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					                 ECO PROGRAMS
                                              Our Environment, Our Concern

                                 COMPANY PROFILE
What is Eco Programs?
Eco Programs is a registered dedicated organization for environmental
conservation and sustainable development. It is registered by the laws of the
United Republic of Tanzania under Cap 212 as a Company limited with a
Certificate of Registration No. 133670.

The establishment of Eco Programs started since 1998. Eco Programs comprises
of a group of Tanzanians professionals in the field of Environmental Engineering,
Civil and Water Resource Engineering, Agricultural Economics, Business
Administration, Marketing, Forestry, Energy Specialists, Arts & Culture who
decided to join their hands and professional skills in supporting a Worldwide
campaign for environmental conservation.

Its overall aim of establishment is to promote a countrywide level of environmental
awareness and management by actively involving the communities at the
grassroots level to participate in the conservation of their environment for a
sustainable development.

The objects from which Eco Programs is found are: -
1.                To increase the level of knowledge, understanding and appreciation of
                  environmental issues within Tanzania Society by concentrating on the
                  nature, extent and causes of environmental problems and the available
                  practical solutions particularly at the Grassroots level;

2.                To stimulate and promote an active use and adaptation of
                  environmentally sound technologies;

3.                To provide a forum for an exchange and transfer of information,
                  knowledge and technology between communities, groups and institutions
                  sharing the same interest on environmental concerns.

                                                              Company Profile for Eco Programs                                                                        1
                                                                      Reg. No. 133670                                                               Tanzania, East Africa
In fulfilling its objectives, Eco Programs is doing the following activities;
    • Eco tourism Programme for Sustainable Community Development:
           This is a community based conservation initiative started in local living villages of
           Maasai, Chagga, Pare, Meru, Zaramo and other ethnic groups in Tanzania for
           the purpose of increasing local economy and improve conservation through
           community based tourism.
           Eco Programs is running Eco tourism programme primarily for protection of
           natural resources through an active participation of local people. Protection of
           natural resources e.g. waterfalls, lakes, rivers, natural forest etc is the focal point
           of this programme. Secondly, eco tourism programme work for improving the
           social and economic status of the community involved through increased
           agricultural production, diffusion of appropriate technology in areas like
           sanitation, water, building etc

    • Community Based Promotion Programme for “ Trinity Solution” Clean
      Water, Sanitation and Hygiene:
           In serving life to millions of people who are affected by sanitation related diseases
           in Tanzania, Eco Programs is supporting and running sanitation and hygiene
           projects in Tanzania. Join our effort in reducing the number of death in particular
           the children.
           Eco Programs is also coordinating Working Group for Improvement of Liquid
           Waste Management in Moshi Municipality, which is under Sustainable Moshi

    • Transfer, Marketing and Promotion of Environmentally Sound
           Eco Programs facilitate the transfer of EST’s in the following sectors:- Energy;
           Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene; Solid Waste Management (Collection,
           Processing, Recycling and Disposal); Water and Wastewater Management, Water
           Quality Management, Food Processing and Storage, Agricultural and Soil
           Management, Transport, Building & Construction and other Environmentally
           Sound Products and Technologies.

    • Environmental Campaigns, Conferences, Workshops and Exhibitions:
           Eco Programs is running a number of environmental campaigns and events in
           collaboration with other organisations and companies from both north and south.
           These include Earth Day Events. Join hands with Eco Programs to facilitate
           changes of improving our lovely planet we live.

    • Environmentally Sound Demonstration Projects:
           Eco Programs is devoted to run small-scale demonstration projects in rural and
           urban areas of Tanzania as a means of creating awareness and educate the
           Tanzanians on feasible ways of conserving environment for sustainable
           development. Demonstration projects are in the areas of energy, water resources,
           sanitation, urban open spaces development, solid waste management etc.

    • Training Programmes:
           In collaboration with other institutions, organisations and companies eco Programs
           implement training programmes to focused groups of interested people.

                                                              Company Profile for Eco Programs                                                                        2
                                                                      Reg. No. 133670                                                               Tanzania, East Africa
    • Ecological Research and Studies:
           Eco Programs realize the importance of research and studies as an important tool
           towards sustainable development. We organise and facilitate research and study
           activities in collaboration with other organisations worldwide.
    • Environmental Impact Assessment:
           Eco Programs is conducting Environmental Impact Assessment for projects in
           line with the international environmental standards. Interested Companies and
           projects are welcomed to our services.
    • Environmental Auditing:
           Eco Programs is organising Environmental Auditing to projects and firms in
           Tanzania. An Eco program is part of Global Green 500 Ranking Project for
           assessing and ranking projects and firms in Tanzania.

    • Art Mission for Environmental Conservation Programme – An Eco
      Placement for Volunteers:
           ART MISSION Programme works on urgent environmental issues such as
           wildlife and marine conservation, deforestation, soil erosion, environmental
           pollution and many other life threatening issues.

    • Consultancies and Advisory Services:
           Eco Programs provides consultancies and advisory services to groups of young
           people, women, villages, Community Based Organisations, Non Governmental
           Organisations, Companies and other interested bodies in and outside Tanzania.
           Feel free to contact us any time you need our support.

To support and actively involve the grassroots communities in environmental
conservation and sustainable development for our secure future

Registered Name and Address:
                                                                    Eco Programs
                                                                    P.O Box 6928,
                                                                    Moshi - Kilimanjaro,
                                                                    Tanzania (EA).
                                                                    Tel: +255 - 744 -298429
                                                                    Att: Mr. Joseph E. Swai

Registration:                                                       Certificate of Registration No.133670
Bankers:                                                            The Standard Chartered Bank Ltd, Moshi Branch
Membership:                                                         Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council
                                                                    Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and
                                                                    Agriculture (TCCIA)
                                                                    Freshwater Action Network (FAN)

                                                              Company Profile for Eco Programs                                                                        3
                                                                      Reg. No. 133670                                                               Tanzania, East Africa