Phy 111 Pre-Test #6 by iav17490


									Phy 111 Pre-Test #6
Electrostatics and Electric Current                     Name:________________________________

Which force has the following characteristic: Gravitational, Electric or both?
_____1. Attract
_____2. Repel
_____3. Not able to shield
_____4. Obey Newton’s Laws
_____5. Strongest
_____6. Work = ∆PE
_____7. Able to shield

_____8. Which force is the strongest to bind atoms together?

_____9. In an electrically neutral atom, the number of protons in the nucleus is equal to the number of __.

_____10. A positive ion has more __ than __.

_____11. Electrons are charge carriers in a conductor rather than protons because electrons are __.

_____12. To say that electric charge is quantized is to say that the charge on an object __.

_____13. To say that electric charge is conserved means?

_____14. The electrical force between charges is weakest when the charges are positioned __.

_____15. When the distance between two charges is reduced from 2 m to 1 m, the electrical force between
       the charges changes by __.

_____16. Rub electrons from your hair with a comb and the comb becomes __ charged.

_____17. The primary purpose of a lightning rod is to __.

_____18. To say than an object is electrically polarized means__.

_____19. When a car is struck by lightning, the resulting electric field inside the car is __.

_____20. Electric potential, measured in volts, is the ratio of electric energy to __.

_____21. If you use 20 J of work to push a coulomb of charge into an electric field, its voltage with respect
         to its starting position is __V.

_____22. If you use 20 J of work to push a charge into an electric field and then release the charge, as it
         returns to the starting position, its kinetic energy is __ J.

_____23. An ampere is an unit of electrical __.

_____24. A coulomb of charge passing through a 9 volt battery is given __ joules of energy?

_____25. Heat a copper wire and how does its electric resistance change?

_____26. Stretch a copper wire so that it is thinner and how does its resistance between its ends change?

_____27. The current through a 60 ohm resistor connected to a 120 V power supply is __ A.

_____28. A 10 ohm resistor has a 1 A current in it. What is the voltage across the resistor?

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_____29. When a 12V battery is connected to a resistor, the current in the resistor is 2A. What is the
         resistor’s value in ohms?

_____30. The source of electrons in an ordinary electrical circuit is __.

_____31. The electric power of a lamp that carries 1 A at 120 V is __ W.

_____32. When two lamps are connected in parallel to a battery, the electrical resistance that the battery
         senses is __ than the resistance of either lamp.

_____33. When two lamps are connected in series to a battery, the electrical resistance that the battery
         senses is __ than the resistance of either lamp.

_____34. A 100 Watt lamp glows brighter than a 4 Watt lamp. The electrical resistance of the 100 Watt
       lamp must be __ than the 4 Watt lamp.

_____35. What is the purpose of an electrical diode?

_____36. The potential difference between a storm cloud and the ground is 100,000,000 volts. If a charge
         of 1 C flashes in a lightning bolt from cloud to earth, the change of potential energy of the charge
         is __ Joules.

_____37. How much does it cost to operate a 75 W lamp continuously for 1 week if the power utility rate
         is $0.10 per kWh?

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