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									                                        Essent N.V. - Strategic Analysis Review

       Reference Code: GDGE7310SA                                                                                       Publication Date: AUG 2010

       Nieuwe Stationsstraat 20                   Phone            +31 26 8511000                         Revenue             5,725 (million EUR)
       Arnhem                                     Fax              +31 26 8511020                         Net Profit          NA
       6811                                       Website                          Employees           784
       Netherlands                                Exchange                                                Industry            Energy and Utilities

      Company Overview
       Essent N.V (Essent) is a Dutch energy company engaged in providing energy and energy related services. As of September 30,
       2009, Essent is 100% owned by RWE AG. Essent specializes in the generation, transport, trade and supply of gas and electricity.
       Its products and services include electricity generation, electricity and gas trading and distribution, gas and electricity supply, gas
       storage, and waste management services. It is also engaged in waste incineration, waste composting, and landfill management.

      Key Executives                                              SWOT Analysis
                Name                         Title                 Essent N.V., SWOT Analysis
      Peter Terium                Chief Executive Officer          Strengths                                  Weaknesses

      Arjan Blok                  Chief Financial Officer
                                                                   Strong Operational Performances            Poor Financial Performance
      Erwin van Laethem           Chief Commercial
                                  Officer                          Significant Products and Services          Limited Cash Flow
      Nina Skorupska              Chief Technology
      Source: Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research
      GlobalData                                                   Opportunities                              Threats

                                                                   Projects for Sustainable Growth            Intense Competition
      Key Competitors
                                                                   Growth in Natural Gas Demand               Economy Dropdown in the
      Dalkia plc                                                                                              Eurozone
      TenneT TSO B.V.
      Eneco Holding N.V.
      N.V. Nuon Energy                                              Source: Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research

      Shell Gas & Power International B.V.                          GlobalData

      Source: Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research

      Recent Developments
      Jun 28, 2010:                         Essent Conducts Biomass Test At Amer Power Plant
      Jun 07, 2010:                         Essent Publishes Data About Total Capacity Of Power Plants In Netherlands
      Apr 06, 2010:                         RWE Announces Appointment Of Arjan Blok As New CFO For Essent
      Mar 10, 2010:                         Essent Announces Manag
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