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					                            BBQ Recipe Template

                    Honey BBQ Wing Sauce Recipe

   1 Cup (12 Ounce)
    root beer

   1 Cup Ketchup

   1 Cup Honey

   ¼ Vegetable Oil

   2 Table spoon
    white winger

   1 Tea Spoon
    Black Paper

   ½ Tea Spoon
    Garlic paste

   ½ Tea Spoon
    Liquied Smoke

   ½ Tea Spoon
    Ginger Ground
   ½ Tea spoon
    Nutmeg Ground

            Place all these items in a large bowl and stir until blended. Place in medium
            saucepan and steam it at electric stove or smoke stove for about 5-10
            minutes or until your desired limit.
            You can also Store it a Jar.