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Jean-Philippe TROVATO - DOC


									 Jean-Philippe TROVATO
 27/04/1955, Tunis, Tunisia
 French citizen

 47 rue Cuvier
 69006 Lyon – France

 Tel/Fax: + 33 (0)4 78 24 76 85
 Mobile : + 33 (0)6 87 32 39 55
 E-mail :

 Professional Experience:
 Oct. 99 - Present DRILLING-SYSTEM Consultant:
MPH-International (Paris, Lyon), Baker Hughes Inteq, Zuetina, Agoco (Libya, Italy), Anadrill, Clyde,
Shell, Sonatrach, TotalFinaElf (Holland, Algeria, UK, and Indonesia), Halliburton, (Algeria, gabon, and
cameroon). TotalFinaElf (Khariaga, Russia). Sofregaz/POGC (Poland), Anadrill (North Sea, Algeria,
Tunisia), Target (France, UK), PathFinder (Dubai, Iran), RepsolYPF (Algeria), medex Algeria, Global
Industries Brasil..

 Drilling Consultant:


06-08 Drilling Supervisor: EGL, France. Multilateral wells ( 5 drains ) Coal bed methane.
05-06 HDD Coordinator/supervisor: Drilling-System-Global Industries Brazil: Set up a 38” pipe line
     from shore to 1500m off shore.
01-02 Horizontal Drilling engineer: Algeria, Medex, Coordinates horizontal operation and follow service
company operations. No further operation Dry well after pilot hole and test.

    -    Marketing: NuBore Technologies (Downhole equipment to improve well stability),
    -    Marketing: TGR Research: (Mudloging, MWD/LWD, and others OFS development).


    -    Drilling Supervisor: Algeria, Repsol, gas Wells HP, Coordinates well program operations to ensure
         compliance with work programs, project procedures and contract requirements. Preventive safety
         and action, Setup procedure for Toolpusher/driller, and divers operations (casing, rotating liner,
         packer, cmt job….), improve program and operation efficiency, planning equipment and personnel,
         inventory, cost control. Construction supervision for the next location. Moving, rig acceptance.
         Coordination and cooperation with the army. +/-5700psi @3250m, 110Deg C gas well


    -    Directional Drilling supervisor: Algeria Sperry Sun, BHI, Pathfinder, Target, Sonatrach, Total,
         agip, BG, Margham (UDB),


    -    Drilling Engineer for an underground gas storage on shore (2 rigs, 7 wells), Sofregaz/POGC
         (Wierzchowice, Poland). Technical advisor in Horizontal drilling engineering: Horizontal drilling
       project follow up and set up some corrections to the program in collaboration with the different
       partenaires (Cement, mud, underbalance capability, directional drilling, completion proposition),
       Reporting to management ( Paris, Warsaw), Technical recommendations, Safety, Drilling operation
       (Procedures), Single completion and cased production follow up. Improve the operation
       performance, and setting rule and operation procedure to the western standard.
   -   Drilling Supervisor TotalFinaElf Russia (Khariaga field), Coordination, reporting, operations
       procedures set up, improve drilling efficiency, cost control, POB, HSE.

2000, 2001, 2002

   -   Horizontal drilling Supervisor (Anadrill, Baker, Indonesia, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, UK, Holland)
       Horizontals wells, reentry, multilateral, sidetrack, extended well, geosteering, Autotrack, SDD,
       UDB, OBM, WBM…Performance solutions, Training for new

   Jan. 96 - Jul. 99 BAKER HUGHES INTEQ.
   Texaco, Exxon, Agip, Elf, Chevron, Oxy, Oryx, Mol, Shell, Nomeco, Kufpec, Total, Repsol, Ashland,
   Spi, Wintershall, Agoco. USA, Italy, Equatorial Guinea, UK, Tunisia, Libya, Cameroon, Gabon.

   -   Horizontal drilling Supervisor to Drilling operation engineer/coordinatoor Bid Commercial and
       technical, Follow up the operation in collaboration with the client, Well planning, Torque & Drag,
       Hydraulic, Vibration ,analysis, bha tendency, bit selection, Scop of work and Personnel
       management, Logistic: Personel, Materiel transportation, Import/export with Algeria and/or Libya,
       Tunisia, Custom clearance, Cost control, Safety guideline.
       Directional drilling supervision ( Horizontals wells, reentry, multilateral, sidetrack, extended well,
       geosteering, Autotrack, SDD, Underbalanced drilling, OBM, WBM…Performance solutions (50%
       Gain in Drilling Time on Mabruk Field, Reporting).

