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									                                              October 23, 2009 Newsletter

Our goal at ISB is to encourage students to learn through an international lens as thoughtful, compas-
sionate world citizens. We actively embrace intellectual rigor, intercultural respect, service to our local
and world communities, and the promise of a peaceful world.

         International School of Beaverton                    Newly Elected Senators
                September Calendar                                    ISB’s class of 2013 elected the following stu-
                                                              dents as Senators on Wednesday: Zina Al-Mulla,
Oct 27       Toyama Japan politicians visit
             Choir Concert 8th grade and high school          Spencer Collins, Colin Jones, Zsofia McDonald,
                   7:30 pm                                    Yani Meekisho, Briana Nathanielsz-Bowden. Con-
Oct 30       Halloween Social 2:05-3:30 pm
                                                              gratulations to our new Grade 9 Senators!
Greetings from Principal Baumgardner
                                                              Halloween Social
Dear ISB Families,                                                    On October 30, ISB will have an all-grade
         I just wanted to take a moment to thank you          Harvest Social from 2:05 to 3:30 p.m. Students may
for all your support of the Fun Run. Since we are             wear their Halloween costume if that is their family
still receiving pledge sheets and money from our              tradition or students may wear their traditional ethnic
students, we will share with you the final amount             costume. They may come to school in their cos-
raised in our newsletter next week. I appreciate you          tumes but must follow school and District guidelines
giving to our school in these very difficult economic         to keep everyone safe and to ensure that classroom
times. Thank you so much for your generosity.                 learning is still our #1 focus.
         Our senior class will be doing a pie sale start-             Friday will be a learning day in classes.
ing this week to raise funds for their graduation night       Please make sure their outfit for the day does not in-
party and to support ISB. Mr. Struckmeier, Mr.                terfere with sitting at desks and moving around the
Swick, Ms. Gillard, Ian Gulliver, and I will be taking        room for learning activities.
a pie in the face if we raise enough money. Details           - Costumes must follow the dress code we follow
will follow. I just hope mine will be the very deli-          every day.
cious peach pie. It is my absolute favorite. Have a           - Students may not wear masks, hoods, or face
wonderful weekend.                                            paints. They also should not bring fake swords,
                                                              knives, guns, etc. Safety at schools is our number
Warm regards,                                                 one priority. In addition, school personnel must also
Sheila Baumgardner                                            be able to quickly and easily identify every student.
                                                              A costume cannot make this identification difficult.
Congratulations to Our Wisdom Winners                         - Please do not have dripping or sticky substances
for the Week!                                                 that will get on people or furniture (fake blood is an
      Bryan Calzadilla, Egzon Kodroli, Sarah                  example).
Schmidt, Bertina Zhang. Thank you for making                  - Regular footwear must be worn.
WISE choices!                                                 - "Inflatable costumes" are not allowed.
                                                                      If students are inappropriately dressed for
                                                              learning on Friday, they will be asked to call a parent

