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									                                     Atlanta Public Schools
                                     JOB DESCRIPTION

                   Pos ition Title: Director of Strategic Programs and
                         Projects for Curriculum and Ins truction
                                                                                  Grade: PMA9
Division: Department of Curriculum & Instruction

                                   POSITION SUMMARY
Responsible for managing the delivery of multiple high-risk complex projects or program initiatives
for Curriculum and Instruction. Takes leadership by utilizing an organizational/strategic approach
and pro-actively manages to ensure the objectives of the program initiatives are met. Ensures the use
of the program and project management processes associated with the Atlanta Public Schools’
Project Management Methdology and the consistency, continuity, prioritization, issue identification
and resolution across projects and workstreams. The Program Director collaborates with the various
work teams (departments, project teams, service providers) to ensure that the work of the program is
completed and assists in the strategic planning of functional department objectives and ensures the
alignment of projects and programs to those objectives. Reports to the Deputy Superintendent of

                                                                                               % OF
                           KEY RESPONSIBILITIES                                                TIM E
Strategic Instructional Project/Program Management – Works with project teams
to improve coordination, efficiencies and synergies among projects; creates
connections among project teams and business units to eliminate gaps in design and
implementation. Collaborates with project managers, sponsors and key executive
stakeholders to identify and resolve implementation barriers and key change
management issues. Works with instructional leadership to ensure that resources are
allocated and available for all stages of work. Develops project charters, structures
overall program/project plans including schedules, milestones, deliverables, owners
and resource/budget requirements. Directly leads instructional projects/programs
designed to drive improvement in instruction that supports District strategic objectives.
Ssupervises contract project managers, when utilized.                                            40%
Project Management Coaching and Methodology Support: Provides support to
department and projects on the use of the APS Project Management Methodology
including documentation, guidelines, templates and tools to be used by APS project
managers. Coaches and me ntors project or program managers to ensure understanding
and effective use of project/program management concepts.                                        15%
Reporting and Documentation – Performs project/program administration and
reporting for assigned portfolio. Monitors project and program progress against the
project plan on a regular basis and monitors the implementation of projects, programs
and reports progress and improvements achieved; works with department heads to
establish measurement systems to track improvement to achieve sustainable results.               10%

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                                     Atlanta Public Schools
                                     JOB DESCRIPTION

                      Pos ition Title: Director of Strategic Programs
                      and Projects for Curriculum and Ins truction

                                                                                               % OF
                           KEY RESPONSIBILITIES                                                TIM E
Strategic Planning and Organization Alignment: Works to deve lop, assess and
improve the Balanced Scorecard for the Curriculum and Instruction; Works with
individual departments within instruction to facilitate “cascading” the APS Balanced
Scorecard in support of District objectives.                                                     10%
Automated Systems - Utilizes APS project and portfolio management systems, data
management and/or balanced scorecard systems and provides project team training and
support, as required.
Portfolio Analysis & Reporting – Obtains status reports for assigned instructional
programs and projects; performs quality reviews and participates in the preparation of
executive summary reports for executive management; analyzes issues that need
addressing and brings them to the attention of the Curriculum and Instruction
Executive Leadership; Manages reports from the project and portfolio management
Project Management Meetings – Leads District project management meetings
designed to inform and engage project managers and team members of the various
aspects of instructional projects and to provide a forum for a discussion of related
District projects.
Communications/Publications – Develops publications and communications as
needed.                                                                                          10%
Change Management: Provides support related to change management for
instructional projects and programs. Works with the individual project/programs to
develop a change management strategy, plan, and process for the instructional
initiatives.                                                                                     5%
Program Management Training – Develops and delivers training to instructional
senior leaders, project managers, sponsors and stakeholders within Instruction on
topics that support the overall delivery of the instructional projects and program topics
may include program management, project management, change management, process
improvement and strategic planning.                                                              5%
Performs professional development activities as determined and other duties assigned
by the Deputy Superintendent of Instruction.                                                     5%

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                     Pos ition Title: Director of Strategic Programs
                     and Projects for Curriculum and Ins truction

                                 KEY JOB REQUIREMENTS

Formal Education:                Master’s Degree Required
                                 10+ years relevant experience required; project management
Work Experience:                 experience required.
                                 Strong coaching, business consultation and negotiation skills;
                                 Proven ability to lead and work through others without direct
                                 reporting relationship to achieve business goals;
                                 Strong analytical skills balanced with communication skills the
                                 ability to understand and create understanding of complex
                                 information among a variety of stakeholders and business partners;
                                 Demonstrated ability to manage multiple priorities and make
                                 appropriate decisions in the face of ambiguity;
                                 Affinity for challenging work and high responsibility and
Required Skills:                 accountability.
                                 Makes recommendations or decisions which affect others outside of
Impact of Actions:               the assigned department.
                                 Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) preferred,
                                 required within one year; Certification in process improvement,
                                 quality management, change leadership or the Balanced Scorecard
Certifications/Licenses:         beneficial.
                                 Varied: Department head is available on an "as- needed" basis to
Decision Making:                 establish general objectives; independent judgement is required.
                                 Requires regular contact with stakeholders to discuss issues of
                                 significant importance; regularly requires contact with officials at
Internal Communication:          higher levels.
                                 Requires some contact to discuss issues of interest and importance;
External Communication:          occasionally requires contact with officials at higher levels.
                                 Responsible for influencing, orienting and training others; may act
Managerial Skills:               as a program or project team leader responsible for others’ work
                                 Applies established technology solutions to enhance individual or
Technology Application:          small work group efficiency and effectiveness.
                                 No direct reports except contractors; significant responsibility for
Responsibility for the welfare   the welfare and evaluation of the performance of others
of others:                       participating on district project teams

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Pos ition Title: Director of Strategic Programs and Projects for Curriculum
                                and Ins truction

                               WORKING CONDITIONS
Normal office situation
Proficient in Excel, Microsoft Suite, Visio,
PowerPoint, Outlook, Lawson

                                   PHYSICAL EFFORT
Typically sitting at a desk or table           Light lifting or carrying 25 lbs. or less
Intermittently sitting, standing, stooping     Office

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