Ministry of Panchayati Raj

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					                                                           Ministry of Panchayati Raj

                                  Statement of Outlays and Outcomes/Targets: Annual Plan 2005-06
                                                                                                                                          (Rs. in crores)

Sl.No. Name of the             Objective/Outcome               Outlay 2005-06            Quantifiable            Process/              Remarks/
       Scheme/                                                                           Deliverables            Timelines             Risk
       Programme                                                                                                                       Factors
 1.    Training of elected     To build up the capacity    (a)Grant in aid     12.40     Haryana        -        Under this            State due for
       representatives for     of elected                  to training                   57620                   Scheme Central        elections
       implementing            representatives of          institutions                  Himachal                assistance is         will have to
       various                 Panchayats so that they                                   Pradesh        -        provided to           conduct
       developmental           can effectively carry out   (b) Grant in aid     12.0     20458                   States to impart      them on
       programmes through      their duties and            to state                      Chhattisgarh-           training to the       time. Any
       local self governance   responsibilities as         governments                   127124                  elected and           delay or
                               envisaged in the                                05.00     Karnataka      -        official              postponeme
                               Constitution                (c) Provision for             90000                   functionaries of      nt will affect
                                                           NE states .         -------   Kerala         -        the PRIs.             the
                                                                                  -      21000                   All the elected       quantifiable
                                                           Total               29.40     M.P.           -        representatives to    deliverables
                                                                                         213139                  Panchayats from
                                                                                         Rajasthan      -        States that will be
                                                                                         120547                  holding elections
                                                                                         U.P.            -       in 2005-06 are
                                                                                         412146                  proposed to be
                                                                                         A&N              -      trained during the
                                                                                         560                     course of the
                                                                                         D&N              -      year.
                                                                                         (States due for
                                                                                         elections in 2005-06)

                                                      Ministry of Panchayati Raj

2.   Scheme for Awards    To reward best                       9.20           It is proposed that 3    Guidelines for
     to Best Panchayats   performing panchayats                               best States in the       the scheme of
                          as well as encourage                                implementation of        giving awards to
                          other States to devolve                             Part IX of the           States that have
                          powers upon Panchayats                              Constitution             undertaken
                          so that they can function                           Panchayats would be      reforms in PRIs
                          as institutions of self-                            given awards. Each       have been
                          government as                                       State being awarded      approved in
                          envisaged in Part IX of                             will in turn award the   principle and are
                          the Constitution.                                   best performing          under issue.
                                                                              Panchayats in that
3.   Panchayat            To make Panchayati Raj               2.00           About 25 action          Under this           Adequate
     Development and      Institutions more                                   research projects.       scheme, grants       number of
     Research             effective in                                                                 are to be given to   suitable
                          implementation of                                                            various              proposals
                          various developmental                                                        organizations        not being
                          programmes by making                                                         including NGOs       received.
                          use of the findings of                                                       for carrying out
                          such research and action                                                     research
                          research studies.                                                            (including action
                                                                                                       concerning role
                                                                                                       of PRIs in local
                                                                                                       self- governance
                                                                                                       of programmes of
                                                                                                       economic and
                                                                                                       social justice.

                                                                                                       Training and
                                                                                                       (TRAC) to be
                                                                                                       held once every
                                                        Ministry of Panchayati Raj

4.   Conferences,          To formulate new                      2.00           About 20               Under this
     Seminars, Workshops   innovative programmes                                Conferences,           scheme,
     etc.                  as well as to improve the                            seminars and           Conferences,
                           existing ones through                                workshops dealing      Seminars,
                           sharing of experiences                               with various aspects   Workshops, etc.
                           etc. in the field of local                           of the                 are organized
                           self governance.                                     implementation of      with Panchayat
                                                                                Panchayati Raj.        members,
                                                                                                       Panchayati Raj
                                                                                (i) Deliberations of   Departments of
                                                                                the Conferences of     State
                                                                                the Committee of       Governments
                                                                                State Chief            including
                                                                                Secretaries reviews    Sectoral
                                                                                and furthers           Conferences of
                                                                                implementation of      State
                                                                                150                    Governments and
                                                                                recommendations of     Ministries
                                                                                7 Round Tables,        concerned of
                                                                                covering 18            Central
                                                                                dimensions of          Government
                                                                                Panchayati Raj         dealing with
                                                                                                       Social Sectors
                                                                                (ii) Conference of     like Education,
                                                                                the Council of State   Health, Tribal
                                                                                Ministers of` PR       Affairs, etc.
                                                                                Chaired by Minister    Conferences
                                                                                (PR) reviews the       would be
                                                                                progress of the        organized with
                                                                                action taken by the    Bodies of
                                                                                States and             Industries like
                                                                                implementation.        CII for promoting
                                                                                                       Rural Business

                                                 Ministry of Panchayati Raj

                                                                                                                           ( lakh)
5.   Information      To bring about                   2.00                                           Under this
     Technology       transparency in the                           All District Panchayat Portals    scheme,
                      implementation of                             (537) to be prepared and          initiatives to
                      various developmental                         linked to the National            create data bases
                      programmes by effective                       Panchayat Portal                  on Panchayats
                      monitoring of flow of                                                           through the
                      funds to PRIs as well as                                                        National
                      physical implementation                                                         Panchayat Portal
                      of various programmes.                                                          would be
6.   Information,     To create awareness              1.50         Wide publicity will be given      Under the
     Education and    about the PRIs and their                      to the MOUs signed by the         scheme,
     Communication.   functions among the                           Ministry of Panchayati Raj        expenditure is to
                      masses.                                       with individual States on the     be incurred on
                                                                    implementation       of     the   publications,
                                                                    conclusions of the Round          advertisements
                                                                    Tables, so that people of these   and publicity etc.
                                                                    states are aware of their         through print and
                                                                    States’ commitment towards        visual media on
                                                                    specific action points as         different aspects
                                                                    agreed therein. MOUs are          of Panchayati
                                                                    expected to be signed with 9      Raj.
                                                                    states during 2005-06, at the
                                                                    rate of 1 per month from July
                                                                    2005 onwards.

                                                                    Publicity will also be given to
                                                                    the necessity to hold Gram
                                                                    Sabhas once every quarter,
                                                                    including the conduct of
                                                                    social audit in the Gram
                                                                    Sabha.. Publicity will also
                                                                    emphasise the need to place
                                                                    the Audit report before the
                                                                    Gram Sabha.

                                                              Ministry of Panchayati Raj

Sl.No.   Name of the            Objective/Outcome                 Outlay 2005-06      Quantifiable            Process/              Remarks/
         Scheme/Programme                                                             Deliverables            Timelines             Risk Factors
  7.     Projects assisted by   To empower Panchayats                  0.50           One district each in    Under this
         UN agencies            for becoming effective                                10 states is proposed   scheme, in
                                institutions of local self-                           to be covered under     cooperation with
                                governance and agents                                 this programme          UN agencies like
                                of social change.                                                             UNDP and
                                                                                                              UNFPA various
                                                                                                              activities relating
                                                                                                              to capacity
                                                                                                              building of
                                                                                                              elected members
                                                                                                              of Panchayats
                                                                                                              awareness about
                                                                                                              health, etc. are
                                                                                                              planned to be
                                                                                                              taken up.
  8      Other Schemes                      -                           3.40                    -                       -                -
                                   Total Plan Outlay                   50.00