mir die Sicht; Bist du das; Zerrissen; Ein neuer Tag;
Wer von euch; Wir beide; Egal wohin; Das gute Gefühl; Am besten sein; Wenn du mich
lässt; Ein Gruß

BP: Juli
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten
                                                                              Kaiser Chiefs
Kaiser Chiefs:
Yours truly, angry Mob / Kaiser Chiefs. - Polydor Records, 2007. - (B-Unique Records)
Bestellnr.: 602517235847
Enth. u.a.: Ruby; The angry Mob; Heat dies down; Highroyds; Love's not a competition
(but I'm winning); Thank you very much; I can do it without you; My kind of guy; Everything
is average nowadays; Learnt my lesson well; Try your best; Retirement

BP: Kaiser Chiefs
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Rock

                                                                      Seite 27

                                                                     Karneval der Stars 37
Karneval der Stars 37
 : Sessin 2007/2008 - Pavement Records, 2007. - (Karneval der Stars ; 37)
Bestellnr.: 4012122601542
Enth. u.a.: Höhner: Dä kölsche Pass; Funky Marys: Anuschka; Nullacht-15: Dat
allerschönste Laache; Räuber: Kucken darfs de immer; Die 2 Schlawiner: Mer sin vill zo
bescheiden; Brings: Waggele; "Dä Blötschkopp" Marc Metzger: Dat sin die Lück; Paveier:
Ich ben widder heim jekumme; Marita Köllner: Weil mir Kölsche sin; De Boore: Fleeje
mache Fleejedress; Bläck Fööss: Ävver bitte bitte met Jeföhl; Brings: Nur nicht aus Liebe
weinen; Klüngelköpp: Kölsche Nächte; Paveier: Dat jeiht vorbei; Räuber: Colonia; Die
Filue: Nur noch einen für den Magen; Renate Fuchs: Kommst du in die Wechseljahre;
Bernd Stelter: Köln ist prima; Bläck Fööss: MIr dräume all dä selve Draum; Höhner: Heim
jommer nit; De Wanderer: Der Bademeister vom Mediterana

SY: CD Diverse

SW: Karneval
Stoffkr. CD Karnevalsmusik; CD Sampler
                                                                             Katché, Manu
Katché, Manu [drums]:
Playground / Manu Katché. - ECM Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517373211
Enth. u.a.: Lo; pieces of emotion; Song for her; So groovy; Morning Joy; Motion; Project
58; Snapshot; Possible thought; Inside game; Clubbing; Song for her (var.)

BP: Katché, Manu [drums]; Eick, Mathias [trump.]; Seim, Trygve [Ten.+ sopr. sax.];
Wasilewski, Marcin [piano]; Kurkiewicz, Slawomir [double-bass]
SY: CD Jazz
                                                                                      Kelly, R.
Kelly, R. :
Double up / R. Kelly. - Zomba Recording , 2007. - (Jive)
Bestellnr.: 886970853729
Enth. u.a.: The champ feat. Swizz Beatz; Doubleup feat. Snoop Dogg; Tryin' to get a
number feat. Nelly; Get dirty feat. Chamillionaire; Leave your name; Freaky in the club;
The zoo; I'm a flirt remix feat. T.I. and T-Pain; Same girl duet with Usher; Real talk; Hook it
up feat. Huey; Rock Star feat. Ludacris an Kid Rock; Best friend feat. Keyshia Cole and
Polow Da Don; Rollin' 15; Sweet tooth; Havin' a baby; Sex planet; Rise up

NE: Swizz Beatz; Snoop Dogg; Nelly; Usher
BP: Kelly, R.
SY: CD Pop
                                                                               Keys, Alicia
Keys, Alicia:
As I am / Alicia Keys. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007. - 1 CD, 1 DVD
Bestellnr.: 886971905120
Enth. u.a.: As I am; Go ahead; Superwoman; No one; Like you'll never see me again;
Lesson learned / feat. John Mayer; Wreckless love; The thing about love; Teenage love
affair; I need you; Where do we go from here; Prelude to a kiss; Tell you something
(Nana's reprise); Sure looks good to me; DVD: Live at the Hollywood Bowl; Karma;
Heartburn; Wake up: Behind the scenes: As I am - Photo shoot; Behind the scenes: No
one - video shoot

BP: Keys, Alicia
SY: CD Pop
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 DVD

                                                                        Seite 28

The Kilians:
Kill the Kilians - Universal Music, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517450370
Enth. u.a.: Short life of Margott; Fight the start; Enforce yourself; Little Billie, little brother;
Can't get along; When will I ever get home; Sunday; Fool to fool; Jealous lover;
to arrive; Inside outside; Dizzy; P.L.E.A.S.U.R.E.

BP: The Kilians
SY: CD Pop
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage
Killers, The:
Sam's town / The Killers. - The Island Def Jam Music Group, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 602498445235
Enth. u.a.: Sam's town; Enterlude; When you were youn; Bling (Confession of a king); For
reasons unknown; Read my mind; Uncle Jonny; Bones; My list; This river is wild; Why do I
keep counting?; Exitlude

BP: Killers, The
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Rock
                                                                          Kings Of Leon
Kings Of Leon:
Because of the Times / Kings Of Leon. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007. - (RCA
Bestellnr.: 886970377621
Enth. u.a.: Knocked up; Charmer; On call; Mc Fearless; Black thumbnail; My party; True
love way; Ragoo; Fans; The runner; Trunk; Camaro; Arizona

BP: Kings Of Leon
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Rock
The Kooks:
Inside in / inside out / The Kooks. - Virgin Records, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 094637447208
Enth. u.a.: Seaside; See the world; Sofa song; Eddie's gun; Ooh la; You don't love me;
She moves in her own way; Matchbox; Naive; I want you; If only; Jackie big tits; Time
awaits, Got no love

BP: The Kooks
SY: CD Pop
Korn / Korn. - Korn Partnership, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5099950388028
Enth. u.a.: Intro; Starting over; Bitch we got a problem; Evolution; Hold on; Kiss; Do what
they say; Ever be; Love and luxury; Innocent bystander; Killing; Husbabye; I will protect

BP: Korn
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Hard Rock

                                                                              Seite 29

                                                                            Kristofferson, Kris
Kristofferson, Kris:
This old road / Kris Kristofferson. - Los Angeles : Nwe West Records, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 607396608829
Enth. u.a.: This old road; Pilgrim's progress; The last thing to go; Wild American; In the
news; The burden of freedom; Chase the feeling; Holy creation; The show goes on; Thank
you for a life; Final attraction

BP: Kristofferson, Kris
SY: CD Diverse
Stoffkr. CD Country
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage
Lichtjahre / Lacrimoa. - Hall of Sermon, 2007. - 2 CDs
Bestellnr.: 727361902728
Enth. u.a.: CD 1: Lacrimosa theme; Kelch der Liebe; Ich bin der brennende Komet;
Malina; Alles Lüge; Not every pain hurts; Letzte Ausfahrt Leben; Halt mich; Alleine zu
zweit; Durch Nacht und Flut; CD 2: The turning point; Road to pain; Vermächtnis/
Tränen der
Kabinett; Sehnsucht; Seele in Not; The partyis over; Ich verlasse heut' dein Herz;
Stolzes Herz; Der Morgen danach; Copycat; Lichtgestalt

