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Hammamet is clearly among North Africa's finest beach resorts. Here the fine
beaches turn the right way, to the south, allowing you to sunbathe and watch the sea
at the same time.
The result is that it is so much a tourist resort, that you can for long hours get a feeling
that Tunisia has disappeared, and all that is left are zealous shop keepers. Hammamet
has about 50,000 inhabitants and 40,000 hotel beds!

                                          German, French, Swedish are spoken at all
                                          sides of you. Silly European men walk around
                                          the streets in just shorts and sandals. Whole
                                          families eat ice cream at the same time and the
                                          same speed. Female tour guides in orange
                                          dresses talk without a stop while being
                                          followed by a crowd of camera-ornamented
                                          tourists, pretending to be specialists on
           Blue and white house           Tunisian culture and history. And then
                                          suddenly a Tunisian Casanova changes the
                                          image, but just slightly, where he walks
                                          towards you with his hand around the waist of
                                          a ten years older Finnish woman confused by
                                          all the sudden attention she gets Most of the
                                          year, there seems to be more Europeans here
                                          than in Marseilles. This makes many travellers
                                          stay away from Hammamet, especially if they
                                          know a bit of the distinct charm that the city
                                          had just a few decades ago. But Hammamet is
                                          a well-adjusted port to Tunisia for many
                                          people. Many tourists go for comfort and fun,
                                          and then Hammamet is among the best
                                          choices of Tunisia. And if anyone would like
                                          to go on excursions, Hammamet is close to
                                          many things: Tunis, Kairouan, and many
                                          small towns out on the Cap Bon.

The tiny medina
                 The medina dates back to around 1500, when the
                 Hafsids erected the present walls, allowing safe
                 living and trade here. The site had earlier been an
                 Aghlabid stronghold. Its condition is excellent,
                 but few streets offer much authentic experience,
                 since souvenir stalls fill most streets. But yet,
                 there are some areas without, especially in the
                 southern residential district.
                 Some local economic activity is still visible,
                 mainly dealing with small-boat fishing. The fish
                 caught here, can be enjoyed in some of the many
                 local restaurants. Should you wish to go
    S talls      shopping, Hammamet is neither better nor worse
                 than any other. Check our page on shopping in
                 Tunisia to prepare.

 Market stalls                             Fishing nets

Decorated door                             Shady street
Plenty of beaches

Hammamet's beaches go on for kilometres and kilometres, and there is virtually no point
along the coast that doesn't allow swimming. That is, of course, with exception of the
beach strips fenced off by the better hotels. Therefore, despite the many tourists coming
here, Hammamet's beaches rarely becomes very crowded. And they are clean and inviting

                          Long wide beaches

                            Beach at sunset

Cafe Sidi Bou Hdid
                             Start by admiring this little zawiyya (shrine for a holy
                             man) turned cafe from the Kasbah, then spend the last
                             ours of the day in the cafe itself. If you find a free table.
                             This is as good as commercial tourism gets in Tunisia!


Shores of the medina

                             Definitely easy to overlook for visitors without a good
                             map in their hand, the walk along walls of the medina
                             offers many nice views of white-washed houses
                             mushrooming above you. Late afternoon is the time when
                             colours cascades into yellow and orange, matched by the
                             blue sea.

     Sea views

                 City wall                                      Sunset

                          The Kasbah of Hammamet is certainly best enjoyed from
                          the outside, where it watches over the ocean and the
                          beach. Even walking along its base in the medina is
                          enjoyable, but inside there is sadly little to intrigue a
                          visitor. The Kasbah dates back to the 12th century, and
                          has been extensively restored. Head for the views, and
                          take in the Golf of Hammamet and look down on the
  Kasbah of Hammamet      beautiful Cafe Sidi Bou Hdid, one of the most used
                          motifs in Tunisian tourism brochures.

Modern town

                          Hammamet's modern town is truly all about tourism, with
                          pedestrian-friendly streets and boulevards lined with
                          restaurants and shops. The centre is rather small, located
                          along two avenues, which start right at the gates to the
                          medina before they lead up the hill. There is nothing
                          special to look out for, architecture isn't worth
                          mentioning until you get out to the best hotels.

    Water fountain

                 Avenue                                 Restaurants
Sebastian's villa

                                 The famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright has allegedly
                                 said that the villa of George Sebastian from the 1920's
                                 was the most beautiful house he knew of. Today it is a
                                 cultural centre, and open for visitors. Most noted are the
                                 arcaded swimming pool and the baptistry-like bath which
                                 could seat 4 persons (second photo).
                                 The entire house was a perfect place for parties, and it
                                 was under such circumstances that Lloyd Wright came to
   Arcaded swimming pool         see it. Entrance fee is 1.5TD, daily 8.00-18.00. It lies 3
                                 km from town centre, and is best visited by a taxi.

                Baptistry bath                                   Arches

Roman ruins of Pupput
                                          The main reason for visiting Pupput is that it offers a little
                                          glimpse into the ancient lifestyles for those staying in
                                          Hammamet, but not wishing to much travelling. The site
                                          itself is truly modest, but not all without interest. It is
                                          noted for its fine collection of mosaics, and there are a
                                          couple of baths around as well as a residential quarter.
                                          The finest structure is the House of Figured Peristyle,
                                          where there are some columns still standing and almost
                                          all floors have their mosaics intact. Many do find the
                                          tomb mosaics displayed on the walls, dating back to
                                          Byzantine times.
                                          Opening times are 8.00 to 19.00 in summer and 9.00 to
                                          17.00 in winter.
            Ruined columns

                              Mosaic                                           Building ruins


Restaurants and Alternatives

There are m ore than enough places t o eat in a t own like Hamm am et. Y ou will hav e n o problem finding places with
both charm and g ood food. Value for m oney is quite g ood.

Hamm am et has a select ion of bars and discos, where any trav eller, also fem ales, can go and feel sa fe.

Change Money

No pr oblem s. Banks, AT Ms and many sh op keeper s accept credit cards like V ISA and Ma sterCard. Hotels of 2 stars
and up will n ormally be able t o change m on ey .


Hamm am et hav e OK connection s with other cities, but y ou will norm ally hav e t o take a taxi t o get t o the station
y ou want. There are m ore than one station for sh ared taxis, the train station is about 1 ,3 km up from t own centre.
The bu s station is in t own centre, n ext t o the station for taxis that g o t o Nabeul.

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