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									                         Office Information Systems Advisory Board
                                    Bloomsburg University
                                       Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: April 17, 2003
Attendees: Jey Bailey, Marsha Eckrote, Al Fundaburk, Dennis Gehris, Dolores Harding,
Miranda Heater, Melody Schlenker, Teresa Williams

The Office Information Systems (OIS) Advisory Board was called to order at 6:00 pm by Al
Fundaburk. Each member received a packet of information which included the Agenda, the
Organizational Systems Research Association (OSRA) Curriculum Model, the OIS new course
offerings, and the new marketing slideshow.

The group reviewed the OSRA Curriculum Model. No additional questions or comments were
made regarding this model.

Al gave an overview of the new OIS course offerings—End User Project Management and
System Security Management. He explained that the System Security Management course
would include the development of policies, procedures, and standards. The course would also
cover various methods used for identifying threats and vulnerabilities. Students would be given
insight into the legal, ethical and privacy issues.

The introduction of a third new course in hardware and end-user helpdesk support was discussed.
This proposed course would be modeled after the Microsoft A+ certification.

Al and Dennis informed the Board members that there are currently 73 majors in the OIS
program. They indicated that many students are transferring from the CIS program and the
expectation is that the number of OIS majors will double next year.

The new courses may be offered as electives. The group believed that the subjects covered by
these new courses were very important. They also agreed that a hardware course would be a
great addition to the curriculum as many entry-level OIS majors may be faced with doing their
own hardware trouble-shooting and repairs, especially in small businesses.

Al reviewed the new marketing slideshow. He also indicated that this slideshow was available
on the College of Business website, These slides will be presented at
events geared toward potential University students or current University students who have not
declared a major. Such events would include the FBLA conference or University open house.

Al asked the board members for ideas of how to get students to be more innovative and better
problem solvers. Several members discussed how the field based research required for several
COB courses was very helpful. The opportunity to talk to and learn from indivuals who are
working in the field is invaluable. The members agreed that research based solely on books or
online content doesn’t give the students the ability to develop non-technical skills such as people
interaction and business communication.
The board members also discussed the security class being offered and suggested that the COB
look into offering the course as a non-credit course for individuals in business who may be
interested. This course could be offered evenings or weekends and run for several weeks rather
than a full semester. Al would follow up with this idea by checking with Extended Programs.

A mentoring program was also suggested by the members. This would allow the students to be
teamed up with a mentor who would answer questions the student may have. As an afterthought
to the mentoring idea, it was suggested that the COB have an informal social event which would
allow students to talk with information technology professionals as well as other professionals
who may not be employeed in an IT position but find themselves having to learn and support the
information technology of the business (i.e. small offices). This event could be held during the
next Advisory Board meeting.

Al informed the members that the plan to change the OIS name was being postponed until next

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Melody Schlenker

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