BP: Lacrimosa
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Gothic/Wave
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs
Jetzt erst recht / Lafee. - EMI Music Germany, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5099950050222
Enth. u.a.: Jetzt erst recht; Heul doch; Du bist schön; Der Regen fällt; Beweg dein Arsch;
Wer bin ich; Küss mich; Zusammen; Stör ich; Für dich; Weg von dir; Heiss

BP: Lafee
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten
                                                                        Lasker-Schüler, Else
Lasker-Schüler, Else [Txt.]:
Wir wollen uns versöhnen die Nacht : aus "Versöhnung" / Ralph [Komp., Kl., Gsg.]
Borchardt. - Köln : Verlag Wort und Mensch, 2006.
Enth. u.a.: Frühling; Ein alter Teppich; Ich liebe Dich; Eva; Gebet; Mein Volk; Die
Versöhnung; Elbanaff - Weltflucht; Abschied

BP: Lasker-Schüler, Else [Txt.]; Boos, Simon [Klar.]; Weiß, Waltraud [Sprecherin];
Borchardt, Christiane [Gsg.]
SY: CD Diverse

                                                                        Seite 30

                                                                               Lavigne, Avril
Lavigne, Avril:
The best damn thing / Lavigne, Avril. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007. - (RCA
Bestellnr.: 886970919623
Enth. u.a.: Girlfriend; I can do better; Runaway; The best damn thing; When you're gone;
Everything back but you; Hot; Innocence; I don't have to try; One of those girls;
Contagious; Keep holding on; Bonustrack: Girlfriend (German version)

BP: Lavigne, Avril
SY: CD Pop
                                                                             Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin:
Mothership / Led Zeppelin. - Atlantic Recording, 2007. - 2 CDs
Bestellnr.: 081227996154
Enth. u.a.: Good times bad times; Communication breakdown; Dazed and confused; Babe
I'm gonna leave you; Whole lotta love; Ramble on; Heartbreaker; Immigrant song; Since
I've been loving you; Rock and Roll; Black dog; When the levee breaks; Stairway to
heaven; The song remains the same; Over the hills and far away; D'yer mak'er; No
quarter; Trampled under foot; Houses of the holy; Kashmir; Nobody's fault but mine;
Achilles last stand; In the evening; All my love

BP: Led Zeppelin
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Heavy Metal
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs

                                                                       Seite 31

                                                                                 Let's dance
Let's dance
  : 40 Tanzhits zur Show - RTL Television/BBC Worldwide, 2006. - 2 CDs - (Sony
BMG)(Let's dance ; 02)
Bestellnr.: 5051011359521
Enth. u.a.: CD 1: David Lee Roth: Just a Gigolo / Ain't got nobody (Jive); Cher: The shoop
shoop song (it's in his kiss) (Cha Cha Cha); Tom Jones: It's not unusual
(Quickstep/Foxtrott); The Flames: Everytime (Cha Cha Cha); Nina Simone: My baby just
cares for me (Jive); Paul Anka: Jump (Slow Foxtrott); Shirley Basey: Goldfinger (Tango);
Rocky Sharpe & The Replays: Rama lama ding dong (Quickstep); Chubby Checker: Let's
twist again (Jive/Rock'n'Roll); Chuck Berry: You never can tell (Jive); The Contours: Do
you love me (Jive); Roy Orbison: Oh, pretty woman (Cha Cha Cha); Dan Hartman: Relight
my fire (Discofox); Barry White: Let the music play (Quickstep); LaBelle: Lady Marmelade
(Cha Cha Cha); Earth, Wind and Fire: Boogie Wonderland (Cha Cha Cha); Simply Red:
If don't know me by now (langsamer Walzer); Lionel Richie & Diana Ross: Endless love
(Rumba); Elton John: Your Song (Blues); CD 2: BeeGees: You win again (Foxtrott); Phil
Collins: You Can't hurry love (Jive); Irene Cara: Flashdance (Cha Cha Cha/Discofox);
Prince: 1999 (Discofox); Wham: Club Tropicana (Samba); Gloria Estefan: Conga
(Samba); John Paul Young: Love is in the air ( Samba); Salome De Bahia: Outro Lugar
(Samba); Harry Belafonte: Matilda! (Samba); Mecano: Hijo de la luna (Wiener Walzer);
Lou Bega: Mambo no. 5 (Mambo/Jive); Los Del Rio: Macarena (Samba); Las Ketchup:
The Ketchup song (Samba/Jive); Elvis vs. JXL: A little less conversation (Samba/Foxtrott);
Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Murder on the dancefloor (Discofox); Frank Popp Ensemble: Hip
teens don't wear blue jeans (Cha Cha Cha/Jive); Sugababes: Push th button (Cha Cha
Cha); Take That: How deep is your love (Rumba); Ronan Keating: When you say nothing
at all (Rumba); Sarah

SY: CD Pop

SW: Tanzmusik

Inkl. Tanzkurs mit Anleitung zum Nachtanzen

Stoffkr. CD Sampler; CD Tanzmusik
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs

                                                                      Seite 32

                                                                             Let's dance vol. 2
Let's dance vol. 2
 : die Tanzhits zur Show - RTL Television/BBC Worldwide, 2007. - 2 CDs - (Sony
BMG)(Let's dance ; 02)
Bestellnr.: 886970167024
Enth. u.a.: CD 1: Shakira: Objection (Tango); Ricky Martin: Shake you bon-bon
(Salsa/Samba); Sasha: Lucky day (Quickstep/Foxtrott); Whitney Houston: I wanna dance
with somebody (Cha Cha Cha); Marvin Gaye: Ain't no mountain high enough (Cha Cha
Cha); Kelly Clarkson: Because of you (Blues); Wham!: Wake me up before you go-go
(Jive); Matt Bianco: Yeh-yeh (Samba); Billy Ocean: When ge going gets through, the
through get going (Jive); Dionne Warwick: What theworld needs now is love (langsamer
Walzer); Taco: Puttin' on the Ritz (Foxtrott); Perry Como: Papa loves Mambo
(Mambo/Salsa); Westlife: Queen of my heart (langsamer Walzer); Shakin' Stevens: You
drive me crazy (Cha Cha Cha); Electric Light Orchestra: Rock'n Roll is king (Jive/Rock'n
Roll); Jerry Lee Lewis: Great balls of fire ( Jive/Rock'n Roll); Doris Day: Cheek to cheek
(Slow Foxtrott); Liza Minelli: Cabaret (Quickstep/Foxtrott); Chris Rea: Josephine (Cha Cha
Cha); Donna Summer: Last dance (Discofox); Prince: Purple rain (Blues); CD 2: Michael
Jackson: Dirty Diana (Blues); Anastacia: Left outside alone (Cha Cha Cha/Foxtrott); Texas
Lightning: No no never (Quickstep/Foxtrott); Pointer Sisters: I'm so excited (Jive); Chic: Le
Freak (Cha Cha Cha/Discofox); Tina Charles: I love to love (Samba); Seal: Kiss from a
rose (Wiener Walzer); Christina Aguilers: The voice within (Blues); Gloria Estefan: Oye mi
canto (Samba); Mad House: La Isla Bonita (Samba); Abba: Waterloo (Jive); Los Bravos:
Black is black (Cha Cha Cha); Santa Esmeralda: Don't let me be misunderstood
(Samba/Cha Cha Cha); Martha Reeves & The Vandellas: Dancing in the street (Cha Cha
Cha); Bobby Darin: Mack th knife (Jive/Swing); Tammy Wynette: Stand by your man (Slow
Foxtrott); Geri Halliwell: Calling (Rumba); Aretha Franklin: Respect (Cha Cha Cha); Tina
Turner: Golden eye (Rumba); Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes: Time of my life
(Mambo/Salsa); Tanzkurs: Alle 10 Standardtänze auf CD-ROM

