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									         Minster Pharmaceuticals plc (MPM) - Financial and Strategic Analysis

       Reference Code: GDPH81856FSA                                                                                      Publication Date: AUG 2010

       56 Queen Anne Street             Phone            +44 20 74811600                              Revenue           0.0
       London, ENG                      Fax              +44 20 75873789                              Net Profit        -6.31 (million GBP)
       W1G 8LA                          Website          www.minsterpharma.com                        Employees         10
       United Kingdom                   Exchange         MPM [SEATS (AIM Market)]                     Industry          Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

      Company Overview
       Minster Pharmaceuticals plc (Minster Pharmaceuticals) is engaged in the development of compounds for the treatment of
       neurological and psychiatric conditions. Its pipeline products are tonabersat and sabcomeline. Tonabersat is the leading
       compound in an exciting new class of selective drugs designated as neuronal gap junction blockers. It is being developed for
       treating and preventing migrane. Sabcomeline, a muscarinic partial agonist, has potential in the treatment of chronic
       schizophrenia. Minster has acquired the worldwide development rights to tonabersat and sabcomeline from GlaxoSmithKline.
       The company is headquartered in London, the UK. In January 2010, Proximagen Neuroscience plc.

      Key Executives                                                               SWOT Analysis
                    Name                                 Title                     Minster Pharmaceuticals plc, SWOT Analysis
      John Russell                        Chairman                                 Strengths                    Weaknesses

      Peter Blower, Ph.D.                 Chief Technology Officer
                                                                                   Significant Collaborations           History of Net Losses
      Robert Aubrey                       Director
      Paul Sharpe, M.D.                   Director                                 Positive Phase II Trial Results
                                                                                   for Tonabersat
      Robert Stubbs                       Director
      Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research
                                                                                   Opportunities                       Threats
      Share Data
      Minster Pharmaceuticals plc                                                  Rising Healthcare Expenditure Government Regulations
       Share Price (GBP) as on 17-Mar-2010                               0.10      in the US

                                                                        -0.11                                           Competitive Environment
       EPS (GBP)
                                                                                   Emerging Markets
       Market Cap (million GBP)                                         
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