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					ASHISH KUMAR GUPTA                                                         Room No - C205, Hall 5
Pre-final Year Undergraduate Student                                                   IIT Kanpur
Electrical Engineering                                                      Utter Pradesh, 208016
IIT Kanpur, India                                                                            India

I am looking for a challenging summer internship to enhance and augment my knowledge and
skill base.

Research Interest:

    •   Signal Processing
    •   Communication

Educational Qualification:

General Information:
        Degree Pursuing:                B. Tech. (Currently in 6 semester)
        Institute:                      Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India
        Expected Date of Graduation:    May, 2007

Academic Performance:

    •   Current Cumulative Performance Index (CPI) 8.5/10.0
    •   First Division in 12th Grade
    •   First Division in 10th Grade

Relevant Courses:

Electrical Engineering:

Digital Electronics & Microprocessors               Digital Signal Processing*
Microelectronics                                    Electromagnetic Theory*
Electronic Instrumentation*                         Signals and Systems
Electrical Engineering Lab I and II*                Power Systems
Probability & Statistics                            Control System Analysis
Principles of Communication                         Communication Systems*

Basic Sciences:

Mathematics Courses on Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Vector Calculus, Real &
Complex Analysis, Foundations of Optimization
Physics Courses on Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Relativity and Quantum Mechanics


Fundamentals of Computing (Java)

                                                              (*) Will be completed by the end of 3 year
Projects and Term Papers:

   •    Project in Image Processing on Object Tracking (Summers 2005): This project was
        done in the summer camp organized by department of Electrical Engineering IIT Kanpur.
        Objective of the project was to track the human body in a background subtracted video,
        detect its head and torso, draw bounding boxes for the head and torso and to detect face
        mismatch with respect to a given face.

   •    I worked on pulse shaping for ISI free transmission of signal under the guidance of
        Pro. A. K. Chaturvedi during December 2005 to January 2006. In this project, with
        reference to the paper “A Family of ISI-Free Polynomial Pulses” (IEEE Communication
        Letters, Vol. 9, No. 6, June 2005) I analyzed the bit error performance of the suggested
        pulses and worked on some new family of pulses for better performance.

   •    Echo Cancellation(Currently working): Currently working on this project under Prof.
        Sumana Gupta as apart of the course Digital Signal Processing.

   •    A term paper on “Use of perturbation techniques to create general Lagrange
        Multipliers and application for problem handling in commercial firms” under Prof.
        Joydeep Dutta as part of the course Fundamental of Optimization.

   •    A working model of a seed shower and a swing under the course “Introduction to
        Manufacturing Processes”.

   •    A term paper titled “Organization Resizing and Allocation” under Prof. A. K. Sinha as
        part of the course Organizational and Administrative Psychology.

Technical Skills:

Engineering Software:
MATLAB, Spice (PSpice), Microcap, Auto-CAD

Programming and Computers:

C++, Java

Scholarship and Academic Achievements:

   •    Award of MCM scholarship of Rs.32, 000 per year for the period of 2003 to 2007.

   •    Secured an All India Rank 149 in one of the most prestigious exams in India, Joint
        Entrance Exam (JEE), out of about 2,00,000 students that sat for the examination.

   •    Acknowledged for best project design as part of the course “Introduction in Manufacturing

Personal Information:

Date of Birth       Dec 03, 1984
Sex                 Male
Nationality         Indian
Address             C-205, Hall 5, IIT Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, 208016, India.