SY: CD Pop

SW: Tanzmusik

Inkl. Tanzkurs mit Anleitung zum Nachtanzen

Stoffkr. CD Sampler; CD Tanzmusik
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs
                                                                            Lexington Bridge
Lexington Bridge:
The vibe / Lexington Bridge. - Universal Music, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517272361
Enth. u.a.: Real man / feat. Snoop Dogg; Your forgiveness; Kick back; Hook up; Tear it
Alisha; You are my everything; Everything I am; Other girls; I just can't hate you; Call me;
Go on and go; Vibrate

BP: Lexington Bridge; Snoop Dogg
SY: CD Pop

                                                                        Seite 33

                                                                                Linkin Park
Linkin Park:
Minutes to midnight / Linkin Park. - New York : Warner Music Group, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 093624447726
Enth. u.a.: Wake; Given up; Leave out all the best; Bleed it out; Shadow of the day; What
I've done; Hands held high; No more sorrow; Valentine's day; In between; In pieces; The
little things give you away

BP: Linkin Park
SY: CD Pop
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage
                                                                                Lopez, Jennifer
Lopez, Jennifer:
Brave / Jennifer Lopez. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007. - 1 CD; 1 DVD
FSK: ab 6 J. Bestellnr.: 886971743623
Enth. u.a.: CD: Stay together; Forever; Hold it don't drop it; Do it well; Gotta be there;
Never gonna give up; Mile in these shoes; The way it is; Be mine; I need love; Wrong
when you're gone; Brave; Do it well (feat. LudaCris); DVD: Get right (feat. Fabolous); Hold
you down (feat. Fat Joe); Qué hiciste; Me haces falta

BP: Lopez, Jennifer
SY: CD Pop

AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 DVD
                                                                         Lopez, Jennifer
Lopez, Jennifer:
Como ama una mujer / Jennifer Lopez. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 828767814926
Enth. u.a.: Qué hiciste; Me haces falta; Como ama una mujer; Te voy a querer; Porque te
marchas; Por arriesgarnos; Tú; Amarte es todo; Apresúrate; Sola; Adios

BP: Lopez, Jennifer
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Funk/Soul/R&B
Young bones / Malia. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007. - (Epic)
Bestellnr.: 886970752626
Enth. u.a.: Mr. Candy; Two fugitives; Wonderland; City promises; Paul Kee; No surprises;
Rainbow; Plus je t'embrasse; Salmon coloured man; Richer than Bill Gates; The stem, the
thorns and the rose; The little black bird; Young bones

BP: Malia
SY: CD Jazz

Leverkusener Jazztage 2007

AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage

                                                                        Seite 34

                                                                                  Mando Diao
Mando Diao:
Never seen the light of day / Mando Diao. - EMI Music, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5099950488629
Enth. u.a.: If I don't live today, then I might be here tomorrow; Never seen the light of day;
Gold; I don't care what the people say; Mexican hardcore; Macadam Cowboy; Train on
fire; Not a perfect day; Misty mountains; One blood; Dalarna

BP: Mando Diao
SY: CD Pop
                                                                      Manic Street Preachers
Manic Street Preachers:
Everything must go / Manic Street Preachers. - Sony Music Entertainment, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5099748393029
Enth. u.a.: Elvis impersonator: Blackpool Pier; A design for life; Kevin Carter; Enola/alone;
Everything must go; Small black flowers that grow in the sky; The girl who wanted to be
god; Removables; Australia; Interiors (song for Willem De Kooning); Further away; No
surface all feeling

BP: Manic Street Preachers
SY: CD Pop
Gods of war / Manowar. - Magic Circle Music, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 693723856025
Enth. u.a.: Overture to the hymn of the immortal warriors; The ascension; King of the
Kings; Army to the dead, part I; Sleipnir; Loki god of fire; Blood brothers; Overture to Odin;
The blood of Odin; Sons of Odin; Glory majesty unity; Gods of war; Army of the dead, Part
II; Odin; Hymn of the immortal warriors; Die for Metal

BP: Manowar
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Heavy Metal
                                                                           Manson, Marilyn
Manson, Marilyn:
Eat Me, drink Me / Marilyn Manson. - Interscope Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517365230
Enth. u.a.: If I was your vampire; Putting holes in happiness; The red carpet grave; The
said that hell's not hot; Just a car crash away; Heart-shaped glasses (When the heart
guides the hand); Evidence; Are you the rabbit?; Mutilation is the most sincere from of
flattery; You and me and the devil makes; Eat me, drink me; Bonus Track: Heart-shaped
glasses (When the heart guides the hand) [Inhuman Remix by Jade E. Puget]

NE: Jade E. Puget
BP: Manson, Marilyn
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Gothic/Wave

                                                                        Seite 35

                                                                                   Maroon 5
Maroon 5:
It won't be soon before long / Maroon 5. - Octoscope Music, 2007. - (A&M Records)
Bestellnr.: 602517345836
Enth. u.a.: If I never see your face again; Makes me wonder; Little of your time; Wake up
call; Won't go home without you; Nothing lasts forever; Can't stop; Goodnight goodnight;
Not falling apart; Kiwi; Better that we break; Back at your door; Infatuation

NE: Maroon five
BP: Maroon 5
SY: CD Pop
Frenetica / Marquess. - Starwatch Music, 2007. - (Warner Music Group)
Bestellnr.: 5051442264128
Enth. u.a.: Manana; Vayamos Companeros (Radio-Edit); En Espana; You and not Tokio
feat. S.A.M.; No Importa; El Temperamento; La Discoteca; Puerta de la Noche; Radio
Encreible; Todo Bien Bariha feat. Mariha; Lo Siento y Adios; Dove ti Porta

BP: Marquess
SY: CD Pop
Rhythm & Hymns / Mattafix. - Beegood, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5099950720309
Enth. u.a.: Skake your limbs ; Living Darfur ; Angel; In the background; Things have
changed; Stranger forever; Freeman; Got to lose; In my life; Memories of Soweto; Far
from over

NE: Rhythm and Hymns
BP: Mattafix
SY: CD Pop
                                                                               Maximo Park
Maximo Park:
Our earthly pleasures / Maximo Park. - Warp Records Limited, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 801061015527
Enth. u.a.: Girls who play guitars; Our velocity; Books from boxes; Russian Literature;
Karaoke plays; Your urge; The Unshockable; By the monument; Nosebleed; A fortnight's
time; Sandblasted and set free; Parisian skies

BP: Maximo Park
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Rock
                                                                               Medlock, Mark
Medlock, Mark:
Mr. Lonely / Mark Medlock. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007. - (313 Music)
Bestellnr.: 886971443226
Enth. u.a.: Now or never; You are so beautiful; Seven days; Relax your heart; Mr. Lonely;
You can get it; Everytime you go away; Just like heaven; Oh Sarah; I miss you; If you just
call me; I'm just a dreamer; Sad sad story; Only a fool; You can get it (single version);
Summer groove medley; Love is a game; Plus Video Clip: Now or never; You can get it

