How to Eat Fried Worms Chapter S by fjwuxn


									                                 How to Eat Fried Worms
                                   Chapter Summaries

1. The four main characters are introduced and they make the bet with all of the details included.
2. Alan, Joe, and Tom look for the first worm. They look under a manure pile. They end up getting
    a night crawler.
3. Billy waits in the barn remembering a bet that he and Alan made last winter. He had to sleep in
    an igloo all night in Tom’s backyard. He was trying to prepare him self to eat the first worm.\
4. Billy eats the first worm. It’s boiled with ketchup, mustard, horseradish, lemon juice, salt, and
    pepper. He pretends to be crazy after eating it.
5. Alan begins to worry about losing the bet. Alan and Joe begin to plot a trick.
6. Billy eats the second worm—boiled with ketchup and mustard. The thought of eating it is
    worse than the taste.
7. Tom tells Billy to think fish! Billy imagines winning the bet and riding the dirt bike in church.
8. Billy eats the third worm—fried dipped in cornmeal. Tom reminds him to think Fish!
9. Alan and Joe come up with a plot to trick Billy.
10. Billy eats the fourth worm—fried with horseradish, ketchup, and mustard. Joe tells a story
    about his mom and dad finding out about Billy eating worms and getting really mad. He said
    worms were like poison. Billy began worry.
11. Tom said Alan and Joe were lying. Billy tried to get Tom to eat the worm. Tom ran off.
12. Billy ate the fifth worm—fried with ketchup, mustard, salt, and grated cheese.
13. Alan began to worry. His plan didn’t work. He called Joe late at night and woke him up.
14. Billy had a dream that he was at a butcher shop and was served a very large worm. He woke
    up and had a stomach ache.
15. Billy tells his mom and dad about eating worms. His mom freaks out and wants dad to call the
    doctor. Dad is annoyed. He calls poison control. Billy finds out worms won’t hurt him.
16. Billy eats the 6th worm—fried in cornmeal—no worries!
17. Billy eats the 7th worm—fried with horseradish—no worries!
18. Billy eats the 8th worm—fried with mustard, ketchup, and horseradish--no worries! Alan is
    getting worried about losing the bet.
19. Billy eats the 9th worm--Joe and Alan bring a trick worm. They glued two night crawlers
    together and fried it in cornmeal to look like one really big worm. Billy and Tom caught them
    and accused Alan and Joe of cheating.
20. Alan and Joe are going up to Lake Lauderdale for two days. They ask Mrs. Forrester to be the
    witness of Billy eating the worms.
21. Billy eats the 10th worm--Billy’s mom makes a worm casserole for Billy.
22. Billy eats the 11th worm—Whizbang Worm Delight
23. Alan and Joe come up with plan # 3—they are going to ask Billy to go to Shea Stadium, stuff
    him full of stadium food, and hope that he forgets about the worm.
24. Billy ate the 12th worm—a toasted cheese and worm sandwich.
25. The boys get back from the ball game late and Billy is asleep. Alan and Joe think they’ve won.
26. Billy woke up with 15 minutes till midnight. He ran to Tom’s and they found a worm. Billy was
    going to have to eat it raw because there wasn’t enough time to cook it.
27. The boys got a siren out and woke the whole neighborhood so that Alan and Joe could witness
    Billy eating the 13th worm—RAW!
28. Joe and Alan got in trouble and had to go door to door to apologize to all of the neighbors for
    Billy waking them up in the middle of the night. They were both grounded from TV and desert
    and they lost their allowance for two weeks.
29. The boys got in a fight. They started throwing mud at each other. Billy got hit over the eye with
    a rock.
30. Their parents make the boys sit down and talk out their problem. Alan and Joe agree to stop
31. Billy makes the 14th worm—peanut butter and fried worm sandwich. They get a letter from the
    “doctor” saying that worms can be harmful and that Billy should not eat anymore until he gets
    back from his vacation to examine him.
32. Billy gets worried. His dad reads the letter and knows it’s fake.
33. Billy at the PB and worm sandwich he had made and gets mad.
34. Billy at the 15th worm. It tasted like kidney beans.
35. Billy kept burping “beans”. He thinks the worm is a fake and says he’s going to eat another one.
36. Billy starts to eat the last real worm and Alan tackled him and locked him in the tool closet. He
    is going to put him in the cistern
37. Alan starts to take the boards away from the cistern so he could put Billy in, when Billy’s dad
    catches him. He makes Alan go home and sends Billy to his room without letting him finish the
    last bite of worm.
38. Billy was in his room. He was angry because his dad made him lose.
39. Tom came over to see Billy. Billy’s mom told him he was being punished.
40. Billy was looking out the window and saw Pete, Tom’s brother. Pete had the worm in the
    basket. He through a brick that was tied to a string attached to the basket up to Billy so that he
    could pull the basket up. Joe and Alan jumped out of the bushes and tried to stop him, but he
    won anyway.
41. Epilogue: Billy got the mini bike and the boys are sitting around eating sandwiches. Billy is
    eating worm and egg sandwich. He thinks he might be hooked on worms—he actually likes
    them now.

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