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7 8 Extra Curricular 2 by liefling2001


									Updated Sept 2010

                            St. Joseph High School Extra-Curricular Opportunities

     For a listing of Sports Teams, please visit and click on ‘sports’


Activity            Teacher           Timeline      Time Commitment                 Open, Tryout,
                    Contact                                                         Application
Peer Pals           Jennifer          All year      1-2 x week for 20 min. during   Application
                    Castellerin                     class time
Red Maple
Book Club           Sarah Murray      Dec - June    1/wk                            Open to all readers
                                                    Lunch Hour
Ski Club            Deb Wallingford   Jan - March   1 x wk                          Application
                    Merlene Reid
Tuck Shop           Deb Wallingford   Sept - June   1 x wk                          Application
                                                    Friday Lunches
Art Club            A. Abromaitis     All year      1 x wk at lunch                 Open
Student Council     ML Tirabasso      Sept - June   Monthly                         Class rep

Ski Day Trip    D. Wallingford        Jan           Day trip to Mont Tremblant      Experienced skiers and
                M. Kelly                                                            snowboarders
7/8 Band        U. Drozd              Oct. - June   1X week at lunch, day 5         Open
Math Club       C. Wallin             Feb – May     1 x week                        Open to all
7/8 Ambassadors G. Briglio            Sept – June   1 x week, some evenings         Application
                C. Wallin
                I. Fischer
Updated Sept 2010
                    T. White
Real Guys Read      S. Murray       Sept – June   1 x week                       Application
Youth Ministry      D. Hughes       Sept – June   2X month at lunch and optional Open
                                                  field trips

Liturgical Music    D. Hughes       Sept – June   4 liturgies                    Tryout
Team                Stacy                         4 rehearsals
                    Beauchamp                     sound checks
EcoSchools          A. Abromaitis   All year      1-2x per wk                    Open
                    J. Berube                     1-2 hr after school
                                                  Per semester
Scrabble            S. Murray       All year      Wed at lunch                   Open

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