BP: Medlock, Mark
SY: CD Pop

                                                                      Seite 36

                                                                                   Melua, Katie
Melua, Katie:
Pictures / Katie Melua. - Dramatico Entertainment, 2007.
Enth. u.a.: Mary Pickford; It's all in my head; If the lights go out; What I miss about you;
Spellbound; What It says on the tin; Scary films; Perfect circle; Ghost town; If you were a
sailboat; Dirty dice; In my secret life

BP: Melua, Katie
SY: CD Jazz
Life in cartoon motion / Mika. - Universal Island Records, 2007. - (Casablanca)
Bestellnr.: 602517233829
Enth. u.a.: Grace Kelly; Lollipop; My interpretation; Love today; Relax ( take it easy); Any
other world; Billy Brown; Big girl ( you are beautiful); Stock in the middle; Happy ending

BP: Mika
SY: CD Pop
                                                                           Minogue, Kylie
Minogue, Kylie:
X / Kylie. - Parlophone, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5099951547301
Enth. u.a.: 2 hearts; Like a drug; In my arms; Speakerphone; Sensitized; Heart beat rock;
The one; No more rain; All I see; Stars; Wow; Nu - di - ty; Cosmic

BP: Minogue, Kylie
SY: CD Pop
                                                                            Miss Platnum
Miss Platnum:
Chefa / Miss Platnum. - Four Music Productions, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 886970673822
Enth. u.a.: Do you; Butter; Give me the food; Come marry me / feat. Pete Fox; Life;
Mercedes Benz; Voodoo; Chefa; By your side; Sweet garden; Snakepit; Sinking boat

BP: Miss Platnum
SY: CD Pop
Temptation / Monrose. - Warner Music Group Germany, 2006. - (Starwatch)(Cheyenne
Bestellnr.: 5051011868924
Enth. u.a.: Shame; Even heaven cries; Oh la la; No; I'm gonna freak ya; Love don't come
easy; 2 of a kind; Your love is right over me; Work it; Do that dance; Live life get by; Push
up on me

BP: Monrose
SY: CD Pop

                                                                        Seite 37

Strictly physical / Monrose. - Warner Music Group, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5051442439328
Enth. u.a.: Dangerous; Hot summer; Strictly physical; Rebound; What you don't know;
Leading me on; Golden; Sooner or later; Just like that; Yesterday's gone; Burning;
Monrose theme; Everybody makes mistakes

BP: Monrose
SY: CD Pop
                                                                              Morrison, Van
Morrison, Van:
Pay the devil / Van Morrison. - Exile Music Limited, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 602498770061
Enth. u.a.: There stands the glass; Half as much; things have gone to pieces; Big blue
diamonds; Playhouse; Your cheatin' heart, My bucket's got a hole in it; Back street affair;
Pay the devil; What am I living for?; This has got to stop; Once a day; More and more; Till
I gain control again

BP: Morrison, Van
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Rock
                                                                               Müller, Ina
Müller, Ina:
Weiblich ledig 40 / Ina Müller. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 886970159425
Enth. u.a.: Bye bye Arschgeweih; So was passiert mir heut' nicht mehr; Wegen einer
älteren; 1000 Lichter; Lieber Orangenhaut; Allein durch Hamburg; Auf halber Strecke;
Hoffentlich ist der Sommer bald vorbei; Ich ziehe aus; Hätt ich'n Hund; Dumm kickt gut;
Kap der Guten Hoffnung

NE: weiblich ledig vierzig
BP: Müller, Ina
SY: CD Pop
                                                                    My Chemical Romance
My Chemical Romance:
The black parade / My Chemical Romance. - Reprise Records, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 093624442721
Enth. u.a.: The end; Dead!; This is how I disappear; The sharpest lives; Welcome to the
black parade; I don't love you; House of wolves; Cancer; Mama; Sleep; Teenagers;
Disenchanted; Famous last words

BP: My Chemical Romance
SY: CD Pop
                                                                              Nash, Kate
Nash, Kate:
Made of Bricks / Kate Nash. - Polydor, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517452077
Enth. u.a.: Play; Foundations; Mouthwash; Dickhead; Birds; We get on; Mariella; Shit
song; Pumpkin soup; Skeleton song; Nicest thing; Merry Happy

BP: Nash, Kate
SY: CD Pop

                                                                     Seite 38

                                                                             Nasic, Sandra
Nasic, Sandra:
The signal / Sandra Nasic. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 828768708026
Enth. u.a.: The name of my baby; Sorry; Right lane; Fever; Mecasanova (yam yam); Do it
again; Stop the crying; Old shack; Big City; Perfume; The signal; Counting trees

BP: Nasic, Sandra
SY: CD Pop
                                                                                      Naturally 7
Naturally 7:
Ready II fly / Naturally 7. - Capitol Music, 2006. - (EMI Music Germany)
Bestellnr.: 094637649923
Enth. u.a.: Can I feel it?; Open your eyes; Feel it (in the air tonight); Harder than that; How
could it be?; Forever for you; Cool; Never; I can't doo dat; 4 life; Tradition; Fly baby; Let it
rain; What I'm lookin' 4 (ain't no mountain high enough); New York; Comfort you; Close 2
me; True friends ( and family)

NE: Ready to fly; Naturally Seven
BP: Naturally 7
SY: CD Pop

"Die Band ohne Band", alle Instrumente sind A-Capella stimmlich inszeniert.

                                                       Netrebko, Anna & Rolando Villazon
Netrebko, Anna [Sopr.]:
Duette / Anna Netrebko & Rolando Villazon. Staatskapelle Dresden, Nicola Luisotti. -
Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 028947764564
Enth. u.a.: Duette aus: Puccini: La Boheme; Donizetti: Lucia di Lammermoor; Gounod:
Romeo et Juliette; Bizet: Les pecheurs de perles; Massenet: Manon; Moreno Torroba:
Luisa Feranda; Tchaikovsky: Iolanta

BP: Netrebko, Anna [Sopr.]; Villazon, Rolando [Ten.]; Luisotti, Nicola [Dir.]
SY: CD Klassik
                                                                              Nevada Tan
Nevada Tan:
Niemand hört dich / Nevada Tan. - Universal Music, 2007. - (Vertigo)
Bestellnr.: 602517302631
Enth. u.a.: Revolution; So wie du; Neustart; Vorbei; Niemand hört dich; Warum?; Wie es
ist; Alles endet hier; Dein Echo; Himmel hilf; Geht ab; Ein neuer Tag; Nevada Tan
Software Player (mit 6 Videoversionen)

BP: Nevada Tan
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten
Nevio - Universal Music , 2007. - (Polydor)
Bestellnr.: 602517338951
Enth. u.a.: Amore par sempre; Lo dico a te; Bellissima; Run away; Halt mich; Vorbei -
Duet with Volkan Baydar; Grappolo di vita; Stella; Sano agoismo; Vedrai; Allelima girl;
Dolphins make me cry; Run away (radio edit)

BP: Nevio
SY: CD Pop

                                                                          Seite 39

                                                                  New Young Pony Club
New Young Pony Club:
Fantastic Playroom / New Young Pony Club. - Modular Recordings, 2008.
Bestellnr.: 602517417175
Enth. u.a.: Get lucky; Hiding on the staircase; Ice cream; The bomb; Jerk me; The get go;
Talking, talking; Grey; F.A.N.; Tight fit

