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									Employee training

A culture of learning is a positive environment that promotes employee motivation.
When you plan employee training, it is beneficial to promote your culture as one that is
continuously training and learning new things. It is important to be innovative. Change is
positive but without a learning environment culture then the changes will be difficult to

Management must be onboard to promote employee training. In order to get management
to agree to providing training to staff you need to prove the need for the organization as a
whole, or you will never get the funding. Management needs to rally with you when
promoting training or the attitudes of the employees will not be positive toward the

The investment of employee training impacts both the employee and the company for the
better. The company is investing money in training classes and they are investing in the
employee. This cost will result in a benefit because the person will be capable of
performing more tasks in their job functions, working more efficiently, and more
productively. Training also is an investment of the employee's time. You need to stress to
the employee that not only is the company making an investment in them, they can take
the training with them in the future if they ever decide to leave the company. Learning is
a benefit that can help them in their future career goals.

Employee training needs to be an ongoing effort. Technology is something in the
marketplace that we see continuously changing every day. Training for technology is
required to keep up to date. In addition to technology, employees should continuously be
refreshed on their people skills, ability to work in teams, and on other various job

Employee training needs to be promoted to both management and to the staff. There are
many ways to get everyone on board and motivated to learn. These ways include
promoting a learning environment, getting management on board and rallying toward the
initiative, expressing the investment, and making it ongoing.

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