             International School of Beaverton, 17770 SW Blanton St., Aloha, OR 97007    (503) 259-3800
                                           October 23, 2009 Newsletter
to bring other clothes.                                     ISB Dragon Knights Chess Club
         Middle School students wanting to attend the              Still looking for players! We meet every
Social will need to bring their permission slips back       Monday afternoon from 2:05 to 4:30 pm in Room
to ISB on October 30 by lunch time. The permission          M104. During last week’s class, we found Mr. Swan
slip is attached with this newsletter. They will also       and Mr. Schneller battling it out on the boards.
receive a copy of it on Wednesday, during advisory.                Please feel free to stop in and check out the
High school students may attend without permission          club and if you have any questions, please contact
         Tickets to purchase food during the Harvest
Social will be on sale at lunch time on Thursday, Oc-       ISB Band Fund Raiser
tober 29th and Friday, October 30th. Tickets will           Godfather’s Pizza
also be sold during the Social on Friday. Avoid the         17691 SW Farmington Rd.
lines, and purchase your food tickets ahead of time!        Aloha
We will be selling: Pizza-$2.00/slice, Cotton Candy/        (503)649-5600
Snow cones-$1.00 each, Gourmet Lollipops (to      
benefit the ISB Band) - 75 cents each, Bottled water-               Mr. Bates will be waiting on tables at Godfa-
50 cents each.                                              ther’s Pizza on Thursday, Nov., 5th from 5:00 to 8:00
         We appreciate your assistance in making Fri-       pm. This is a great fund raiser for the band and we
day a safe and fun day at ISB.                              would love for you to join us for some terrific food,
                                                            door prizes and plenty of laughs! If you would like
Will Mrs. Baumgardner Get a Pie in the                      to order by phone or online, please make sure that
Face?                                                       you mention that you are with ISB. Please show your
        To have some fun with our pie sale, some            support and help us run Mr. Bates off his feet!! For
very special staff members have agreed to take a pie        more info, please contact
in the face from the top student sellers at a school
        If our pie sale profits are $5,000-$9,999 the       Ski Bus!
top 3 student sellers will each choose a staff person              The ski and snowboard season is upon us
to get a pie in the face from the following list: Mr.       once again. Mr. Schneller is organizing the Mt.
Swick, Mr. Lazaro, Mr. Swan, Ms. Steiner, Mr.               Hood Meadows bus again, which will operate each
McQueen, Ms. Lowe, Ms. Gillard.                             Saturday, from January 9th to February 13th. An in-
        If pie sale profits are $10,000 or more, Mr.        formation packet is available for pick up outside Mr.
Struckmeier, Mr. Duran, and Mrs. Baumgardner                Schneller’s room, M-104. Email with any questions:
have agreed to be added to the list!              
        The numbers seem high. But if each of our
700 students sells ONLY 2 pies, ISB will have               October is IB Exam Registration Month
$10,000 in profits! If each student sells just 1 pie,               October is the month to register for the May,
our profits will be $5,000.                                 2010 IB exam session. All juniors and seniors who
        Encourage your students to pick up an order         qualify for exams have been notified and exam fees
sheet, and just maybe they’ll be the lucky one to de-       are due by November 2. If you have any questions
liver that pie in the face to the staff member of their     about the process, please call Ross Duran at (503)
choice!                                                     259-8292 or email him at
Questions? Please contact Deb Habel, the chairper-
son for the ISB holiday pie sale at

            International School of Beaverton, 17770 SW Blanton St., Aloha, OR 97007   (503) 259-3800
                                           October 23, 2009 Newsletter
Scheduled College Visits                                    vide. Please make checks payable for the student
        Future visits include Western Oregon Univer-        body fee of $30 to ISB and turn into our receptionist.
sity on October 27, the University of Puget Sound on
October 28, and Lewis and Clark College on October          Educational Trip to China Offered
29. Please see Mrs. Colton for more information.                    Have you dreamt of walking the Great Wall?
                                                            Eating Peking Duck in Beijing? Well, don’t just
Beaverton School District Events for High                   dream about it-travel to China on an educational tour
School Parents                                              with other ISB students! An informational meeting
        BSD will be hosting 5 more events for par-          is scheduled for 7:00 PM on Wednesday, October 18
ents of high school students at the various high            at Panera Bread on Cedar Hills Blvd. You can look
schools. These include post high school planning            up the tour online at and
nights, scholarship information, and financial aid          check out tour number 792216. We are scheduled to
planning. Please check this below website for dates,        travel June 28, 2010- July 9, 2010. Questions?
times, and locations.                                       Please email Linda Williams . This is not a school
struction/counseling/district-events/.                      sponsored event.

Attention Parents of 7th Graders                            Are you interested in International
Immunization Reminder                                       Travel?
         Oregon law has added requirements for im-                  Join us on Tuesday, October 27, 7 pm at
munizations for the school year 2009-2010 7th               Haagen's on Murray Blvd. in Beaverton. Teens and
grade students should have one additional Tdap Vac-         parents are invited to travel to Costa Rica during
cine by January 2010. Tdap offers protection against        spring break and Japan in July 2010.
three serious diseases: Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Per-              The meeting will discuss EF tours, itinerari-
tussis (whooping cough).                                    es and price. Enrollment prices depends on the date
         If your child has not have the Tdap shot, con-     you enroll on the tour : October 31 pricing will soon
tact your child's doctor or call the Washington             come to an end. If you can't make the meeting call
County Department of Health and Human Services              Jan Peterson-Terjeson at (503) 590-5286 for infor-
at 503-846-8851 to make an appointment. Please              mation or log into teacher tour
turn in your students updated immunization informa-         Costa Rica tour number 688707 and Japan tour
tion to the school office.                                  number 808075.