BP: New Young Pony Club
SY: CD Pop
                                                                               Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails:
Year zero / Nine Inch Nails. - Interscope Records, 2007. - 1 CD + Booklet
Bestellnr.: 602517324237

BP: Nine Inch Nails
SY: CD Pop
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage
                                                                                  No Angels
No Angels:
Destiny / No Angels. - Universal Music, 2007. - (Polydor)
Bestellnr.: 602517304444
Enth. u.a.: Goodbye to yesterday; I believe in you; Been here before; Amaze me; Maybe; I
had a feeling; Make a change; Back off; What if; I don't wanna talk about it; Misguided
heart; A reason; The rhythm of my heart

BP: No Angels
SY: CD Pop
                                                                            Nouvelle Vague
Nouvelle Vague:
Bande à part / Nouvelle Vague. - Peacerog Ltd., 2006. - (Play it again)
Bestellnr.: 5060100740447
Enth. u.a.: The killing moon; Ever fallenin love; Dance with me; Don't go; Danceing with
myself; Heart of glass; O Pamela; Blue monday; Human fly; Bela Lugosis dead; Escape
myself; Let we go; Fade to grey; Waves; Eisbaer

BP: Nouvelle Vague
SY: CD Pop
                                                                           Operngala der Stars
Die Operngala der Stars
 : live aus Baden-Baden - Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, 2007. - 70'40"
Bestellnr.: 028947771760
Enth. u.a.: Delibes: Lakmé, Blumenduett; Donizetti: L'elisir d'Amore, Una furtiva lagrima;
Bizet: Les Pêcheurs de Perles, Au fond du temple saint; Bellini: Norma, Casta Diva; Verdi:
Don Carlo, Per me giunto - lo morró, ma lieto in core; Saint-Saens: Samson et Dalila, Mon
coeur s'ouvre à ta voix; Verdi: Rigoletto, Bella figlia dell'amore; Verdi: Luisa Miller, Quando
le sere al placido; Puccini: La Bohème, o soave fanciulla; Chapí: Las hijas del Zebedo, al
pensar en el dueno; Bizet: Carmen, Torerolied; Verdi: La Traviata, Brindisi

BP: Netrebko, Anna [Sopr.]; Vargas, Ramón [Ten.]; Armiliato, Marco [Dir.]; Garanca, Elina
[Mezzosopr.]; Tézier, Ludovic [Barit.]
SY: CD Klassik

Aufn.: Baden-Baden, Festspielhaus, 7/2007, live.

                                                                        Seite 40

                                                                              Parker, Ian
Parker, Ian:
Where I belong / Ian Parker. - Ruf Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 710347112020
Enth. u.a.: Where I belong; Your love is my home; Until you show me; Coming home;
Waste my days; Sweet singing sirens; Love so cold; Before our eyes; Don't hold back;
You could say; Told my girl to go away

BP: Parker, Ian
SY: CD Jazz
Stoffkr. CD Blues
                                                                     Paul Motian Trio 2000
Paul Motian Trio 2000:
Live at the Village vanguard vol. 1 / Paul Motian Trio 2000 + Two. - Winter & Winter, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 025091013326
Enth. u.a.: Standard time; If you could see me now; Olivia's dream; Morrock; Last call

NE: Kikuchi, Masabumi
BP: Paul Motian Trio 2000; Potter, Chris; Grenadier, Larry; Osby, Greg; Motian, Paul
SY: CD Jazz
                                                                    Pierle, An & White Velvet
Pierle, An:
An Pierlé & White Velvet - Pias Recordings, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 5413356227024
Enth. u.a.: Jupiter; How does it feel; Good year; I love you; Not the end; Many roads;
Tenderness; It's got to be me; Poor Danny; Snakesong; Mexico; Cold winter; Closing time

BP: Pierle, An; White Velvet
SY: CD Pop
                                                                   Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean
 : Am Ende der Welt / komponiert von Hans Zimmer. - Walt Disney Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 094639571123
Enth. u.a.: Hoist the colours; Singapur; Am Ende der Welt; Multiple Jacks; Oben ist unten;
Boote auf dem Weg ins Reich der Toten; Der hohe Rat der Bruderschaft; Parlay; Calypso;
Wofür lohnt es sich zu sterben?; Das ist kein guter Zeitpunkt; Ein Tag; Trinkt aus Piraten,

NE: Fluch der Karibik
SY: CD Soundtrack
                                                                           Plain White T's
Plain White T's:
Every second counts / Plain White T's. - Hollywood Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5099950616220
Enth. u.a.: Hey there Delilah; Our time now; Come back to me; Hate (I really don't like
you); You and me; Friends don't let friends dial drunk; Making a memory; So damn clever;
Tearin' us apart; Write you a song; Gimme a change; Figure it out; Let me take you there;
Take me away

BP: Plain White T's
SY: CD Pop

                                                                       Seite 41

Fliegende Fische / Pohlmann. - Virgin Music, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5099950128525
Enth. u.a.: Musik; Wenn es scheint dass nichts gelingt; Flüchten; Die Liebe; Bitte folgen
sie dem Licht; Mädchen und Rabauken; Das Glück; Fliegende Fische; Teufel; Bruce Lee;
Was geschieht; Mördersong

BP: Pohlmann
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten
                                                                                 Potts, Paul
Potts, Paul:
One chance / Paul Potts. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 886971386820
Enth. u.a.: Nessun Dorma; Time to say goodbye (con te partiro); Amapola; Everybody
hurts (ognuno soffre); Caruso; Nella fantasia; You raise me up (por ti sere); My way (a mi
manera); Cavatina; Music of the night

BP: Potts, Paul
SY: CD Klassik
                                                                              Puppini Sisters
The Puppini Sisters:
Betcha bottom dollar / The Puppini Sisters. - Unversal Music Classics & Jazz, 2006. -
Bestellnr.: 602517062276
Enth. u.a.: Sisters; Mr. Sandmann; Boogie woogie bugle boy (from Company B); Java jive;
Bei mir bist du schön; Wuthering heights; Jeepers creepers; I will survive; Tu vou' fa'
l'americano (Reeitative); Tu vou' fa' l'americano; heart of glas; Sway; Danie; Heebie

BP: The Puppini Sisters
SY: CD Diverse
Stoffkr. CD Swing
                                                                              Quadro Nuevo
Quadro Nuevo:
Tango bitter sweet / Quadro Nuevo. - GLM Musikverlag, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 4014063412324
Enth. u.a.: L'ete indien; Swing vagabound; Petite fleur; Tango bitter sweet; Paroles,
paroles; The windmills of your mind; Tango jalousie; Avant de mourir'; Malafemmena;
Milonga tati; Et maintenant; An einem Winterabend; Müde Sonne; Isla de las Mujeres;
Gloomy sunday; Afternoon; At night; Sabre dance

BP: Quadro Nuevo
SY: CD Diverse
Stoffkr. CD Weltmusik/Ethno; CD Tanzmusik

                                                                       Seite 42

                                                                        Quasthoff, Thomas
Quasthoff, Thomas:
The Jazz Album : watch what happens / Thomas Quasthoff. - Hamburg : Universal Music,
2007. - (Deutsche Grammophon)
Bestellnr.: 028947766445
Enth. u.a.: There's a boat that's leavin' soon for New York; Watch what happens; Secret
love; You and I; Ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive; I've grown accustomed to her face; Can't
we friends?; Smile; They all laughed; My funny Valentine; What are you doing the rest of
your life?; In my solitude; Bonus: Eins und eins, das macht zwei

