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									Employee satisfaction

There are several different ways in which businesses are being conducted all over the
world. All of them are meeting with different levels of success and failure. But, is there a
single method that can ensure the success of a business? Is there are way that can help
businesses to achieve their goals consistently? There is, but be prepared for something
that you might consider unorthodox.

The fact is that a lot of leadership coaching stuff out there speaks about how customer is
king and how every business owner should do whatever they can to keep their customers
happy. Now, while this is not to be totally refuted, the truth is that there is something
more important that owners need to look into, and on a more priority basis, than the
satisfaction of their customers. Yes, we are talking about employee satisfaction here.

Did you know that...

      50% of the employees today are all quite unhappy with their employers?
      33% of all business revenue is spent on wasted employee hours just because these
       employees are not interested in what they are doing and aren't putting their
       optimal best into their jobs?
      46% of all employees feel that they aren't being communicated to well by their
       employers and hence don't feel motivated to work in the way their employees
       expect them to?

Now, if this is the scenario, one thing becomes evident. An unhappy task force isn't going
to help a business to maximize or even improve its production. Such a business is going
to be sorely lacking in the values that define its organizational culture. And, if the
employees themselves are going to be dissatisfied with their jobs, there is going to be a
very lackadaisical and unproductive organizational culture.

Under such circumstances, customer satisfaction is going to be a long way off. If you are
planning to give your customers exactly what they want and if you want them to be
knocking at your door repeatedly, you have to look closer. You have to look at your
employees and keep them contented with the job they are doing for your organization.
This is what is going to really help in the long run.

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