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Phone: (203) 562-3159                        Ruth Lambert, Editor               Niche Advertising That Hits the Bullseye!
FAX: (203) 562-5481                315 Whitney Ave., Carriage House
e-mail:                    New Haven, CT 06511

                                                                      Revised 01/06
                                  Real Estate Valuation                                                  Real Estate Valuation
 EDITORIAL POLICY                 Magazine is designed to meet               CIRCULATION              Magazine is widely read by
                                  the unique professional needs                                       appraisers throughout the US.
of residential, commercial and industrial appraisers, appraisal        We email 120,000 notices to appraisers and home inspectors
and environmental reviewers, mortgage lenders, and home                nationally during the quarter when a new issue is posted
inspectors, with up-to-date information, practical expertise and       online. All readers who enter our website are automatically
features which focus on their specialized interests. It provides       enrolled for a free subscription. As of 2005, we had over
its readers with access to unique product information and the          13,000 subscribers, and 80,000+ hits on the website per
resources they need to succeed in their profession. We welcome         month. Our readers are business owner/managers, with the
letters, comments and articles for publication. We reserve the         final decision-making authority regarding equipment
right to cut, edit or reject any submitted materials.                  purchases, software, insurance, and other business services.

                                    Real Estate Valuation                                                  Real Estate Valuation
                                                                       CONTRACT & BILLING                  M a g a z i n e o ff e r s o u r
    SPECIFICATIONS                  Magazine is a quarterly
                                                                                                           clients and advertisers the
                                    online publication.
Final submission due dates are shown below. PDF, GIF, Tiff or          opportunity to advertise on a per issue basis. A 5% discount
other electronic files must be received in-house by Electronic         applies on consecutive ads in two or more issues. Advertisers
Ads Due dates shown below. Please provide complete file with           are billed following publication; payment is due upon receipt
                                                                       of the invoice. The publisher reserves the right to require
all necessary graphics & fonts. Full page size is 8 3/8" x 10 7/8 ".
                                                                       50% down payment upon receipt of an ad from a new client.
Ads are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including
                                                                       Cancellations are not accepted after the closing date. Accounts
6" ads, 1/3 page, 1/2 page and 2/3 page. Templates showing
                                                                       must be current prior to the acceptance of a future ad reservation.
sizes and various shapes are available upon request.
                                                                       Acceptance of ads is at the sole discretion of the publisher.
Note that design contraints are for typical MAGAZINE
layouts. Please do not supply files over 65MG. Ads will not be         Real Estate Valuation Magazine will not be liable
printed, and very high rez is unnecessary. Design assistance is        for legal actions of any kind against an advertiser.
available for a flat fee of $150 per ad. Ads we design in-house        NOTE: Our ads are presented solely as a service to our readers.
are emailed for client approval and final editing.                     We make no claims, recommendations or representations
                                                                       through their publication.

      CLOSING & PUBLICATION DATES                                        For reservations, layout sheets or additional information,
                                                                                              please contact:
    Issue           Electronic Ads Due           Online Dates
  Winter    2006      Week of    Dec. 5      January - March                 Ruth Lambert, Editor
  Spring    2006      Week of    Mar. 5      April - June              Real Estate Valuation Magazine
                                                                         Phone (203) 562-3159 • FAX (203) 562-5481
  Summer    2005      Week of    Jun. 5      July - September
  Autumn    2005      Week of    Aug. 20     October-December

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