BP: Quasthoff, Thomas
SY: CD Jazz
                                                                                Death proof
Quentin Tarantino's "Death proof"
 - Warner Bros. Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 093624998860
Enth. u.a.: Jack Nitzsche: The last race; Smith: Baby it's you; Ennio Morricone: Paranoia
prima; Eli Roth & Michael Bacall: Planning & Scheming; T Rex: Jeepster; Rose McGowan
& Kurt Russell: Stuntman Mike; Pacific Gas & Electric: Staggolee; Joe Tex: The love you
save (may be your own); Eddie Floyd: Good love, bad love; The Coasters: Down in
Mexico; Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich: Hold tight; Pino Donaggio: Sally and Jack;
Willy DeVille: It's so easy; Tracie Thoms & Zoe Bell: Whatever-However; Eddie Beram:
Riot in thunder alley; April March: Chick habit

NE: Death proof
SY: CD Soundtrack
Stoffkr. CD Sampler
Chaostheorie / Revolverheld. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 886970737623
Enth. u.a.: Gegen die Zeit; Ich werd' die Welt verändern; Superstars; Unzertrennlich;
Hologram; Nichts bereuen; Längst verloren; Du explodierst; Unsterblich; Wir könnten die
Größten sein; Patient in meiner Psychiatrie (Chaostherorie); Hallo Welt; Bis in die Ewigkeit

BP: Revolverheld
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten
                                                                        Rhyhms del Mundo
Rhythms del Mundo
 : Cuba - APE Vision, 2006. - (Universal Music)
Bestellnr.: 600753014783
Enth. u.a.: Coldplay: Clocks; Reamon: Tonight; Jack Johnson: Better together; Dido &
Faithless: One step to far; Ibrahim Ferrer: As time goes by; Coco Freeman feat. U2: I still
haven't found what I'm looking for; Maroon 5: She will be loved; Kaiser Chiefs: Modern
way; Omara Portuondo: Killing me softly; Vania Borges geat. Quincy Jones: Ai no corrida;
Sting: Fragilidad; RDM feat. Vania Borges: Don't know why; Aquila rose & Idana Valdes:
Hotel buena vista; Coco Freeman feat. Franz Ferdinand (Spanish Version): The dark of
matinee; El Lele del Los Van Van feat. Radiohead (samples): High and dry

SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Sampler

                                                                      Seite 43

                                                                            Rice, Damien
Rice, Damien:
9 / Damien Rice. - 14th Floor Records, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 825646404223
Enth. u.a.: 9 crimes; The animals were gone; Elephant; Rootless tree; Dogs; Coconut
skins; Me, my yoke and I; Grey room; Accidental babies; Sleep don't weep

NE: Nine; Neun
BP: Rice, Damien
SY: CD Pop

Irischer Sänger und Songwriter

Good girl gone bad / Rihanna. - Island Def Jam Music Group, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517361614
Enth. u.a.: Umbrella (feat. Jay-Z); Push up on me; Don't stop the music; Breakin' dishes;
Shut up and drive; Hate that I love you (feat. Ne-Yo); Say it; Sell me candy; Lemme get
that; Rehab; Question excisting; Good girl gone-bad

NE: Jay-Z
BP: Rihanna
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Funk/Soul/R&B
                                                                   Schöneberger, Barbara
Schöneberger, Barbara:
Jetzt singt sie auch noch / Barbara Schöneberger. - Polydor, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517470309
Enth. u.a.: Jetzt singt sie auch noch; Männer muss man loben; Sei mal verliebt; Nicht dass
du denkst; Fredy; Ich glaub, ne Dame werd ich nie; Guck doch hin wo du willst; Glücklich
in acht Tagen; Das bisschen Haushalt; Wie war's für dich; Mailverkehr; Zu hässlich für
München; Sag es mir in deinem Traum

BP: Schöneberger, Barbara
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten; CD Big Band; CD Chanson
System / Seal. - Warner Music Group, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 093624993094
Enth. u.a.: If it's in my mind, it's on my face; Amazing (Thin White Duke edit); Just like
before; Loaded; Wedding day (Duet with Heidi); System; Dumb; The right life; Rolling;
Immaculate; Amazing

BP: Seal
SY: CD Pop

                                                                        Seite 44

                                                                            Shrek the third
Shrek the third
 : original motion picture soundtrack / Harry Gregson-Williams. - DreamWork Records,
Bestellnr.: 4005939682620
Enth. u.a.: The royal treatment; Fatherly dreams; The frog king dies; Another adventure;
Little ogre feet; Worcestershiree?; Charmed & dangerous; Artie's sob story; A warm &
fuzzy navel; The campfire; The hoot attack; Merlin; The trip home; Princess Resistance;
The dressing room; Th show begins; King Arthur; (Almost) alone at last

NE: Shrek zwei
SY: CD Soundtrack
                                                                                  Sigur Ros
Sigur Ros:
Heim / Sigur Ros. - EMI Records, 2007. - 2 CDs
Bestellnr.: 5099950256624
Enth. u.a.: Hvarf: Salka; Hljómalind; I gaer; Von; Hafsól; Heim: Samskeyti; Starálfur; Vaka;
Àgaetis Byrjun; Heysátan; Von

NE: Hvarf
BP: Sigur Ros
SY: CD Pop

SW: Island
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs
                                                                             Sinclar, Bob
Sinclar, Bob:
Western dream / Bob Sinclar. - Yellow Procuction, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 8421597048725
Enth. u.a.: Love generation; Tennessee; Everybody movin; World, hold on; Miss me; For
you; Sing my song; In the name of love; Amora, amor; Shining from heaven; Give a lil'
love; Love generation (Ron Carroll remix); Love generation (Spanish version)

BP: Sinclar, Bob
SY: CD Pop
                                                                                Snow Patrol
Snow Patrol:
Eyes open / Snow Patrol. - Polydor Ltd., 2006. - (Universal Music Company)
Bestellnr.: 602517127036
Enth. u.a.: You're all I have; Hands open; Chasing cars; Shut your eyes; It's beginning to
get to me; You could be happy; Make this go on forever; Set the fire to the third bar (feat.
Martha Wainwright); Headlights on dark roads; Open your eyes; The finish line

BP: Snow Patrol
SY: CD Pop

                                                                      Seite 45

                                                                            Sparxxx, Bubba
Sparxxx, Bubba:
The Charm / Bubba, Sparxxx. - Virgin Records , 2006.
Bestellnr.: 724387596221
Enth. u.a.: Represent; Heat it up; Claremount lounge (feat. Killer Mike and Coool Breeez);
As the rim spins; That man (feat. Sleepy Brown and Duddy Ken); The otherside (feat.
Petey Pablo and Sleepy Brown); Ain't life grand (feat. Scar); Run away (feat. Frankie J);
Wonderful; Ms. New Booty (feat. Ying Yang Twins and Mr. Collipark); Hey! (A lil gratitude)

BP: Sparxxx, Bubba
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Hip Hop/Rap
                                                                            Spears, Britney
Spears, Britney:
Blackout / Britney Spears. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 886971907322
Enth. u.a.: Gimme more; Piece of me; Radar; Break the ice; Heaven on earth; Get naked
(I got a plan); Freakshow; Toy soldier; Hot as ice; Ooh ooh baby; Perfect lover; Why
should I be sad