Lagoven, Benton-Vincler (Venezuela). Elf (Gabon, Congo).

   -   Directional services, Geosteering, Directional drilling. Reentry well, horizontal well, integrated
       services (Preparation for Service company interventions in conjunction with others operations ).

Dec. 92 - Feb. 93 CONSULTANT: Mc DERMOTT - ETPM.
Paris, Angola.

   -   Safety engineer: Risk analysis. Site management. Equipment installation (2 drawworks, production
       platform), Safety sequense and set up of procedures in conformity with Elf Angola safety rule .

Chevron, Texaco, Elf, Agip, Repsol, Philips, Norsk Hydro, Maersk.
Angola, Congo, Italy, Spain, UK, Norway, Denmark.

   -   MWD/LWD ( Log interpretation ), Directional Driller ( Well planning, Torque & Drag, Hydraulic,
       Vibration ,analysis, bha tendency, bit selection ) acting Field service Manager in Congo (Bid
       Commercial and technical, Personnel management, Logistic, Safety guideline).

 Nov. 85 - Jun. 87 SAMEGA.
ONGC (India).

   -   Technical advisor in mudlogging working with ONGC Calcutta office. Set up a Mudlogging
       department for ONGC, ( Drilling and geology Training, Definitions of tasks and Responsabilties for
       the local team ) .

 Apr. 79 - Apr. 83 GEOSERVICES. Mobil, Esso, Total Indonesia, Amoseas, Total China.
Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China.

   -   From mudlogger, TDC (Unit Manager: Data interpretation) Well Geologist (Log interpretation,
       Casing depth setting…), Base Manager (Bid commercial, technical, Material/Personal
       Management, team organization, Cost control, reporting to management) company representative
       for CPC/SSB in China.

 Oct. 77 - Jan. 79 J. V. C. Marseilles.

   -   Sale of JVC equipment for the south east of France.

 Jun. 72 - Jun. 77 FRENCH NAVY.

   -   Electronic engineer, sonar.

Baccalaureate F2.
Institute of Technologies: Physical measurement.
Electronic school of the French Navy.
School of the French Mercante Marine


Logs interpretation: geology, MWD/LWD (Neutron/density, Porosity, resistivity, GammaRay).
Drilling engineering Software: Well planning, Survey, Torque & Drag, Hydraulic, Vibration analysis, bha
Short radius.
Hughes bit seminar: bha & bit selection,
Survey: Gyro, ems, Single shot….
Basic mud school: Water base mud, Oil base Mud,


Type of Wells performed : Deviated (slant, S, J), Horizontal (Long , Medium, Short radius), Re-entry,
Multilateral drilling, Extended.

 Logging: LWD Anadrill, Wireline Geoservice geologist, Log interpretation Geoservice/Anadrill.
Onshore: Land rig (Desert) , Helirig (Irian jaya); Offshore: Jack up, Tender (Angola), Fixed Platform, Semi
Sub (North sea), SemiSub (West Africa), Drill Ship (900m, 1000m water depth, Angola), Swamp Barge
Daily Programming: Drilling operation, procedures, Material Procurement (Baker coordinator, coman),
Drilling equipment (Coordinator on base, Coman), Stock Management and computerised, personnel,
(Coordinator on base, Coman). Material Logistic Transportation (On base coordinator baker)
Local Material Logistic Transportation International Custom Clearance (Base management Geoservice
china, Samega India, Anadrill Congo, Baker Tunisia, Libya)
Well Testing: Cased Hole (Poland), Open Hole (Libya).
Single Completion (Gas storage)
HSE: Hygiene, Security (Engineering: Production Platform setup, Conformity with Elf critary in Angola,
North sea application rules, Safety meeting, Guidelines and Manual …).
Bid Evaluation and Recommendations: Technical, Commercial. (Geoservices, Anadrill, Baker, Drilling-
Computer: Pascal, Excel, Word, Access, Power point, planning, Cao, web design…


Offshore survival course (Aberdeen, Rotterdam).
IWCF supervisor well control certificate: Expire 26 October 2008 N° S40614/2249


English, Spanish, and French: Fluent.
Portuguese, Italian, Arabic (Tunisian): Average.

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