PCL Constructors Inc. - Strategic Analysis Review by GlobalData

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									                             PCL Constructors Inc. - Strategic Analysis Review

       Reference Code: GDCT56557SA                                                                                      Publication Date: AUG 2010

       5410 - 99 Street                         Phone            +1 780 7335000                       Revenue           NA
       Edmonton, AB                             Fax              +1 780 7335075                       Net Profit        NA
       T6E 3P4                                  Website          www.pcl.com                          Employees         2,700 (Estimated)
       Canada                                   Exchange                                              Industry          Clean Technology

      Company Overview
       PCL Constructors Inc. (PCL) is the flagship company for the employee-owned PCL family of companies (PCL Group). It is
       engaged in administration and management of the other group companies. The group’s service portfolio includes project
       planning, design management, value analysis, preparation of budgets and schedules, engineering, construction and construction
       management. The company operates in the civil infrastructure, heavy industrial and building sectors. The company inventory
       includes tower cranes, concrete forms, shoring/scaffolding, heavy earthmoving/highway equipment and computer/office

      Key Executives                                                SWOT Analysis
                Name                          Title                 PCL Constructors Inc., SWOT Analysis
      Peter Stalenhoef            President, Heavy                  Strengths                       Weaknesses
                                                                     Strong Order Books                        Myopic View
      Gordon Panas                Executive Vice
                                  President, Finance and
                                  Administration                     Awards and Recognitions                   Complying with Contract
      Peter Stalenhoef            President, Heavy
      Peter Beaupre               Chief Operating Officer,          Opportunities                              Threats
                                  PCL Construction
                                  Enterprises, Inc                   Deteriorating Condition of                Competitive Bidding
                                                                     Waterways and Bridges
      Paul G. Douglas             Chief Executive Officer
      Source: Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research                                                  Liability of Contractors
      GlobalData                                                     Global Infrastructure Spending

      Key Competitors
                                                                     Source: Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research
      Bernards                                                       GlobalData
      Fenner Construction, Inc.
      AWS Construction 
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