BP: Spears, Britney
SY: CD Pop
                                                                         Sportfreunde Stiller
Sportfreunde Stiller:
La Bum / Sportfreunde Stiller. - Universal Music, 2007. - (Blickpunkt Pop)
Bestellnr.: 602517413948
Enth. u.a.: Der Titel vom nächsten Kapitel; Alles Roger; 995er tief über Island; ( Tu nur
das) was dein Herz dir sagt; Ohne deine Liebe; Eine gute Nacht; In Unmittelbarer Ferne;
Mo(nu)ment; Anders als auf Ansichtskarten;Sodom; Legenden

BP: Sportfreunde Stiller
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten
                                                                          Springsteen, Bruce
Springsteen, Bruce:
Magic / Bruce Springsteen. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 886971706024
Enth. u.a.: Radio Nowhere; You'll be comin' down; Livin' in the future; Your own worst
enemy; Gypsy biker; Girls in their summer clothes; I'll work for your love; Magic; Last to
die; Long walk home; Devil's arcade

BP: Springsteen, Bruce
SY: CD Pop
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage
                                                                             Stefani, Gwen
Stefani, Gwen:
The sweet escape / Gwen Stefani. - UMG Recordings, 2006. - (Interscope Records)
Bestellnr.: 602517173897
Enth. u.a.: Wind it up; The sweet escape feat. Akon; Orange County girl; Early winter;
Nowyou got it; 4 in the morning; Yummy feat. Pharrell; Fluorescent; Breakin' up; Don't get
it twisted; U started it; Wonderful life; Bonus track: Wind it up

BP: Stefani, Gwen
SY: CD Pop

                                                                       Seite 46

Pull the pin / Stereophonics. - V2 Music LTD, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 5033197485621
Enth. u.a.: Soldiers make good targets ; Pass the buck ; It means nothing ; Bank holiday
monday; Daisy lane; Stone; My friends; I could lose ya; Bright red star; Ladyluck; Crush;

BP: Stereophonics
SY: CD Pop
                                                                                 Stigers, Curtis
Stigers, Curtis:
Real emotional / Curtis Stigers. - Beverly Hills : Concorde Music Group, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 888072301504
Enth. u.a.: I'll be your baby tonight; I only want to be with you; I don't wanna talk about it
now; As you turn to go; San Diego serenade; A woman just like you; American tune; Night
owl; Your mind is on vacation; I need you; Stardust; Real emotional girl

BP: Stigers, Curtis
SY: CD Pop
                                                                                   Stone, Joss
Stone, Joss:
Introducing Joss Stone / Joss Stone. - Virgin Records America, 2007. - (EMI)
Bestellnr.: 094637626825
Enth. u.a.: Change; Girl they won't belive it; Headturner; Tell me 'bout it; Tell me what
we're gonna do now feat. Common; Put your hands on me; Music feat. Lauryn Hill; Arms
of my baby; Bad habit; Proper nice; Bruised but not broken; Baby baby baby; What were
we thinking; Music outro

NE: Hill, Lauryn; Common
BP: Stone, Joss
SY: CD Pop
Change / Sugababes. - Universal Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517504059
Enth. u.a.: About you now; Never gonna dance again; Denial; My love is pink; Change;
Back when; Surprise; Back down; Mended by you; Open the door; Undignified

BP: Sugababes
SY: CD Pop
                                                                                    Sum 41
Sum 41:
Underclass hero / Sum 41. - The Island Def Jam Music Group, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517340862
Enth. u.a.: Underclass hero; Walking disaster; Speak of the devil; Dear father; Count your
last blessings; Ma poubelle; March of the dogs; The jester; With me; Pull the curtain; King
of contradiction; Best of me; Confusion and frustration in modern times; Lo long goodbye

BP: Sum 41
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Rock

                                                                         Seite 47

                                                                           Sunrise Avenue
Sunrise Avenue:
On the way to wonderland / Sunrise Avenue. - Amigo Music, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 094636824925
Enth. u.a.: Choose to be me; Forever yours; All because of you; Fairytale gone bad;
Diamonds; Heal me; It ain't the way; Make it go away; Destiny; Sunny day; Only; Into the
blue; Romeo; Fight til dying; Wonderland

BP: Sunrise Avenue
SY: CD Pop
                                                                                   Take That
Take That:
Beautiful world / Take That. - Polydor Ltd., 2006. - (Universal Music Company)
Bestellnr.: 602517158429
Enth. u.a.: Reach out; Patience; Beautiful world; Hold on; Like I never loved you at all;
Shine; I'd wait for life; Ain't no sense in love; What you believe in; Mancunian way;
Wooden boat

BP: Take That
SY: CD Pop
                                                                             Tankian, Serj
Tankian, Serj:
Elect the dead / Serj Tankian. - Warner Music Group, 2007. - Beil.: Booklet
Bestellnr.: 093624992851
Enth. u.a.: Empty walls; The unthinking majority; Money; Feed us; Saving us; Sky is over;
Baby; Honking antelope; Lie lie lie; Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition; Beethoven's
C; Elect the dead

BP: Tankian, Serj
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Heavy Metal
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage
My winterstorm / Tarja. - Universal Music, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 602517466876
Enth. u.a.: Ite, missa est; I walk alone; Lost northern star; Seeking for the reign; The reign;
The escape of the doll; My little Phoenix; Boy and the ghost; Sing for me; Oasis; Poison;
Our great divide; Sunset; Damned and divine; Die alive; Minor heaven; Ciarán's well;
Calling Grace

NE: Turunen, Tarja; Nightwish
BP: Tarja
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Heavy Metal

                                                                        Seite 48

Shock value / Timbaland. - UMG Recordings, 2007. - (Blackground Records/ Interscope
Bestellnr.: 602517266056
Enth. u.a.: Oh Timbaland; Give it to me feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake; Release
feat. Justin Timberlake; The way I are feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E.; Bounce feat. Dr. Dre,
Missy Elliott & Justin Timberlake; Come and get me feat. 50 Cent & Tony Yayo; Kill
yourself feat. Sebastian & Attitude; Boardmeeting feat. Magoo; Fantasy feat. Money;
Scream feat. Keri Hilson & Nicole Scherzinger; Miscommunication feat. Keri Hilson &
Sebastian; Bombay feat. Amar & Jim Beanz; Throw it on me feat. The Hives; Time feat.
She Wants Revenge; One and only feat. Fallout Boy; Apologize feat. One Republic; 2
man feat. Elton John; Hello feat. Kerri Hilson & Attitude (Bonus)

NE: Furtado, Nelly; Timberlake, Justin; Hilson, Keri; Missy Elliott; Elliott, Missy; 50 Cent;
Fifty Cent; Yayo, Tony; Magoo; Scherzinger, Nicole; The Hives; She Wants Revenge;
Fallout Boy; John, Elton
BP: Timbaland
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Hip Hop/Rap
The best of Tocotronic - Tocotronic Neu , 2007. - 1 CD, 1 DVD
Bestellnr.: 602517399341
Enth. u.a.: CD 1: Mein Ruin, Kapitulation; Aus meiner Festung; Verschwör dich gegen
dich; Wir sind viele; Harmonie ist eine Strategie; Imitationen; Wehrlos; Dein geheimer
Name; Sag alles ab; Luft; Explosion; DVD: Tocotronic Produzieren Album Nr. 8:

