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									Résumé                                                                       MyName Xyz.

 General Information

       Name                                           MyNameXYZ
   Date of Birth                                          XYZ

       Address                                            XYZ

    Contact No                  91- 900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
   Passport No                                            XYZ
       Email                          safiewuhjsdbvuutgfwiy@ats8tgdcugcu8etsaixp.com

 Carrier Objective

Seeking the software development position in an organization, which gives me a chance to improve my
knowledge and enhance my skills in the state-of-art technology and be a part of the team that excels in
words towards the growth of the organization and gives me absolute satisfaction thereof.


        Highly motivated and self driven.
        Expertise in VC++, MFC, SDK Win32 Programming
        Strong experience in Windows Programming and GDI.
        Strong exposure in middleware tools like COM, ATL, WTL
        Strong Experience in Image Processing using GDI Plus.
        Deep interest in creating and designing applications.
        Adept in learning and implementing new technologies.
        Handled Training Sessions to Freshers in previous organizations.
        Professional experience in debugging like Kernel and User-Mode debugging.
        Hands on experience on debugging tools like Windbg.

 Professional Experience

         1. Currently Working with XYZ Technologies, XYZ as a Senior Software Engineer (Since
            Month & Year to Till Date)

            Client             : XYZ
            Team Size          : 6
            Role               : SDE


            Working with XYZ, i.e., Support and Maintenance, in XYZ for Windows 2000 Working on.
            For testing, writing automation applications using Programming for cases (For the Bugs,
   Problems and Crashing of Applications occurring in various scenarios) and Participating in
   Windows 2000 Source Code Reviews and Fix reviews.

Core Responsibilities:-
       Responding to MSRC Cases which calls in to GDI Component
       Bug Reprot/Triages and investigations
       Debugging ( User Mode / Kernel Mode)
       Bug Logging
       Suggesting the code change for fixing bug.
       Win2K Source Code Verification in GDI Component area.
       Attending Client War meetings, Engineering Reviews of the fix made.
       Fix verification and finding variants.
       Enriching the Junior’s Technical skills

2. XYZ – ( Duration )


   This company has a tremendous response for the product they developed for the album
   industry that is XYZ. This is a complete stand-alone software requiring no third party tools
   or any artistic skills for creating exclusive album pages within minutes.

Core Responsibilities:-
       Analyzing the requirements of the product.
       Active participation in the designing and refactoring of the whole graphics engine to
          be used by the product.
       Singly handled the total implementation of refactorization of the whole graphics
       Handled different Image Processing Operations.
       Designing the modules to be used by the product.
       Code Review.
       Researching and implementing different Custom Window Controls in the Product.
       Optimizing the existing code.

Programming Environment        :        Microsoft Visual Studio .Net2003, MFC, Win32
Version control Software       :        Microsoft Visual Source Safe.
Library used                   :        GDI+ (Toolkit for image processing)

3. XYZ, as a Developer (Duration)


   This Project is one it simply controls the terminals or the clients connected to it. We can use
   this in any type of organization, which is in Network. This Project is having two modules,
   one is installed in the Server and another is in all terminals connected in LAN. Server
   Module will gives all the information of Clients connected. And it always updates the
               information so that whenever a new client is connected, it immediately updates the
               Server Module displays all process running each and every system. For getting this all the
               process information Server Module will communicates with Client Module. All these will
               communicate with sockets

         Core Responsibilities:-
                    Understanding the requirements
                    Designing the given module
                    Coding and Unit level testing.


        Languages                :       C, C++, VC++ (SDK/MFC, GDI/GDI+) and PL&SQL
        Databases                :       Oracle 9i, MS-Access.
        OS Platforms             :       Win98, NT 4.0, Win2000, Windows XP
        MIDDLEWARE               :       COM, DCOM, ATL, WTL
        GUI                      :       Developer 2000, Visual Basic 6.0
        SCRIPTS                  :       VB Script, FrontPage 2000

Academic Information

      M.Sc( CS)                  XYZ University, in XYZ                      69%         First Class
   PG Diploma in                                                   Mar
                                 XYZ University, in XYZ                      65%         First Class
      MISCA                                                       2001
      B.SC( MPC)                 XYZ University, in XYZ                     65.7%        First Class
             10 +2                XYZ School, in XYZ                        66.3%        First Class
                              Board of Secondary Education,       March
             S.S.C                                                          64.6%        First Class
                                          xyz.                    1993

Training attended

              Attended the “OOAD” training from XYZ

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