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Email: bxdxd@mkoijmnh.com                               Phone: +91-0000000000 (M)
       vhyguj@lopkjngf mail.com                                +91-0000000000 (M)


      To work in challenging Embedded Systems environment that gives me an
       opportunity for contributing towards Technology and overall professional
       development of the organization.

Key Embedde d Skills

Languages                            C, C++

                                     8051 core: AT89C51/52, 89C51RD2B, DS80C320,
Mic ro controllers                   PIC: 16F877, PIC18F452
                                     Motorola: MC56F 8357 (16 bit with inbuilt 12 bit ADC)
                                     ARM core: LPC2114/2124/2212/2214

Embedded Software                    Keil uVision3 (V 3.00), Avocet, MPLAB IDE,
Development Tools                    Metrowerks Codewarrior 5.6 compiler for MC56F83XX

Communication Standards              RS-232, I2 C
                                     Colour TFT: 640x480 pixels
                                     LCD: 320x240 pixels gra phics LCD w ith SED1330
                                     controller, 240x64 pixels Graphics LCD with T6963
Operating Systems                    Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, RT -Linux

Project Summary


Title                  XyzEmbeddedProjectTitle
Period                  Start Date and year – End Date and Year
Team Size               2
                            Requirements Analysis (Partial involvement)
                            Project Planning (Partial involvement)
                            Application Design
                            S/w Module Development
                       The Hardware acquires SPO2/PR Signals from SpO2 module, which
                       acquires these signals from the sensor connected to patient. The
                       Micro controller used is DS80C320. LCD used is 240x64 Pixels with
Project                T6963 controller used in Graphics & Text mode. Menu based
                       graphical user interface (GUI). Serial RS232 communication
                       protocol for various SpO2 modules. 24 Hrs Graphical & Tabular
                       trends. Cursor display in graphical trend.
Debugging Tools        Keil uVision3 (V 3.00)

 Title                  LCD 320 X 240 Graphical Display
 Period                  Start Date and year – End Date and Year
 Team Size               2
                             Application Design
                             Development
                        The intent of this project was to develop a C language programme
                        that operates 320X240 Dot Matrix LCD in graphics as well as text
                        mode and to control individual pixel so as to display any pattern as
                        per requirement. I have designed and developed the control circuit
                        using micro controller 89C51rd2BN. It includes Max485 for serial
 Debugging Tools        Keil uVision2 (V 2.40)

Academic Profile

      Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics (B.E. Electronics) from University Of XYZ
       passed out in Month Year with 69.33% securing 11th Ra nk in University.
      Diploma In Industrial Electronics (D. I.E.) from University Of Xyz passed out in
       Month Year w ith 68.0%.
      S.S.C. (Class 10th) from Xyz passed out in Year with 80.66%.
      Certificate Course in Advanced Java from Xyz Education.
      Presently doing certificate course in Embedde d Systems from Xyz which covers
       ARM processor and RT- LINUX.

Re fere nces:

Re fere nce 1:
Name                          :   Mr. Xyz
Company                       :   XYZ
Designation                   :   XYZ
Relationship with referrer    :   Professional
Phone                         :   0000000000
Email                         :   bghyj@hjuki.com

Personal Details:
Date of Birth         : 0th Month Year
Sex                   : XYZ
Marital status        : XYZ
Nationality           : XYZ
Present Address       : MyAddress Xyz
Permanent Address     : MyAddress XYZ
Passport No.          : XYZ
Date Of Issue         : 00/00/0000
Valid Up to           : 00/00/0000
Languages Know n      : Xyz
Forte                :
                            Willingness to learn.
                            Adapt new technology in a very short period of time
                            Belief in Teamwork.
                            Willing to work on challenging projects.
Hobby                : Listening music, Cooking, Making Friends, Reading books.

I hereby declare that all the above-mentioned details are true to the best of my know ledge.

Date:                                                                   (MyName)

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