BP: Tocotronic
SY: CD Pop
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 Beilage
                                                                                Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel:
Zimmer 483 / Tokio Hotel. - Universal Music Domestic Division, 2007. - (Island)
Bestellnr.: 602517230941
Enth. u.a.: Übers Ende der Welt; Totgeliebt; Spring nicht; Heilig; Wo sind eure Hände;
Stich ins Glück; Ich brech aus; Reden; Nach dir kommt nichts; Wir sterben niemals aus;
Vergessene Kinder; An deiner Seite ( Ich bin da)

BP: Tokio Hotel
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten
  : music from and inspired by - Warner Bros. Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 093624995012
Enth. u.a.: Linkin Park: What I've done; Smashing Pumpkins: Doomsday clock; Disturbed:
This moment; Goo Goo Dolls: Before it's too late (Sam and Mikaela's themeI); The Used:
Pretty handsome awkward; Him: Passion's killing floor; Taking Back Sunday: What's it feel
like to be a ghost?; Styles of Beyond feat. Mike Shinooa: Second to none; Amor for Sleep:
End of the world; Idiot Pilot: Retina and the sky; Julien-K: Technical difficulties; Mutemath:
Transormers theme

SY: CD Soundtrack
Stoffkr. CD Sampler

                                                                         Seite 49

                                                                           Traveling Wilburys
The Traveling Wilburys:
The Traveling Wilburys Collection / The Traveling Wilburys. - Warner Music Group, 2007.
- 2 CDs, 1 DVD
Bestellnr.: 081227998240
Enth. u.a.: CD 1: Handle with care; Dirty world; Rattled; Last night; Not alone any more;
Congratulations; Heading for the light; Margarita; Tweeter and the monkey man; End of
the line; Maxine; Like a ship; CD 2: She's my baby; Inside out; If you belonged to me; The
devil's been busy; 7 deadly sins; Poor house; Where were you last night?; Cool dry place;
New blue moon; You took my breath away; Wilbury twist; Nobody's child; Runaway; DVD:
The true history of The Traveling Wilburys; Handle with care; End of the line; She's the
line; She's my baby; Inside out; Wilbury twist

BP: The Traveling Wilburys
SY: CD Pop
AH:Inhalt: 2 CDs, 1 DVD, 1 Beilage
The boy with no name / Travis. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 886970796224
Enth. u.a.: Times and you lose; Selfish Jean; Closer; Big chair; Battleship; Eyes wide
open; My eyes; One night; Under the moonlight; Out in space; Colder; New Amsterdam

BP: Travis
SY: CD Pop
                                                                      Tschaikowsky, Peter
Tschaikowsky, Peter:
Sol Gabetta / Peter Illitsch Tschaikowsky ; Camille Saint-Saens ; Alberto Ginastera. Sol
Gabetta, Chello. Münchner Rundfunkorchester, Ari Rasilainen. - Sony BMG Music
Entertainment, 2006. - 64'42" - (RCA Red Seal)
Bestellnr.: 828768690024
Enth. u.a.: Peter Ilitsch Tschaikowsky: Rondo Variationen; Andante Canabile; Pezzo
Capriccioso; Nocturne; Camille Saint-Saens: Cellokonzert Nr. 1; Alberto Ginastera:
Pampeana Nr. 2

BP: Gabetta, Sol [Chello]; Rasilainen, Ari [Dir.]
SY: CD Klassik

SW: Cellist ; Cello
                                                                         Vega, Suzanne
Vega, Suzanne:
Beauty & crime / Suzanne Vega. - Blue Note Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 094636827025
Enth. u.a.: Zephyr & I; Ludlow street; New York is a woman; Pornographer's dream; Frank
& Ava; Edith Wharton's figures; Bound; Unbound; As you are now; Angel's doorway;

BP: Vega, Suzanne
SY: CD Pop

                                                                       Seite 50

                                                                             Weinert, Susan
Weinert, Susan:
Dancing on the water / Susan Weinert. - Neunkirchen : Tough Tone Records, 2006.
Bestellnr.: 4260075230320
Enth. u.a.: The world inside; Flowers; Dancing on the water; E. V. P.; Iceland; Miles &
stones; Journey to inari; Back to the garden; Blue horizon; Colours

BP: Weinert, Susan
SY: CD Jazz
Stoffkr. CD Blues
AH:Inhalt: 1 CD, 1 Beilage
                                                                                White Stripes
The White Stripes:
Icky thump / The White Stripes. - The White Stripes/Third Man Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 634904027124
Enth. u.a.: Icky thump; You don't know what love is (you just do as you're told); 300 m.p.h.
Torrential outpour blues; Conquest; Bone broke; Prickly thorn, but sweetly worn; St.
Andrew (this battle is in the air); Little cream soda; Rag and bone; I'm slowly turning into
you; A martyr for my love for you; Catch hell blues; Effect and cause

BP: The White Stripes
SY: CD Pop
                                                                    Wieder-Atherton, Sonja
Wieder-Atherton, Sonja:
En concerto / Maurice Ravel, Bela Bartok, Dimitri Chostakovitch. Sonja Wieder-Atherton,
violoncello. Sinfonia Varsovia, Janos Fürst, direction. - Sony BMG Music Entertainment,
2006. - (RCA Red Seal)
Bestellnr.: 886970282925
Enth. u.a.: Maurice Ravel: Chanson hebraique; Bela Bartok: Concerto pour violoncelle et
orchestre; Dimitri Chostakovitch: Concerto no. 1 pour violoncelle et orchestre; Maurice
Ravel: Deux Melodies hebraiques

BP: Wieder-Atherton, Sonja; Fürst, Janos
SY: CD Klassik
                                                                       Winehouse, Amy
Winehouse, Amy:
Back to black / Amy Winehouse. - Universal Music, 2006. - (Island Records)
Bestellnr.: 602517142114
Enth. u.a.: Rehab; You now I'm no good; Me & Mr Jones; Just friends; Back to black; Love
is a losing game; Tears dry on their own; Wake up alone; Some unholy war; He can only
hold her

BP: Winehouse, Amy
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Funk/Soul/R&B
                                                                            Wir sind Helden
Wir sind Helden:
Soundso / Wir sind Helden. - Reclamation Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 094639246120
Enth. u.a.: (Ode) an die Arbeit; Die Konkurrenz; Soundso; Für nichts; Garantieren; Kaputt;
Labyrinth; The geek (shall inherit); Endlich ein Grund zur Panik; Der Krieg kommt
schneller zurück als du denkst; Hände hoch; Stiller; Lass uns vershwinden

BP: Wir sind Helden
SY: CD Pop
Stoffkr. CD Deutsche Interpreten

                                                                       Seite 51
                   Wir sind Helden
Wir sind Helden:
Soundso / Wir sind Helden. - Reclamation Records, 2007.
Bestellnr.: 094639246120
Enth. u.a.: (Ode) an die Arbeit; Die Konkurrenz; Soundso; Für nichts; Garantieren; Kaputt;
Labyrinth; The geek (shall inherit); Endlich ein Grund zur Panik; Der Krieg kommt
schneller zurück als du denkst; Hände hoch; Stiller; Lass uns vershwinden

BP: Wir sind Helden
SY: CD Pop
Stoffk r. CD Deutsche Interpreten

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