Student Activity Stickers                                   High School Aloha United Classic Soccer
        We have ordered ISB activity stickers, which        Tryouts
will be arriving in mid-November. Those students            WHAT : Supplemental Tryouts Winter High School
who have paid their student body fees will receive          Classic
one at that time. These stickers provide discounts for      LOCATION: 53rd Street Field just off Baseline in
our ISB dances and socials, as well as discounts for        Hillsboro
dances and home games at the student’s home high
                                                            DATE: Monday, November 23rd
        For those families who have not payed,              TIMES: Boys & Girls U15 – U18 (6:00 – 7:30PM)
please do so as soon as possible. The activity money        AGE: All high school aged players born after 7/31/
helps support all of the programs we are able to pro-       1991

            International School of Beaverton, 17770 SW Blanton St., Aloha, OR 97007   (503) 259-3800
                                            October 23, 2009 Newsletter

FEE: No cost to tryout; COST: Seasonal Fees $ 400,
Uniform Cost : $168
        For more details, see Competitive Soccer              FRISB, or the Friends of ISB, is made up of parents like you
(AU) at our website or                    who care about ISB and the programs it offers our students.
e-mail James Fondren @;               FRISB, and ultimately ISB, benefits from your involvement.
                                                             Please look for the FRISB section of the newsletter each week
Questions : Call (503)702-4168.                                          to see how you can make a difference.

October Moon Festival                                                During this difficult economic time, we are
        Garden Home Recreation Center is hosting            especially grateful for your generous donations! Eve-
the October Moon Festival on Saturday October 24th          ryone, particularly the students, worked hard to raise
from 11 am- 5pm. Activities include a costume con-          over $8,000 which will be used in a variety of ways
test and games with prizes. Dance show, haunted             to benefit our students and our school. Just a few re-
house, face painting, food and more. Don’t forget           cent examples of how these funds have been used
your costume. Entrance is $2.                               include: Sponsoring the 9th Grade Retreat to Camp
                                                            Magruder, organizing and funding the Harvest So-
School and Family Blazer Nights                             cial, and sponsoring the Japanese Intern who pro-
        School is back in session and the Portland          vides classroom assistance for our students. If you
Trail Blazers would like to welcome back students           still have donations to submit, please forward those
and family members with special offers for the up-          to the office.
coming games this season! Please take advantage of                   We are contacting several families in order
these great offers! For more information, prices, and       to maximize their personal donations through their
ticket forms, please pick up a flier from the informa-      employer matching program. We thank you in ad-
tion wall at the back of the main hallway.                  vance for your assistance.
                                                                     We would also like to give our apprecia-
Note to ISB Parents:                                        tions to Linda Barbour, Lori Boone, Isabel Cates,
        In light of concerns with the H1N1 flu, we          Yolanda Coleman, Shannon Herbers, Deb Jones, and
request that parents purchase individual hand sani-         Sumathi Magesh for helping to count the
tizer for their students. With their own sanitizer, stu-    donations. Your generosity of time was greatly ap-
dents will be able to keep their hands clean through-       preciated.
out the day. We would also appreciate if you please
send a box of kleenex with your student to turn into        With Respect, The FRISB Board
their advisory teacher. Thank you!
                                                            THE HUB CLUBS ARE UP AND RUN-
                                                            NING AND WE WANT YOU TO JOIN!
                                                                    The purpose of Hub Clubs at ISB are to
                                                            connect families that belong to the same Home
                                                            Highschool. You may have ISB folks living down
                                                            the street, or shopping at the your local grocery store
                                                            and not even know it! When you sign up with a Hub
                                                            Club you have access to families in your community
                                                            to possibly set up carpools, study groups, and be a
                                                            part of social activities. There is a committee chair-
                                                            man (or two) for each Hub, and we are starting to
                                                            organize the first get-together to meet Hub families.

            International School of Beaverton, 17770 SW Blanton St., Aloha, OR 97007       (503) 259-3800
                                                  October 23, 2009 Newsletter
Listed below are the contact names and numbers for
each Hub Club. We still need a lead person for
Westview and Beaverton. Please contact your
home highschool chairman and they will put you on
a group database so you'll be connected with what's
happening in your Hub. In the next few weeks, we
will also have a button on the ISB website for you
to get updated information about what the Hubs are
doing. Thanks so much---and we hope to see many
of you soon!

ALOHA HUB: Lisa Chang-- & Lori Emer-
SOUTHRIDGE HUB: Laura Riverman-- & Erika
WESTVIEW HUB-- Holly Jester --

Call for Newsletter Items
           We are moving to a weekly email edition of the news-
letter. If you have information that you would like to appear in
the newsletter, published on Fridays, please submit it no later
than 4 p,m. on Wednesday. Please write the text as you wish it
to appear, avoid formating the text with bullets, underlines,
italics, or colors and email it to We will do our best
to include it. Thanks.

              International School of Beaverton, 17770 SW Blanton St., Aloha, OR 97007   (503) 259-3800

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